Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 17: Psychokinesis(1)

Thousand-Pound Weight, I thought it only happened in martial arts novels.
[TN Note: eg.  https://shaolin.org/shaolin/72-arts.html no 20. – one of the 72 arts of the Shaolin Arts. It makes ones body heavy and firmly rooted so it is unmovable from outside resistance]

However, the power wriggling inside his internal force made it possible in reality.

The internal source is what allows one to overcome the human limits, giving them absolute strength.

Physical force.

He was able to coincidentally learn what Gang Chae couldn’t teach him.

This power would make one’s body heavy just like Gang Chae.

If lightning force was a light and jumpy kind of power, physical force would be heavy and solid.


Using the physical force, the hand that struck the ground no longer had any injuries.

“Physical force and lightning force”

Each ring had their own distinct feature.

Thanks to that he was able to acquire lightning force from Shin Sok and physical force from Gang Chae.


As he draw out his lightning force, his eyes were filled with thunderbolts.

‘Lightning force emerged from the heart’

Physical force stemmed from his stomach.

While Igeon was dwelling on the powers he attained.


He could hear the tremors of the red ring expressing its existence.

Igeon’s eyes glanced towards the two remaining rings.

Same as ever, the red ring pushing away his touch and the black ring discharging a dark energy remained.

‘I hope at least someone normal comes out this time’

Though from his experiences it was remarkably unlikely, can’t a human at least hope for it?


He breathed out once and calmed his mind.

Since it’s something he needs to go through anyhow, he chose not to do anything stupid like wasting time.

It was the moral lesson taught by Shin Sok.


The red ring still vibrated greatly refusing his touch.

Previously he wouldn’t have been able to overcome the formless force from the ring.

Naturally, it’s different now.


A streak of warm energy rose from his stomach and it soon indwelled into his right hand.


He wasn’t able to hear it but he could feel something break and so Igeon stretched his hand out to grab the ring.

Different from before, the red ring broke as soon it was grabbed as if it was defying him.

“Now, I wonder what kind of person will appear…”

As if ink was spreading out on a white drawing paper, the surrounding scenery changed.

The first thing he could see was the sunset. The beautiful plum coloured light dyed Igeon’s face.

The crumbling red pieces in the air fell and reflected the glow of the setting sun.

Unconsciously, he stretched out his right hand and touched the pieces.

Then, in the same stance with his hand stretched out, he lost consciousness.




This is probably how it would feel being stuck in the sun.

If not, then maybe like being stuck in Picasso’s abstract painting?

Igeon’s surrounding was a red festival.

A plum-colored ray grazed across his cheek while a blood-colored ray draw a circle.

The strange and mysterious movements captivated Igeon’s eyes, and from behind a dark red-colored ray clenched his neck.

He didn’t feel any pain or constraint, but the feeling that his body was in contact with something was vivid.

“How is it going to start this time”

No matter how captivating it was, Igeon had a purpose to fulfill.

That is, waking up from this place and saving his parents.

That’s why he turned his eyes away from the fascinating scene and shouted to the void.

As if reacting to his voice, plum-colored ray with the red-colored ray and bright-red with dark-red rays, the different brightness of red bound each other to a shape.

The rays splendidly articulated the forms.

Igeon silently observed the spectacle.

The bright-red ray formed into silky hair and the plum-colored ray formed into skin.

Igeon watched the three dimensional form being shaped created from the rays in silence.

-Nice to meet you.

It wasn’t the concept of being able to hear. Rather, he could feel its will, and it was as if it was talking into his head.

Could he call it a human?


Unconsciously he leaked a groan.

The three dimensional form the rays made had no eyes, nose or lips but it was distinguishable from the rays.

If he had to explain, it was a woman giving off a glamourous aura.

Igeon could see the figure and voluptuous chest expressed through the rays.

“What’s your name”

Since all the previous guys he met hated to be called by their colours he asked with that in concern.

-If you’re asking for a name referring to my existence, then I don’t have any.

Although the entity before him was in the form of a woman, the voice in his head was genderless.

A cold voice different from those of machines.

-Only, I have a clear name of the strength I will be giving to you.

“What is it?”

He could understand the strange response of not having a name.

From the beginning, since it was not a human there was no need to have a name of their existence.

Moreover, this current existence wasn’t an animal or a plant but just a three dimensional form created by the rays.

-Psychokinesis force.

A few streaks of its rays nudged Igeon’s fingertips.

Igeon turned his eyes down to his hands as he felt the rays on his fingertips, then as if it was alive the rays moved around his hand and passed by.


The strength to turn mental power into force.

That was the power of the fourth ring.




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