Reincarnator – Chapter 64: Galadriang’s Relic (2)

Hansoo ripped off the covering on his Forgotten Sword as soon as he sunk into the water.
Then all the Kukuljas, who had been chasing him from the scent of the blood, were frightened as they ran away in all directions.
And in the place they had run to, there was another target.
But Hansoo didn’t care for such a thing as he started to swim away madly.
If that guy was someone who he could kill with the Kukuljas then he would’ve done so above the lake.
And as he expected, an intense heat wave exploded out from above the lake.
Tens of Kukuljas were roasted in an instant.
The power of that attack could be estimated to a degree from the fact that the ones underwater had become like that.
Hansoo, who had covered himself with the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement, extended out the Magic Force of the reinforcement and then created it into the shape of the webbed feet of a duck.
He then flapped his arms and legs and quickly started to head downwards.
Deeper and deeper.
So that the attacks above the water wouldn’t reach him.
Then soon the toxic water that Hanoo was swimming through started to boil.
He’s following.’
He knew even without looking.
Since the heat was slowly approaching towards Hansoo.

Hansoo stabbed the wooden pipe he had prepared into the <Selfish Wealthy man’s Food Jar>.
Then the air he had gathered previously started to come into Hansoo through his mouth.
He had to breathe.
Tsk. It’d be nice if I had a survival type skill.’
Survival type skills, or artifacts with survival type skills applied onto made it easier to adjust to extreme environments.
They just were extremely hard to acquire.
Hansoo thought of the artifact on the neck of Kalz.
<Ahol’s Breath.>
An artifact that boosted the survivability of one when they are underwater or about to faint.
If he has that thing then he can breathe under the waters.
Follow well.’
Hansoo breathed air as he searched for the path.
There should be traces around here…’
Finding the exit was easy.
Since the location where the adult fishes, and not the baby ones, are swimming meant that it was closer to the sea.
And Hansoo had already looked over that location while creating the Kukulja Heart Extract.
If you follow the traces of the adult Kululjas then the path leading to the sea would come out.
At that moment an extreme amount of heat was directed towards Hansoo.
Hansoo frowned at the intent of the heat that was trying to boil him alive.
Since he felt the Magic Force of the Demonic Dragon Reinforcement being taken off in chunks.
It would’ve been dangerous if I fought him above the water.’
The only reason why this was possible was because he was being chased under the water.
Otherwise his skin would’ve been cooked red in an instant.

Hansoo didn’t slow down his swimming speed as he swung the formless whip behind him.
The waves that were transmitted through the liquid told Hansoo numerous things.
He could guess the guy’s location to a degree without looking back.
No, the flapping of the Kukuljas surrounding him told the exact location of that guy.
The formless whip with the <Hemorrhage> power applied to it flew backwards.
The Magic Force of the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement collided with his skill and created a huge force wave.
Thankfully, the reinforced whip was able to penetrate Kalz’s Magic Force and skills and succeeded in creating a very minute injury.
Thankfully it’s a Reinforcement of the Inferno type.’
Inferno type Reinforcement’s offensive powers were extremely high in comparison to other reinforcements but their defenses were a bit lacking.
And as if Kalz’s skills were the same as that, his defensive skill masteries were a bit low and were of lower quality.
The <Hemorrhage> applied to his injury started to madly course through the injury and started to widen it.
And as the injury got wider, blood started to pour out and the Kukuljas who smelled the blood under the water started to madly rush towards him.
Kalz Moren clenched his teeth while swimming and then gathered a large amount of the power of Reinforcement on this hands.
Then he singed his injury.
Blood squirmed around as it tried to come out but there was no way to since he had forcefully signed the injury and closed it up.
The power of the hemorrhage tried to constantly widen the injury but Kalz Morenn smashed the skulls of the Kukuljas swarming towards him as he pulled out the pieces of bone, used them as needles as he stabbed them in between his injuries and then singed it again.

Hansoo clicked his tongue as he looked at that sight.
That’s one tough guy.’
Doing such a thing meant that he had no intentions of going back up.
The will that wanted to catch him no matter what.
Kalz Morenn, who had closed the injury to an extent, stepped on the Kukuljas rushing towards him as he tried to get closer to Hansoo.
Shall I give him a few more presents.’
Hansoo pulled out a few Ghweche seeds from his pouch as he stabbed them through with his whip.
Like a skewer.
And before the seeds could puff up he swung the whip and threw them towards Kalz Morenn who was trying to approach him.
This time, he applied <Power Destruction> instead of <Hemorrhage>.
Since it was a bit hard to use them both at the same time.
It was too inefficient and too mana-costly to use both Power Destruction and Hemorrhage when his attack wasn’t a direct attack.
Kalz Morenn clenched his teeth as he saw the whip flying towards him again.
He had to block it no matter what.
It’ll become very troublesome if he were to keep getting injured by that vicious object.
Kalz Morenn brought his defensive skill to the limit as he poured the flame of the Magic Force towards the whip.
If the Magic Force of the attack was the same as before then it will melt against his flame.

But Kalz Morenn was shocked at that actually happened.
The flame of the Magic Force disappeared as if it was erased.
Hansoo’s whip had become weaker as if it was also affected by the skill but it was still flying towards him.
Soon the whip broke through his defensive skill like it was glass and then penetrated his body.
Goddamnit! What the hell is this!’
Did he have to get stabbed through like this constantly!
But Kalz Morenn, who had been hit by the whip with a nervous expression, suddenly made an evil smile.
Ah I see. It seems that he can’t use both skills at the same time.’
The whip that was weakened from his skill and attack was weak enough for him to tough it out with his resistances.
As long as that damned Hemorrhage didn’t come at him then an attack of that level wouldn’t be able to threaten him.
But even before Kalz could finish his thoughts, something started to puff up between his armors like underneath his arms.
Kalz Moren was flustered momentarily at his body that started to rise up suddenly.
Then he grinded his teeth as he found out the identity of the object that was making him rise up.
Ghweche Seeds. This damned bastard… he prepared things like this as well?’
And for him to be able to store this underwater meant that he had already done some things to the seed.
Which meant that Hansoo had led him under the water after he had already planned the underwater as the stage they would have the fight.

Kalz Morenn glared at Hansoo after ripping off the Ghweche balloons.
The distance between them that he had closed had been returned to what it was before due to him having risen for a moment.
And the Kukuljas were weirdly not approaching Hansoo and were only madly charging against him.
If I catch him… I can kill him if I catch him!”
This was clear no matter what tricks Hansoo had up his sleeves.
You Bitch. I’m going to keep chasing you!.”
He felt like he would really go crazy if he backed off here.
But the thing that made him mad was a different emotion.
Afraid? I’m afraid of this guy? A newcomer?’
It wasn’t that Hansoo himself was scary.
Fuck… I don’t know what else he has prepared.’
Hansoo had led him towards the Lake and had completed the preparation to fight him in it.
Which meant that Hansoo had already estimated that he would follow him and as well as the fact that he would jump under the water.
This meant that Kalz was running around in the palm of Hansoo’s hands.
And Hansoo was not afraid of Kalz at all.
Which meant that Hansoo was confident enough to either run away from him or even kill him if he were to follow him till the end.

I cannot agree on this!’
Kalz Morenn quickly went up to the surface of the water and then started to run atop of it. (*TL : IT’S JESUS)
Move quickly on top of the water, get above him and then catch up by diving down!’
This was just a lake and there was a limit to its depth.
Since he had found out his direction and movements, he would be able to chase him much faster if he were to chase from above.
But Kalz Morenn frowned after running for a bit.
A giant mountain that was blocking his path.
A mountain was standing between the lake and the sea.
I’m going in’.
If he were to climb over the mountain then he might be lose him on the entrance of the underwater passage that could be anywhere.
But Kalz Morenn flinched the moment he tried to jump into the underwater passage.
Since he felt that something was different.
Then his expression crunched up as he felt the area around his neck.
“This son of a bitch!!!!!”
Kalz Morenn screamed out in rage after getting his <Ahol’s Breath>, which as almost as precious as the <Feather>, stolen from him but he could not go down to the dark underground of the lake.
Since going through the underwater passage, which he didn’t know the length of, while not being able to breathe was almost the same as committing suicide.
Kalz Morenn’s expression, which was covered by rage and agitation, started to get colder and scarier.
And soon Kalz Morenn started to quickly run on top of the water as if he had determined on something.


Hanso who sticked his head out of the sea surface after getting out of the lake, took a deep breath and then looked around his surroundings.
Let’s see. Though he might be pissed off quite a bit… he won’t be able to chase.’
He was quite a distance away from the boat.
Hansoo quickly ran along the shore and then jumped into the sea after arriving at the spot where he had sunk the boat.
It’s nice.’
Hansoo made a content expression as he put on the Ahol Breath’s that he had stolen with the whip onto his neck.
His reaction speed and movements will increase greatly from this.
A human could die no matter how high their runes were if they didn’t have the necessary elements but this thing filled up that spot.
There isn’t much difficulty in breathing.’
Hansoo threw away the pipe and then continued downwards.
Bubble bubble.
After a while the large boat that he had sunk could be seen.
An enormous boat that was not possible to raise with the abilities of a human.
But there was a way.
Hansoo filled up all the passages that led towards the deck with the Arun Wood planks.
And then he poured all the Ghweche seeds within his pockets out.
The Ghweche seeds that were released inside the boat started to suck up the boats at an extreme speed.
The volumes of the seeds started to increase very rapidly.
Hansoo retrieved the Arun Wood planks and Kelk mucus sacs and then quickly came outside the boat.

Bubble bubble bubble.
The toxic waters that filled the boat started to pour out of the holes after getting pushed back by the puffed up Ghweche seeds.
And soon the area below the deck was filled with tens of thousands of Ghweche balloons.
The boat that had sunk deep within the sea started to make large noises as it started to rise up.
Hansoo quickly got onto the rising boat and grabbed onto the controls.
Then the boat started to turn under Hansoo’s controls even while underwater.
This was pretty simple since it was a boat with the fairy’s magic applied to it.
Since there might be people around, I’ll raise it after I get a bit far away.’
The 500 man boat moved quite a distance while rising up to the surface and by the time it had come above the surface it was quite a distance away from the shore.
Hansoo fixed below the boat with the Arun Wood and Kelk Mucus Sacs, shrugged his shoulders and, pulled a few Ghweche Balloons to control the buoyancy of the boat and then started head towards the location where he told Camille that he would meet her.
Time to go catch it.’
The preparations were complete.
He will have to follow right? After getting robbed by a newcomer like this?’
Hansoo laughed coldly as he thought of the Cruise ship that was somewhere in the distance.


Gyesoo made a shocked expression after seeing the mess Kalz Morenn had become when he came back.
Did he turn like this while going against that newcomer?
What is this. He was mocking me for it.’
Smirks tried to rise up from within but Gyesoo quickly maintained his expression.
The moment he does this then he will get burnt to death.
Though Kalz Morenn didn’t seem like he was that agitated, Gyesoo knew instinctively.
That the Kalz Morenn whose pride has been damaged greatly was the most dangerous.
Kalz Morenn looked at Gyesoo and the Quadratus as he spoke.
“Let’s go to the Calamity FIsh.”
“Pardon? That’s only after the Calamity Fish arrives here and eats the roots…”
Gyesoo made a confused expression.
There were 2 stages to the Calamity Fish tour.
The 1st stage where they watch the Calamity Fish gobble up the root.
The 2nd stage where they proceed inside the Calamity Fish up to a safe distance and then look around its insides.
Well. That’s not really the goal of the tour to be exact.’
The reason why Gyesoo was still alive and why so many strong people were gathered was because of the 2nd stage of the tour.
But Kalz Morenn spoke with a cold expression.
“No. We’re going now. I’ll take care of it. Let’s go. I’ll convince the other sightseers. Since they will be quite fed up by now.”
Gyesoo and the Quadratus could not say anything due to Kalz Morenn saying this with an expression that told them that he will rip them apart if they were to disagree.


Camille stared at the distant sea from the promised location.
…He’ll bring the ship to this location?’
Camille thought of the last words Hansoo had said during their conversation.
<This might be the end of traveling with you.>
<What? You said you’ll need me as a guide though?>
The insides of the Calamity Fish were quite complex due to many organs being tangled up with another.
Her guidance was needed to proceed on the safe and easy routes.
Hansoo replied to those words.
<I need your guidance to go on the safe routes but it seems like I’ll be able to get on the quickest path if I’m lucky. Then your guidance won’t be necessary. Thank you for your help until now but stay here. It’ll be hard to travel while protecting you.>
What is he thinking of.’
Camille thought of the second attempt that she had with Gyesoo.
When they almost died because they made a wrong turn after going in without knowing anything.
That path was indeed very fast but also very dangerous.
Did he find someone to help him somewhere? It’ll still be very dangerous though.’
Camille looked into the distant sea with a bitter expression.

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