Reincarnator – Chapter 74: Incursion (4)

Liu Hong laughed out loudly as he aggressively swung the bright blade in his hands.
A bright blade light from Liu Hong’s hand chopped the charging army apart like a wave.
It’s amazing!’
The artifact he had was something that wouldn’t stand out anywhere he went but the bright blade in his hand was on a different dimension.
Wouldn’t I be able to cut the Root with this strength?’
A destructive force that felt like it could penetrate the thick skin of the Root that previously made him give up could be felt in his hand.
If it’s this much then… I think we can go out of the Root without many casualties!’
Even if the zombie-like things in front of his eyes were strong, and even if they had relics in their hands they would die once they were cut into pieces as long as they were lifeforms.
And the sword in his hand was strong enough to slice apart those things without any problems.
He just needed to take care of these guys, cut apart the root and then go outside.
But Liu Hong realized that the situation wasn’t as good as he thought as he swung his sword.


Hansoo swung Galadriang’s Relic.
The golden magic force from the Relic, which had received a large amount of energy from the Divine Stone Fragment, rushed towards the Elvenheims charging towards him.
The Elvenheims tried to defend against that attack with the relics in their hands.
But the golden magic force cut through their weapons and then cut their body into two as well.
Though he had succeeded, it was not a satisfactory result.
Hansoo clicked his tongue inwardly.
He wanted to split apart six of them with a single attack.
But only four had died under the attack.
The other two quickly moved out of the attack range while the four defended against the attack.
Maybe it’s due to their bodies still being normal but their movements are different.’
Though these guys didn’t revive like the spectres inside the Calamity Fish’s stomach, they were much stronger since their bodies were normal.
There were tens of thousands of these things.
Those things were making sharp movements as they constantly pushed Hansoo and the clansmen of Lighthouse back.
“Damnit! Their recovery speeds are too fast! They heal back even if you cut off their limbs!”
“Cut off their life in one strike! They don’t seem immortal”
“Damnit! Didn’t these guys die yet? Where’s the energy coming from!”

Similar shouts were being heard from all around.
Even if their limbs were cut off from being attacked, these things just reattached the arm and charged again after healing up.
Once you get cut apart and then heal the materials inside the body that were stored should run out but they were constantly healing as if such a limit didn’t exist.
They would fall if you cut off their necks but it meant that it was an army that wouldn’t falter unless you cut their necks off or crush their hearts.
The Lighthouse clansmen were holding them back well because their teamwork was great and they were used to fighting with each other but if things continued at this pace then they will get trampled.
Since the Elvenheims were staying very energetic unlike humans who would get tired.
If they didn’t have the Mana Resonance Wave then they would’ve been trampled already.
Hansoo looked towards the giant object that two large Elvenheims were protecting.
As I thought, I have to crush that central heart.’
The giant central pumping heart had a similar role to the core of the Calamity Fish.
Since it was inefficient to sustain such a huge body with a single heart, that object pumped nutritional fluid with the energy of the Divine Stone Fragment infused within it towards every corner of the body.
That thing’s nutritional fluid was constantly being supplied to the Elvenheim soldiers through the floor of the root.
As long as that heart was pumping the Elvenheims will not cease to attack the clans.

Let’s go.’
Hansoo spoke towards Michael who was standing next to him.
“I’m gonna split away and then fight. Maintain the formation as well as possible and stay alive.”
Michael clenched his teeth and then nodded.
Though they can maintain themselves, they wouldn’t be able to push forward at this pace.
They needed something that would turn the tide.
Damnit. I don’t know what you know but… I wish you success.’
Hansoo left Michael and then pushed his Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement to the max as he lifted his body towards the air.
At that moment something rapidly flew towards Hansoo.
Hansoo aggressively swung his blade as he blocked the thing that was flying towards him.
A single marble.
A marble the size of a human’s fist smashed into Hansoo’s sword as they created a huge shockwave.
Surprisingly, the golden blade which could cut apart the Elvenheims could not get through the marble as the marble made grinding noises and tried to push Hansoo back.
Hansoo condensed his mana reinforcement further, stepped on the head of an Elvenheim charging towards him and used that acceleration to push back the marble.
Then a crack occurred on the marble.
As the crack appeared in the marble the marble ceased attacking Hansoo as it went back to its owner.
Towards one of the two Elvenheims that were guarding the heart.

Then the seven marbles that were spinning around the body of the Elvenheim made a bright light as they started to fly towards Hansoo at a incredible speed.
At the same time the other member of the Five Great Tiger Generals activated the bracelet on his arm.
Instantly a translucent armor appeared all over the Great Tiger General with the bracelet.
The two Great Tiger Generals who had armed themselves with two relics started to make a loud noise as they charged towards Hansoo.
As the two, who were much larger than other Elvenheims, started to run towards him, it felt like the whole root was quaking.
And Fabien, the Great Tiger General with the translucent armor, smashed at Hansoo.
Hansoo slashed the mana blade created from the Divine Stone Fragment aggressively towards the translucent armor but the armor resonated as it deflected Hansoo’s attack.
The relics that Hansoo and Fabien were using were originally Elvenheim’s.
Though they didn’t have the Mana Resonance Wave, they were still using them to their fullest potential.
And these guys are also constantly receiving energy through the central heart.’
But as if the armor could not withstand the energy supplied from the Divine Stone Fragment, Hansoo’s golden blade slowly dug into the translucent armor.

At that time something flew towards Hansoo while making loud noises.
Ekidrang’s Relic.’
Two of the seven marbles around Ekidrang remained back to defend the body, four of them aimed towards the fatal spots all over Hansoo’s body and the remaining one rushed towards the wrist which held Galadriang’s relic.
Hansoo frowned as he quickly retrieved his sword that was slashing down onto Fabien’s armor.
At the same time he activated the <Power Destruction> on Nurmaha’s ring on his right hand.
Nurmaha’s ring, which was supplied with a much larger amount of mana than before exploded with a red light.
Hansoo then changed the sword, which was infused with both red and golden light, like a whip and then lashed the air.
The energy which was on the five of the marbles that were flying towards him disappeared from the Power Destruction.
The marbles made crackling sound as cracks appeared.
But the marble which had withstood the attack pushed in and then smashed into Hansoo’s body.
He had dodged four but he couldn’t dodge the remaining one after losing his balance.
Since Ekidrang’s Relic was too fast for that.
Hansoo breathed out roughly from the pain that ran throughout his body.

At that moment Fabien, who had been pushed back from Hansoo’s attack, trusted his armor as he charged towards Hansoo.
It felt like his mana veins were burning up.
It was too burdensome to use the Galadriang’s Relic as well as Nurmaha’s ring at the same time.
But if he didn’t use both then he wouldn’t be able to stop the guy charging towards him like a bear.
Hansoo quickly backed off as he applied the Power Destruction onto the golden blade and then slashed at Fabien’s armor.
The armor made breaking sounds as a crack appeared.
The golden blade went through that crack.
Then it changed its form quickly as it started to grind up the insides of Fabien.
At that time the bracelet on Fabien’s wrist shined as the armor shrunk down.
The armor which had shrunk down to barely cover Fabien’s skin did its best to resist the golden blade attack from Galadriang’s sword and Hansoo’s sword shone brighter as it tried to cut off Fabien’s life.
The Divine Stone Fragment supplied energy to the point as if it was going to explode.
The golden blade blazed up as it started to crush down the translucent armor.
The central heart constantly supplied energy but it could not compare to the energy from the Divine Stone Fragment.

At that moment a bright light exploded out as a huge crack appeared on Fabien’s armor and a limb was cut off.
I need to finish him now!’
Even if the armor was regenerating from the energy that was supplied, there were still loose ends.
The moment Hansoo tried to swing his golden blade to cut off the neck, a large soundwave was heard.
He would be able to cut off that guy’s neck if he swung his sword but then his whole body would get crushed by the marble flying towards him to assassinate him.
Since his body wasn’t a Demonic Dragoneer’s.
Hansoo dodged Ekidrang’s Marble flying towards him as he jumped back.
In that short instant the armor quickly regenerated the crack from the constant energy supply as Fabien’s right arm reattached from the Nutritional Fluid supplied through the ground by the Central heart.
Hansoo clenched his teeth as he saw this scene.
He’s not even a lizard.’
If this were to continue then there would be no end.
The body which did not go through the Racial Metamorphosis was getting destroyed from within from the wave-like mana as two Great Tiger Generals armed with two relics and backed up with the energy supply from the Central heart were charging towards him.
He tried to get through the two Great Tiger Generals first and smash the heart while the Clan was holding the others back but their cooperation was much more annoying than he had expected.
Even if I gain some damage… Smash the heart.’
Hansoo looked at the pumping central heart in the distance which was the size of a small building, clenched his teeth and then rushed out.


The Plant, which was slowly and very minutely regenerating.
At that moment the <Devouring and Vomiting Root>’s main body, which was doing it’s best to regenerate the Plant, frowned.
Since the plentiful amount of Divine Stone Fragment’s energy seemed very lacking suddenly.
Though it had been pouring all the energy from the fragment into the Plant but fixing things was not its strong point.
While it was using up the energy extremely inefficiently, a great forcewave was felt from the root in the distance.
An existence that was using the energy much more efficiently than him though it was much less.
The main body started to focus in order to sense and learn the flow of that energy.

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