Reincarnator – Chapter 61: Calamity Fish Hunting (6)

Let’s see…’
Hansoo looked at the relic in his hands and then walked into the woods as he sliced a nearby Chehykle tree with the blade of the Forgotten sword.
And then sticky sap started pour out from it.
Hansoo got the small remaining amount of Amar’s Incense, mixed it with the sap and then spread it on the Forgotten sword until all of the surface was covered.
It’s done.’
Hansoo walked up to the lake and resumed his previous hunt after covering his whole sword.
The heads of the fishes got crushed apart from the countless blade slashes as they died off.
Hansoo nodded as he saw the fishes charging at him.
At this level I can probably go and hunt the grown ones.’
It was an obvious fact that the adult ones had more of the extract within them than the baby ones.
If he hunted the adult ones then he could probably complete the extract in a shorter time.
The reason why he had not done so was because he had no way of getting through their thick skulls and scales but it was now more efficient to hunt the adult ones since he had obtained the Forgotten Sword.
The location of the adults is in the deeper part of the lake.’
He needed some preparations to go there.

Hansoo pulled out all of the extracts from the heart and then started to run along the lakeshore.
After a long while he could see a plant with its roots submerged in water.
A plant which lived by sucking onto the toxic water, <Ghweche>
Hansoo rushed onto the lotus like plant.
He pulled out the Ghweche along with its roots, opened it and then retrieved a handful of seeds.
Hansoo then proceeded to collect the seeds of a few more Ghweche plants and then threw one into the water as a test.
Surprisingly, the small seed didn’t sink when it entered the water and instead started to madly swell up.
It swelled up by absorbing the water-soluble toxin which made the toxic waters toxic.
Hansoo got on top of the seed which had swelled up to the size of a human head.
It started to sink slowly once Hansoo got on top of it but as he got off the seed it came back up with its buoyancy.
Hansoo then proceeded to create a bridge along the surface of the water towards the center of the lake where the adult fishes would be living.
At that moment a light shone in the distance behind Hansoo.
At the same time very hot air rushed towards him.
Though the actual heat was weak, if you take into account the distance from him and the origin of the flame then that location would probably be similar to hell.
I should hurry a bit more. It’s still quite more amazing than I had thought.’
Hansoo quickly started to run towards the inner parts of the lake after checking his rear.


Tens of Gertas were laid out on the floor after becoming roasted by the dark red flame.
And Cheng and the other Quadratus members gulped as they saw this sight.
Though thousands of Gertas were running towards them, the man who had created the scene in front of them was much scarier.
Kalz Morenn, who had dark red flames swirling around his hand, looked at the Gertas he had roasted and then turned around as he spoke.
“Let’s hear it.”
“Let’s hear about how you are going to deal with this. I’ve gotten curious as to how and why you guys do your job like this.”
“… We will take care of it.”
Then a few people ran down as they launched off the cruise ship.
The 2000 man cruise ship started to get further and further away from the land.
The Gertas who had run up roared in anger but they could only roam round the edge of the waters since they had no way of getting close to the cruise ship.

Kalz Morenn stood still for a moment and then opened his mouth again.
“Are you worrying about my safety right now? I’m asking as to how you are going to perform the sightseeing. If this goes on then all the newcomers will leak out. Can you guys block it all up?”
Gyesoo stumbled as he carried his injured body and walked out.
“I’ll solve it. If I run around the Kukulja lake and lead those things then the newcomers will see that and…”
Gyesoo screamed as Kalz Morenn’s hand suddenly dug into his thigh.
Kalz Morenn ignored his screams as he dug his thigh out and then pulled out a soggy reddish mixture.
As the mixture came out from his body the Gertas started to get even more agitated.
Kalz Moren threw that towards the Quadratus and then spoke.
“This guy is the guide, he can’t die. Take this and spread it along the roads.”
The Quadratus felt cold sweats run down their backs as they looked at the shore where the Gertas were going crazy.
They had to carry this around and then spread it along the roads.
Though they can bring back the Gertas onto the roads if they spread this but carrying this around meant that they had to keep all of those Gertas on their tails.
They couldn’t even imagine the number of people who would die during this process.

Damnit. It got screwed up real dirty.’
Cheng looked at Gyesoo with a resentful expression.
But he could only go.
If not then he would probably die in the hands of Kalz Morenn instead of the Gertas.
It seemed like that Kalz Morenn, who was full of anticipation, started to feel worse and worse as the plans got screwed up.
If we can settle the matter for now with this then it’ll be good.’
But Kalz Morenn destroyed Cheng’s anticipation.
“And what are you going to do about that Hansoo fellow.”
“Take responsibility and bring him over. I really want to see his face now.”
Cheng clenched his teeth and then shouted.
“Plug up the roads first! Then… find that guy with the lake as the main location!”
A guy who had set them up like this wouldn’t have hidden.
He said he was going to kill the Calamity Fish right.’
Since that guy was doing something in the Kukulja lake then he wouldn’t be able to leave far until that was accomplished.
Kalz Morenn then looked at Gyesoo with a cold expression.
“You will talk to me for a bit. About what you failed.”
Gyesoo made a expression filled with fear from those terrifying eyes.


Hansoo stabbed the Kukulja’s skull and then quickly stabbed into the heart, pulled the heart out and then threw it into the Selfish Wealthy man’s Food Jar.
The efficiency fell in comparison to squeezing it out on land but he didn’t have the confidence to drag them onto land.
I’ve still almost collected it all.’
The <Selfish Wealthy man’s Food Jar> by his waist had almost been filled up due to him hunting for almost two days straight.
But there was still a problem.
…My stamina is too spent.’
The place where he could get the Nutritional Liquid was a bit far away from the Kukulja’s Lake.
His stomach was completely empty after fighting for two days straight without any nutriments.
Slashing the sword once was getting hard.
The Kukulja noticed Hansoo getting weaker as they rushed towards him even more crazily.

At that moment something cut through the toxic waters and flew towards him while making pagagak sounds.
An arrow filled with the power of a skill.
It’s a skill of the targeting type.’
Hansoo compressed the free-form blade and then swung it.
He had deflected the arrow but the injuries that had barely healed ripped open, due to him straining the muscles of his whole body , and spread around as the Kukuljas who smelled this started to thrash around more aggressively.
A person who looked like a commander of the Quadratus was looking towards him by the lakeshore and was preparing a skill.
It seems they have stopped the fire for now.’
Actually, the two days he had gained were quite a lot.
Though it would’ve been nicer to have a bit more, it happened already.
He had to solve this situation.
I don’t have the strength to have a prolonged battle.’
He was hungry, was lacking in stamina due to the long fight he had and was losing blood as well.
And Kukuljas were rushing towards him crazily from below.
But he still had to complete the extract.
I’ll get rid of the guys who follow me.’

Hansoo stepped onto the heads of the crazily rushing Kukuljas as he started to run towards the other side of the lake very quickly.
And Cheng grinded his teeth as he saw this.
“Shoot out restraining skills so he won’t run away and chase him!”
The other commanders made a bitter expression at this.
“You want to go in there?”
The bridge trick that Hansoo had done wasn’t hard for them.
And hunting down a tired person was an easy task for them.
But even with all this it was still a bit burdensome for them to go into the lake which was swarming with Kukuljas.
Cheng shouted at those words.
“The conditions are still the same! And don’t you know that it’ll become more tiresome if you don’t catch him while he’s that tired? And say we don’t catch him here… what are you going to report then?”
If he runs away to the other side of the lake then it really becomes hard to catch him.
Since the Kukulja lake was as big as the vast End Root.
If he hid in the jungle then things become really tiresome.

Everyone gulped at those words.
If they miss the chance to catch him while he’s tired then they have to meet Kalz Morenn.
They could still clearly remember the scene where Kalz Morenn dipped Gyesoo into the sea and pulled him back out like Shabu Shabu as he asked him about his responsibilities.
<If you guys want to take a half-body bath in the toxic waters like this then you can continue to idle about. Hurry and get along.>
Gyesoo had only stopped at a half-body bath in the toxic waters because he had the experience of the insides of the Calamity Fish.
If they fail then they might take on a full body bath instead of a half-body bath.
Fucker. We aren’t even below that guy!’
But such a lame excuse did not work in this world where the differences in power were clear.
Since they had signed the contract to bring that guy back it was likely that they will suffer if they were to even discuss about it.

The commanders, who were grinding their teeth, and the other Quadratus floated on pieces of wood or Ghweche seeds as they quickly pursued Hansoo.
You bitch. I’ve almost caught you! I’ll vent all my anger on you!’
Unlike them, who were running with not many obstructions, their target with a bloody body was being attacked by the Kukuljas.
At that moment, Hansoo suddenly stepped onto the Kukulja as he jumped up into the air.
A formless energy flowed into the sword on his hand as it instantly turned into a whip.
“Block it!”
At those words the people who had been running activated their skills to guard their fatal spots and focused on regaining their balance.
Cheng made a confused expression at the whip that had swept around them.
The glamorous attack just swept around their limbs as if it wasn’t targeting their fatal spots from the beginning.
It was extremely sharp so their flesh was cut but it wasn’t in fatal locations.
Cheng smirked as he saw this.
Did he perhaps think that we will run away from fear when we got injured?’

Bleeding actually did make things a bit more burdensome.
Since Kukuljas will charge onto them if they bled.
But Hansoo was bleeding much more than them anyway and this amount of injury would heal up before a minute was up.
But the moment Cheng and the other Quadratus tried to rush in enthusiastically, something unexpected occured.
The injuries got wider and wider as a large amount of blood started to flow out.
“Uuk! What is this!”
“Heal! Use the healing rune!”
“Dammit! It won’t close up!”
Blood was pouring out from the injury made by the whip.
And the Kukuljas, who had smelled the blood that had been spilt on the waters, rushed at them madly.
“Waak! Damnit!”
‘What is this nonsense!’
Cheng screamed inwardly in puzzlement as he struck at the Kukuljas charging at him.
He was sure that such an option wasn’t on Gyesoo’s sword.

Hansoo made a cold expression at the top of the lake which had become chaos itself.
Now our situations are a bit more equal.’
The second power the <Nurmaha’s Ring> had unlocked after it evolved into a Red Artifact.
Once you were hit by the attack filled with the strange power of Nurmaha then the injury will not heal while the power lingered on the injury and instead cause a large amount of blood to pour out.
A top rated skill which was fatal towards the guys who trust in their healing skills and fight recklessly.
He had been saving it because the mana usage was very large but this was the perfect time for it.
But this isn’t quite enough.’
He was still bleeding as well and the Kukuljas were charging at him and them without distinguishing between them.
It had just become even.
And the fight was better the more unfair it was.
Hansoo ripped off the sap that was covering the blade with his hands.
Then the scent of the Forgotten Sword, which had been hidden beneath the strong Amar scent, started to permeate all around.
The Kukuljas who had smelled this flinched in surprise as they crazily tried to distance themselves away from Hansoo.
They could only be scared.
Since this scent was that of the fearful predator that ate them as snacks.
Pudududuk Pudududuk.
As the scent which could be smelled from hundreds of meters away under water spread, the Kukuljas made a huge riot in order to get away from Hansoo.
And Hansoo used this timing to throw the seeds to create the bridge as he got out to the lakeshore.
Then he looked at the relic on his hand.
This was an object that had been kept within the Calamity Fish for a very long time.
Its scent could only be strong.
He couldn’t hunt properly if the Kukuljas ran away so he had hidden this scent but this was the most effective way in order to escape like this.

They won’t be able to come out.’
That place was dangerous even for him.
Since the fear of the predator that had appeared for a moment had increased their vicious instincts a step further.
Hansoo, who had been looking at the Kukuljas who were gathering onto the center of the lake in a crazy manner, hid the scent of the Forgotten sword again as he completed the Kukulja extract.
Hansoo sighed as he looked at the mess his body had turned into.
He had predicted that it wouldn’t be easy but it was extremely tiring.
There was a huge difference between the beasts of the Red Zone and the people of the Tutorial.
Keldian. I might kick your ass if I see you again.’
Hansoo, who had been thinking of Keldian who had set up a strict schedule for him, thought of the next objective.
Nutritional fluid.
The reason why the wide World Tree Mountain Range became an area of dispute.
And one of the other reasons why he had to heal this World Tree.
If I collect that then it’ll be the end.’
Hansoo looked at the Kukulja heart extract which he had filled half of the pouch with and then started to gather the Ghweche seeds.
And soon Hansoo gathered a few thousand Ghweche seeds and quickly rushed towards the location where the Nutritional fluid flowed, the <Exterior>.

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