Reincarnator for tomorrow…

Hey guys this is Kobato,

I’m really sorry but then I’ve gotten very busy today won’t be able to release at all but then I promise you that you’ll have 3 chapters tomorrow! (1 normal release + 1 sponsored chapter + 1 bonus for apologize)

So now, please wait for it cuz I’ve got to prepare for two presentations (and have to make 2 PPTs…)…I have to do the work for 6 people (a work for 4 including me + a work for 2 including me)

wish me good luck T__T

9 Replies to “Reincarnator for tomorrow…”

  1. afk48

    funny how ironic this is. the TL apologizing as if you owe us anything.
    no you dont except for those who sponsored a ch

  2. Imperial Duck

    You don’t have to apologize to people like us ( or maybe just me ) that did nothing compared to you!!!🐤🐣🐥
    It’s fine nobody probably minds either and don’t apologize makes me feel guilty 😓
    Wish you luck~


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