Reincarnator – Chapter 97: Orange Zone (3)

Sofía looked at the man in robes standing next to Hansoo and pouted.
So I wasn’t the only one getting special treatment huh.’
Sofía, who was pouting, looked at Hansoo and asked.
“Is this guy going too?”
An ordinary looking man.
But that couldn’t deceive Sofía’s eyes.
This guy. This is the guy we caught above the World Tree’
One of the two people who looked like twins.
Though he had changed his appearance and was acting like a human being, numerous information was constantly popping up from <Library>.
Hansoo laughed as he spoke.
“This guy will help us. Apparently his hometown is over there.”
“…Is that so?”
So he came from the Orange Zone? You could come over to this side from that side?’
Sofía gave up after having numerous thoughts.
Though she had gotten curious, Hansoo would answer kindly until it reached a certain point and then just laughed it off.
As if there was a reason why he couldn’t answer.
Sofía made an expression full of uncertainty but then shrugged her shoulders.
Whatever. He probably has a plan.’

“Anyways, are we only going as a three? While the others are going like that?”
Sofía mumbled as she looked at the mobs of clansmen in the distance.
Hecarim’s clansmen, which numbered almost ten thousand, were preparing to cross over while walking towards the distance.
That was the smarter choice.
A world where they didn’t know anything about.
It was better to go in numbers.
Hansoo laughed at those words.
“There’s no point.”
Tekilon mumbled while looking at Sofía who was making a confused expression.
Oh right… Where is this Dimensional Portal linked to?’
Though they can cross over to that side, all information from the other side will be disabled.
Of course even Tekilon wouldn’t know where this Dimensional Portal connected to in the other world.
Tekilon mumbled while looking at the calmly shining lake.


A huge creature was creating loud noises as it was walking around.
A huge creature which towers over multiple kilometers in length.
Though it was smaller than the Calamity Fish, the giant dinosaur shaped creature that had the size beyond a human’s imagination was smashing the trees beneath its feet as it walked.
Though the trees of the forest towered over tens of meters with ease, the size of the Margoth was well over 1km.
It was the same as walking over grass.
And there were a few people watching that Margoth.
Som Sak, a 4th year* of the Orange Zone, made a confused expression while looking at the distant Margoth and then spoke towards someone next to him:
“Ken. Hasn’t it been over a week since the newcomers should have come?”
Ken also made a confused expression at those words as he nodded his head.
“Yeah… It has been long past since they should have come out.”
Then Ken thought of the time when he came over to this world from the Red Zone.
He had run into the Mirror because he had been chased by Amil Stadan, the captain of the Shock Troopers from Hecarim, because he had accidently touched his woman.
Perfectly in time for the mirror that opened once a month.
While he was swimming madly through the lake, a bright light shone from a deep part of the lake and Ken freaked out once he arrived here from the rough current.
For the Dimensional Portal to be linked inside that thing’s mouth.’

A creature which had a huge mouth befitting of its size.
The place Ken had come out from while being shrouded in light was inside the Margoth’s mouth.
Damnit. If I was weaker then I would’ve died back then.’
Ken then looked at the Margoth in the distance that was opening its mouth wide.
The Margoth, which had opened its huge mouth, slammed down its mouth onto the ground.
Though it looked like a herbivore, the reason why it had bit onto the ground was not to eat up the trees.
The Margoth pushed away the trees as if they got in the way and then bit onto the ground itself.
Then a red liquid started to rise up from the ground.
The Margoth hurriedly shoved its mouth in there and drank the red liquid at the same time as biting the surrounding ground.
…I came out from there a year ago huh.’
He was a 3rd year back then with a rather sturdy strength but if he couldn’t come out from that mouth then one of two things would’ve happened.
Get crushed.
Or get swallowed.
The worst part was those giant beasts that should only exist within stories used that mouth to eat every three minutes or so in order to sustain that huge body.
If one can’t adjust and move quickly then they would just get crushed inside that mouth and disappear.
Ken shook his head while thinking of back then.
There was no reason for him to care.
Since they just needed to do what they had to.
Hurry up and get lost. You bastard.’
Only then will they be able to accomplish their next objective.

While Ken, Som Sak and the others were watching the creature with anxious expressions, light started to pour out from the long horn on its head.
Like a signal tower.
As if it recieved information from somewhere.
Som Sak made a surprised expression after seeing this.
“What? Why does the Dimensional Door open just now? It has already been a week?”
There was no way that they wouldn’t know the timing of the Dimension Door’s opening.
Once a month.
Once light shone from the horns on the Margoth’s head, the people who crossed over from the Red Zone over the Mirror will randomly be teleported within the mouth of the Margoth.
But why did it randomly open now?
The Margoth, which was focused on its feast, made an annoyed expression at the strange occurrence within its mouth.
It stopped its feast as if it it got pissed, started to chomp its teeth in order to get rid of the sensation and then puked.
“Uhh. Memories of the past year are coming back.”
Som Sak made a disgusted expression.
Numerous noises were coming from in between the puke of the Margoth.
“What the fuck! What is this!”
“Goddamit! As soon as we come out!”
“Hey! If you don’t want to get killed then hurry and come out!”
Hundreds of people who had come out in between the puke freaked out at the giant creature in front of their eyes as they crawled out from the puke and ran.
Well. Those guys are at least lucky.’
Ken mumbled.
The reason why most people survived was because of that.
If that thing didn’t want to puke then most people will get chewed and smashed.

Of course there are exceptions.’
Ken then looked at another Margoth in the distance.
A Margoth which looked like it had a worse personality than the others due to its slit eyes.
It was such a glutton to the point where it was constantly devouring the ground whilst its horn was shining.
No, it was actually eating more vigorously as if it was trying to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling in its mouth by chewing it down.
Ken mourned within his mind.
Most Margoths puked but sometimes there were a few that had bad personalities such as that.
Those who come out from that thing mouth would just die like that.
It’s really a meaningless death.’
To get chewed up as soon as they got to the Orange Zone, which they had hopes on, after breaking through the Tutorial and the Red Zone with hardship.
While Ken was clicking his tongue, a strange reaction occurred from the one that was chewing onto the ground.
It stopped eating and then raised its head.
An uneasiness disappeared from its face as rage filled it up instead.
The edges of its eyes got raised from the rage as it made the already angry-looking expression even worse.
But that was only for a moment.

The rage quickly turned into pain.
A loud shockwave and a bright light following an explosion occurred within its mouth while it was making a painful expression.
Boom! Boom!
After crying out from the sounds of things breaking and smashing apart, it freaked out as it opened its mouth in order spit and puke out everything within its mouth.
At that time tens of dolls flew out into the air.
Ken didn’t believe his eyes as he saw this.
…What. Who came up?’
Even Amil Stadan, who chased him in order to kill him, couldn’t make it cry from pain.
Since its body was too big for it.
Though it wasn’t at the level of the Calamity Fish, the body which towered over multiple kilometers and the stadium sized head had a durability beyond human imagination.
Who at the level of a Red Zone…’
Someone flashed by Ken’s head.
The seven who were thought of when one thought of the strong people of the Red Zone.
…Departed Soul?’
But Ken shook his head.
There was nobody who didn’t know the faces of the Departed Souls.
Since the Helper Clan showed drawings to the travellers around the Pillar and told them.
To not get killed by pissing them off without knowing who they are.
But the one in the distance within the mouth of the Margoth who was constantly smashing the inside of the Margoth’s mouth was not somebody he knew.

Who is he?’
The people who had broken through landed one by one near Ken.
“Uwak. What is this.”
Sofía looked at the red liquid covering her whole body with disgust.
At the same time Sofía understood why Hansoo had told her that it didn’t matter.
A humongous current swept over them the moment they got surrounded by the light.
The people who had been together were swept up by the current and were separated in all directions.
Damnit. Of course there was no way those fairies would just send us off with ease.’
The current looked like it performed the work of separating them into numerous directions.
Michael and Jukma, those guys will go through some shit. Kuhuhu.’
They wouldn’t die since they weren’t that weak but they would be pretty pained after losing the ten thousand which they wanted to do something with.
Actually a huge amount of carrier pigeons were flying up into the sky from all around.
In order to find their comrades.

So this three was the limit in order to bring that guy.’
Even if they knew, they couldn’t withstand the current without strength.
They could only hold onto each other because they were at the level of Hansoo and Sofía.
If one didn’t have the strength or resistance at the level of Hansoo or Sofía then the energy was not something they could endure.
It might’ve been different for the other Departed Souls but there was a limit of how many Hansoo and Sofía could bring while holding onto them.
But the other Departed Souls denied working with Hansoo and only the three of them came here.
Well. We’ll probably meet them again eventually. They aren’t people who would get killed off easily.’
While Sofía was looking around, Tekilon got lost in homesickness while looking around.
It’s home.’
A place where he could’ve come over to but hadn’t because he feared seeing his extinct race.
Only after seeing the giant Margoth they had fought with in the past did the feeling of home come back to him.
‘…To have multiplied the numbers which we had dwindled down during the second great war.’
Even at just a glance tens of Margoths came into his view.

A giant predator that roamed around the Orange Zone.
There were probably a lot more roaming around.
He had felt that his race was in danger on this side of the world.
Tekilon spoke towards Hansoo because he felt anxious.
“Let’s move out quickly.”
At that time a skill flew towards them.
A perfectly aimed skill.
As Hansoo lightly swung his spear and received it, numerous people watching them shouted at them.
“Hey! Hey! Dumbasses! Come over here quickly! Don’t get in our way! You slow people!”
Sofía clicked her tongue because she was bewildered.
The people over there were threatening them with numbers and even weapons.
A few details came into Sofía’s head about the person standing in the very front.
Name is Ken.
A fourth year.
So he came up here last year. Then he should know who I am.’
She didn’t want to bicker on with that but it was a bit sad on her part to be ignored like this.
Or… He has something backing him up.’
Sofía’s eyebrows danced around from the marvelous treatment she had received the moment she came up.

Proofreader’s note

Regular chapter 3/3.

*4th year from being transported to the Otherworld, not 4th year in the Orange Zone

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Proofreader : coyotte508

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