Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 13: Shin Sok(1)


Yoo Igeon

Strength/Power – undefined (increased after training)

Agility – undefined (increased after training)



Shin An – F rank

Improved vision.

Status identification


Gang Chae – F rank

Increased power. Predatism.


‘Only F rank after all that suffering?’

He was glad that there was at least information regarding Shin An and Gang Chae, but he didn’t like it.

But it wasn’t like he he had someone to complain to or even anyone who would listen to him.

“What kind of pervert should I pick next?”

Amongst the remaining rings, the yellow ring discharged sparks and the red ring vibrated wildly.

Only the black ring vibrated delicately as to merely express its existence.

“Ah, sorry I forgot you guys were listening.”


The red ring flat-out rejected him while he himself felt resistant to the black ring.

Although it was something he had to do anyways, if he was going to burn his hand he would rather choose the yellow ring.

Igeon stretched his hand out without hesitation.

Igeon grasped the yellow ring and pulled it out with his strong grip, hardened as a result of all the training with Gang Chae.


The electric current ran through his whole body and Igeon ruthlessly threw it onto the floor.


The ring broke into pieces and yellow concentric circles started to form.


He looked around in awe.

The energy of the small circles spread out and changed the scenery, like the rings before it.

It was a broad plain.

With a small hut.

Ignoring the sudden change of the scenery, Igeon looked towards the hut.


The door hanging on the old hinges made a sound and a man with grey hair walked out.

‘As I expected.’

It was a man with a straight nose and big and bright eyes.

At most, he looked like he was in the middle 30’s.

Shin An was an intellectual and handsome man, while Gang Chae was a handsome young boy.

This man’s appearance gave off a favourable impression with his gentle smile.

“Nice to meet you”

He greeted first.

“You are yellow-y?”

“I’m Shin Sok”

[TL Note: Shin Sok also means quick/fast/swift in Korean]

He was different to Shin An and Gang Chae. Shin An looked down on people while strictly adhering to his thorough manner of teaching, while Gang Chae treated him like a friend with his straightforward personality.

Shin Sok is what, should he say?

Like an older neighbourhood brother who he had known for a long time?

“First of all, should we have some tea?”

It’s already been over two years since he has forgotten the need to eat.

His words reminded him of old memories.

“Sounds good.”

Igeon followed him into the hut as Shin Sok led him to his seat.

“Sit down.”


He pulled the chair towards him, sat down and looked around.

The place was a lot more spacious that it looked.

There was a sink on one side while cooking utensils hung on the wall like a modern kitchen.

The opposing side had a bed.

There was a wooden table in the middle where Igeon was sitting.

The place exuded a warm aura.


Shin Sok brought over a steaming cup of tea in a wooden cup.

“Ah, yeah. Thank you”

Unfamiliar with this kind of treatment, Igeon cautiously took the cup and brought it to his lips.

Shin Sok laughed lightly and then brought his tea to his lips.



The taste was peculiar.

Then suddenly, his stomach started bubbling.

“Are you alright?”

He was going to reply when he stiffened. Soon, his whole body started to tremble and blood flowed out from his eyes, nose and lips.

“It’s the first lesson. Don’t carelessly eat what a stranger gives you.”

‘This bastard. As I expected, every single one of them are sadists.’





10 minutes. After his body recovered, Shin Sok was gleefully smiling in front of him.

Igeon, who was dragged outside of the hut couldn’t even swear at the guy smiling so much.

“Are you alright?”

“You’re a sadist right?”

He stretched his hand out as he asked. He couldn’t be the only one to suffer.

But the moment he was about to grasp his collars, he was already ten steps away.


“Hey! That’s foul play.”


A gunshot resonated through the air.


His body collapsed and fell onto the ground.

The traces of the bullet that accurately penetrated his femoral region could be seen on the ground behind Igeon.

“Where did the gun come from?”

“Among the man-made weapons, the gun has the most excellent killing power. I don’t know how you spend your times with the others, I can’t assure you that the time spent with me will be the most suffering. But I guarantee it would be the most difficult to forget.”

‘No, don’t guarantee that.’

He shot a gun and fed poison to a person smiling.

The guy had more loose screws than a psychopath.

“He’s totally crazy.”

“Thanks for the compliment”


The sound of a gunshot rang complimented his words.

“Wah! Stop shooting!”

No matter how one recovers, the pain remains.

“You can avoid it if you look at the direction of the gun’s muzzle. Avoid it.”


The ruthless firing stopped and gained peace for a while.

90 days. For 90 straight days, Shin Sok only fired guns, and in the end Igeon was forced to master the skill of avoiding bullets by looking at the gun’s direction.

“Actually, avoiding bullets is just a light warm up. The real lesson start now.”

“What was the light warm up?”

It was a crazy time, but listening to him saying it so casually made it seem like the things he had done until now was really nothing special.

“Try to catch me. Igeon, every time our distance goes beyond 10M I will attack you by a firing weapon.”


“Then we’ll start in 12 seconds”


“I won’t take any questions.”

Then once the time passed, Shin Sok ran.

If it was running, Igeon was confident.

He would hit anyone who says a marathon runner was slow.

They run at a constant speed for hours after hours.

And that speed is definitely not slow.

But, Shin Sok was too fast.

‘As fast as lightning.’

He ran like a flying bullet that made Igeon want to give up catching him.

Then as the distance widened.


He fired a crossbow.


Igeon turned his body to avoid the and ran forward.

‘If he’s going to keep running like a short distance runner, then I’ll win through stamina’

He was naturally gifted with strength, but after spending time with Gang Chae, Igeon’s body itself was upgraded into a whole other level.

He kicked off the ground, confident that he was able to catch Shin Sok.



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