Reincarnator – Chapter 66: Galadriang’s Relic (4)

Strange looking soldiers were heading towards the tourists who had set up camp with the ship as the center.
Soldiers with strange helmets and armor.
One thing was clear, that they were not human.
They looked more like the elves from storybooks.
Though they had the look of a ghoul due to their skin having been pickled in toxic waters and their whole body being a mess.
“Damnit! Why did these things get killed in such an extreme location!”
Hundreds of soldiers from the spectre army were charging towards them while swinging their blades.
Kalz Morenn sent out explosive flames in all directions.
The flames of <Scarlet Jade Orb> exploded out as the bodies of the spectres were shredded apart.
But the shredded pieces of the corpses that were scattered around the toxic waters started to squirm as they began to slowly piece themselves back together.
Kalz Morenn frowned as he looked at this scene.
Unlike the curses that came out of his mouth, Kalz Morenn’s wasn’t feeling that bad.
Since it wasn’t labor without a prize.

“Let’s see…”
Kalz Morenn walked over happily and held up the axe the spectre was holding.
The axe that was covered in the mana reinforcement of <Scarlet Jade Orb> blazed up as it created an intense red edge.
Kalz Morenn swung the axe in a wide arc and the spectres who were charging at him were dismembered into pieces.
Kalz Morenn made a content expression after looking at that scene.
Since the guys who were difficult for him to smash apart with his Scarlet Jade Orb were getting cut apart.
If I take a bunch of these and arm them… the overall power of the whole clan will rise incredibly.’
Of course the other clansmen here would take some for their own clans but he couldn’t do anything about them.
He could not fight with these guys unless he wants to start up a war.
That was a problem to be solved after getting out.
The ones charging at me first!’
Kalz Morenn then dismembered the ones who were charging at him and started to take the weapons of the ones he had skills.
And the other clansmen were doing the same thing also.
They started to madly take the Relics with greedy hands.
Though their numbers were only a mere 200, these guys were strong people who stood out in the Red Zone.
Though the army with hundreds of spectres were strong and seemed immortal, those things were quite lacking to obstruct them.

But Gyesoo grew nervous and then shouted out.
“You need to fight a bit more quietly! If you make loud noises then they’ll all gather here!”
Then the captain of the shock troopers of the sixth Root shouted.
“I don’t think it’ll be much of a nuisance even if all of these guys come over here? Hahahaha!”
Gyesoo frowned.
Damn… I told them that these guys were just small-fries.’
The cause of the massacre of their 118 people were not these guys.
Since they were quite excited when fighting these guys as well.
But Gyesoo shook his head.
The current situation was indeed much different from before.
Since these guys were strong to the point where they couldn’t be compared to him.
Though these guys were scary, he was quite at ease having them in a strange space like this.
Well. We can just run away on the ship if it becomes different.’
His mind was at ease when he looked at the giant cruise ship.
He had never heard of a case where a 2000 man cruise ship got smashed apart.
Though making that thing was hard, it was something that guaranteed their safety above the sea.
But at that moment Gyesoo frowned.
There were bubbles sprouting up from behind the cruise ship.
And then sounds of waters clashing were heard as something started to slowly come above the surface.
Gyesoo frowned after he saw this.
That was Hansoo’s disappeared ship.
By the time Gyesoo figured out the identity of the ship clearly, Hansoo’s 500 man ship had long gotten near their cruise ship.
They couldn’t really do anything about it anyways.
The ship which had hid its presence under the toxic waters had gotten close way too long ago.

But Gyesoo didn’t panic and instead a corner of his mouth curled up.
I wondered where you had hidden to… Is this the hidden card you had up your sleeve?’
Gyesoo laughed because he was flabbergasted.
The other clansmen had taken a glance at the ship as well but there wasn’t anyone who ran over to do anything about it.
Of course it was hard to stop a ship that was coming in with that much force and they didn’t really have spare leisure due to the fight but the main reason they ignored it was because they thought that the charging ship wasn’t that big of a deal.
And soon the 500 man ship crashed into the 2000 man ship.
The side of the 2000 man cruise ship got pushed in with the sounds of wood breaking.
But that was it.
It had been pushed in a bit on the side but it wouldn’t be a problem to ride on it.
On the other hand the 500 man ship had its whole front part smashed apart.
Gyesoo laughed after looking at this.
This is the expected outcome.’
The difference of durability between 500 man and 2000 man ships was very large.
And maybe it was due to the fact it came while submerged in water but it was quite slow as well.
How could something like that smash apart the cruise ship.
At that time something flew into the 500 man ship.
…What is that? A torch?’
The torch that had been thrown from somewhere in the toxic sea spun in the air as it flew into the bottom part of the ship.
A humongous explosion occurred as it swallowed up both the 500 man and 2000 man ships.


Hansoo gazed at the exploded ship in the distance.
Tens of thousands of Ghweche balloons that were filled with toxic gases.
It might’ve been different under water but when tens of thousands of it exploded above the surface, a huge explosive force was generated.
As the sound and the smoke from the explosion faded away, the result of the explosion was shown.
The 500 man ship had disappeared into dust and the giant cruise ship had the huge portion of the side, where the 500 man ship was, blown apart.
It was quite amazing that the giant cruise ship hadn’t been cut in half from that explosion but the fact that it could not be used anymore was the same as if it was cut in half.
And as if the magic on the cruise ship had been dispelled, the ship that had been giving off a faint amount of light was now the same as a piece of wood that was covered in soot.
“Hey! Keep the formation! Don’t panic! We’re getting pushed back!”
Chaotic voices could be heard from the distance.

Hansoo laughed as he heard this.
One of them is done now.’
There was no way that these cautious guys would’ve come here with just this.
A piece of the countless leaves that had once covered the vast branches of the World Tree that was extremely hard to acquire now.
If one uses this then they’ll be able to escape along with a few people around them no matter where they were.
Even if the space was distorted.
The power of the World Tree was that great.
But there was one thing that these guys didn’t know about.
The Elvenheim army that had become spectres after getting trapped within the stomach of the Calamity FIsh.
The time period of when the Elvenheim was fighting against the 5 Great Calamities was said to be a time period where there were countless amounts of leaves on the World Tree.
Each person would have at least three to four for emergencies.
And unlike the small piece of leaf today which had a lot of restrictions on movement and the amount of people they can take, the ones they had back then could take one anywhere they wanted in the World Tree because it was a whole piece.
Were the Elvenheim dumb enough to get caught within the Calamity Fish?
The 5 Great Calamities were creatures that were born after taking into account the Elvenheim.
They’ll need to fight a bit harder now.’
But then he needed to do one other thing.
Since they won’t struggle with all their strength if there is a hole to run away to.
Hansoo slowly swam towards the muscle door that was covered by the dark curtain.
Since it was hard to make I should use it properly.’
Hansoo saluted towards the future alchemists who had created this recipe with all their brainpower as he applied the Hardening Liquid onto his sword and started to madly swing it towards the muscle door.


“This doesn’t feel right. Let’s get out.”
The small number of people who had come from the seventh Root nodded as they gathered in one place.
And one of them very cautiously pulled out something from their pockets.
A miraculous piece of leaf that was almost dried up but still had some life remaining.
It was named the <Feather> because it allowed one to move around freely.
The man clenched the fist with the feather inside it.
The moment the leaf was destroyed a strange power surrounded them.
“Hooh. It’s alright though. We made profit since we gathered up almost 30 Relics.”
“Let’s go get some girls after we get out. There will be quite a lot of pretty ones out of the newcomers. The ones who lived in the Otherverse are too overbearing that taking them… huh?”
“Huh? Huuhh?”
The guys who were chatting with relaxed expressions suddenly made confused expressions.
A green light had covered them up.
Which meant that the Feather had activated properly.
They should not still be here.
But the scene in front of them had remained the same.
“Huh? Why isn’t a working?”
“Damnit! What is this!”
Ther other people, who had similar thoughts as them, were making noises of panic from all around.

Kalz Morenn grinded his teeth then ran up to Gyesoo and growled at him after grabbing hold of his neck.
“Ignore everything else for now. What do we do?”
“Kuuukuhh.. Pardon?”
“How do we get out of this damned place!”
“Kuhuk… you just need to swim towards the entrance we came through… and wait until the Calamity Fish gets near land and then escape like that!”
Kalz Morenn’s rage diminished a little after hearing those words.
As I expected.’
If they stay here then they will all die.
The situation is much graver than before.
Since the spectre army was madly charging at them after hearing the explosion.
But their survival chance will increase by a large amount if they go through the dark curtain and then escape from the Calamity Fish once it nears land.
From what he heard it seems like the army over there could not get through the dark curtain.
If they do this then there wasn’t even a need to swim over to land.
“Keep up the formation and continue fighting! Head towards the dark curtain!”
The dark curtain was quite a distance away but they could throw planks on the water and cross it.
Damn… They’re really strong.’
Stronger and stronger ones were coming as if the ones before were jokes.
At that moment the dark curtain thrashed back and forth.
To be precise, the gigantic muscle door that went around the dark curtain squirmed.
And at that moment a strange vibration was felt along with a scream-like noise.
At that moment the muscles furiously contracted as the hole disappeared instantly.
“Fuck… what is this?”
The people fell in panic.
The hole they were going to escape through had disappeared.
And the spectres which were armed from head to toe were walking towards them.

If there weren’t any unexpected events then they would’ve felt good for the gear they’ll receive after killing these guys but the situation was completely different.
They had to now continuously fight those things without any escape routes.
They would’ve tried to sustain it on a boat if they had one but it has already been quite a while since that boat had been smashed apart.
“Let’s hurry and find a different exit… damnit!”
Kalz Morenn, who was shouting loudly at the people nearby, quickly backed off at the feeling of something ripping through the air and flying towards him.
At the same time he activated every single skill he had along with the secret skill of the Scarlet Jade Orb, Scarlet Jade, and poured them onto the attack flying towards him.
Kalz Morenn stared at the thing that had smashed through his mana reinforcement and even his Red Jade and given him a deep wound with an expression of disbelief.
For a captain of the shock troopers of lighthouse to be wounded like this from a casual swing.
“You are the captain huh.”
Kalz Morenn grinded his teeth while looking at the huge spectre knight that had run over to them, which it had done so after hearing the loud noise of the explosion, and had swung the strange looking sword .


Hansoo, who had been submerged under water using Ahol’s Breath, stared at Galadriang’s Army that started to gather up.
He had to smash apart the heart in order to kill the Calamity Fish.
The path on the way to the <Heart> would be easy if Camille were to lead him but the there are numerous unknown factors on the way.
But on the other hand, if he were to break the sun-like marble in the sky, the <Core>, and get to the Heart after weakening the Calamity Fish, the work at the Heart would be much easier.
But there was something he needed to kill in order to smash that Core.
The thing that Kalz Morenn was fighting currently.
The pride of Elvenheim who tried to smash apart the core and kill the Calamity Fish but had instead gotten cursed and trapped within this place.
He was fighting with Kalz Morenn and the others but the moment one attacks the core then it’ll quickly run over and start attacking them.
I have to turn that thing into a mess before I continue.’
He couldn’t kill it since it was immortal within this place but he just needed to buy time to break the core apart.
If he succeeded then the rewards, other than the Calamity Fish, were great.
Unlike the common Forgotten Sword, the weapon Galadriang had in his hand was not a normal weapon.
A relic for which all of the Alchemists of Elvenheim had combined all their efforts in order to create.
It will make his next objective much easier.
I should move now too.’
He wasn’t quite satisfied yet.
He needed to be much more diligent in order to make sure that not a single unexpected event happens.
Hansoo glanced back and forth between the clansmen and the army of Galadriang who were pushing each other back and forth and then started to swim.

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Proofreader’s note

Regular chapter 3/3.

Some clarifications: So instead of heading straight to the Heart with Camille’s route, and have a hard time there, Hansoo decided to destroy the core in the stomach with the generous help of his pursuers, making his task at the heart easier and getting more rewards.

Also, it’s really “Galadriang” and not “Galadriel” as in LOTR. Although it’s probably a reference.

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