Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 20: Yong Shin

깨어나라, 최강의 능력자!
Rise, Strongest Warrior!
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깨어나라, 최강의 능력자! – Chapter 20:  Yong Shin

“It’s not a big deal. I am Yong Shin.”

Her eyes curved like crescents as she spoke giving off the image of an idol’s liveliness and innocence.

She totally fits the saying “beautiful girl”.

“Nice to meet you.”

Yong Shin looked like a very cute younger sister and she constantly spoke in a formal manner.

To Igeon’s greeting, Yong Shin raised one hand then lowered it as she bowed her head just like an aristocrats from the medieval times/middle ages.

Then as she raised her head he could see her eyes beaming with mischief.

“A person killing another person, is this fine?”

Her question was dark and she had the power to control the dark atmosphere.

Subconsciously, his sixth sense felt an uncomfortable feeling.

Since he could feel that she didn’t only have goodwill towards him.

What he felt was playfulness laced with malice.

Igeon silently raised his hands and spoke.

“I think it would be better if the surroundings were quiet instead?”

Gangnam Station wasn’t a good place for a conversation.

Moreover, the people around him did not have any life force, and this him with fear.

Though they were loud and walked like humans they did not act like humans.

It’s not they they weren’t but, for a while the person in front of Igeon kept repeating the actions of dropping and picking up a coin.

She gestured with her hands and the surroundings became quiet again.

The created people scattered into the ground like water.

“So, your answer?”

“What’s the reason for that question?”

“Have you ever seen the sun?”

Giving ridiculous answers was probably Yong Shin’s specialty.

Anyways, he was busy figuring out the current situation. Also, she was the last existence to help him wake up from his warm-up period.

“Why would I look at it when it’s so glaringly bright”

“Humans very much prefer bright things. And when they get infatuated with that light and follow it they don’t look back to the shadow behind them. I will ask you again. Is it there a means for justification of the aim to murder?”

Perhaps, she had shown all those previous people just to ask this question.


Truthfully, Igeon hasn’t even killed an animal before.

At most, a cockroach?

What else apart from insects would he have thoughts to kill living in the modern world?

It was a world where it was difficult to even see a rat.

Ah, Igeon had certainly killed something before.

He had brutally killed the gray wolf that killed his parents.

Are you asking if murder is just?“

To his question Yong Shin’s eyes curved like crescents again.

“I am curious about whether it is just for a person to kill another person. If necessary to kill a person, would it be just?”

If she was the first ring he met amongst the five, he probably would have agonized about it all day.

However, Igeon was already different from the past him.

Igeon recited Red’s words that imprinted into his mind.

“Choices are realized from your own will, so the responsibility for the results are entirely on myself. Where is the right and wrong in that?”

Soon, Red’s words became Igeon’s own voice and made his will shine sharply.

Yong Shin laughed at his words.

Her face while she was laughing without any sound was really beautiful.

Although she was only created by black lines, how could she be so beautiful.

Also, she gave ridiculous answers as usual.

“It’s time for the sun to rise”

Following her words, dawn was breaking.

The darkness casted on the streets disappeared and the shadows created by the light decorated the city.

“It’s boring. I thought it was a good question to shake a person’s mind. Also um, you are probably the type to look at the sun and it’s also the type I especially hate as well.”

As Yong Shin spoke with a twinge of disappointment in her voice, black ink below her feet started to spread and her body starting from her feet began to slowly spread, turning into a small puddle.

Just like a drop of ink spreading on rice paper.

At the same time her body slowly began to diminish.


To a person with a certain purpose, a trivial matter can’t become a hindrance.

Although, Yong Shin’s dislike was a trivial matter to Igeon.

It was necessary to grasp her intention,  since her existence was the last key to waking up from his warm-up.

“If you face towards the sun you won’t be able to see the shadow. You, who only looks towards the sun probably won’t be able to escape from this place.”

“The requirement to pass doesn’t seem to be facing the sun?”

“It’s not. I like playing and I am a person who feels that this world is vain if there isn’t any amusements.”


Her appearance was too strange to be expressed as a person.

Yong Shin’s lower half of her body was spreading on the ground like ink and her upper part stood above the ground like a blooming flower.

“The requirement to pass is shadow hide and seek!”

“What is that?”

“It’s simple! Find my shadow. It’s possible to talk only after that. Hoho.”

Yong Shin’s body disappeared into the ground as she laughed like a child mimicking her mother.

‘She said to find her shadow?’

Igeon knitted his eyebrows as it was different from the other previous four rings.

It was because of the malice he could feel from Yong Shin.

Why does she hate him?

But then again, there was no reason to worry over it.

If there was a requirement, all he needed to do is fulfil it.

Then this long warm-up would also end.


Yong Shin who had disappeared into the ground suddenly appeared again.

“You would probably need a tip right? Firstly, this place isn’t that wide. Also, I believe it won’t be too difficult if you don’t look at the sun.”

Igeon started to control Shin An’s power as his eyes gleamed with green light while looking at the girl saying things he couldn’t understand.

‘I’ll steal the things I can steal’

The best way to obtain something from someone who doesn’t have any goodwill towards you was either by robbery or theft.

Also, Shin An’s powers were best used for figuring out the opponent’s motives, true nature and for learning their skills.

Accordingly, he could steal the opponent’s abilities if he wanted to.

“You have quick judgment”

Yong Shin smiled sweetly as she hid her body again.

Igeon inwardly shook his head.

‘Just what on earth is she’

Even with Shin An’s powers, he couldn’t see what her true nature was.

This place was a world made of black lines on a white drawing paper.

Although she said this place wasn’t wide, if he had to find something he had to first see the whole place.

‘How wide is it’


Lightning force surged as he stretched out his leg. He looked around his surroundings, but there wasn’t anything more useful than Shin Sok’s powers.



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