Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 18: Psychokinesis(2)


“This place is?”

A man wearing dark gray pants and a black bomber jacket looked at the crumbled debris in confusion.

“This place is also the field.”

A man with a dull expression standing next to him replied to his question.

“From what I know, wasn’t this place a government affiliated area not long ago?”

Though he said “not long ago,” it has already been 5 years.

The man wearing the bomber jacket had no interest in the world at all.

“This is that place.”


It was annoying to explain everything each time to a someone who didn’t have any interest in it.

But, he was his superior.

If he wanted to, he could annihilate a truckload of ability-users like him.

“Do you remember the Manager Mad that was originally in the government support organisation?”


Glancing at the ruins, the man nodded.

“That guy was originally was this place’s manager, but in the end he overturned the whole place and made the current guild”

“No one survived?”

“None at all. They all died or escaped. Because of that didn’t the government put a reward on his head for quite some time?”

The man knit his brows and stared at the ground beneath him.

“Is something wrong?”

“I think I feel a life force.”

“There shouldn’t be. It’s been 5 years since Manager Mad abandoned this place and thanks to the monsters appearing, it’s been 3 years since the buildings have all collapsed. Even if someone had survived the initial chaos has been a ‘field’ for 5 years.”

There’s no way a person could survive by themselves in the field.

The man had said it with confidence and the man wearing the bomber jacket also agreed.

‘It’s nagging me, strangely enough’

He, who had the detection ability was sensitive to life forces, but this life force was too weak.

At least, if there was a human there should be a strong energy.

“Prohibit civilian access. I’m going back. When the surroundings are cleaned up we’ll retake the field”


Confirming the field’s status and whether areas can be recaptured are the two people’s jobs.

Also, currently the ground they are stepping on has the ‘withhold’ label to it.

As the man had given notice that his job was done, he replied happily and hurriedly turned back.

However, the man wearing the bomber jacket had a lingering feeling without any reason.


Not knowing how the rat survived in this dangerous place, he saw it move into the crumbled building.

However, soon he started walking away.

There were many things he had to do, since resources and time were never on the side of the humans.

It was a day after Yoo Igeon had fell unconscious.

Squeak. squeak.

The rat that was somehow trying to get out of the building debris by wandering around suddenly stopped in front of a large object.

A big capsule was narrowly placed in between a pile of concrete, undamaged and largely intact.

From the gray concrete dust accumulated on the capsule and covering the glass, you could tell that this was here for quite a long time.

Squeak squeak.

Wondering if there was any food the rat stuck its head into the capsule and licked on it; when it felt the cold metal, it soon lost interest it and disappeared, leaving the capsule alone again.




Manipulating a string of psychonkinesis was Igeon’s job and the only task he had to accomplish.

Igeon called the woman’s existence, which was different from the previous three as Red.

Even ‘Red’ consented to his boring naming sense.

-If it’s easier to call me as that, then it is fine with me.

‘She is a woman right?’

He speculated as such since she had constructed herself using the rays like that.

Honestly, to the existence in front of him it, had no great importance on gender.

“Then, here I go.”

It was simple psychokinesis training. Overwork his brain and seize the ownership from the rays drifting in this painting like world.

Take control over Red’s ray and bind that ray.

As soon as Igeon visualized the image in his head, the rays in between Red and him started to thrash about.

It has already been 400 days, repeating the same fight.

After undergoing countless trials and errors, today was the day Igeon decided to break free from inside this painting like world making him crazy.


Igeon stretched out his right hand out to the front while concentrating on his mind.

Psychokinesis uses mental force, but by using words and actions, one can emit a stronger psychokinesis.

-It’s pointless.

The genderless voice rang inside his head but he ignored it.

All the fights with the chances of winning he had until now was always thanks to his new ideas.

But right now, he was contesting Red with a frontal attack.

“Sorry, but- ”

It’s going to be different today.

As he formed his left hand into the shape of a scissor and move his hand into a cutting action, a formless force arose into the air and started scissoring across the air, making a “Chachachang” sound.

It was cutting the psychokinesis string stretching out from her.

Already prepared, Igeon wielded his control over the rays around her.

Just 1 second.

Ownership of the rays passed onto Igeon.

-You pass.

He couldn’t feel a sense of defeat or joy from the voice.

As if the voice was void of any emotion, it only spoke of facts and if Red’s voice didn’t have a will he imagines it would be the same as the beeping of the machines.

-The change of one’s thinking and your psychokinesis to be able to demonstrate volatility in a short time was all excellent.

That’s why he couldn’t feel any pleasure from Red’s compliments.

All she does is state the truth.

-Psychokinesis is a dangerous power, so be careful.


If Shin An, Gang Chae and Shin Sok moved from emotions and ambition, the entity in front of him was completely different.

Igeon just shrugged his shoulders and gestured to send him out.


-…Choices are realised from your own will, so the responsibility for the results are entirely on yourself.

The voice that was only genderless until now, suddenly burrowed into his chest like glass shards.


It felt as if someone used a carving knife to ingrain the words into his brain.

Like a seal that he won’t be able to forget, no, an imprint that even if he wants to forget he won’t be able to.

“…I will keep it mind”

Unconsciously, Igeon replied and opened his eyes.

Then surprisingly, he could see the falling pieces of the red ring in front of his eyes.

Seeing the pieces fall onto the ground like dust, Igeon realised that the hundreds of days he spent was, in fact only an instant.

‘Were the days I spent with her only a mere moment?’

Then again, all the things occurring in this place involved the word “mysterious”.

He was only dazed for a while, and when he lowered his risen right hand he could see the black ring leaking a dark aura.

Wasting no time, he stood at the last hurdle of the warm-up.





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