Reincarnator – Chapter 53: Red Zone (3)

Yohan made a satisfied expression at the distance sea from the deck of the ship.
It’s nice.’
100 people who consisted of 8 groups.
They went into deciding where they would stay on the ship for the next 3 days naturally.
A slight war of nerves had occurred since the good spots were limited even in the same ship.
But even if they were a mere 100 people there were still differences.
Him and his comrades were among the strongest of the 100 and because of this they gained the privilege to stay in the most comfortable part in the ship.
This is it. Very nice.’
Yohan, who had regained the superiority which he couldn’t have while the clan alliance guys were around, smiled in good spirits.
Though there was something that remained stuck on his mind.
I just can’t figure out what he is thinking.’
Yohan looked at Hansoo who was standing in the middle of the deck while looking at the distant sea.
This was a result that sprouted from Hansoo not acting out despite being the strongest person out of the 100.
He had let them on board but didn’t really care about them.
He’s the problem.’
Yohan pondered while looking at Hansoo and then nodded his head.
As I thought… there is a need to create a relation with that guy.’

Though he didn’t really know how long they’ll be together, if you say that they were going to be together for a while then there was nothing bad about having a good relation with that guy.
No, it was actually extremely good.
Since as long as he could show others that he was close to him, others will fall under them.
Though their current influence was a bit on the bigger side it was not that bigger than those of others nor was it perfect.
2 things were needed in order for them to solidify their influence.
They needed to slowly pull in the other groups and create a rather good relationship with Hansoo at the same time.
Well the two things aren’t much different anyway’.
Once he unites everyone from the other party then Hansoo won’t be able to ignore him anymore and vice versa, if he were to get close to Hansoo then everyone else will listen to his words more closely.
It seems like he’s young too… there isn’t a human in the world who doesn’t like to be well-treated.’
For that he needed to converse with him.
Since he needed to find out about Hansoo’s tastes.
It’ll be nice if he likes something like women or something.’

Right as Yohan got up from the deck and tried to walk towards where Hansoo was, a noise was heard from behind.
“….ave me!”
Yohan frowned as he looked at the person shouting in the sea in the distance.
He couldn’t see or hear clearly because it was too far but the sound got clearer as the ship approached more and more.
…who is it?’
“Dammit! Dammit! Save me! The ship passing by!”
“What? What’s going on?”
As the noise got louder and louder, everyone got out from their rest and then looked beyond the deck.
A familiar ship that was half sunk and destroyed.
People were shouting from above the giant ship that was smaller than the one they had but could still carry 50 people.
It seems like they have gotten stuck on a rock while running away after getting attacked.
They had stopped sinking because they were caught on top of the rock but it was clear what would happen to them if they stayed like that.

But they made a cold expression when they saw the people on the deck.
I remember.’
It was hard to forget.
Since they could remember the lines those guys had told them when they left them behind.
<You lazy bastards! You want us to let you on board when you were playing around while the others were working hard building the ship? Don’t have any shame. Did you contribute a single piece for the construction of the ship? And where do you want us to use people like you.>
It seems the situation has changed.’
They could save them if they use the controls but there was no need to direct their ship into the area with the rocks.
And those guys were well organized as a group and strong too.
Once those guys come over on this ship then the balance will fall towards those guys in an instead.
That wouldn’t do.’
Yohan laughed coldly and then shouted.
“Screw off! You bitches!”
The other people started to laugh too.
Since the view of others suffering while they were in safety was very pleasing.

But while the people were laughing from this weirdly worked up situation, the ship started to tilt and turn.
“Huh? What is this?”
The people panicked as they looked at the center of the deck.
And Hansoo was turning the controls with a leisurely expression in that spot.
A few people grinded their teeth as they shouted.
“What! Why are you turning it!”
They could not look over those guys if they took into account of the despair they had felt when those guys left them behind.
But to go save them by turning the ship into an area where there might be rocks.
But Hansoo shook his head.
It’s better to have more on board.’
“We should save those we can. Be friendly with them.”
The others shouted at Hansoo’s words.
“Goddamit! Do you even know what’s over there! That’s a region of rocks!”
Being strong was being strong but is he even allowed to ignore them all and decide on his own just because he has the power.
Even if the ship was his, there were a hundred people on board so why would he take the path that lead to danger.

Yohan was flustered from a different reason.
What is that crazy guy even thinking.’
Yohan grinded his teeth.
He didn’t want to give up all 100 people and Hansoo.
No, this was just the start. He might be able to get bigger once he got to the Red Zone.
If he gets the 100 people and Hansoo around him with himself as the center,  his influence will increase in size like a snowball.
But if that guy acts the way he wanted like that then he had to give up one of the two.
Since he can’t tie them together if they hate each other.
Damn. It is because he’s still childish.’
There was no point of having a lot of people if they couldn’t group up.
No, it was actually worse.
They had understood this in the tutorial stage already.
And it was hard for them 100 and the people over there to mix.
Since the enmity between them was big already.
Why did they have to carry such people as them.
It’s not good. It’s not good.’

Yohan shook his head inwardly but then walked towards Hansoo after fixing his impression.
“Why are you turning the ship? I’m not saying let’s not save the people but the inner parts of that place there is too dangerous. It’s all rocks. And why are you approaching them if we don’t even know what had turned them into such a mess? Are you trying to put 100 people in danger just to save 50 people?”
The people nodded their heads.
Though they had thoughts of leaving the 50 people to die because they didn’t like them but the biggest reason, and the reason they wouldn’t get hated for, was the thing Yohan had said.
Yohan continued his speech,
“I understand that you are strong, but I believe you wouldn’t be able to save us if the ship sinks right?”
Hansoo laughed and spoke.
“Are those two things the problem?”
Yohan felt a little off from looking at the laughing Hansoo but he nodded.
Though there were other reasons, it was a bit too embarrassing to speak out loud.
“Yeah. So we should…”
But even before he could finish his words, Hansoo turned the control after shrugging.
Everyone made expressions of satisfaction at that.
The fact that Hansoo hadn’t ignored their words felt better than the fact that they had gained safety.
It was the same for Yohan too.
Yeah. You aren’t something that lives alone, isn’t it good for the 100 of us to have a good relationship on the way.’

But there wasn’t much reason why Hansoo had changed the controls again.
Well. They all got on anyway.’
“These bitches. Repeat what you said before.”
Yohan frowned at the voices that came from the back of the deck.
The 50 who had gotten on the ship by throwing parts of the ship on the water and creating a path were staring at the 100 people who were originally on the ship.
Though they were a few hundreds meters away, such a thing wasn’t hard for them.
But Hansoo frowned.
“Don’t be loud. It’s coming soon.”
It was more advantageous the more people you had.
At the same time a noise of something getting destroyed and torn apart could be heard below.
At the same time the expressions of the 50 people who had gotten on the ship turned pale.
“Fuck… didn’t it follow other ships.”
“What? You guys know something?”

While Yohan frowned and asked the guys who had come over, Hansoo jumped on top of the railings and looked below.
It came.’
<Cursed Survivor>.
The things that blocked the path that lead from the tutorial area to the starting point of the Red Zone.
These guys couldn’t come out of the water.
Since they could only live in the water due to receiving the curse of the toxic waters.
They didn’t really have a way of eating people from one look but the choice they made was very simple.
If they couldn’t go hunting for people they just needed to pull the humans down.
These guys recklessly attacked the ships passing from the tutorial area to the Red Zone and created holes.
Then once the people sunk they would wait for the bodies to get marinated by the toxic waste and then consume them once they get soggy enough.
The fact that these guys who just got onto the ship had survived was due to them being on top of the rock.
The most threatening part about these guys was that they could not come out of the waters,
And from the human’s point of view they had to go into the toxic waters to kill them so it would only be unattractive.
They wouldn’t even had gotten scratches if it was the 2000 man ship but  a 500 man ship will constantly receive holes if those guys attacked.

As he expected, the people who heard the noise below and went down came back screaming.
“Goddam bastards! They’re putting holes on the floor!”
“Swing your sword or something at least!”
“Damnit! How do you want me to fight them if the toxic waters are pouring in!!!”
“At least cut off the trident”.
Yohan grinded his teeth within the chaos.
“Can we not even reach them…”
How were they going to attack the things below.
Even if they were to use long range attacks then it will still take forever if they wanted to get rid of the guys sticking by the ship as well.
And they couldn’t jump into the sea when they didn’t even know what was down there.
Though they could resist the toxic waters for a while with resistances and skills but it was still extremely dangerous.
And they were holding on quite well because it was the 500 man ship, if it was a smaller ship than it would’ve become a mess in a moment.
“Dammit! Those with Reinforce skills come here!”
They had to jump in and get them off somehow.
And the people with defensive skills such as Reinforce would survive in the waters and be able to fight .
Since Reinforce apart from raising the resistance, had also to a certain point the effect of blocking external matters.

But the people frowned as they backed off.
Dammit… I wouldn’t go in either.’
Yohan grinded his teeth.
He didn’t even know how strong the things below were.
And even if they were to get rid of the toxic waters, how would anyone jump into the dark seas where you can’t even see everywhere.
Most people were afraid of plunging into unknown depths.
Hansoo spoke as he looked at them:
“I don’t need you guys, so people with reinforce skills go down below and remove the tridents from them. Since the newcomers have all gotten on let’s go pay for the meal. People with skills fight them by sticking close to the railings.”
“What? Hey! What are you trying to do!!”
Yohan panicked as he looked at Hansoo.
The actions of Hansoo, who was stretching his body while looking at the water below from the railings, was quite obvious.
It means that he will go into the waters.
Is he insane?’
Yohan panicked.
That guy was not a guy who could die in such a lame way.
Though he was strong, there were still things called attributes.
This was an extremely unfavorable battlefield if one didn’t have a skill like a shield.

But Hansoo wasn’t listening to Yohan’s words already.
‘Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement. Let’s see how good it is.’
The reward he had gotten for clearing the third dungeon.
The legacies that no one had numbered because no one had found them yet.
<Zero Numbering>.
Two golden and dark lights surrounded Hansoo as if they were about to explode from his body and when his body could not be seen after getting shrouded in light he jumped into the water.
And soon, with a loud explosive sound, a slab of meat of something and toxic waters skyrocketed from the side of the ship.

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