Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 16: Shin Sok(4)

Poison is the best way to make a person suffer.

Igeon learned that with his body.

120 days passed since he drank the first cup of poison.

“This is impossible. If I drink this I’m going to suffer.”

He was at a level he could pick out the poison through intuition without smelling the cup.

“I don’t want this one either”

Shin Sok was amazed at Igeon’s senses that were able to express the poisons through like and dislike.

“You’re like a skilled shaman?”

It was a phrase he often heard when he was young. Since he was a child with a strangely well-developed sixth sense.

Igeon thought to himself “Anyhow, you say there is one normal cup when all twenty cups are poison?”

He sure lies easily, even though he isn’t the type to enjoy seeing people suffer.


Shin Sok lightly says and then started to run again.

He never had any worry or hesitation in his methods anyway.

Whether it was a lie or that violence was priority, if there was a faster path then he would take it.

That was Shin Sok’s way.

“Follow me.”

His method of teaching was simple.


Keep trying until you can do it.


Thanks to that, even though it felt like his body was growing weak, Igeon’s injuries were basically recovered in 10 minutes.

When he used lightning force he couldn’t move for the whole day, but when he drank poison that made him almost die, he was fine after 10 minutes.

That’s why Shin Sok said he could teach him efficiently.

‘But it’s not something to laugh at as the receiving end.’

Because all the pain goes to Igeon.

“Here, it’s this place”

When they traveled far away that they couldn’t see the hut anymore, Shin Sok spoke as he suddenly stopped running.


At the same time, the environment  that he thought was a normal plain unexpectedly opened up like a machine. And shelves filled with weapons suddenly appeared as if they had come out from a secret storage.


A formation of shelves rose from the ground.

There were 80 shelves of roughly 3m in length and 1m 50cm wide.

All of the weapons on the shelves were shooting weapons.

Starting from a slingshot to crossbows, and RPG-7 (anti-tank rocket launcher) could also be seen.

“Wow, can a person carry that and use it?”

“It’s possible if it’s a guy like Gang Chae.”

The weapon Igeon was pointing at was a Gatling gun normally affixed on combat aircrafts.

“…a person can use it while holding it?”

“Normally if a person holds it and use it, their body will break into pieces from the rear blast or recoil, so don’t try any useless attempts to try it. Well, once you get used to using other weapons you might learn a trick to using it”

‘I don’t think you can use it just because of a trick in using it?’

“Anyways, we don’t have the time to talk here forever. First start with this”

Shin Sok threw something over.

It was an average sized rock.

“Aim it at the place you want”

Truthfully, he couldn’t think this way going to be easy.

Shin An, Gang Chae and Shin Sok, the training they gave until now wasn’t something a normal person could endure.

Thanks to that though, his dynamic visual acuity, strength, endurance and etc., his physical abilities had improved drastically.

“Where should I aim?”


Shin Sok pointed to the sky as he replied.

As Igeon followed his finger to the sky, he could see a streak of a yellow line piercing into the clouds.


No matter how hard he looked he couldn’t see anything worth targeting.

“There, it’s my pet bird snow grouse. Aim at it”

“That wasn’t just a decoration?”

Looking at the yellow line who would imagine a living animal.

“I told you it’s my pet bird. Now, start!”

‘This is well’

He was confident. He was confident he could break a falling target 100m away even with a small pebble.

If he had said to aim at the moving Shin Sok, he was ready to do so mercilessly.

“Hurry up and do it, there’s no time”


He couldn’t help his irritation surging.

He was telling him to aim at the yellow line piercing into the sky rather than flying in the sky.

“Damn it!”

As he threw the rock, it flew and cut through the sky.

Naturally, it didn’t go nowhere near the target.





Sparks fly in the air as he shoots a shotgun.


As the breech block was pulled, the empty cartridge came out with smoke.

Boom! Boom!

And as he continuously shot the gun, sparks flew in the sky.

At the same time, the yellow line flew down aimed at Igeon.

He activated his lightning force and from his eyes yellow sparks could be seen.

He turned his body and avoided the attack from the snow grouse.

Igeon avoided the attacks while continuing to fire at the grouse as much as he could.


The snow grouse crawled on the ground and flew back into the sky like lightning.


After 450 days since his first meeting with Shin Sok, Igeon was now able to run fast and distinguish between poisons.

He could also use various weapons.

Hitting the snow grouse with a stone was really difficult. But if you keep trying you can do it. Rather than wasting time it was better to try one more time, Shin Sok was correct.

Eventually, he was able to swiftly use a large number of shooting weapons.

“Now, since it’s the end. Do you want to try using the Gatling gun?”

Just by looking at it, it looks like a heavy weapon impossible to carry.

But he was curious. After months of smelling ammunition, he spent the days surrounded with the smell of metal.

From the weapons here, it was the top amongst the portable weapons an adult could use.

‘Though truthfully it’s unthinkable a normal adult would be able to use it’

It was a type of self-propelled gun stuck on those combat aircrafts.

Though it was extreme and idiotic to say that it was a portable weapon for adults, in reality it is actually remodeled into a portable use.


He had no hesitation after spending time with Shin Sok.

A famous mountaineer said you climb because there is a mountain, and Igeon wanted to try pull the trigger of the weapon at the peak amongst all the weapons he had used until now.

Using all his muscles on his arms, Igeon held the Gatling gun.


“Oh, nice strength!”

Receiving Shin Sok’s cheer, Igeon could feel his spirit rising from his stomach.

“Something like this!”


He pressed the trigger of the gatling gun.

‘It’s made to easily shoot?’

It was probably changed to pressing the trigger rather than pulling the trigger since it was uncomfortable.

A normal gatling gun is made so it doesn’t shoot for more than 5 seconds.

There wasn’t any need to give pressure to the gun and cartridge chamber because of the frictional heat. Also, from this speed there was enough shots shooting out.



The gatling gun shook from the recoil and Igeon felt like his body is going to fly back.

At that moment, a streak of force rose from his stomach.

‘Something like this is easy!’


A child-like voice rang in his ears.

‘Gang Chae?’

As the power spread throughout his body, Igeon firmly stepped onto the ground.

The empty shells scattered and smoke started to rise.

“Physical force?”

Looking at Igeon like that, Shin Sok muttered.




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