Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 12: Fight


Igeon crossed his arms to guard against the falling kick.



He let out a groan.

‘Is my arm fractured?’

“If you look away because of the pain you’ll die, you know?”

He turned his body even before Gang Chae spoke, but he was immediately jabbed in his solar plexus.



Igeon was about to throw up, even though he hadn’t eaten anything.

Gang Chae dusted off his hands as Igeon squirmed around in pain like a shrimp.

“Does it hurt a lot?”

Whenever he occasionally asks innocent questions like that, Igeon really wanted to trample on his face and ruin his pretty-boy looks.

Shin An was the type to teach through conversing and some kinds of tests.

Gang Chae resolved everything with his brute force.


If there was a compensating factor in this place for Gang Chae’s brutality, it was that all of injuries are promptly undone within 10 minutes.

There was no need for hunger or sleep.

The reason he feels the cold is, as Gang Chae explains it, is because he is lacking vitality.

For 40 days, they both sparred relentlessly without pausing to eat or sleep.

Even the basics of how to hold a fist properly was taught in the middle of being hit; it was a long arduous march.

‘It’s definitely effective.’

He extended his left foot to attract Gang Chae’s gaze and watched him react. Then, he stretched his left fist out shortly.


The sound of the fist’s impact rang through the air and a shock wave flowed through Gang Chae’s ears.

As long as he is in his human form, he would certainly lose his balance from a shock to his semicircular canal.

‘Just once isn’t enough.’

Simultaneously, Igeon aimed his right fist at Gang Chae’s chin.

But then Gang Chae ducked and blocked his fist.


Instantly, he caught Igeon’s collars with both his hands.

‘Damn it!’

As Gang Chae’s right foot powered towards his legs, he hurriedly motioned his hands to block but failed.

Took! Bbok!

A brutal crack was heard when Igeon’s body suddenly staggered and collapsed.

“Your attack just then was pretty good. But did that hurt a lot?”

‘Ah, I want to kill him.’

Igeon shed a small streak of tears with his head rammed into the ground as he experienced the explosion of the man’s symbol, his testicles.

No matter how well the body is restored within 10 minutes, the experience of your body breaking here and there was definitely not pleasant but very memorable.

“It’s good to use your head, but as you’re learning how to fight it’s not a good idea. If you’re a man you ought to be faithful to your instincts.”

He sure says those manly stuff well, even with that innocent face.

If Igeon met him in the real contemporary society, he was certain he would diagnose Gang Chae with severe eighth grade syndrome.


Igeon grit his teeth and stood up.

All the pain from a moment ago disappeared like a wild hallucination.

“Also didn’t I tell you to protect your vital points well?”

Gang Chae always aimed to deliver a fatal blow.

If you were hit, it hurt so much that you would struggle to breath.


Igeon lunged at him again as he shouted.

If he didn’t get at least one hit in then this fight wouldn’t end.

Otherwise, it would be a long way until he gets the recognition of all five.




It’s been 370 days since meeting with Gang Chae.

Igeon’s fist brushed against Gang Chae’s chin.


It was barely the end of the chin, but that was enough.

When Gang Chae lost his balance and was about to regain his stance, Igeon stepped back and released a high kick like a whip.

However, Gang Chae put up his right hand next to his ear and blocked the attack.

‘What. A. Tenacious. Guy!’

As he withdrew his leg to chain it into a waist-kick, Gang Chae readied his defenses. Then, when it was blocked again he launched a low kick.

He attacked the opponent a three-hit combo and as the opponent desired lowered his body and attacked through the inner side.

Gang Chae’s body was smaller than Igeon so if he wanted to break through his outer defenses, he had to lower and curl his body.

Once inside, Igeon stepped on Gang Chae’s foot.


At the same time he gave a shout and struck his opponent using his his shoulders and back.
[TLN: eg. http://streetfighter.wikia.com/wiki/Tetsuzanko]

Rather than learning from someone, it was a skill he learned from the numerous spars with Gang Chae.

Gang Chae who was hit with the attack lightly floated into the air; from underneath him, Igeon stretched his elbow like a spring and burst in.


‘It’s done!’

370 days! At the end of the long march he had broken Gang Chae’s arms.

“It hurts!”

Gang Chae shouted midair, rolling his body about and tried to kick him from the air downwards.


Igeon raised his arms to block the attack.

Since there was a difference in their weight the attack would be insignificant.

Gang Chae possessed a frightening degree of strength that seemed to contradict his diminutive body but one couldn’t ignore the law of action and reaction.
[TLN: action and reaction = Newton’s third law of motion]

It was proper to attack from the bottom upwards due to Gang Chae’s abnormal strength and his body.

Attacking upwards will naturally launch an opponent into the air, given an appropriate amount of strength.

Naturally Igeon’s thought was rational.


The problem was that common sense didn’t apply to Gang Chae .


From the kick, Igeon’s two arms hopped on the ground like fish out of water.

The remains of his appendages spurted blood like a fountain and Gang Chae smirked as he asked.

“Does it hurt a lot?”

“Uwaaaak! I’ll kill you”

It was the day Igeon had ever lost his rationality.




“Anyways I can pass with this right?”

Igeon asked while shaking his two arms.

There was no way he wasn’t surprised at watching his body being completely reattached in 10 minutes.

Indeed, his body was completely smashed before it was healed.

‘But it was the first time being cut.’

“Yeah. Pass”

He wasn’t saying it because he was sorry for cutting his arms.

Gang Chae had his own clear criteria and Igeon had cleared them today.

“But what was that at the end?”


Gang Chae explained it to him without needing to hide anything.

He was straightforward, unlike his appearance.

“It is a power you will need to know one day when you want to go beyond a human’s normal strength.

But it’s impossible for you to attain it right now.”


“It’s only possible after your ‘warm-up’ ends.”


“Also, unlike the others I will pass down all the useful skills to you once you wake up.”


Gang Chae approached Igeon, smiling to himself.


Igeon turned his face away as he developed a sudden hatred of himself for turning red looking at a guy’s face. But at that time…

Gang Chae’s arms reached under to Igeon’s abdomen.


“Wait a minute.”

“Hey, hey!”

Even before Igeon finished hurriedly shouting to Gang Chae, he took out his arm.

“Taking in the strength is important in every body. Later, when you wake up check my strength.”

Igeon nodded his head.

‘Every single one of these guys are perverts.’

There wasn’t even one normal person around.

“Then should we go out now?”

He stared at the ground wondering if it would collapse again, but the surrounding scenery quickly disappeared to the back.

“See you later”

Gang Chae disappeared and the surroundings returned to the pure white space again.

“I’m back.”

Igeon let out a sigh of relief.

Because he had at least passed one trial.





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