Reincarnator – Chapter 92: Wasp Legion (3)

Tekilon frowned slightly.
…He opened the path with the key huh.’
He had the cells of the King but he could not block that path.
Since that path was something created for the Five Great Tiger Generals in the first place.
And I can’t hide the Queen who doesn’t even listen to me.’
But that warning was enough.
Tekilon put his hand upon the Queen and relayed the message.
That the people who were coming to kill it had opened a path towards it.
The Queen started rubbing the eight pairs of wings on its back as that message pissed it off.
It was pondering whether to run away or not.
But then its thoughts stopped at the newly born this time alone.
The inner part of the World Tree wasn’t fit for other Wasps to act.
Since it was too small for them to fly.
But it would be for those who had been born recently.
The Queen started to send messages towards the Wasp Soldiers who had grown up by eating the corpse of the Ouroboros.
While Tekilon was watching this scene he heard something calling him.
<Come here.>
An extremely familiar voice.
Tekilon freaked out as he heard the voice calling him.
He wasn’t dead!.’
Tekilon was confused.
Why did he not complete his plans if he wasn’t dead?
Yeah. Let’s first hear the story.’
Tekilon froze his expression and moved his body towards the Flower where he had been denied access before.


The Flower, which didn’t seem like it would let anyone through, melted down.
As the giant energy walls disappeared, a beautiful palace came into view.
The palace of the Elvenheims.
The palace which didn’t emit a single noise was extremely clean due to the petals that didn’t even let a speck of dust through but it was still very barren to Tekilon who knew the palace of the olden days when it was filled with flowers and music.
Well that’s not the important part.’
Tekilon went past the corridor and the giant pillars and then approached the throne where the other version of him was.
A giant chair which had a giant spear leaned against it.
Tekilon frowned as he looked at the existence that looked exactly the same as him sitting on the Throne.
An existence that was looking at him with an extremely tired expression.
The original body spoke towards the clone.
“…It seems like the Devouring and Vomiting Root was extremely anxious.”
The original body had long understood the situation.
Calamity Fish, Devouring and Vomiting Root and even the Ouroboros.
And… That child has died too.’
He didn’t know who but it seemed amazing people had come into this world.

Tekilon looked at the original body as if that guy was a traitor and spoke.
“Why did you stop the plan mid way? Did you fail at connecting the dimensional portal?”
No, their plan was simple.
First, get the World Tree which protected the Elvenheims into a mess.
Then kill off or exile all the Elvenheims to monopolize the power of the World Tree.
Borrow the yet-to-die World Tree’s power and create a dimensional portal towards their world.
Call their dying race from the fallen world, get rid of the Calamities while the World Tree was still dying, revive the World Tree and then make their race bloom again.
It seemed like the Elvenheims were dead or exiled and the World Tree was dying but looked like it was still working.
But then where did their race go and why were randoms roaming around the World Tree?
The original body made a depressed expression at those words.
“…I opened the dimensional Portal. You’ve seen it too.”
Tekilon freaked out.
He did indeed see it.
Since he was able to feel it while he was controlling the Ouroboros.
Through it stopped working now but there indeed was a dimensional portal way below the World Tree.
Was that connected to their world?
“Then why…”
The original body looked at Tekilon with a tired expression.
That was another him.
Him of the past when he had thoughts full of saving his race and was full of vigor.
That was why that guy didn’t know yet.
Why he had failed.
And to why he had given up everything and decided to sleep inside the Flower instead.
The answer was extremely simple.
“Our race cannot come over here.”
The goal he had achieved by killing countless Elvenheims who believed and followed him had failed.
SInce that dimensional door could only send people towards that location and not bring them to this side.
“Why? Why not!”
Tekilon muttered with a blank expression.
Wouldn’t he have looked into it?

Logically, the Dimensional Door was capable of bidirectional travel.
But why was it only one way?
The original body mumbled while looking at himself of the past.
“The density of the energy changed.”
Originally, their world and this world should have the same energy density.
But as to whatever happened, when he opened the Dimensional Door the energy of their world that was on the other side had been raised a level.
As if somebody had changed it to set the world up like a staircase.
So those from this world could go over to that side.
But the ones on the other side could not come over here.
Even if they do, they’ll die very quickly.
Like a fish dying once it comes out of the water.
Tekilon made a devastated expression after hearing the whole story.
“Then what happened…”
He had feelings too.
He had met countless Elvenheims while he lived with them, he made friends and even family.
He had thought of giving up countless times while creating the Calamities in secret and continuing with the plan.
And because of this he had taken almost a year after he had created all four Calamities and finished his preparations in order to think and find a different method.
To find out if there was a way for the two race to live in harmony.
Despite knowing that his dying clan was suffering in the world across.

While he was pondering and pondering, the child he had gained over at this side had died.
At that moment the King, Tekilon, felt something snapping inside his head.
He had tried madly in order to save his son.
But something had gone wrong and the attempt of saving his son had instead just created a seed for another Calamity.
Tekilon then realized that it was time for him make a decision.
Either have all his plans exposed and return to nothing because of the existence that used to once be his son that was going crazy.
Or to rush his plan that he had been pushing back in order to accomplish his goals.
As if something was pushing him, the moment of choice had come to him.
And after a long period of thought, he chose the second option.
Since the moment his son died, he thought of the other son which he had left behind in the other world.
“Goddammit… Godammit…”
It was a plan which he had executed in such a desperate time.
While wiping off the race he had spent hundreds of years with.
Though it wasn’t a complete extinction because there were many of them who had escaped out of this Dimension but it was basically the same as destroying an entire race.
But to not have succeeded after that.

The devastated Tekilon suddenly made a cold expression.
He knew after hearing the words of the old Tekilon.
The energy of the dimension changed as if somebody played around with it.
And while the old Tekilon gave up and was sleeping a strange race had taken residence below.
Is there really no connection between these two?’
The young Tekilon glanced below the World Tree and then muttered.
“I’m going to clean up everything below. You help me. You should understand me since you are me. I will try to open the Dimensional Portal again after sweeping up the guys below.”
He could do it.
There was nothing on his mind that could stop him.
Which meant that there was no reason to.
Since he had nothing to lose even if his decision was wrong.
No, he had to do this even if there was a 1% chance of his decision being correct.
The Old Tekilon made a bitter smile while looking at the young Tekilon.
There was too much of a time difference even if they were the same person.
He was exhausted.
He didn’t have the strength or the will to cause such a mass murder.
And he had a feeling.
That it wouldn’t work even if they did that.
The race below had no connection to this problem.
But… He wouldn’t listen.’
My young self.
He was different from the his old self who was exhausted and was about to die from loneliness.
He was full of vigor, his love for his race was stronger and he was also being affected from the loss of his son more.
And because of this he could create a mass murder without any hesitation even with just a slight possibility of saving his race.
The past Tekilon knew how the Old Tekilon felt because they were the same.
He knew that there was no point of trying to stop him.

“I’m not going to help you. But I will respect your choice.”
Then the old Tekilon lifted up the giant spear next to the throne.
King’s two treasures.
The two treasures that were required to keep the kingship.
One was the armor that protected the King, Thousand Soldiers Armor.
And another one.
A spear of punishment that allowed the King to kill anybody who has gone against the king whoever they were.
<Forked Lightning>
“Take it.”
The young Tekilon, who had received the King’s Spear <Pronged Lightning>, looked down the World Tree with a renewed resolution.


The World Tree was squirming as it was moving them upwards.
As if it was rapidly teleporting them over short distances.
And Hansoo, who had been heading up, thought of the Flower and the Wasp Legion at the end of the path.
I can almost see the end.’
Kill the Calamity Fish, revive the Roots and create land to live on.
Kill the Devouring and Vomiting Root, take the Plant and then take back the Toxic Waters that will go into the World Tree.
Kill the Ouroboros to retake the Pillar, which worked as the purifying pump.
Kill the Wasp Legion in order to revive the World Tree’s branches and leaves that these things constantly gnawed upon.
Kill the Calamities that were eating up the World Tree and create some room for the World Tree to revive.
At this stage take all the Relics and Divine Stone Fragments to the Core within the Flower above the World Tree’s Pillar, Branches, and leaves to return the Divine Stone Fragments to their original location.
Once he created some space for the World Tree to revive and supply it with the Divine Stone then the World Tree will come back to life.
Then he will be able to save most of the 3 billion people who would come after.
No, he would be able to use the fruits of the World Tree in order to multiply those numbers at an extreme speed.
Create a new Earth in this place.’
They didn’t lack any food, could teleport anywhere and were supplied with plenty of energy.
The population would be able to multiply at an astronomical pace.
But that wasn’t enough.
He didn’t come here in order to create a peaceful world.
Use the relics to create a new <King>.
The new king of the Red zone.
An almighty authority that would have the power to control everyone within their hands with the Relics and all of the World Tree’s Power with their basis no matter if the people who would come after reach the numbers of a billion, two or even three billion.
An existence that would be able to force those people into the battlefield and create them into soldiers without their consent.
Then his first plan, <Barracks>, will be completed.
The first stage which was to create an end result of billions of soldiers.
He will then be able to go up after leaving everything onto the King with ease.

Who should I make the King?’
Hansoo mumbled as he looked at the people next to him.
He didn’t bring Sangjin.
Since the Punisher needed to look like they had no relations to him.
The people he had brought were four of the six.
Baek Jongsang.
Arc Mariangt.
Kyle Cooper.
The three who had stayed here the longest after Miyamoto and were the strongest out of the Seven Departed Souls because of that.
And Sofía Vergara.
Sofía was the weakest since she was the youngest but her trait, <Library>, was extremely formidable.
And it’s actually very helpful.’
Sofía was endlessly pointing left and right while shouting out.
“Three from the left! Two from the Right!”
The mutated Wasps were popping out in the Vassal’s Tunnel endlessly while they were heading up.
“Goddamit! These guys are really strong!”
Jongsang shouted while grinding his teeth.
They were so sneaky that they weren’t even getting caught in their senses properly.
If they didn’t have Sofía’s trait then they would’ve gotten hurt from a sneak attack already.
But… We can go up if it’s just this much.’
While they were making slightly comfortable expressions, Sofía’s expression quickly turned solemn.
Something was heading towards them from very far away.
While pouring out a fierce aura in all directions as if it didn’t have any thoughts of hiding it.
Oh my god. What is this.’

Boom! Booboom! Bobobooom!
An extremely thick and hard thing that was approaching them at extreme speed while breaking through the Pillar of the World Tree that had withstood the thrashing of the Ouroboros.
And Hansoo was standing at the end of that path.
“Damnit! Dodge…”
Even before she could finish her words, a giant golden spear, which came through into the Vassal’s Tunnel, accurately smashed into Hansoo.
Hansoo tried to dodge it but the golden spear showed a turn which was impossible for its speed as it smashed into Hansoo’s chest like a homing missile.
Hansoo, who had barely stopped the spear that tried to penetrate his chest, couldn’t handle the force as he broke through the Vassal’s Tunnel and flew outside along with the spear.

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This is a sponsored chapter.

Hansoo’s master plan is revealed!

It seems Akuma was the dead child of the elf king’s, that he tried to save but that went extremely wrong. Then he was going to get exposed because of Akuma, so he had to proceed with his plans immediately or give them up completely and lose his kingship anyway.

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