Reincarnator – Chapter 67: Galadriang’s Relic (5)

Hansoo mumbled quietly towards a different curtain in the distance.
There is only one hole for these guys to escape through.’
There were numerous holes like the ones they had come through around the stomach of the Calamity Fish.
But in this huge space, they had to cross an enormous amount of land in order to get to a different hole.
If the other guys wanted to get out of here then they’ll aim for that hole in the distance without doubt.
I’m going to go wait for them.’
Hansoo made bubbling noise as he swam down below the surface of the water.


Lark, one of the clansmen from the Seventh Root, grinded his teeth.
50 strong people, including Kalz Morenn, were gathered in the distance and were barely holding back the spectre knight.
Fuck… We can’t beat something like that.’
Every time that knight swung its strange sword, the air split apart as the bodies of the people who were fighting him got cut apart.
Though they could hold him back for now, their injuries were slowly increasing in magnitude as time went on.
This was quite obvious actually.
How could they beat these guys who kept on coming back alive.
And another big problem.
The spectre soldiers and generals were slowly gathering towards them.
The ones who were roaming around this vast land were quickly charging towards them.
Others might not know but Lark, who was a captain of the shock troopers, knew.
Countless number of spectres were heading into the range in which he could sense up to.
They could hold back for now but they’ll eventually be crushed by numbers if this went on.
They had to look for a chance.
But at that moment a chance appeared.
The spectre knight and generals around it flew back along with a huge explosion.
It seems like Kalz Morenn and the people around him had done something.
Thanks to them the attention of the spectre soldiers and generals which they were fighting against had been redirected towards the location of the explosion.

This is it!’
When Lark hinted with his eyes, a group of people poured every bit of skills they had as they ran away between the debris.
“Those sons of bitches!”
Angry voices were heard behind them but Lark ignored it.
They had no reason to die with everyone over there.
Kuhuhuhu. Just hold onto that monster well over there.’
The location he would run towards had been set up already.
There were definitely other holes.’
He looked around the surroundings as soon as he came in.
Since his skill, <Soaring Hawk’s Eye>, allowed one to observe extreme distances.
And another entrance had come into his vision while he was using this.
Yeah. There’s no way that only a single hole exists in this giant creature.’
They started run on the shore where they were least likely to get surrounded on.
And he sighed in relief.
If we go on like this than we can survive.’
Though spectres continued to block their way but the faster ones had already run off to the battlefield so the remaining spectres were soldiers who were quite slow.
Though it was hard to go through them since there were quite vast in numbers and their injuries were increasing because of this but it seemed like that all 14 of them will be able to safely reach the hole at this pace.
And the thing that helped their escape.
It’s really quite nice.’
They smiled as they looked at the relics in their hands.
Every time they swung the weapons the air split apart and armors smashed into pieces.
Of course the spectres had these weapons as well but the weapon will change depending on the user.
They were much stronger than the spectre soldiers.

After a long time of running while smashing and killing, they had already approached the exit.
They just needed to cross the sea between the dark curtain and the debris now.
And that was a very simple thing to do.
“Let’s cross by throwing on some planks! Captain!”
While the others were full of glee, Lark, who was the captain of the shock troopers of the seventh root, flinched momentarily.
He then stopped everyone and then pointed towards a direction.
Everyone flinched momentarily but then understood Lark’s meaning as they started to pour skills towards the direction he pointed.
Though they were still tired, their skills were still very mighty due to their power levels being the top of those in the Red zone and the eight explosive and long range skills endlessly smashed apart the location Lark pointed towards.
Then something came out from between the debris which had turned into dust.
And Lark, who had been watching this, chuckled.
“It was you. You bitch.”
“Woah, your personality isn’t really the best is it. Attacking without a warning.”
“You crazy bastard. Think of what you’ve done.”
That guy had smashed their ship.
And then he had closed up the muscle door somehow.
The reason why people were getting massacred over there and the reason why they had run away even in the middle of a life-threatening danger was all because of the things that this guy had done.

Lark stopped after thinking to this point.
If this guy had come here before them then he can close the dark curtain over there also.
Since a guy who had closed it once could probably do it again.
“You bastard. What are you thinking of.”
Lark was a person who could not bear his curiosity.
The reason why he had asked to go in here was because he was curious about the insides of the Calamity Fish.
Lark stopped the attacks of everyone and then asked Hansoo.
But then Hansoo just shrugged his shoulders.
“Why do you need to know that. Come at me.”
Lark chuckled at these words.
Is this guy crazy.’
They were indeed weaker than Kalz Morenn.
But there was a reason why Kalz Morenn had to handle them carefully.
They were weaker than Kalz Morenn but they had 14 people and were equipped with Relics.
They were in a mess because they were running away from spectres but if that guy’s level was exactly as he heard from Kalz Morenn then they shouldn’t bicker around like this.
Lark erased the smile from his hands and then just charged at Hansoo after enveloping his whole body with skills.
There was no need to drag time in this place,
Clean him up before the spectres get here and then leave.’
The <Elf Fire> in Lark’s hands smashed onto Hansoo.
The Elf Fire made a huge noise as it lit up the surrounding area on fire.
But Lark couldn’t laugh after hitting Hansoo.
No, he was actually frightened at something that was clenching onto his wrist very tightly.
“Uuuk! Uwaaak!”
The clansmen, who were leisurely jogging towards their captain, heard Lark’s scream and then dashed over..
A voice came from within the smoke towards them.
“I’m showing this to you guys first. Because I can’t use it at any time… due to a lot of limitations.”
A light flashed from within the smoke created by the Elf Fire


“Die! You bastard!”
Kalz Morenn smashed the spectre knight that was running towards him into bits.
Though his right arm had flown off from the spectre knight’s attack, he had been able to smash it to bits.
But Kalz Morenn’s expression was still very grim.
“Uwaaaa! Goddamnit!”
Kalz Morenn screamed out in despair after seeing the spectres charging at him from all directions.
During the time when he was dealing with the spectre knight, a large amount of the spectre soldiers and captains had surrounded them.
And the other clansmen who had seen Lark and his men run away started to steal glances as they started to run towards that direction too.
Goddamnit! It’s all because I had to deal with a thing like that!’
Wouldn’t Kalz Morenn have wanted to get out of here as well.
But the 50 people in front of him, and himself, could not escape.
Since the moment you turn your back to escape the spectre knight’s sword would cut you into two.
Fuck. Anyways. We still killed it!’
Kalz Morenn trampled onto the pieces of the Spectre Knight as if he was venting out his anger on them.
The pieces were squirming as they were slowly gathering back into one.
Damn. This isn’t the time for this.’
Kalz Morenn organized his thoughts.
He had to run away at this moment when the spectre knight couldn’t get him.
A sword came into Kalz Morenn’s view as he spat on the ground.
The strange looking sword that the spectre knight had been using.
I should take that.’

“Damnit! Let’s get out everyone!”
The thirty of them who had turned into a mess grinded their teeth as they ran.
There was only one thing they wanted at this moment.
Damnit… I hope the ones who ran run away cleared the road properly.’
They wanted to rip apart the ones who had ran away ahead of them but they also wanted them to have left his place safely.
Since there would be hope for them as well if the others had escaped.
If the other guys had failed then the chances of them dying was also very high.
“Clear the road! Keep applying heals!”
The surviving thiry smashed apart the spectres as they struggled intensely.
It seems that Kalz Morenn’s battle was so intense to the point that it attracted every spectre around this area.
Damn. It seems like everyone would just die here no matter how many they have.’
Kalz Morenn was actually curious.
To as if taking control of the Calamity Fish from the inside was possible if they were able to come in like this.
There were a few people who had left behind legendary achievements in the Red Zone.
He had wondered if it would be possible with the power of his and theirs combined but he realized that it was impossible after seeing this.
How could they kill the Calamity Fish if they didn’t even know what to do in order to kill it and had to fight this zombie army in the process of doing so.
Kalz Morenn madly poured mana into his sword as he slashed apart the spectre army.

After a while of crazily smashing through the road, the surroundings had cleared up a bit.
Kalz Morenn sighed in relief.
Since he could start to see the dark curtain in the distance.
“Just run a bit more! We can live!”
The people heard Kalz Morenn’s shouts as they started to swing the sword in all directions.
But the people who were running could only stop and watch.
Corpses that were spread everywhere.
And the relics that were dropped.
A familiar face was sitting on top of those.
“Kang Hansoo… You bitch.”
“It seems like I’m the villain when I appear at a time like this… But what can I do. I gotta do what I’ve gotta do.”
Kalz Morenn smirked.
It hasn’t even been long since this guy had run away from him, did this guy lose all concept of fear?
He had become a mess but the gap between them was not something that could be closed with just that and he had also gained a new weapon.
Yeah. There’s no need for words.’
Kalz Morenn, who was about to rush in after pouring strength onto the sword in his left hand, flinched momentarily.
Hansoo had a slightly different aura from when he had seen him at the lake.
‘…Is it because he ate the runes?’
If he killed all the guys ahead and ate their runes then that amount would be monstrous.

But Kalz Morenn shook his head.
That’s not the important part.’
He was blocking their path when the spectres were chasing behind them.
Even if the one standing in front of him wasn’t Hansoo but was one of the 7 departed souls who wore a Hansoo mask, he had to kill them anyway so why did he need to think about it.
Damnit. I’ve got burnt too hard back then from this guy.’
Kalz Morenn poured in mana into the sword and then swung it at Hansoo.
He then covered his whole body with the <Scarlet Jade> and then stretched the formless blade of the newly gained sword and stabbed Hansoo in the heart.
Ha. I worried for nothing.’
Kalz Morenn smirked as he saw his sword penetrate that guy’s heart.
Though there was a sensation of something getting in the way at the edge of his hand but the sword he had obtained was of such a good quality to the point where it just went right through the thing in the way and stabbed into his heart as if it was tofu.

But Kalz Morenn’s thoughts stopped there.
Since Hansoo smashed his heart.
“It seems like the scales get penetrated right through. The relic really is well made. Anyways, thanks for the delivery.”
His consciousness started to quickly fade away after his heart was crushed.
As long as you are human you will die if your heart gets crushed.
No matter how high your runes are or what kind of skills you have.
And because of this Kalz Morenn could not understand.
…I smashed his heart, how is he alive.’
That guy looked way too fine for having his heart crushed.
No, it actually seemed like that he had shown him his own heart in order to pull him in.
Then he realized what the strange feeling that had gotten in his way was.
He had felt this before.
He had felt this a long time ago, when he was against the Demon race on the central island.
As the sword that was stabbed onto his heart got pulled out, he could see three hearts.
Racial Metamorphosis… Damnable bastard. Your reinforcement is horrid enough, you also have a bitch like special skill.’
Kalz Morenn’s consciousness faded away with that.
Hansoo then looked towards the sun-like marble in the sky.
Clear everything here before the time is up and then get to the core.’
He then jumped towards the thirty fatigued people.

Proofreader’s note

This is a sponsored chapter.

Elf Fire could also be translated as Death Fire. Since there are elves I chose Elf Fire as the most likely translation.

Since Hansoo’s reinforcement comes from a Demonic Dragon, its special skill seems to allow him to share parts of its morphology like the scales of a dragon or the three hearts of demons.

Is there a reason for killing everybody? Is it just for runes and equipment? Or to create backlash against Quadratus from the clans? Will Ailen survive?

Translator : Ekdud

Proofreader : coyotte508

TL Check : KobatoChanDaiSuki

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