Reincarnator – Chapter 65: Galadriang’s Relic (3)

“It seems like you got quite angry.”
Kalz Morenn’s expression slightly changed at the mocking words of the person next to him.
Tsk. Goddamnit.’
There was nothing he could do.
It might be different for the Quadratus guys but it was a bit hard for him to do whatever he pleased against the sightseers here.
Everyone here were at least the clansmen of the twelve roots.
They might be weaker than him but they have cards up their sleeves.
And he couldn’t really say anything since he was the one who suggested this.
This will probably last as a debt.
He would need to pay the debt off no matter what it took.
Damned bastards. They said the 2nd part was more important than the 1st part as well…’
The 2nd part, where they explore the insides of the Calamity Fish, was much more meaningful than the 1st part.
The clansmen would not have come here without any plans.
A captain of the shock troopers from one of the clans of the Twelve Roots looked at Kalz Morenn and spoke while laughing.
“Anyways, it seems we can see it now. Big ships are indeed better. They’re faster too.”
Kalz Morenn did not reply and instead looked at the 500 man ship in the distance.
Though that guy had started out first the ships made by the fairy were faster if they were larger.
“Shall we try throwing some spears since it’s a bit boring? We need something to enjoy instead of the 1st part of the sightseeing.”
He then proceeded to lift up few tens of giant spears and the people, including Kalz Morenn, made cynical laughs.


Hansoo, who had created the Hardening Liquid using all the materials and had stored it within the <Selfish Wealthy man’s Food Jar>, stared at the giant wall that he had arrived at.
A huge body that seemed like a wall.
Unlike before, when it only had its fins up above the surface, it had floated up to the point where one could see its sides.
As well as the breathing hole on the side of it.
With this you can tell that it’s not just a fish.’
A huge hole on the side that was usually closed tight with muscles but opened when it came above the surface.
The breathing hole was small in comparison to its whole body but it was still huge enough for the 500 man ship to go through.
Hansoo mumbled inwardly as he looked at the breathing hole on the side of its body.
I have to go in through this place right.’
Camille had told him before he left.
<At first I almost died because I went in without knowing anything. The breathing hole is still dangerous but not as much as the mouth.>
Camille made a bitter expression as she spoke.
Since she had gained a huge loss because the lack of this single intel.
The ones who live in the breathing hole are dangerous but the mouth which the Calamity Fish breathes in and out of has tornadoes and huge waves crashing upon it.

At that time something flew over at an extreme speed along with a very loud noise from behind.
A single spear that had an extreme amount of force.
As if numerous skills were integrated into it, the spear was traveling across the distance of over a kilometer with a large amount of force.
It seemed like it was going to puncture right through the ship.
But Hansoo didn’t deflect the spear that targeted the ship and just dodged it.
As if the 3m long spear was proving that travelling over 1 kilometer of distance and still hitting the target wasn’t pure luck, it put a hole right through the deck and even into the bottom of the ship.
The toxic water started to enter through the hole on the bottom.
A few Ghweche balloons burst and caused the ship to sink a little bit but this problem would be solved if he shoved a few seeds down below.
But Hansoo just left the ship that was sinking bit by bit.
He just focused on advancing forward into the breathing hole.
It’ll be troublesome to earn suspicions by getting it to float again.’
Hansoo looked towards the cruise ship from the top of the ship which was sinking slowly but was still advancing forwards.
No matter how strong somebody was, it was hard to throw a spear that could travel this huge distance.
The spear that Hansoo had just seen had six skills applied to it.
And they would’ve used a few more skills to shoot it over here as well.
Kalz Morenn did not have such skills as these.
‘If he had them then he would’ve used them already.’
Which meant that the people on that cruise ship decided to go along with Kalz Morenn.

Boom! Boom!
Spears were flying in repeatedly.
The mast broke off and the decks were smashed apart.
During that time the giant cruise ship proved the fact that it wasn’t slow just because it was large and slowly closed the gap towards Hansoo.
It seemed at a glance that there were over 200 people aboard.
Kalz Morenn alone was troublesome.
But Hansoo laughed.
Since it was better the more there was.
Hansoo shoved the information of the skills of each person into his head as much as he could.
The information of artifacts at the same time as well.
It’ll still be troublesome if they catch up though. I’ll make you a bit busy.’
It’ll be troublesome once they got on.
He needed to make some distance.
Hansoo took out something from his pockets.
It’ll be bad for me if it got released too fast. I’ll cover it a bit with the mucus….’
Hansoo covered something with Kikinon’s mucus sacs, which melted quite well in toxic waters, and then threw it into the sea.
The mucus started to sink into the toxic waters while melting slowly.
Hansoo left behind the thing that was sinking behind the ship as he proceeded into the breathing hole.
And as soon as he entered the crossroads inside the breathing hole he abruptly changed  direction as he moved towards a location that couldn’t be seen from the outside.
I’ve arrived fine for now. The thing I do after this is important…’
Hansoo made a small torch out of the materials he had brought and then started to light the Ghweche balloons which he pulled out from the lower parts of the ship.
Tong Totong.
As he got the fire near a Balloon that was full of gas, the seed exploded in the air as it disappeared without a trace and the smoke was swept up by the storm-like wind swirling inside the breathing hole.
As the balloons that filled up the ship started to disappear, Hansoo’s ship started to sink quickly towards the deep underwater passages below the breathing hole.


“Tsk. He got in first.”
Kalz Morenn made a regretful expression as he looked at the ship that went in first.
The speed of that guy’s ship was slowing down.
If they chase at this pace then they’ll be able to catch him fast.
At that time something crashed into the side of their ship.
Kalz Morenn made an annoyed expression at the unexpected crash as he ran towards the side of the ship and looked down.
It’s hard to clearly sense below the toxic waters. Annoying.’
The toxic waters had some weird substances mixed into it and as such it was extremely hard to see and sense what was coming towards them.
Kalz Morenn grinded his teeth after looking down at the sea from the side of the ship.
“Kraken? Why is this coming out here?”
Kalz Morenn and the other tourists made annoyed expressions as they started to pour down a storm of skills downwards.

Though it was only a terrifying monster in the movies, the problem was that the way it looked, the size of its body and its abilities were similar to that of the movie.
But everyone here were at the level of heroes who beat up those beasts in those movies and beyond.
After dealing with it madly for a moment, it had already got lost from the sight of the ship.
As Gyesoo told them, the structure inside was quite complicated so it’ll be hard to catch him once he escapes through the crossroads in the breathing hole.
He wouldn’t have been able to get far since the ship was sinking bit by bit.’
Kalz Morenn grinded his teeth as he chased that guy’s ship and then proceeded into the breathing hole.
“We’ll keep chasing…”
“Wait. Wait a moment. Mister Kalz Morenn.”
One of the other tourists spoke out after looking at the excited Kalz Morenn.
“We need to keep our agreement. We played chase on the way because our paths were the same as that brat but we do not want to waste time. We aren’t all here to play right?”
“…Damnable bastard.”
Kalz Morenn frowned but he could not really say anything back because those words weren’t wrong.

Kalz Morenn breathed in and out.
His anger had calmed down a bit on the way here.
His vacation ended here.
He had to accomplish his mission here.
And in the current situation they had no way of knowing which way Hansoo had gone out of the countless crossroads.
Though they might be able to find him if they chased but there was no reason for them to waste their time and help.
I had to catch him before he got into the breathing hole… I’ll kill you after we get out.’
Gyesoo took a glance at Kalz Morenn as he kept manipulating the controls of the ship.
The parasites, who lived and bred in the breathing hole, screamed and assaulted the people as they jumped down.
But the tourists simply ripped them apart or burned them off as if they were nuisances.
Gyesoo frowned after thinking of what had happened before.
We struggled that hard…’
After passing through numerous crossroads a much more different road than the ones so far appeared.
Gyesoo looked towards the people who were mumbling about and then spoke cautiously.
“Is it really fine? It’s really dangerous.”

Once they go left from here, various organs including the Lungs of the Calamity Fish would appear.
Though Parasites such as the ones just now existed there too and the roads were complicated, it was still very easy in comparison to that of the other side.
On the other hand, if they go right from here then the stomach comes out.
No… Can you even call that a stomach?’
Gyesoo shook his head.
The 118 of them who were with Camille had accidently entered that place.
And only two of them survived and escaped it.
Kalz Morenn mocked them.
“Are you comparing us to you and the others? Go in.”
The other tourists laughed out loudly as well.
At the same time their expressions were full of excitement.
So the treasure vault is in there huh…’
The Sword that the Gyesoo guy was holding on.
That was the reason why the people here had gathered.
For the forgotten artifacts that would be inside Calamity Fish.
That guy had told them that he barely managed to kill a few specters on the outskirts while dealing with them, and had brought out the sword of the thing that looked like a common soldier.
But it was still that amazing.
Wouldn’t they be able to gain much better things.

Squirm Squirm.
As they turned into the right crossroad, a large hole that was covered in muscles could be seen.
The giant muscle door that seemed like a mouth from one angle and like an anal sphincter from another expanded and contracted in size but its original size was so big that their giant ship could still go through it even when it contracted.
The tourists gulped their saliva.
A dark curtain swayed between the muscle door.
“Then… I shall go in.”
Gyesoo lead the ship towards the dark curtain skillfully.
The people frowned at the feeling of the strange material passing through their skin but their words could not leave their mouths after seeing the scene in front of their eyes.
The strange space that existed within the Calamity Fish was much larger and wider than the Calamity Fish itself.
Especially the marble that seemed like it was burning that was stuck somewhere up high in the distance.
A single giant marble was letting out a white light from high above the sky as it lit up every corner of the space.
The space that the light shone onto had numerous rubbles of a crushed city and ripped tree roots covering it.
The sea below was so deep that the bottom could not be seen and above that billions of tons of city debris were stacked on top of each other to create a giant land.
It felt like they were gazing upon a humongous trash island.

City? No, it seems like it almost ate up a country… who was living here?’
The people spoke out in gloom.
“…This wasn’t just an organism.”
There was no way a normal organism could have an space such as this inside them.
They were wondering what the strange feeling they had felt when they went through the dark curtain was but it seemed like it was a feeling that they crossed over to another space.
In the distance, tens of kilometers away, something opened as light poured in.
It seemed like the Calamity Fish started to drink up.
The people spoke out in gloom as they saw the waterfall-like water, rubble that rushed back and forth and the corpses of various beasts.
“It seems like we can’t go out towards that direction.”
The people made a slightly nervous expression but just shook their heads.
Well. If we get in trouble then we can just run out through the hole we came in on the ship.’
Hadn’t Gyesoo run away like that as well.
Though it might be a bit dangerous…’
Would they have come here without a plan?
They had all come because there was a method despite the dangers.
They had even brought the <Feather> with them.
Which meant their clans had cared about this that much.
“Land the ship!”
Soon the ship made grinding noises as it landed on the giant trash stacks.
“Don’t get too far ahead and let’s deal with the outskirts first! Don’t do any daring things that far exceed your skill level! We have to be careful!”
They shouted loudly but were nervous as well.
Then they started to slowly get off the ship.


They should’ve arrived around now.’
Hansoo, who had arrived at a crossroad from the direction opposite to that of Gyesoo’s party, calculated the time as he prepared to move.
If he were to move now then he will arrive at the right time.
Though I’m thankful that you guys are fighting against Galadriang’s army… you should try a bit harder if you are doing it anyways.’
The army of <Galadriang>, one of the five great tiger generals* of Elvenheim who had failed in the process of killing the Calamity Fish, had been cursed to roam in here for eternity.
And they were guys Hansoo had to get through in order to smash apart the core.
Scratching around the outskirts was not enough.
Those guys needed to fight a bit more desperately.
Hansoo poured in the Ghweche seeds into the bottom of the sunken ship.
Shall I go play with some fire.’
Soon the ship started to float up slowly and Hansoo controlled the ship like a submarine and headed towards the dark curtain that was connected to its stomach.

Translator’s note

Five Great Tiger Generals: 五虎大將軍-오호대장군, a title given to Five Tiger-Like Generals from Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三國志演義-삼국지연의). Usually I wouldn’t have put in a note clarifying vocab but Idk it sounded cool. Go away 찐빵

Proofreader’s note

Regular chapter 2/3. Sorry for being a day late.

Next regular chapter coming tomorrow as usual.

Some clarifications: I think that following Camille’s “safe” path, he should have turned left. Instead he followed Gyesoo and turned right towards the stomach, into where Camille went with Gyesoo as part of the 118 people group on her second attempt.

Translator : Ekdud

Proofreader : coyotte508

TL Check : KobatoChanDaiSuki

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