Reincarnator – Chapter 78: Racial War (1)

Hansoo started to madly smash down the armor in front of his eyes.
The clone stared at the attacks pouring at him and then started to grind his teeth.
Damnit. It’s really annoying.’
The Thousand Soldier Armor could only be strong.
It was obvious.
Since it was an armor made to protect the king.
Being protected by the Thousand Soldier Armor and commanding the soldiers armed with the gears inside the Thousand Soldier Armor.
Though the armor was fitting to be the King’s treasure, it was impossible for him to beat that guy with this current body during this situation where he didn’t have any soldiers and the Seven Star Marbles were being negated from the mana code.
This won’t do. I need to get out.’
The Clone grinded his teeth.
That guy over there was not in a rush.
Though the Armor was protecting him for now, he will get pummeled to death eventually.
He could not die in such a place.
I cannot fail.’
He didn’t even know where or what his original was doing.
But from what he had seen, it seemed like he had failed his objectives in this place.
Since something like this wouldn’t have had happened if he was alive.

I cannot die here… for the 1.6 billion of my people who are waiting for my success.’
He had come over to this world with only his soul because of this.
And because of this he had fought against all of the Elvenheims here by himself.
For the survival of his race.
I will end it all.’
The Clone clenched his teeth.
Dammit… Though I don’t want to give up Thousand Soldier Armor…’
The Clone Shouted.
“Succession of the Thousand Soldier Armor!”
As soon as those words ended the armor that was surrounding the Clone started to disassemble at an extreme speed.
Then it followed the golden blade light that was smashing at him and stretched towards Hansoo.
The silvery scales quickly moved onto Hansoo’s body from the Clone’s body.
And soon Hansoo’s body was completely covered with the King’s Armor, Thousand Soldier Armor.
Hanso tried to move but the silvery armor became a prison and did not let Hansoo move.
Power Succession.
A stage during when the Thousand Soldier Armor checks the owner for their qualifications for the Armor.
He had attained the power over the Thousand Soldier Armor like this through the same process.
The equipped person will go through the test for the qualifications to become the owner of the Thousand Soldier Armor while being inside it.
Though seven out of ten people will usually die in that dangerous process but he didn’t think that Hansoo will fail at all.

The Clone quickly turned his head as he saw the Armor squeaking already.
If that guy equips the Armor then his battle power will rise up to around level 10.
Though he won’t be at level 12 like the Calamity Fish and reach the disaster level but he will be strong enough to go against a whole castle and its inhabitants.
If a hundred came at him then all hundred of them will be killed.
Escape through teleportation.’
Since the Devouring and Vomiting Root had stopped its movements it was now possible to teleport.
Even if he was a clone and did not have the leaf of the World Tree, it would still be possible for a single body to teleport with the cells in his body.
I guess… I won’t be able to take the Divine Stone Fragment.’
The Clone frowned.
The Divine Stone Fragment had a lock casted on it to prevent teleportation through the World Tree to prevent theft.
It was obvious, since it’ll be a disaster if some crazy person were to charge in and teleport away with the Divine Stone Fragment.
The Clone madly dashed upwards.
He had thought of putting the Divine Stone Fragment back inside the Devouring and Vomiting Root but he might get caught if he were to do that.
The Clone, which had ran past the main body of the Devouring and Vomiting Root, laid his hands on the World Tree Root that was located above it.
The World Tree Root, which was gaining back some of it’s original color after the Devouring and Vomiting Root had disappeared, activated in reaction to the Clone’s body.

I shall see you later.’
The Clone grinded his teeth as he saw the guy finishing off the succession.
He and that guy were not compatible.
It seemed like that guy was collecting Relics and Divine Stone Fragments.
He needed the Relics and the Divine Stone Fragments that guy had for his race.
Damnit. How did the original body fail.’
The only remaining memories left were himself giving the genetic information to the Devouring and Vomiting Root.
He had no way of knowing what the Original had done after that.
Since the World Tree had dried up and the Elvenheim had been destroyed, it seemed like his objective was almost complete.
But why wasn’t there a single sight of his own race.
First… I will go to the flower.’
Then the clone’s body completely disappeared.

Soon the silvery armor that was making squeaking noises and was pressing down onto Hansoo’s body as if it was trying to crush it had stopped.
Then it quickly disassembled and started to collect within his hand.
Then a small silver key appeared in Hansoo’s hand.
Hansoo quickly checked his surroundings in order to get an idea of his current situation.
Tsk. It ran away.’
Since he had left behind the Divine Stone Fragment, it seemed like he had escaped through teleportation.
Since there was no way he would not take that thing if he was going to run.
Hansoo stabbed the key onto the air and then spun it rightwards.
Then a black hole appeared in the air.
When he focused, all the surrounding Seven Star Marbles all started to get sucked into the hole.
I don’t think I can even use it to attack.’
It was burdensome to sustain the Mana Wave alone.
There was no way for him to use the Seven Star Marbles to attack like the Clone when a simple retrieving order hurt his head so much.
The reason why the Clone was able to use these things to attack was because he was made of the cells of a very special person.
It was better for him to just send that focus onto his Relics and fighting with those.

Hansoo Organized his thoughts and then spun the key leftwards.
Then silvery scales instantly covered all of Hansoo’s body.
One of the two King’s Treasures.
Thousand Soldier Armor.
Maybe it was due to the others being replicas, the features were similar to the Weapon Eater he knew.
It would grow by eating up gears.
It would get harder and harder and change its color once enough has been devoured and turn into an artifact of zones above.
It would evolve once it ate thousands and thousands of gears.
It only ate the good materials from those gears and then creates an armor that fit the user’s body.
Of course it showed off a much higher hardness and mana conductivity compared to other armors.
And a special ability of the Thousand Soldier Armor.
Hansoo took out the forgotten sword from the Arsenal and then lightly swung it towards his body.
As soon as he swung the sword the surface of the armor changed.
To a form that was suitable to resist the attack.
As I expected.’
It would show an increased defense against weapons it had eaten or ones similar to it.
It seemed like it had eaten the forgotten sword before since it already had resistance against it.
An armor that was faithful to its job as armor.
Though there weren’t many more extra skills but it was to Hansoo’s liking because of this.

I don’t think I need to feed it more.’
As it seemed, the Thousand Soldier Armor had already evolved to the peak of the Red stage.
It would actually be more troublesome if it evolved further.
Since his runes were still Red.
Hansoo stopped hitting the armor and then thought of the plan from now.
The next plan was to kill the third Calamity.
There was only one thing he needed to do at the Root here.
First I need to weaken the Ouroboros.’
The Third Calamity that was so huge that it tied itself around the World Tree Trunk.
He needed a bit preparation to go against that giant snake.
First the poison.’
Hansoo quickly ran towards the lower parts of the World Tree Root.
As the two Calamities who sucked onto its toxic waters disappeared, the World Tree was draining a much higher amount of toxic waters that couldn’t even be compared to the amount before.
Hansoo gathered the surrounding corpses and quickly started to assemble them.
Since there was a huge amount of corpses around the Plant due to the battle.
Hansoo, who had combined this and that, mixed in the baby’s heart he gained before and created a black liquid.
Then he chopped up the World Tree Root with Galadriang’s Relic.
Hansoo poured in the liquid in his hands after seeing the flow of the toxic waters heading towards the Trunk on the inner parts.

That’s completed.’
The assembled poison that had flowed wasn’t that poisonous by itself.
But once it touches the toxic waters then it would react and change into something fatal towards the Ouroboros.
There wasn’t much time left until this poison will enter into the stomach of the Ouroboros who would be sucking out the toxic waters with his fangs biting into the inner Trunk parts.
Hundreds of thousands of tons of toxic waters will be turned into something fatal and enter it’s stomach.
Though this isn’t even close to enough.’
Actually he had planned to do as much as he did up to this point.
But it seemed like he would need to change his plans from this point on.
Since something unexpected happened.
A Clone huh.’
Hansoo frowned.
Though that guy was a Clone he would still have a lot of powers since it had the cells of the Original.
He had known as soon as he saw him running away through teleportation.
I don’t know what kind of tricks he will use.’
The only thing he had heard from the Elvenheim was that the Fallen One had tried to use the Calamities to turn the World Tree into a mess and force the Elvenheim into extinction.
The Elvenheims didn’t know either, as to why their King had suddenly gone mad and tried to massacre them all.
Tsk. There’s a limit.’
Elvenheims and Humans both, they were both races that had failed and roamed around the Abyss.
Those who lost because they didn’t know something and because they did lack something
Of course there was no way for them to know everything about that world.
His job was to run while filling up those lacking gaps.

Though I guess I know one thing.’
He had no way of knowing what kind of thoughts he had and what he would do.
He also didn’t know how much of a difference in power the Clone had to the Original.
But the actions of the Clone was clear.
It had targeted the Relic in his hands.
Which meant that the Clone needed the Relic in his hands for his objective and would definitely come find him.
I don’t know if his appearance made things easier or harder.’
He had gained a lot from that guy’s appearance.
With The Thousand Soldier Armor, Three Relics and the Divine Stone Fragments then he would be easily be able to get through the defense system of the Calamity Fish that he had barely passed through after pouring in the poison.
He was a level stronger overall than when he used Racial Metamorphosis.
He had also attained the Arsenal and the gears within it was a huge profit.
But he didn’t know how and when the guy, who clearly had evil intentions towards him, will affect him.
I guess I should look around a bit then.’
If that guy were to use some tricks then a clue will pop up somehow.
I guess I need to receive some help. Anyways, how will they react.’
People will row the same directions when they were on the same boat but the story changes once the boat arrives.
Hansoo collected the Divine Stone Fragment and then quickly moved towards Michael who was loitering in the distance.


Top of the World Tree.
Though it had dried up, it still soared above the clouds.
A single flower had bloomed at the top of this.
Though it seemed small in comparison to the giant World Tree but this pink flower easily reached over 1km in size.
And a man was standing on the edge the World Tree where the flower was attached onto.
The Clone who had run away using Teleportation.
But the Clone was making quite a troubled expression.
“…Entrance is not allowed?”
The living area that was only allowed to kings, <Flower>, was covered with tens of thousands of petals as if it wasn’t going to let anyone enter.
Though it looked beautiful from a point of view, it was a construct made from a huge amount of energy.
If somebody who isn’t granted access touches it then they will ignite on fire and then burn away.
There were only two people who could freely enter this place.
And the Administrator who had collected the five keys and had the qualifications to ask for the Throne.
Even the Five Great Tiger Generals could not enter this place without the King allowing them so.
And the Clone was confident because of this.
Since his body was made of the Original’s cell who was the King.
But for him to not be able to enter.
If he hadn’t stopped because he felt ominous in the middle then he would’ve burned off in an instant.

Damnit… What happened.’
He had believed that memories were useless but when a situation like this happened he could only regret the blank memories.
There was only one way now.
I have to collect all the keys.’
The Three Relics that guy had.
He had to kill that guy in order to collect them all.
And he needed power to do that.
A power that wasn’t consisting of tricks but rather strong enough to crush that guy whole in an instant.
Teleportation… is going to be a bit hard right now.’
There was too much strain on the body since it had teleported without the leaves and only through his power.
But he did not have the time to wait for the cooldown.
Go to Ouroboros.’
The Clone started to quickly run down the World Tree.
And the Clone thought on the way down.
Though he had no memories but reality showed him.
His race was not here.
The original body had clearly failed.
The failed original does not have the qualifications anymore. I shall… Receive that name now.’
The Clone then thought of the original owner of his body and memories.
The person who had been called the Last King of Elvenheim in this world.
No, there was no need to use that name anymore.
A name from much before then.
The name before he had crossed over with his race’s hopes and had been born in Elvenheim during the time when his race, <Akaron>, was going extinct due to a great disaster.
Now… I am Tekilon.’
Tekilon started to go down even quicker after completing his thoughts.
In order to gain the power of Ouroboros, the giant snake that would have coiled around the pillar.

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