Reincarnator – Chapter 59: Calamity Fish Hunting (4)

I should change the name to package delivery instead of scouting.’
Gyesoo mumbled as he covered his entire body with various skills.
Though something like this had happened before it had never become a problem.
Since there was a very clear method.
If he beats him up a little and take him, Kalz Morenn will solve it all.
Tsk. You should’ve listened when we were talking about it.’
Gyesoo clicked his tongue and started to pour in his energy into the relic he was holding, <Forgotten Sword>.
Camille and him were both third years but were at different levels.
They were at similar levels when they came out from within the stomach of the Calamity Fish but while Camille was focusing on useless things such as hunting down the Calamity Fish, he had focused on getting stronger.
And the thing he had faith in.
<Forgotten Sword>.
The skill that was on this thing he had picked up within the stomach of the Calamity Fish, <Parallel Cut>, was a step above artifacts you could find in the Base Root or the Trunk in terms of strength.
A strong undulation came out from Gyesoo’s sword as it rushed towards Hansoo.


Kalz Morenn frowned as thought of the last scene he had seen.
That retard, is it that hard to bring a newcomer over here.’
<Thousand Li Eye of the Man caught within Jealousy> allowed one to see the viewpoint of the pre-selected person for 3 seconds when their emotions change rapidly.
Though there were a lot of prerequisites, it was still a very useful skill since it allowed one to watch over somebody from a long distance.
And the last scene he had caught could only be seen in a way where they were about to fight.
Tks. This is quite troublesome.’
Actually, it wasn’t bad to bring them after beating them up.
There wouldn’t be a procedure of struggling and bad feelings will just disappear once they receive the Symbol of the clan.
But the reason why they were scouting was because they didn’t have the leisure to give the newcomer the symbol.
They only give the symbol to those who are really strong and control the others with influence or money.
Though they were scouting him because he looked quite strong there wasn’t a chance for newcomers, who were quite lacking, to receive symbols.
At the end, it means that the clan has to go through another cumbersome procedure to use some dude that has hard feelings towards them.
But the most annoying thing was that there was a chance that the Gyesoo guy could get destroyed while fighting with the newcomer.
What is this when I came here for a vacation.’
He wanted to leave that useless guy to die but he was one of the supervisors of the sightseeing this time around.
He had come all the way here because he had heard that the sightseeing that the Quadratus guys operated was very good but if that guy were to die then wouldn’t he not be able to see all those good sights.
Let’s see.’
He was too lazy to act himself, if he told the nearby Quadratus people then they will act by themselves.
Kalz Morenn started to collect mana in his seat.


A few men were being chased by hundreds of Dinosaur-shaped beasts.
The man, who had been standing in the very front out of the ones being chased, turned around as he shouted loudly.
“We’re using <Conceal>!”
A very useful skill which you could get around the Middle Root.
It was different according to one’s mastery but it allowed sombeody to hide their presence.
Of course invisibility was part of this.
And soon the five people running disappeared as if they were erased.
The beasts who were chasing screamed out in rage as the ones they were chasing disappeared.
But they remained and searched around the area as if they had no intentions of going back.
And the man sighed in relief as he saw this scene.
This is really dangerous… it’s almost deadly.’

Raptor-shaped beasts who lived in herds on the Middle Root.
It greatly cared for its young to the point where the whole herd will chase them down to the ends of hell to avenge the dead.
Even if the one who had killed them crossed over the Middle Root area and into the Base Root.
After a few days of repetitive work, the path leading from the End Root to the Middle Root was filled with thousands of Gertas.
It was quite a grand sight but the one who had completed this, Cheng, just shook his head as if he was tired.
Kang Gyesoo, what is so hard for you bastard to bring a newcomer?’
He accepted the fact that that guy’s job was important.
The sightseeing that they were preparing was important as well but they could not ignore Kalz Morenn’s request.
But shouldn’t that guy have come after he had completed it?
There were a lot of things that still needed to be completed in order to prepare a proper tour.
They had to shove some more Gertas onto the paths, prepare the cruise ship a bit more and buy the silence of the Helper clan members too.

We’re busy enough already.’
He didn’t like the way Gyesoo carried himself but he had to acknowledge Gyesoo’s ability.
No, to be precise it was more his sword than his ability.
The people in charge of the sightseeing who had come here were 11 in total including himself.
Though it was quite a number every missing person felt like a huge gap due to the large amount of work they each had to do.
At that moment a small bird flew in.
A single blue bird which flew into where they were hiding precisely.
Though it had come with the full knowledge of where they were hiding they were still not surprised.
Kalz Morenn.
It was weirder for that guy to not know where they were at his level.
Anyways…to use the <Blue Carrier Pigeon> to that degree…’
<Blue Carrier Pigeon> was a skill which created a small bird using mana and a message.
It wasn’t hard to acquire and learn but using it well was extremely hard.
He knew it as well but if his comrades didn’t help it with the same skill, it was hard to relay it properly.
To make it arrive properly in a situation where the receiver wasn’t helping needed extreme control of mana but as he saw the bird which flew perfectly to their location, as if he was proving his position of the captain of the shock troop, he could only marvel.

Soon the blue bird, which had arrived in front of Cheng, blew up with a poof and relayed a message to them.
And he slightly frowned as he read the message inside it.
…Though it’s only a maybe.’
Cheng, who had thrown a <Blue Carrier Pigeon> towards the other supervisors who were busy breaking down ships, shouted loudly.
“Stop temporarily! We pause our work here and move out.”
Kukulja Lake was right next to the path they were blocking.
It wouldn’t take long for them to run over there.
Cheng, who had shouted loudly, took along the Quadratus followers under him as he started to run quickly.


The <Forgotten Sword> absorbed mana as if it was about to explode.
The runes on the sword, which was devouring the mana, shone radiantly until it couldn’t handle mana anymore then it poured out a skill as if it was exploding.
<Parallel Cut>
A skill which cut everything in the way of the blade into two with the mana undulations on the sword.
The amazing part about this skill was that it could cover both short and long distances.
It could spread far or wide depending on the user’s thoughts and even compress down to the size of a single sword and cut a person in half.
And the way Gyesoo was using the blade currently was the latter.
Unlike before where it was spreading out like a wave, the <Parallel Cut> stuck onto Gyesoo’s sword as it charged forward to cut apart the opponent in half.
An entirely different level from a Mana Reinforcement which was operated by a normal Reinforcement skill.
The Mana Reinforcement of a Reinforcement skill increased the durability and sharpness of a weapon greatly but it was inferior to an offensive skill which was focused on destruction.
And Hansoo knew this as well.
The Parallel Cut was a skill that was quite high up on the rankings out of the skills you could acquire in the Red Zone.
If that skill and the sharpness of the Relic combines and he tried to block it just with the Demonic Dragon Reinforcement then he will receive large injuries.

Gyesoo’s furious movements started to get stacked inside Hansoo’s head.
And soon a virtual Gyesoo had appeared in Hansoo’s head and it showed his next moves.
Hansoo followed that as he moved his body slightly off from Gyesoo’s attack parameter.
At that moment Gyesoo’s eyes shone.
He’s caught’
Parallel Cut.
The control of the area of effect was according to how the user wanted it.
The extremely compressed skill exploded out the moment Hansoo dodged.
Out the people he had fought after gaining the sword, there were people stronger than him.
But those guys had also lost their necks after getting swept up by the exploding skill the moment they dropped their guard thinking they had dodged it.
Though you dodge quite well… you won’t be different from the others!’
While Gyesoo was making a content expression while looking at the skill that was sweeping up the surroundings like a wave something unexpected happened.
The ring on Hansoo’s hand absorbed mana aggressively and then struck back at his skill.
The moment Hansoo’s right hand and his skill collided a sound of something breaking was heard as the Parallel Cut, which was aggressively sweeping up the surroundings, got crushed apart.
Gyesoo questioned his eyes when he saw this.
Fuck. What is that?’

He had thought that it was something like a dispel but it wasn’t easy for a dispel to break apart his skill which had a high mana density.
No, there was no previous intel about Hansoo holding onto something like this previously.
Camille Rowe. This bitch. Was she not even able to pull out all of this newcomer’s power?’
He had collected some intel regarding this guy before coming here.
Since there were people who had come with him on the same boat.
And within that intel there was information regarding his fight with Camille Rowe but there was nothing regarding that ring.
But Gyesoo realized that it wasn’t time for him to think about such things for a prolonged time.
Hansoo utilized the moment the skill was broken and was charging at him with a fearsome speed.
Gyesoo hurriedly tried to retrieve his sword but it was too late.
Damn. There’s not enough time to use Parallel cut again.’
Parallel Cut had high mana density and a lot of strength but it took a bit of time to charge up.
Gyesoo hurriedly pulled up the power of his <Bronze Reinforcement> to its limit and used the special skill of the Bronze Reinforcement.
And Gyesoo’s body instantly got dyed with a bluish tint.
<Bronze Jade>.
The skin turns like bronze as Physical and Magical resistances increase by a large amount as well as raising the regeneration speed of health by a large amount.
He didn’t use it usually because it was a bit burdensome to use it with <Parallel Cut> due to its high mana usage but he didn’t have any confidence after seeing the charging Hansoo’s hand covered in dark gold lights.
Even if it was just his bare hands his intestines will be pulverized if he was hit by it.

At that time the ring on Hansoo’s hand devoured mana again and then charged towards Gyesoo.
Goddamnit. Really?’
But Hansoo disappointed Gyesoo’s expectations.
The moment the ring touched Gyesoo’s skin, his skin which was tinted blue turned back to its original form.
And three of his defensive skills that covered his body got crushed apart like glass along with that.
Hansoo’s punch then landed onto Gyesoo’s stomach.
Gyesoo flew backwards as he felt his intestines being twisted and turned.
What is this nonsense… He can crush apart special skills along with normal skills!’
And his Reinforcement was a problem as well.
Though he had resistance and defensive artifacts but the Mana Reinforcement of that damnable Reinforcement skill was too powerful for them to be alright.
Damnit. Where did he get something like that.’
Reinforcement skills held quite a high value for being very common.
But if you were to think from a different angle, the Mana Reinforcement from the Reinforcement skill  was inferior to the strength of an attacking skill and the resistances were inferior to defensive skills.
But that thing was beyond that level.

Gyesoo, who had mindlessly stood back upright while flying, was astonished at the sight of Hansoo who had caught up to him and was about to strike him again.
If this goes on then he will be beat up to death.
Dammit… if I knew it’d be like this then I would’ve prepared something like the feather.’
But where would he get something that expensive?
Gyesoo distanced himself from Hansoo with <Atel’s Jump> as he hurriedly shouted.
“Wait! I’m just doing his under a request! I’m a victim too! Damnit! Do you think a medium-sized clan like us can decline an order from above!”
Though he had shouted it out in panic, it was true to some degree.
What kind of strength would they have for them to decline the request of a captain of a shock troop of a huge clan.
“And you will really die if you don’t follow us!”
These words had two different meanings.
He might die under the hands of Kalz Morenn but he will also die if he remains on the End Root.
Hansoo, who had been charging towards Gyesoo, made a cold expression.
He knew.
Since he had heard about the Sightseeing business that these guys had started around now.
Crazy bastards.’
A business created for those above who had increased their strength but weren’t able to fulfill their twisted desire.
<Calamity Fish Feeding>.
Hansoo looked at Gyesoo with a cold expression as he thought of the tourists who came to see the event of thousands of newcomers, who would be trapped here by the Quadratus, getting eaten by the Calamity Fish.

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