Reincarnator VS Grammar

Okay guys, so here’s our new dilemma. Someone has pointed out the Reincarnator had awful grammar and told us to put a proofreader on it.

But then as a proofreader is another person, it takes time to pass the script, correct, edit, etc.

Anyway, if we choose to put a proofreader, of course we’d get a much proper grammar in our translations but then we can’t guarantee a chapter a day anymore (about a chapter every two or three days).

We’d like to have your opinion so please fill the poll under this!
Thank you.

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  1. exqalph03

    I say for the people which is so particular with grammar, so sensitive with grammar, they themselves should do it and just link it here… Grammar grammar blah blah, I go for daily chapter! And here I am wondering about my dose today, just to know someone want a proofreader to be put… That will satisfy perfectionist or similar cases but majority won’t! Well, if people are so willing to do the proofreading then they should do it and link it after the chapter has been posted, updated!

    “` Anyway, thanks for the yummy translations~ ^^.

  2. Lonjest

    I would rather have good grammar. Makes for a better read. Yes of course I could correct it myself when I read, which I do. But when you read something you want it to flow well. And yes I do TL, and MTL at that so I have to be good at grammar to make any sense from that lol.

    I don’t really understand how it would be a day or 2 more to get it out. I could seriously go through the chapter in 20-30 mins, have it edited and back to you. It’s just proofreading 😛

    Thanks for the poll.

    1. Cahyo Melki

      well…i think because he’s not proofread it by himself…
      he already said “But then as a proofreader is another person”
      so…after he translate,he then pass it to “another person”
      basicaly the “another person” maybe or maybe not have time right away to proofread it and wait for “another person” finish it…but well…its just my opinion…maybe i’m wrong

  3. Matthew

    That is not true at all. All you need to do is have the translator translate and have a good editor. Sure, initially you might have a delay. However, all you need is a shared google docs folder and have the translator translate chapters in advance. If you keep around five chapters that are translated in the folder, these chapters not having been released, then there is plenty of time for proper editing to be done without causing any delays at all.

  4. Chester

    when the grammar isnt even noticeble you dont complain about it i have seen my fair share of crappy writtings like on royal road -.- but this translation of reincarnator is at least a 7 when i saw this post my first reaction was like whaat? maybe i dont remember but i dont think i have seen any mayor crappy blocks of text meaning there isnt -.- so no need to fix something that isnt there.

  5. Santachi

    Well, if I have to choose between better grammar and my daily dose, then daily dose it is 🙂

    By the way, what if you post the chapters and someone post-edits them? This way those who want no mistakes can have their wishes fulfilled at the same time as those who want daily updates.

    If there is no one to do it, I think I could apply for the first 20 or so chapters.

  6. Immoral_Disciple

    Im in dilemma, i knew how hard it id to make a proper grammar, so it takes more time. But without proper grammar it will be hard for another person with English as not the mother language to understand. But i cant afford a day without REINCARNATOR, so i hope the TL can do his/her best with the grammar. As anyone can do one or two mistakes, but we are human n we still learn. U doin a good work here, keep it up.. #thumbsup

  7. dogber7

    I don’t mind the grammar, but since the one translating and the one editing are different people, won’t it actually be faster? The translator doesn’t have to worry about grammar so he can translate faster and while the editor is correcting the errors, the translator can translate a new chapter

  8. Zeta

    Let me ask to the Mr/Ms Grammar purefect, If everyday in your miserable lives use purefect grammar then why you dont join the team to help?? Or you can only critics but no action ?
    And yes I’m intentionally made my engelish looks horribles so you can nag on me and makes you annoyed Buahahaha!!!! Like I give a SH*T with grammar now scram!! Go bother your fellows piece of SH*T

  9. afk48

    the current quality of reincarnator is on an acceptable level already. it may not be perfect but perfection always comes with sacrifice of speed. i can take a few wrong tenses or plurality as long as i could get faster releases. as long as i can read a chapter without pausing and thinking, “what did that sentence mean?” is already a good TL

  10. blackrose156

    I think that your grammar is fine as is. If they want it to be better, tell them to do it. Otherwise, a solution is that you can just ask the readers who know english to help a little with mistakes in the comment section, if they want to.

  11. Tetsuki

    The thing that sometimes annoys me isn’t the grammar.

    Sometimes the people are switched even thought it’s still the same person thinking/speaking… and than I am confused

  12. enes

    I’m the one who said it!
    “then you yourself do it” Well, I’m incapable! because I’m not native speaker.
    I would prefer the daily basis too. but it doesn’t, if it’s proofread then it won’t be daily. ATG, TDG and many many are daily. They have not that good, but exquisite flow and comprehensibleness while this story is so good until here, but it’s a bit being crushed under the low understandability(especially for me when compared to atg, tdg etc)

    All I’m saying is to you hiring some volunteer native proofreaders. while you do your regular releases, they will proof it and release it. proofreading won’t take more than half hour for a native.

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