Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 10: Mirror of the innerside

“It’s amazing.”

Looking at the mirror of his inner side, he could only stand in awe. At first he was angry and confused at Shin An for stabbing his eyes.

But after acquiring his first ability, those feelings melted like snow.

It was like imagining a reflection of yourself in a mirror that included Igeon’s statuses and abilities.

Yoo Igeon

Strength – undefined

Agility – undefined



Shin An (New Eyes) – F-rank

Improved vision.

Status identification

Warm-up Period


Since  he is still in the warm-up period, the statuses were still undefined.

Once the word warm-up was shown, Igeon couldn’t help but hold expectations.

‘It shouldn’t be before long right?’

It was normal for Igeon to be expectant because Seungwon had previously told him that changes were a sign before one awakens as an ability-user.

It had nearly been 300 days since he had been lying down, but hope was dangling right in front of his eyes.




Kim Domin gave up on Igeon.

It was an obvious result.

No matter how long the warm-up period was, it was now coming close to 300 days; naturally, he felt like giving up.

‘What should I do?’

Kill him? He had no qualms against killing people.

However, just killing him would leave him with a pang of regret.

Currently, it so happened his superiors’ orders were to ‘preserve’ him.

He clasped  his watch and stood up from his seat.

There was no meaning in hanging onto a job already done.

He picked up his phone and immediately called to send down his orders.

Four days, Igeon woke up to a strange machine in front his eyes.

“What is this?”

“I am unable to tell you.”

This unfamiliar man telling him to wear the strange machine over his face was not someone he was familiar with.

“Where’s Mr. Kim Domin?”

“I am unable to tell you.”

“What can you tell me?”

As Igeon asked the man with a sullen face, the man holding the machine stopped.

“Just shut up and sleep.”

“…Excuse me?”

“You disabled bastard. You’re not an ability-user. What kind of ability-user’s warm-up period goes over 200 days? Stupid guy. You won’t be seeing Team leader Kim Domin again.”

“No, you’re wrong. I’ll explain to Domin-hyung myself so just call him for me!”

He was just starting to awaken his abilities. He would be able to stand up soon.

If Kim Domin heard his plight he would understand.

Because he’s the one who promised to save his parents.

However the man just looked at Igeon and sneered at him.

“You must be kidding. I’ve seen a lot of guys like you. Just shut up and sleep. Who do you even think that ordered me to do this?”

Igeon’s words stuck in his throat at the man’s question.

His words were obvious.

He moved at Kim Domin’s orders and Igeon was now to be discarded.

The man roughly covered Igeon’s face with the machine.

Soon, he was mute at the mercy of the machine.

Then he was hit with a wave of drowsiness.

Without even realizing when he fell asleep, Igeon lost consciousness.

The man finished his job and left the room.

He went toward Kim Domin’s office and knocked on the door.

Sitting at his desk, he looked at the man and bobbed his head.

“I finished the task.”

“Well done.”

Kim Domin erased his memories of Yoo Igeon, intent on moving on.

There’s no person who remembers trash that’s been discarded.

Moreover, there were a lot of tasks Kim Domin had to manage other than watching Yoo Igeon.




Kim Domin abandoned Igeon.

However, there is no need to despair or be disappointed.

He was able to know the existence of ability-users, and a clue to his revival.

If so, even without Kim Domin he himself is able to do it.

He is able to save his parents.

After seeing the five rings and the existence of Shin An, Igeon was convinced.

That it was the root of his ability. His sixth sense he always had told him so.

“Can you see?”

Since his first meeting with Shin An, he kept asking him to see.

‘He never changes.’

Frustration was a luxury and feelings such as despair can be fed to the dogs.

Igeon was aware of what exactly he had to do.

That was to awaken all his abilities.

“But when will I wake up?”

As Igeon asked, Shin An answered without even looking.

“It’s still early. It’s too soon for you to ask and for you to listen. Just be quiet and look.”

Even though this one-sided argument was extremely frustrating, Igeon didn’t say a word of complaint.

‘I understand.’

Regardless, it’s for the sake of developing his abilities.

He spent his time blankly looking at the faraway cliff or at the birds flying in the sky.

Though he didn’t know what the machine on his face was,Igeon never returned to the real life.

“Though I don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.”

It was impossible to tell consciously, but thinking positively was more beneficial to the mind.

At any rate, there was a ton of things he had to learn and remember at this place.

“Can you see?”

After a few days, whether it was because of Shin An’s constant pressure Igeon was able to see the words written on the cliff faraway he wasn’t able to before.

“Not doing what you can do is to be an object of contempt.”

Only when he read the sentence did Shin An finally smile.

It wasn’t the usual sneer but an actual smile of satisfaction.

“Finally, good. Let’s move on then.”


It was a great joy to achieve something and develop.

And when it’s especially clear a person’s greed is bound to heighten.

“What’s next?”

“Looking again”

‘…you’re just telling me to die again’




He had to look at the rocks placed irregularly once then memorize their positions and place them in the same position after they were moved, and then have a staring contest with Shin An whose eyes that were blearily bright.

He was always ignored when he asked about what effects or use this had.

It was a cramming method of teaching harsher than that of high schools in Korea.

First learn, then practice later.


Shin An nodded his head as he looked at the rocks arranged correctly.

“It’s the end of the tutorial”


‘Everything up till now was just a tutorial?’

Frankly, Igeon was quite good at studying but he had never shown as much enthusiasm in learning in his life like this.

Naturally though it was quite dubious to call Shin An’s teachings ‘studies’.

Sometimes when he converses with Shin An, his extent of knowledge and course of his various ideas makes him want to clap in awe.

Thanks to him, Igeon’s memory greatly improved and if he could place a figure to the extent of his wisdom and knowledge, it would be a pretty high number.

Generally, Igeon was able to ‘upgrade’ his brain into higher grade.

“Teaching a stupid guy doesn’t fit my character but this is fate.”

Shin An has never offered an explanation nor has he ever complimented Igeon, not even once.

“Ah, is that so?”

“Of course!”

Though sometimes he loses any feelings of attachment when he answers like that to even sarcastic remarks.

“Then let’s meet again next time”


After saying his goodbye Shin An suddenly disappeared like smoke.


The green scenery started to melt and Igeon felt the ground under his feet dissipated into nothingness.


As his feet stood on air, his body started to fall and his shouts echoed into nothingness.




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