Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 15: Shin Sok(3)


Although he didn’t know what power he used at the last moment, he had to lie in bed the whole day.

His body was was fully recovered in 10 minutes.

But seeing as he had to lie down for the whole day, the power he had used was clearly not normal.

“I expected this side effect to appear.”

Next to him, Shin Sok spoke with a smile.

Tired, Igeon struggled as he asked.

“What kind of side effect?”

“The reason I’m fast, is because I used that power.”

Oblivious to his words Igeon stared at him with a blank expression.

“Gang Chae probably told you about it since he is straightforward, but like how his source of power is physical force, the source of my power is lightning force.

It was the word he heard from Gang Chae after cutting his arms ignoring the laws of motion.

That source that allows you to break the bounds of the human abilities, Shin Sok had a different power of lightning force.





While listening to Shin Sok’s voice, he writhed his body inside the small hut.

His fingertips narrowly brushed past Shin Sok’s body.

He was in the middle of a simple exercise. The first person to touch the other’s back wins.


Soon, he inwardly shook his head as he felt someone touch his back.

While moving in the restricted hut, Igeon couldn’t use the lightning force properly, but by copying Shin Sok’s breathing and movements he could produce similar motions.

Shin Sok also didn’t particularly show faster movements on purpose.

The problem was more than acting quickly; Shin Sok knew how to use the surrounding topography.

It was the part Igeon has yet to grasp.

“The issue isn’t with the lightning force. Igeon. You’re not just slow but too slow. If this continues I don’t know how many days you’ll be stuck in here. Let’s do it quickly.”

He was urging him with a smile, but he could still feel the pressure.

Igeon thought that everything would be finished since Shin Sok said he passed, but it seems like there were still many things Shin Sok needed to teach him.

“Don’t lock yourself in two-dimensional movements. You’ll end up pursuing me forever.”

The hut is small. He examined the steps Shin Sok took to reach his back again and kept his ears open to his advice.

Completely contrary to his looks, his personality was extremely impatient.

Almost as strong as his impatient personality was his habit of repeating important things.

Shining with a green light in his eyes, Igeon constantly exerted his mental strength.

Perhaps he would have been stuck here forever if he didn’t meet Shin An first.

That’s how influential the things Shin An taught him were.

‘Leaping and 3-dimensional movements.’

It seemed like he was close to catching him just a moment ago. He could somehow see a clue.

He steps on the ceiling and walls as if it was the ground. It was impossible with the speed of an ordinary person.

It was possible with a speed capable of making one disappear from your view in an instant.

If the aim of this is to learn how to utilize it rather than getting faster, then he would do so faithfully.

Tak! Tak!

Stepping on the walls and ceiling, Igeon left traces on all four sides.

Watching Shin Sok’s movements, Igeon also followed in leaving his footsteps everywhere.

Exactly like Shin Sok, with his shoes plastered with mud, he left tracks of mud everywhere in Shin Sok’s house.


He stretched his hand out aiming for his back, but what actually faced him was the opponent’s hand.

“Now you’re somewhat useful”

Even with his nasty teachings, his praise was rewarding,  just like rain falling in a drought.

‘It’s strange.’

“Now then, let’s go to the next part.”

To Shin Sok, resting meant ‘passing out’, or ‘being injured to the point of nearly dying,’ and only those two situations.

That was why, without even having time to sit on the ground, Igeon was dragged away.

“You’re too impatient!”

He complained.

“I am? Shouldn’t it be you who is more impatient than me in reality?”

His reply left Igeon no words to retort with.

He was right, in fact; in Igeon’s situation he would want to wake up a day faster.

Being quick wasn’t a bad thing.

Saying that it’s too fast is a type of protest against hard training.

Truthfully, he didn’t think like that.


‘When did he prepare all this?’

It seemed like he had time to prepare for the next exercise while he stuck around with Igeon all day.

Ten porcelain cups were laid in front of him, and in each cup there was steaming tea.

“Are you telling me to drink?”

His first meeting was still vivid in his memories. Shin An gifted him an amazing memory as a present and this power which would normally be a blessing, turned into torture when faced with painful memories.

“First smell them. These ten cups, all of them are poisonous.”

“…you are saying things that are extremely hard to follow.”

“Something trivial like poisons can be just ignored if you know how to utilize lightning force properly. But you might die before that from these poisons so that’s why I’m teaching you this. Stop talking and do it”

‘He sure can say to smell those cups filled with poison confidently with that smiling face’

But he didn’t have any thoughts of defiance.

Some were a little fishy while some were sour.

If there were scents that made you feel dizzy, there were also scents that made your mouth water.

“All poisons have a unique smell, taste, and color to it. I don’t have the time to explain every single one. Smell it, taste it, and find the poison. Well, since you drank it on the first day so you’ll know, but if you drink it improperly you’ll enjoy quite the pleasant experience. Now do it.”

Igeon stretched out his hands while inwardly shaking his head.

It was better to get over it since it was something he had to do anyways.


It was that first cup that made his mouth water.

“The better scent it has, the more poisonous it is”

As he heard Shin Sok’s voice, a gloomy foreboding seized Igeon.

‘Damn it.’

A much more painful suffering than the poison from the first day came around.

Is it called the flickering phenomenon? As if his eyes were suddenly put up to hundreds of cameras flashing, he couldn’t see the surrounding objects clearly.

Darkness covered the surroundings once, then it became blurry again.


As he groaned, black blood trickled from his mouth.

“It’s a poison that blinds your eyes and decays your internal organs. It immediately takes effect on your eyes the moment you drink it. You sure chose to drink the most poisonous one of them confidently?”






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