Reincarnator – Chapter 60: Calamity Fish Hunting (5)

“You bitch! I already told you everything I know!”
Gyesoo, who had already become a mess, looked at Hansoo who was trying to wield the <Forgotten Sword> that was stolen from him.
For him to try killing him after he had puked out everything he knew!
Gyesoo, after getting pushed back as far as he could get, shouted loudly as he looked at Hansoo.
“Yeah! You Bastard! Do you know who will come once I die! The Kalz Morenn I spoke of earlier will come!”
Gyesoo then pointed towards his forehead.
A small pink eye symbol.
It was the symbol of <Thousand Li Eye of the Man caught within Jealousy>.
“You don’t seem to know but he’s watching everything through this! If you kill me then he won’t stay still!”
Hansoo snorted inwardly.
When the Thousand Li Eye of the Man caught within Jealousy was activated once it could only see about 3 seconds.
And light pink meant that it had a low mastery level.
There was no way to watch over everything with that.

But Hansoo made a surprised expression.
“What! Goddamnit! Such a guy will chase me down!”
Gyesoo looked at him and then laughed.
“Kuhuhuhu. Yeah you bastard.”
Hurry and run away.’
Since he had done this much, he will not be able to kill him.
There was a large difference between beating him up without knowing and killing him even after telling him that there was somebody watching behind him.
Since that would mean that he would be completely ignoring Kalz Morenn.
And Kalz Morenn’s personality was definitely not something that would let something like that pass by.
Gyesoo tumbled around from the shock of the back of his head getting smashed.
Hansoo had done this to make him pass out.
As I expected.’
Gyesoo laughed inwardly even while losing consciousness.
Since the fact that he had made him pass out meant that he feared Kalz Morenn to a degree.
That guy would probably run away as quickly as possible now.
Within the blurring sight, Hansoo was quickly moving towards the jungle.
Run away… I’ll definitely kill you.’
Gyesoo’s thoughts ended there as he passed out.
But unlike Gyesoo’s thoughts, Hansoo stopped his movements and then quickly came back.
Acting is tiring too.’

Hansoo looked at the passed out Gyesoo on the ground and then stared up into the sky.
Blue Carrier Pigeons, which were flying back and forth since a while ago.
Soon this guy’s comrades will come.’
According to the information Hansoo had heard from him, the 11 supervisors, including himself, and their subordinates summed up to about 100 people.
It was not a low amount of people at all.
And another troublesome aspect.
Hmm. Kalz Morenn…’
Hansoo muttered quietly.
Actually Hansoo didn’t know who this Kalz Morenn was.
Since he couldn’t remember him it seemed like this guy had died before getting to the Indigo or Purple Zone.
One who could only snort around the Red Zone couldn’t stay within Hansoo’s memories.
There’s so many things to remember already.’
There was only one important fact.
That he was the captain of the shock troop of Lighthouse.
That alone told him that he was a formidable fellow.
Since that spot was not something earned through poker.
He couldn’t ignore the captain of the shock troop of Lighthouse.
Which meant that it was impossible to gather the materials while receiving the disruptions of those guys.

Hansoo looked at the passed out guy on the ground for a while and then stood up.
I should prepare a bit.’
The main point of the sightseeing business was quite simple.
Gather up the beasts, block up the paths leading out and sink all the ships.
If you do just these two things then the newcomers would not be able to leave at all.
They isolate the End Root like this and then go out onto the sea on the cruise ship and watch it devour the Root.
Of course the main show is watching the newcomers struggling above the Root.
There was no reason for backlash since the Helper clansmen would’ve pulled out the people needed by the VIPs or VVIPs.
First I must check which beasts have been gathered up.’
Hansoo lifted up the passed out guy and then hid him in the corner of the jungle.
Since he might be found before he came back.
He then went into the forest as he ruthlessly used Parallel Cut to chop apart the trees and advanced through the jungle.
The objective of Quadratus is blocking the newcomers from leaving the Root which the Calamity Fish will eat up.
They would’ve definitely gathered tons of beasts at each side of the Kukulja Lake, which acted as the boundary line.
Since they won’t have to guard a large perimeter if they blocked along the Kukulja lake.

Roars could be heard after a short trip through the jungle.
Gertas who were filled up with rage because they had lost their child couldn’t get to stomp over the culprit.
It was Gertas huh.’
He hadn’t known which of the 13 beasts with herd-like natures they were but after checking them it was the Gertas.
Hansoo, who had personally confirmed the Gertas being near, quickly headed towards a different direction.
And then quickly started to harvest something in the forest.
Daron Vine’s Root… gathering some Amars.’
It would’ve been hard if he was bare-bodied but the <Forgotten Sword> was of great help.
‘Dumbass. That’s not how you use this.’
That guy had been using this by pouring mana into this and either exploding or compressing it to strengthen the sword but the true usage of the <Forgotten Sword> was not that.
As Hansoo poured in Mana, a free-formed blade grew out.
This was the true usage.
Something that the guy, who only knew how to blow it up or compress it, couldn’t use. A free-form blade that required the mana control to be extremely fine to the point where one can do both things simultaneously.
Hansoo swung that blade in all directions as he cut off the beasts’ necks and collected the needed ingredients.
The free-form sword of which the length and shape kept changing constantly aimed for the unguarded spots of the beasts.

Let’s see. I should need about 20 of them.’
Hansoo, who had squeezed out the incense pouch of 20 Amars along with a few other ingredients, approached the Gertas who were aggressively roaming around.
The Gertas charged at him but it was fruitless.
Hansoo was cautious to not get any of the blood on his body as he swung the free-form sword around.
The stretched out blade cut of the neck of the Gerta.
Though it would be better if he had the blood of the baby it would take too much time for him to find the hidden baby.
Since the Quadratus guys will arrive soon.
Hansoo poured the blood on his free-form sword onto the prepared ingredients and then quickly put in into the <Selfish Wealthy man’s Food Jar> by his waist.
‘It’s troublesome if the scent gets spread.’
Hansoo quickly moved his body towards the passed out Gyesoo after he had completed his work.
He was still passed out.
And above that Gyesoo, a few Blue Carrier Pigeons were flying around.
They will arrive if they receive the help from the receiver but since they weren’t receiving the help they didn’t arrive.
But soon his comrades will arrive.

Hansoo quickly approached the mess of a guy.
A guy who had become bloodied from head to toe from the battle with him.
But the injuries were healing at a rate that could be seen with the naked eye.
If some more time passes and then he uses the regeneration rune, he’ll probably be healed to the point he’ll be able to move again.
Hansoo approached the passed out Gyesoo.
And then he quickly pulled out the mixture he had made, put it into the split wound on his thigh and then quickly shut the wound.
It will take some time for the gap completely heal.
And he didn’t have the time wait for that.
Let’s see.’
Hansoo fumbled around his pockets as he pulled something out.
I’ll return your business card.’
As Hansoo stuck the business card which was made of the Padro Larva’s hide onto his thigh, the business card melted down as the wound on the thigh closed up.
Hansoo, who had made a satisfactory expression at the completely healed wound, nodded and disappeared into the jungle after clearing up his tracks.

Soon slashing sounds were heard as Cheng, one of the commanders, and his subordinates appeared.
Cheng made a dumbfounded expression as he looked at Gyesoo laid out on the floor.
This retard… he really lost?’
Cheng looked at Gyesoo as he was seriously pathetic but then just shook his head.
He wants to throw Gyesoo into the Kukulja lake after taking into account the fact that Gyesoo had worked so hard was still laid out like this but this guy was a bit special even out of the commanders.
Since he was a guy who had been inside the Calamity Fish.
“Let’s take this guy and go back!”
He didn’t want to report this situation to Kalz Morenn…
He had to wake this guy up no matter what and make him report it himself.
All the aid was on the cruise ship anyway.
Cheng took Gyesoo and then quickly moved towards the cruise ship.


“Hmm. When does it start.”
Kalz Morenn looked towards the distant sea with a content expression.
The Calamity Fish was still quite a distance away but if you take into account his great eyesight and the size of that thing, it wasn’t hard to spot it.
The Quadratus guys are quite good.’
Getting a 2000 man boat was hard enough but these guys somehow managed to station it right next to the root.
Anyways. That’s why there are so many tourists.’
If they had thought that it was dangerous from the start then the tourists wouldn’t even have gathered.
And a 2000 man boat was at the level where it could withstand the waves created by the Calamity Fish.
But unlike Kalz Morenn, the newcomer standing next to him, Ailen, was making a rather bitter expression.
Kalz Morenn chuckled.
Look at this kid.’
He was a guy that he held dearly.
And that was why he had brought him along after paying the tourism fee.

Kalz Morenn knew the reason why he was making such an expression.
“It hasn’t been long since you came into our clan right?”
Ailen pondered for a moment and then answered.
“It has been about 27 days.”
“And when did you come to the Otherworld?”
Ailen shrugged his shoulders
“1 year. Since I came through the last year’s tutorial.”
Kalz Morenn smiled contently at those words.
Only strong people could come into Lighthouse, one of the six pillars.
But this guy had come into Lighthouse in 1 year and into the most dangerous Shock Troopers.
If you take into account the fact that most people in Lighthouse were 3rd and 4th years, then this guy’s talent was amazing.
And that was one of the reasons why he held him so dearly.
It’s probably because he’s still a 1st year…’
Such a thing like this would probably make him feel a little dirty.
To shove down huge groups of people into the stomach of the Calamity Fish and watching it.

Kalz Morenn spoke towards Ailen.
“You probably know by now… what do you think of every day while you live?”
Ailen shrugged his shoulders as he answered.
“Getting stronger.”
Kalz Morenn chuckled.
“Right? Surviving day by day isn’t your goal anymore right? Since you aren’t at that level anymore.”
“I was like you around that level too. But… you start to think differently right before you go up.”
There’s nothing he should be scared of right now.
Since they, who ruled over the Red Zone, were really strong.
They had long been qualified to go up to the Orange Zone.
But there was only one reason why they had remained here.
<If we go up then we become the newcomers of that place.>
Of course they won’t start off from the rock bottom.
Since there was still a gap from those who barely qualified to go up to the Orange Zone and them.
And they would probably be able to rise above others faster than them.
But that wasn’t the important part.
<If I go up there then I cannot live like this anymore.>
There won’t be people who would tremble at the sight of them and there might be people who he would have to run away from.
He had to struggle to get stronger again and go back into dangerous places.

“Do you know what comes up in your head at this point?”
“…What comes up in your head?”
“You start to get an idea that you have to rule as much as you get here and then go up.”
It was hard to remain in one place forever without going up due to the World Tree’s structure.
And when you become one of the clansmen of the Six Pillars, and the top within that clan, you start to get thoughts such as this.
<If we go up then we have to struggle to get stronger and to survive. Enjoy as much as you can before going up.>
But this wasn’t easy either.
There was no way to fulfill the stomach.
Since the only thing to eat here were Nutritional Fluids.
There wasn’t much need for sleep and one would get fed up with lust after a day or two.
He needed something more fun and intense.
Something to fulfill this desire of the ones who will go up soon and become tired again.
And the Quadratus Sightseeing was something created for people like this.
<Watch the fire across the river from a safe spot before you go. It’s worth the sight. You have to take a look at the face of the Red Zone, the Calamity Fish, before you go too.>
I look forward to it.’
It was quite a good sight to see dying people struggle.
That alone wouldn’t be enough but there were thousands of people and such a thing would become very grand once the Calamity Fish takes part in it.
According to the ones who had seen it before, this was really a good sight.
Shouldn’t he have a look at such a wondrous sight before going up.

At that moment he felt a presence approach him.
Then Kalz Morenn clicked his tongue after seeing what had come.
“Did you seriously lose?”
He had told the other Quadratus guys just in case but for him to really lose.
While Gyesoo was making an embarrassed face, Kalz Morenn wrinkled his nose at the very faint scent.
A scent which normal humans could not smell and only he, who had learned <Aronan Chaser>, could detect.
And then he looked towards the origin of the scent.
Gyesoo’s thigh.
Kalz Morenn frowned his brows as he looked at Gyesoo with an incredibly fearsome expression.
“You retard…”
Gyesoo was shocked at the sudden bloodthirst rushing towards him and replied unconsciously.


A very faint scent breezed past the noses of the Gertas.
A scent which was created when the extremely agitated Gerta’s pheromones and blood were mixed.
It was clear what his scent meant.
That the killer of one of their kind had been covered with their blood.
The strong scent, which seemed like it was asking for revenge, was carried by the winds.
And it was amplified thousands of times.
Thousands of Gertas which were roaming near the Kukulja Lake started to madly dash towards the origin of the scent.
And Hansoo laughed as he saw this sight.
He couldn’t gain a large amount of time but this was enough for now.
I should finish fast and go make some of that Nutritional Fluid. I wonder if that Gyesoo guy is alright.’
He didn’t know who Kalz Morenn was but according to what he heard about his personality, it would be hard for him to ignore such a blunder like this.
Hansoo rushed out to complete the extract within the time that Gyesoo had kindly bestowed him.

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