Reincarnator – Chapter 75: Plant (1)

Ekidriang’s Relic flew towards Hansoo who was running while stepping on top of heads like a meteor.
Hansoo rapidly swung his sword as he aimed the golden blade towards the marble.
The blazing sword cut the relic in two.
But Hansoo quickly lowered his head as he dodged the relic.
Since the relic that had been cut in two rushed up and tried to smash his head.
Smart guy. It purposely loosened the Mana Wall.’
It had gotten rid of the Mana Wall so it would be cut more easily and then tried to hit Hansoo with the speed.
And as soon as that guy failed it was looking for another chance.
The marble that had been cut in two had long regenerated.
Ekidrang looked for another chance as he aggressively pushed in.
If you do that then the story changes.’
Hansoo carefully looked at the marble that was flying towards him.
And the moment the marble almost reached him, he put away his sword.
At the same time he stepped on the marble flying towards him and poured in a large amount of strength.
The pain felt like his leg bones were breaking.
Which meant that it wasn’t quite enough to break his legs.
If it was covered with mana then they would’ve been smashed apart but that thing had disabled the Mana Wall.

Hansoo poured more strength into his thigh while stepping on the marble.
At the same time Hansoo’s body quickly rushed towards the Heart.
The marbles constantly chased Hansoo the flying Hansoo and tried to assault his body but Hansoo barely dodged those attacks as he reached out with Galadriang’s Relic.
A sensation that he had felt like dissecting the cocoon inside the heart of the Calamity Fish could be felt on the edge of the sword.
Such a hard and large amount of Muscles, Mucus and Ligaments were covering the Central heart.
A situation where he had to dissect a building that was similar to a bomb shelter.
But the relic that was in Hansoo’s hand and the relic that was reborn from borrowing the energy from the Divine Stone Fragment was completely different in terms of strength.
The heart instantly split apart from the golden blade while making ripping noises.
At the same time the heart that was pumping at a regular rate started to pump madly as it was agitated.
The problem was that it wasn’t the only thing that was agitated.
The surrounding Elvenheim army also started to change according to the heartbeat.
Muscles swelled up and the eye, that was out of focused, focused in.
The ear that was hanging down but had been slightly raised due to the battle now rose up as if it was trying to pierce the heavens.
And the two Great Tiger Generals who had been leading the Elvenheims were the same.

Fabien’s body, which was already massive, covered his whole body which had been enlarged a step further with Mana Walls as he charged towards Hansoo.
Hansoo, who had been fervently slicing apart the heart, felt Fabien’s fist cutting through the air behind him but he did not dodge it.
Actually he just allowed the attack after tensing up all the muscles on his body.
Hansoo felt his conscious shaking from the fist that felt like it was trying to drive into his body.
The relic Fabien had was focused on defense unlike Galadriang’s Sword but once the powerful armor combined with his great physical ability, his body basically became a weapon in itself.
But Hansoo received Fabien’s attack and then straightened his senses.
He did not die.
Though his side had been ripped off, that guy had gotten very close.
I can’t dissect the Heart with this guy alive!’
Hansoo then started to concentrate all of the golden light on the blade.
The mana that was spreading in all directions from the Relic and the Divine Stone Fragment started to gather onto his blade.
“Huh? The mana reinforcement got weaker?”
“Is that Hansoo guy okay?”
The people who had been fighting momentarily flinched when the mana wave suddenly turned weak.

At that time Hansoo, who had gathered as much mana which was spreading through the Mana Resonance Wave as much as he could, slashed down the golden blade towards Fabien.
Since it felt like his body was going to explode if he gathered more.
The mana blade that Hansoo had swung cut towards the charging Fabien’s neck.
Though the armor surrounding Fabien’s neck was strong, it was not as strong as the attack Hansoo risked his life for.
A red line appeared on Fabien’s neck.
But Hansoo frowned.
It regenerated that too?’
Most Elvenheims stopped their movements when you cut off their necks.
But Fabien’s neck was healing while the armor held the necks in place despite him having cut off his neck.
It turns a lifeform into a monster.’
As Hansoo was about to move his body in order to end Fabien completely, seven marbles charged at him from the distance at an incredible speed.
Ekidrang had sent out all the marbles, including the ones protecting his body, after getting nervous from seeing Fabien becoming immobile.

Hansoo clicked his tongue and then jumped into the heart he was slashing apart.
Then he madly started to slash his sword in all directions.
Ekidrang’s Relic followed Hansoo into the heart and tried to rip Hansoo apart but it could not move like before
Since the delicate structures might also get destroyed in the process of smashing Hansoo.
The heart was as big as a small building but it was not big enough for Ekidrang’s marbles, which flew like comets, to act freely.
Hansoo madly dodged and got hit by the marbles as he started to dig out the insides of the heart.
The heart filled with more rage as it tried to control more of the Elvenheims to come towards the heart but it was not enough.
The hole Hansoo had made on the hole was not really big.
Though he was grinding things up inside, it was not big enough for countless Elvenheims to come in.
The heart slowly lost its strength as it got destroyed step by step from the inside.

Then a change occurred.
“These guys became incredibly slow! Create some distance!”
“They don’t heal anymore! We don’t need to fight them head on! Just assault them from afar!”
As the energy supply from the heart stopped, the regeneration speed slowed down as well as their movement speeds.
Hansoo finished off the heart and then quickly ran outside.
Then he dashed towards Fabien who had almost finished regenerating.
Fabien tried to resist but he couldn’t move since he needed a greater amount of energy than the others.
Hansoo’s sword cut off his wrist.
At the same time the relic that was on his wrist fell off as well.
The wrist had stronger protection from the armor than the other parts but it couldn’t be sustained after the energy supply had been cut off.
Hansoo quickly changed the form of the sword as he brought the bracelet that was on the wrist to himself.
Then he quickly put it on.

The mana that was blazing inside Hansoo as if it wanted to explode quickly calmed down.
His control over the Divine Stone Fragment had increased much more as the relics increased to two.
Like insisting that the control didn’t merely multiply by two by having two relics, the powerful mana storm quickly calmed down under Hansoo’s control.
Hansoo sighed in relief as he saw his mana veins quickly calming down.
The amount of mana that would be used up would be twice the amount if he were to control both.
He would be able to supply more mana since having two relics allowed him to control the Divine Stone Fragment with much more ease.
It’s amazing.’
Hansoo mumbled inwardly as he saw the mana blade that blew up to the point where it was about to explode.
It was like his when he had only gathered two.
He couldn’t even imagine what he would be able to do if he were to collect all 5 relics and attain the complete <Administrator>’s powers.
Hansoo, who had been looking at the mana that had been pouring all over his body, looked at Ekidrang in the distance having a hard time controlling the 7 beads and then quickly charged towards him.


“Hoo-ok… Hoook.”
Michael looked at the surrounding clansmen as he breathed in and out harshly.
Though they were all gasping for air from the battle, the battle ended very quickly despite them struggling until now.
Since the Elvenheim had all lost their strength and fallen down the moment the heart was crushed.
And one more thing.
Michael looked at his sword that was shining much brighter than before.
A lot more mana is being supplied than before.’
Michael then looked towards the origin of the cause.
Seven marbles floating around him, a new bracelet and the sword he previously had.
He, who had obtained many new things, was a lot different from before.
The sensation of him pushing his limits could not be felt as the energy that was being sent their way was greatly amplified.
And around his body, larger fragment pieces than the ones before were floating around his body.
…He reminds be of a Pylon.’
Memories of a game he used to play a long time ago, Starcraft, came back to him.

Michael looked at Hansoo and asked.
“What are you going to do now?”
Hansoo laughed as he spoke.
“You’ve been to dungeons many time. It’s the same.”
The Plant has shut down.
Though a few remaining beasts would still be around and the difficulty of them would still be high but it really wouldn’t be that burdensome since he would be able to control the Divine Stone Fragment with the three relics.
It’s working out better than I expected.’
At that time the captain of the shock troopers who was standing next to Michael approached him and whispered something in his ears.
It seems like he had seen something with a skill.
Michael’s expression turned grim as he heard this.
“Didn’t you say that the beasts won’t come out anymore?”
When Hansoo made a confused expression, Michael spoke with a frozen expression.
“I checked with the skill because we had gotten closer but… There’s no need for words. Just see it for yourself.”
Michael then transferred the image from the skill of the captain of the search team, <Moon’s Chaser>, to Hansoo.
The image of the view the captain of the search him had seen could be seen on the mirror that he was holding.
A building that had remnants of an explosion but still had a decent look.
And the beasts that were slowly being recreated inside it.
Though all the Cultivation Containers weren’t working as if it wasn’t fully healed but from one look one could tell that strong things were being produced.
And the speed was getting faster as well.

Damnit… Those are things that appear at the end of the dungeon of the Base Root.’
Michael muttered inwardly.
Though the Five Calamities were strong, they were plenty of other monstrous things other than them.
And such things were slowly being produced from the Plant.
While Michael was making a grim expression, Hansoo also frowned slightly.
The Fairy shouldn’t have intervened.’
It shouldn’t have known that he had come to the past.
And if it was going to intervene then it would’ve done so in the beginning.
Since he wouldn’t even have been able to come back to the past if they had intervened at the Crystal in his past life.
Did the main body sense and learn the Mana Wave?’
That was highly likely.
“Don’t we need to escape?”
Hansoo shook his head at Michael’s words
Though it was a giant beast that looked like it didn’t have much in its brains, it was not stupid.
It would constantly watch and learn.
You would not be able to make it fall into the same trap twice.
He would need to prepare for the Plant even more next time and there would be no way to penetrate through the beasts if the Plant wasn’t shut down.
But… There’s no need to face them all.’
There was no actual need to fight.
He needed to buy time since he had obtained the Relic.

“Can you hold onto your breath for a bit?”
The moment Michael replied Hansoo pushed the power of the Relic in his hand to the limit.
Then he slashed at the root around them.
The line of light that had been strengthened from the Divine Stone Fragment made a hole in the tunnel surrounding them just like that.
Then toxic waters started to pour out from those locations.
The Outer Tunnel that sucked in the toxic waters.
“If we ride this then we’ll get there in an instant.”
Michael looked at the tube full of the toxic water that was headed towards an unknown location and made a bitter expression.
Then he thought to himself.
Do we need to take such risks to help that guy?’
But Michael just shook his head.
They wouldn’t be able to get out from here only by relying on their own strength, without the relics that guy was holding.
And that guy didn’t have any thoughts of leaving before he ended this so they had to see the end no matter what happened to them.
Damnit. I’ve been caught badly.’
It had been a long time since he felt the pain of seeing blood once you provoked a dangerous fellow to the bones.
Michael clenched his teeth and started moving.


The main body was lost in thoughts as it was learning the mana wave that it had sensed inside the Root.
A power that a strange guy had shown.
It wasn’t enough to deal with that guy with the beasts it had now.
It needed a different method.
Though it was creating beasts for defense but the power it held now was equal to their creator who had created test subjects like them.
It knew instinctively.
Why the guy at the sea had gotten quiet.
It didn’t know what would happen once that guy were to charge in like this.
The main body stopped the regeneration of the plant momentarily as it started to focus the energy into a different location.
To create the clone, <Alpha>, that it hadn’t created up until now because it felt scruples to do so.

Proofreader’s note

Regular chapter 1/3.

Hansoo killed the heart of the Root acting as the Devil’s mouth – not the heart of the main body.

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