Reincarnator – Chapter 57: Calamity Fish Hunting (2)

“Are the arrangements complete now?’
One of the Helper clansmen who had been looking at the Sea above the 2184 Cross, which showed the number of the Cross, spoke as he loosened up his body as he saw that no more boats were coming down.
“We’re done somewhat. We gave the Juicers to Yohan’s guys earlier and gave them basic explanations as well. They’ll be fine from now on.”
The most busy time for them, the <Helper> clans, was now.
When the people of the tutorial come in, they had to give them basic notices and then spread out again.
And they needed to gather the basic information of every newcomer every year and organize it.
“How are the standards for the guys this time around?”
His comrade, who had been standing next to him, shrugged his shoulders at those words.
“You know how it is. That it increases a bit every year.”
“Them fairies. They’re only thorough in things like that.”
The man clicked his tongue.
The fairies set up the tutorial so that the people would survive even if they were dropped in the End Root here.
And because of that the standards of those who go through the Tutorial increase every year.
The reason was very simple.
Since the environment of the End Root gets harsher as time goes on.

Tsk. The number of survivors would increase greatly if the Calamity Fish didn’t exist.’
The location of where the newcomers drop is becoming closer towards the center of the World Tree since those guys keep gnawing down the tree roots.
If you take into account the fact that the level of the beasts increases the closer one gets to the giant World Tree it means that the difficulty of where newcomers land after the tutorial increases every year.
And since they needed to set the standards of the newcomers to fit that, the difficulty of the tutorial increased and the survival rate decreased.
You need to stay on the boat longer as well.’
If that thing disappeared then an amazing number of people out of those who are dragged here would be saved.
Since the roots will grow back and the difficulty of the tutorial will get lowered to fit that.
It is said that the survival rate of the 1st tutorial was 55%, which was much higher than now, when there were a lot of tree roots left.
14% of the people had survived last year but it’s only about 11% this year… about 3 billion more would come over but for the survival rate to be like this…’
The amount that had crossed over the past 20 years was about 3.5 billion.
But the speed at which they were coming was increasing at a very rapid rate.
As if something was pulling their world.
Though the immediate survival rate had decreased the number of newcomers had increased.

But at this rate, in about 5 to 6 years from now all of humanity would be dragged here and then all get massacred in the tutorial.
The helper clansman made a bitter expression.
Since the chances of his family being part of those who would get massacred was very high.
If the difficulty of the tutorial gets reset because the Calamity Fish disappeared and the Roots grow back then the number of people will increase greatly but sadly the Calamity Fish was not something humans could deal with.
Well it seems like some strange guys are popping out due to the increased difficulty though.’
And the man stared at the guy standing in front of Camille Rowe in the distance.
A guy who had fought back and forth against Camille Rowe despite being a newcomer.
No, he didn’t even fight back and forth.
Since the newcomer seemed to be much more calm even to his eyes.
He didn’t have any skills or artifacts.
But he was still at that level.
The rumors of this guy will get spread very fast.
Hmm. A scout might even come.’
The man who was standing atop of the cross mumbled inwardly as he looked at the guy walking towards him.


Camille laughed absentmindedly at Hansoo’s words.
“Damn it, whatever. It wouldn’t be bad to fail for the 14th time anyways.”
She was going to make the attempt anyway.
What difference would it make to take this ambitious guy along with her.
Hansoo opened his eyes wide at Camille Rowe’s words and then looked at her.
“What are you saying. About failing. There’s no time.”
“We are definitely succeeding. If you failed about 13 times then it’s about time to succeed once. You prepared to escape from it as well. Perfect.”
“Let’s go. There’s no time. There’s 13 days and 18 hours left.”
If you take into account that thing’s movement speed then it’ll arrive around then.
But that was basically the time limit.
It was better to prepare as soon as possible and kill it off in the distant sea.
Since the amount of casualties will explode upwards once that thing goes insane at the last moment.

Hansoo got up from his seat as he finished his words.
He’s really confident to the point of damnation. He really makes one fall for him goddamnit.’
Camille clicked her tongue and asked as she looked at Hansoo’s back.
“What are you going to do first?”
Hansoo shrugged his shoulders.
“I’m going to the Helper Clan first. I should at least visit.”
Since I need to receive the Juicer.’
He didn’t have any intel but the Juicer was a necessity in order to not starve to death.
Camille remembered what she had forgotten about at those words.
Oh yeah, he was a beginner.’
She didn’t even think about that because his actions were so off.
Well okay. I have some things to do as well.’
Camille got up from her seat and then walked towards the Helper Clansmen who were guarding the Cross.

I really wish… I really wish my sibling hasn’t come yet.’
But sadly, the chances increased as time went on.
Since the number of people who had been coming here over the Tutorial had been increasing.
At this pace then all of the remaining people on earth will transfer over to the Otherworld in about 5 to 6 years.
That was the reason why the Seven Departed Souls and many others who had the qualifications to go up stayed at the Red zone to search around.
In order to find their family or precious people who could come at any time.
The reason why that Helper Clan was able to be maintained was very simple as well.
It was something born from the combined minds of those who wanted to stop the random deaths of their family or close people.
The Helper Clan was the place that the minds of those who didn’t have the leisure to search for their family because of the harsh environment they’re faced with but wanted to stop such things as death from happening supported.
Since they might be able to meet each other as long they are alive.
That person called Eres is amazing. How did she think of such a thing 20 years ago?’
Eres had gone up already but her clan had remained behind to keep accepting newcomers and were taking care of the newcomers constantly with the support of those in other Red Zones.
Of course in the most basic ways only.
Since nobody could take care of anything further than that.
They helped with the most basic survival tactics and preparations but surviving after fighting against a beast or other people was all up to themselves.

Camille greeted one of the Helper clansman after she arrived.
“It’s been a while. Can I check the catalogue? And take care of this newcomer.”
“You’re a VIP, of course. Let’s see…”
Then the clansman started to check the catalogue.
Usually they would only give basic warnings and the Juicer.
But for those who supported them a lot, there will be some more special services.
<Person Finder>.
If you give basic appearances or a name then the newcomers of the Helper Clansman spread about in thousands of End Roots will search the person asked by a VIP.
A personed searched by a  VVIP with a stronger backing will be checked to see if he was at the tutorial or not. (* PR Note: VVIP = Very Very Important Person?)
The Helper Clansman who had been searching around the catalogue shook his head.
“It doesn’t seem like they’re here on this side of the Roots. Though we can’t check up the tutorial with the amount you supported. I don’t know about the other Roots but all the intel will be gathered within two days so come find us then.”
The man completed those words and then went upwards.
With a few people behind him.
And Camille knew the identities of those people.
Those were the people who the VIP or the VVIP asked to find.

She had confirmed that they weren’t here but this was vexing in itself.
Since there was no way to know if they hadn’t been dragged into the Otherworld or had died at the Tutorial.
But Camille shook her head.
Focus on the Calamity Fish.’
Finding her sibling was not something she could do anyway.
Camille spoke to Hansoo who had gathered the Juicer and a few other things.
“Okay. Let’s hear your plan.”
Hansoo spoke with a very serious expression.
“Very simple. You will guide me and take me inside there. Then I will shove the hidden card I have prepared into a fatal location within its body.”
Shall I beat him up?’
Camille sighed, shook her head and then spoke.
Well that was basically the basic summary of it.
Since you couldn’t kill it from the outside.
Though the problem was that he extremely simplified the process.
“Well. Okay. There’s a lot of things to be prepared. I’ve prepared the boat already, though it’s a 30 man boat.”
If that thing arrived at land and started to eat then there wouldn’t even be time to get inside it.
Since the heavens will be falling apart.
You needed to quietly approach it while it was swimming quietly and then go inside its body.
Well of course, quiet is relative to what it would be.
Since huge tornadoes will be rushing around its body.

Hansoo shook his head.
“What are you going to do with a 30 man boat. Let’s go with mine.”
“I’ve prepared a 500 man boat.”
“Hey! You crazy bastard… did you just leave that behind?”
Camille shouted in shock.
Why would he have done such a thing when there are so many people who desired boats.
Hansoo chuckled at those words.
“Don’t worry. I’ve hidden it well. Let’s go to the next subject.”
While Camille was shaking her head, Hansoo checked the things Camille had prepared.
The only reason why he had come to find Camille.
Since she had already prepared the things which you could only gather at the Base Root or the Trunk.
There were a lot of things needed to be prepared before going into its body but a lot of time could be saved with just this much.

Camille smirked at that.
What would you know even if you saw it.’
Those things were things which you couldn’t even see during the tutorial stage.
At that moment Hansoo looked at Camille and asked:
“Did you prepare Apon’s Body Fluid? We need that.”
That was needed to create the <Hardening Fluid> which 127 Alchemists had researched and finally created with the information received from the Elvenheim he had met at the Abyss as the basis.
“….You know about that?”
‘….Is he really a beginner?’
Being strong was being strong, it was a completely different problem from intel.
“I have a psychic power. Let’s ignore trifling things. There’s no time.”
Hansoo answered simply and then started to go over the material thoroughly again.
Camille looked at that Hansoo.
‘…Does he have a trait like a Library?’

Trait. <Library>.
It supplied information about the things one didn’t know and once the level increases it will give basic information regarding what to do.
I thought he would have a battle-related trait… but for it to be the Library.’
She had thought that it was a battle-related trait because he was such a strong guy but the Library was a bit out of expectation.
Perhaps he has two traits?’
That might be possible since he hides so many things.
While Camille was thinking of this and that while looking at Hansoo, Hansoo, who had finished checking Camille’s preparations, laid down a decision.
We should spread out and search in order to save time.’
Camille had prepared quite well but this was not enough.
The first thing we need to make is the <Hardening Liquid.>.

<Hardening Liquid>
A liquid which the alchemists had researched in order to give a fatal wound after getting inside the Calamity Fish.
Other things might not be needed but this was a necessity.
“Let’s separate and move. Since there are a lot of things we need to get.”
Hansoo spoke out the things needed to Camille.
Materials which Hansoo didn’t know where they were but Camille Rowe, who had roamed around the Roots for 3 years, would definitely know.
Camille would definitely get them in time.
For the things which would be hard  with Camille’s level to get, he had to go.
While Hansoo was making plans for the future, Camille nodded after checking the list that Hansoo had told her.
‘It’s clear this is a guy that has got something.’ (*PR: he’s not just saying nonsense)
The 17 things he had told her were things she didn’t prepare because she wasn’t sure but were things that she had thought that might work at one point.
I’ll trust him once.’
Camille, who had finished her thoughts, quickly separated from Hansoo and started to head towards a different direction from him.


Though it’s a bit tight… I can get them all if there are no problems along the way.’
The only problem was the distance she had to travel and the many types of materials she had to collect. She knew the location of all 17 materials and it wasn’t hard for a 3rd year as herself because most of them were from beasts at the End Root.
While Camille was jumping with light movements a loud voice was heard from some place.
“Eyy. Camille. Your body is still amazing. It’ll really burst at that rate. There’s really a huge difference between westerners and easterners.”
She then turned her head towards the direction of the voice.
“Kang Gyesoo… you bastard.”
“Woah woah. Don’t glare at me like that. We have a rather unique relationship between us. We’ve gone in and come out from within the Calamity Fish together.”
“…I shouldn’t have taken in a bastard like you on the second attempt.”
For someone who had barely held onto his life and come out from within the Calamity fish to become a Quadratus.
Camille grinded her teeth.
“I’m still using the relic I got from within the stomach very well. Kuhuu. I thank you. Since it’s all thanks to you. I’ve reached quite a high place thanks to that.”
Gyesoo then proceeded to swing around the sword on his hand.
A weird skill was applied onto the sword where the air which the sword had passed through shook.

“…Are you going to disturb me again?”
As Camille grinded her teeth Gyesoo laughed loudly.
“Uwahahahaha! What kind of misunderstanding do you have. If we really disturbed you seriously then you think you can even attempt at the Calamity Fish? If we did it properly then you would’ve died already. We just kept you alive because of old friendship.”
As Camille was flustered Gyesoo giggled as he spoke.
“Disturbing you is more like… well we are followers so we just touched you a few times because we couldn’t leave somebody who tried to kill our god alone. But shouldn’t it be time for you to accept it? That is basically an agent of god. You’ve seen it too. The insides of the Calamity Fish.”
“Others don’t know but you and I know about it. I don’t understand why somebody who had seen something like that wouldn’t come into our Quadratus.”
“…So are you here to ask me to join your Quadratus again?”
Gyesoo shook his head at those words
“Nope. We aren’t really interested anymore.”
“Isn’t it a bit shameless to ask for attention after 13 failures? It’s not even fun anymore.”
“I’m here because I have some business with that newcomer. Was he called Kang Hansoo?”
As Camille’s expressions froze, Gyesoo shook his hands as he spoke.
“Woah. Don’t glare at me like that. It’s not a bad proposition on his terms either. You see, a scout has come in from above.”
Camille looked at Gyesoo with a slight frown at those words.

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