Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 2: Trust

“Hey, have you ever seen a situation like this?”


The man who spoke first looked to be in his thirties. He knit his brows as he looked at Igeon, who was unconscious and stained with blood.

The man asked again as he looked as his junior shaking his head.

He questioned his junior to seek agreement rather than requiring an answer.

“Damn, can you hunt a rank 5 (rank/class) grey wolf with bare hands?”

His junior answered truthfully as he replied.


“Then, can a non-ability user hunt it?”

“Eyy, no way”

“Then what is with this brat? He’s still a kid.”

“Not sure.”

“First, let’s take him in.”

“Anyways we can’t leave him here and go.”

The senior carried Igeon on his back.

“Hey, clean up the corpses first.”

“Yes sir.”

Thereupon the other man took out a small box from his pockets.

It was a square paper box similar to the ones at gift shops.

It would barely fit the size of a palm.

“Hey, where is the wolf’s blood”

It was troublesome if any monster blood was left behind.

“I don’t know. Just take it all”


The box sucked in two human corpses and one monster corpse.

“Let’s go!”

The junior replied as he heard his senior’s shouting.

“Yes sir! I’m coming!”


Igeon opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was a pure-white ceiling.

As he turned his head, he could see that he was in a narrow room.

It was a confined room walled in all four directions with no TV or windows.

If one would describe it, one could say it looked like a hospital room.

Though he was the only one, he lay on the bed with an IV drip in his arm.


He could hear a sound of a fan from one side.

At the same time the moment before he lost consciousness he could feel something pass by like
a kaleidoscope.

‘A dream?’

“Oh, you’re awake”


A man came in and sat on a foldable steel chair next to the bed.

Before Igeon could even grasp the situation, he unconsciously asked.

“This place is?”

As he questioned the man, he tried to instinctively sit up.

However, he couldn’t move his body at all.

“Don’t push yourself, because you won’t be able to move at all right now.”

“What about my parents??”

He asked, seeking to deny the truth.

What Igeon needed right now was someone to tell him that everything was just a dream or
that what had happened were all a lie.

Naturally whether unconsciously or consciously, Igeon knew the truth.

‘No, even if it was the truth’

There was no doubt that the two corpses were his parents.

‘It could be like that.’

Already, even though he had seen everything, his mind started making delusions to escape

“You should know everything already.”

The man was cold; he had no need to consider Igeon’s circumstances.

Igeon’s lips trembled as he asked.

“It wasn’t a dream?”

The man shook his head. His cold expression made Igeon feel the truth seep into his

While Igeon was frozen, the man stood up as he lightly offered a suggestion.

“You must be confused right now. Let’s talk again later”


The sound of the chair folding could be heard.

The man placed the chair against the black part of the white wall and left the room.

‘I have to get up.’

However, all he had was a strong will; his actions couldn’t keep up.

No, he couldn’t.

His senses were faint, the only part he could move with at his own will was above his neck.

But soon, that wasn’t even important.

Because it was the moment to accept reality.


Unknowingly tears fell, Igeon who had tightly bit his lips wailed loudly similar to screams.


It was the cry of a child who had lost his parents and witnessed the horrible scene.

It was despair rather than sadness, pain rather than depression.

Only after 30 minutes did Igeon finished crying, and that was when, as if on cue the man returned once more.

Igeon who had to release all his emotions through his voice and facial expression because he couldn’t move, was exhausted.

That was as much as he could struggle currently.

“Are you alright?”


There was no way he could be fine. Igeon closed his eyes and responded .

He had no energy. First of all, it wasn’t the man’s fault.

But he couldn’t help having the resentment he had towards the man for making him aware of the truth.

“Still, it seems like you’re quite fast at accepting reality.”

Igeon who had heard the man’s words felt something burning from his chest.

He felt like he had to gush out this pent up fury/frustration and anger to someone.

It was to the point that he was about to shout to release the anger.

The man was a step faster than Igeon’s shout.

“Do you want to revive your parents?”


If his body was a wind-up doll, the spring would have stopped with a click without delay .

The shout he was going to let out dissipated and his eyes landed on the man.

‘…What did he say?”

Igeon’s eyes were filled with doubt when he finally noticed the man’s attire.

A clean black suit, his hair was not too long, and he had quite average looks .

Unconsciously, he had already developed some amount of trust in the man; no he wanted to believe in him.

He didn’t want to feel the pain when his expectations were broken, so he answered with socratic

“You’re joking aren’t you?”

A light smile formed on the man’s face.

His expressions and demeanour wasn’t something one would make in front of a person who had lost
his parents, but it somehow suited him.

‘A cold smile.’

The man’s smile that seemed colder than ice had something behind it.


He took the chair leaning on the wall, unfolded it again.

Then sat with a straight posture that didn’t suit him.

“For your reference what I’m saying right now is all true and possible in reality. Whether you believe
me or not is your choice . But if you don’t believe me then you won’t even get an opportunity”

The opportunity the man was talking about was obvious.

It was the only opportunity to revive his parents and see them again.

In fact, right now if a pyramid scheme said he would make it into a diamond rank, Igeon would
have believed in that, or even if a religious cult said they knew a way he would also have worshipped them.

He was in a situation where he was basically grasping at straws.

What the man sitting in the steel chair had said was too miraculous.

When a child facing reality had fallen into despair and was feeling helplessness, he had made
an offer to such a child who had never even dared to think about such possibilities in his dreams.

Your parents, don’t you want to revive them?

This wasn’t a multiple choice question. You couldn’t answer with a yes or no.

To Igeon there was only one choice, and he could only choose that.

To the cold man waiting for Igeon’s choice, he had to answer.

The answer he desired.

“I trust you. I want to revive them”

A deeper smile appeared on the man’s face as he heard Igeon’s reply.


PR Afterword: Yeah, I get that the summary is vague and the first chapter kind of hit it off like “what’s going on” kind of vibe. I have read up to what syk has translated, and it moves pretty slow. Doesn’t look that bad though, so I encourage everyone to give it a try.

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