Reincarnator – Chapter 94: Wasp Legion (5)

Kidudududk, Kidududk.
“Block it!”
“We’re getting pushed through.”
The people roared out as they saw the Wasp Legion charging at them from all directions.
The marbles and chains were getting destroyed from the wasps.
And one of them clenched their teeth as the formation in front of their eyes got dangerously close to getting broken apart.
Damnit. If that breaks…’
He was currently safe since he could hide behind the formation and attack with the skills but once his location was pushed through then the wasps will charge at him and kill him.
The man, Azra, thought of his chain and Seven Star Marbles which weren’t here.
Relics that he had tied down onto the golden spear in the distance in order to suppress that strange golden spear from before.
With that…’
With those he would be able to fortify the formation in front of his eyes that was on the brink of getting broken apart.
And it doesn’t look like it will come to pierce us.’
Everyone had thrown the chains in a state of panic before but they weren’t targets of the golden spear.
It was only aiming for Hansoo.
If he loosened up his chains then the golden spear will go to Hansoo and not himself.
Hansoo falling into danger was obvious.
But if he didn’t fortify the formation then he was about to become food for the Wasp Legion.

Az freaked out and backed up as his <El Lain’s Protection> was shattered from the wasp that attacked him with its front legs.
And then instinctively called the chains and marbles in the distance over.
The chains and marbles that flew in from the instinctive orders blocked his view in front of him.
Clunk Clunk
Azra clenched his teeth and then mumbled inwardly as he bought himself some time due to the fortified formation.
Yeah… There’s over ten thousand of them. One shouldn’t affect it much.’
And even for Hansoo, it’d be better to reinforce the seal like this as well.
Since it’ll be the end if they get pushed through.
The moment Azra started to focus on the Wasp Legion in front of his eyes, he heard a loosening sound behind him.
Azra quickly looked back and then clenched his teeth.
As if the people had similar thoughts as him, the chains were getting loosened up and were spreading out towards the formation.
Azra frowned as he saw the spear’s clunking getting more vigorous.


Hansoo swung Galadriang’s Relic towards one of the wasps flying towards him.
The energy imbued into the sword, which was of much greater strength than before, cut apart the wasp in half.
But Hansoo made a dissatisfied expression.
The ones who had been cut apart had fallen down while screaming but more wasps had dug through the World Tree to replace them.
There’s no end at this rate.’
Hansoo pushed the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement to the limit and then just charged through these guys.
Meaning that he had given up going up while killing them one by one.
Even if he gained a bit of a loss, he had decided to go up forcefully.
The wasps in front of him were smashed apart from the synergetic effect of Hansoo’s formless armor, Thousand Soldiers Armor and Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement.
But only so.
He had been able to proceed for tens of meters but his charge had been stopped by the wasps who constantly blocked his path.
And the ones who had been strengthened through the consumption of the Ouroboros were getting through the formless armor and the Thousand Soldiers Armor and were injuring him.
…Nurmaha’s ring doesn’t work well because these guys are insects. I cannot go up when I’m stuck here like this.’
And if the suppressed spear below were to get released while he was doing this, it will become even more troublesome.

Though logically they will be able to stay on for a bit longer…’
If the formation started to break apart than there’s no way the people will keep the chains to suppress down the spear.
He had to finish this as fast as possible.
Damnit… This is quite a burden on my body.’
It was a bit too early to use the Racial Metamorphosis of the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement yet.
If I use it now… I’ll only get two hearts. Can I do it?”
He had gotten stronger but the mastery level of this hadn’t really increased much.
But he was going to become a skewer while being suppressed down by these guys at this rate.
It isn’t the time to worry about this.’
Hansoo pushed up the genes that were in a corner within his body.
The Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement started to turn Hansoo’s body into one of a different existence.
The bones had changed into those of that different existence and a thin layer of scales covered over those.
At the same time a heart squirmed about as it appeared inside his body.
Another heart had appeared a bit to the right of the original heart’s location.
But only that.
There weren’t three hearts like before.
But it wasn’t the time to bicker over this.
He had to fight while squeezing out everything he had.
His physical ability may fall a bit but he had relics and the Thousand Soldiers Armors around his body unlike back then.
His overall battle strength back then couldn’t even be comparable to the one he had now.

Get through in the shortest amount possible… And kill the King.’
As long as the power to rule over the Wasp Legion was on the clone or the king, it was more effective to head towards the Flower instead of aiming for the Queen.
Since his heart might get pierced by the Forked Lightning while he fought with the Queen and dragged out the time.
On the other hand, there was no need to worry about the Wasp Legion once he killed the King.
Since he will be able to rule them however he wanted after succeeding the power.
Hansoo poured strength out from his body, which was currently of one from a different species, and then jumped out.
A shockwave which without comparison to the ones before had been created.
The Pillar of the World Tree, that Hansoo was on, couldn’t bear the force as it got smashed apart.
Hansoo used that reaction force as he headed above the Pillar like a meteor.
Not through the Vassal’s Tunnel but through the path that the Forked Lightning had created while it came down in a straight line.
There were countless amounts of mutant wasps in there but Hansoo ignored them as he just ran through them.
There’s no time for me to deal with them one by one.’
The wasps which had lower bodies of snakes and upper bodies of humans threw their whole body towards Hansoo.
As if they were treating the King like their Queen.
They constantly charged at him despite getting crushed and smashed apart.
With the Wasp Legion’s scariest weapons in the front.
…Poison stings. This remains after evolution huh.’

The scales from the snake’s tail part of the wasp raised up.
At that time the poison poured out from the pores between the scales as it covered the blade-like scales.
The wasps had the hedgehog-like nails in front of them as they charged at Hansoo.
Most of the scales were smashed apart when they met Hansoo’s scales and the Thousand Soldiers Armor.
But when the speed at which Hansoo ran were combined with the huge amount of wasps, it caused his scales and the Thousand Soldiers Armor to slowly get broken apart.
Damnit. It’ll be a pain to fix it later.’
Hansoo frowned while looking at the Thousand Soldiers Armor that was becoming ragged.
Soon the tail scales of the Wasps got through relic’s formless armor, Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement, Scales from the draconic transformation and the Thousand Soldiers Armors and started to dig down onto Hansoo’s skin.
The poison constantly dug down in order to melt down his body.
The two hearts constantly pumped the blood which had detoxifying effects as they struggled to resist the poison.
Hansoo continued to go up even as he felt his body slowly getting petrified.
…I’m almost there!’
Light was shining between the wasps who had filled the hole made by the Forked Lightning.
Which meant that he was almost at the top.

Just in case the wasps were to hold down onto him, Hansoo covered his body with the chains and the Seven Star Marbles, which he hadn’t used up until so far, as he crazily charged up.
Since time to worry about such things when his defenses had been almost broken apart.
His body was going to get smashed apart if the chains and the marbles didn’t block them.
Damnit. They’re getting broken one by one.’
The Seven Star Marbles started to fall off one by one from the wasps who constantly charged at him.
Hansoo pushed and pushed the remaining two marbles as he continued to go up.
Once I arrive… It’s not that hard to kill him off.’
The King’s power was frightening in itself but his physical abilities weren’t that great.
And that was why he had the Forked Lightning and the Thousand Soldiers Armor.
But at this moment, when those two things were tied down from the King, Hansoo would be able to solve him in an instant once he got there.
At that time something made a huge noise as it came up from below.
Right through the tunnel Hansoo had come up from.
Sounds of hundreds of strands of chains hitting each other.
Hansoo frowned as he looked downwards.
‘…It broke through the chains!’
It had rushed up so fast that hundreds of strands of chains had been melted and stuck onto the golden spear.
The spear, which had come up the tunnel while making a huge commotion from the hundreds of chains hitting each other, aimed right at Hansoo’s heart.
…I’ll give you one!’
He couldn’t block it anyway.
Hansoo clenched his teeth and then gave one of the hearts.

Hansoo’s body raised up into the air from the spear which had pierced his heart.
Hansoo gripped the golden spear that had pierced his heart with his hands and then rolled his upper body with the two remaining marbles as well as the chain and made a protective barrier.
Then Hansoo started to shoot up crazily into the sky due to the spear.
The wasps were smashed apart from Hansoo’s body and the things that protected him.
And Hansoo’s body escaped the tunnel that the light was shining into and then rose into the sky.
A giant palace came into Hansoo’s view.
The giant palace of the Elvenheims that should normally be covered with the huge energy barrier, the Flower.
As I expected…. He can’t handle using both the Flower’s barrier and the Forked Lightning.’
Hansoo then poured strength onto the hand that held onto the Forked Lightning which had pierced his heart.
He then pulled it out.
The golden spear was shocked as the thing which it had pierced the heart of suddenly moved and tried to take Hansoo away but Hansoo had long gotten away from the golden spear.
At the same time Hansoo fell towards the two Elvenheims standing in the palace at a fierce speed.
The golden spear quickly changed its path and tried to pierce Hansoo again but the two marbles and the chains held onto the spear and suppressed its movements.
Of course it wouldn’t be able to hold out for long.
Since it was something he had barely held onto with his own strength and seven marbles.
But that small instant was enough.

Hansoo madly rushed down and then landed between the two Elvenheims.
Kill both of the… Damnit!’
He wanted to kill them both but the golden spear, which had already broken through the chains, smashed down onto Hansoo.
He would die if his heart were to get pierced again from that.
Hansoo hurriedly held the neck of the closest guy and then used the body to block his front.
The golden spear stopped despite its speed in mid air as if it was perplexed.
Hansoo breathed out and then growled at the one he was holding onto and the one staring at him.
“Stop the Wasp Legion at this moment.”
The formation getting released meant that the people below were already getting smashed apart by the Wasp Legion.
He had to quickly get this guy to stop the Queen.
Since he didn’t have such powers.
At that time the Elvenheim he held onto pondered for a moment and then screamed out.
“Don’t worry about me and just self destruct the Flower! I don’t mind dying here… If our race is doomed to perish like this!”
The one who was flustered was Hansoo .
Damnit. This was the clone and not the King?’
The power to self destruct the Flower only lay upon the King.
He could give away all other powers except this.
He had caught this guy because the symbol of controlling the Wasp Legion was on this guy and thought that this guy was the King but he was the clone instead.
At that moment the Elvenheim who had a slightly tired expression sighed as he was about to nod.
“I respect your cho…”

The moment the clone was about to laugh in satisfaction as he saw the King open his mouth, a jade orb flew into the King.
The King, who was going to speak out, froze whole.
As if he got caught within a ice prison.
“Hooh… Hooh. I wasn’t late right?”
Sophia, who had run towards the location Library told her and had smashed the Triple Jade Frozen Orb spoke towards Hansoo.
Hansoo, who had seen the other Departed Souls in the distance fighting with the wasps and buying time, sighed in relief as he nodded.
“It’s perfect.”
At those words Sophia fell unconscious after smiling and the young Tekilon whom Hansoo held the neck of made an extremely ugly expression.

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Regular chapter 1/3.

A spear pierced my heart? Cool I’ll be able to go up faster. – Hansoo

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