Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 22: Wake Up


As soon as he found her in the ink painting world, Yong Shin began teaching everything to him.

She taught him quickly as though they were pressed for time.


The occasional thunder and lightning now became a daily routine.

Yong Shin glanced at the sky but she doesn’t say anything.

Igeon also had no time to worry about it as he was busy trying to absorb everything she was teaching him.

“Good. That’s enough. I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to do things fast and hurriedly, but I have no choice”

One day after the 420th day since the meeting with Yong Shin.


It was a question that held many questions. He was curious as to why she suddenly kindly taught him everything.

And also why she had no choice.

Yong Shin shook her hands then gazed at Igeon.

“It’s time to wake up”

“…are you saying the warm-up is finished?”

It was happy news.

But then Yong Shin lifts her index finger as she spoke.

“Not yet. There’s a few things I need to tell you before you wake up”

Before she finished speaking, Igeon was startled to feel sweat falling down his forehead.

‘ Earlier, no matter how much I ran I did not sweat. Why now?’

As he wiped his sweat with his arm he saw that the sweat was a thick black liquid.

In this world of Yong Shin’s, everything was black. While the rest was blank.

But the liquid falling from his forehead was too thick.

‘To say it was sweat…’

Yong Shin’s voice suddenly rang without giving him enough time to think.

“Your body is currently very impoverished”

“How badly?”

He had no idea how long he was lying on his sickbed for.

But he speculated that it may have been a few years.

“The saying ‘skin and bones’ fits your state. Or that one wouldn’t be able to distinguish if you are a skeleton or a human?”

“It’s not something pleasant to hear”

Not knowing why Yong Shin was in such a hurry, without listening to Igeon properly she continued her talk.

“Physical force and lighting force uses the strength of the body so even if you wake up now you won’t be able to use it. Bear that in mind”

“So I can use it once my body recovers?’

“Of course”

Yong Shin was cunning. She hid her feelings well and behaved in a way that would make one misunderstand.

Now he realized that she had hidden her true feelings, as she told him to wake up.

‘In the beginning when she said she hated him with malice, she was probably intentionally misleading him’

Looking at the results, Yong Shin did her best so that the experience would be beneficial to Igeon just like the others.

It was the same with her telling him that he would miss out on things if he only looks forward and doesn’t look back.

Even now she hides her feelings, but if you look at the contents it was full of worry for Igeon.

“Yong Shin, I think you’re a bit cunning”

Igeon lifted his hand and touched her head as if an oppa was caressing his younger sister’s head.

“What does this mean?”

“Just felt like it”

Then he laughed.

“Then wake up. And let’s meet again. Also thanks for the compliment. It makes me happy whenever I hear someone say that I’m cunning.”

Speaking like a machine gun and as if she was being chased, Yong Shin stretched out her hand to

Igeon’s forehead and tapped it.

“By the way today is the 2200th day”


The ink painting world disappeared and the original world of the white world Igeon used to be in also started to split.

‘2200 days?’

It was a long period of about 6 years.

‘At least I can wake up’

The more the dream world disappeared the more his heart started to beat.

His excitement couldn’t settle down.

As the dream world soundlessly disappeared, Igeon could feel as if someone was forcefully opening his eyes.

In the dream world he had clearly been standing with his eyes wide open but as he woke up, he found his eyes opening once again.

Fascinated by this peculiar feeling, as the bright line blinded him, Igeon realized that now he was in …


But before he could appreciate this feeling he had to quickly turn his head.


“What is it?”

The moment he looked up all he could see were pieces of concrete falling onto his head.

Though he said pieces, they were as big as fists.

After avoiding them, he let out a sigh, and felt a thick liquid starting to flow down from his forehead to the floor.

‘So it wasn’t sweat but blood’

The senses could be felt even in the dream world.

The amount of blood flowing down his forehead wasn’t small.


As he breathed out, Igeon checked his own condition.

He couldn’t say that his current state was good.

“I guess using physical force and lightning force is currently impossible”

It was as Yong Shin said. Not a shred of power was left in his stomach or heart.

He felt dispirited but that was useless right now.

First he had to survive so he could think about what next.

Igeon used the faint power left in his brain.

‘Mental force’

When he stretched out his hand towards the concrete pile falling towards him, it fell in different directions as if the falling objects fell onto an umbrella.

He slowly started to stand up.

The traces of the destroyed capsule were spread around the surroundings.

When he saw the pieces of the white reinforced plastic, Igeon couldn’t help but think he was lucky to have survived.

Igeon went towards the ray of light shining through the collapsed wreckage and stretched out finger which was thinner than chopsticks.

Before he got intoxicated from breathing fresh air and from the rush of information from his senses,

Igeon placed his thoughts and feelings aside, as he had to first figure out how to survive.

At first it was the desire to survive and now when his hand reached towards the light.

‘I’m hungry’

He was in a very starved state.

Igeon’s hand casted psychokinesis force and dug out the concrete piles.


Then as he did he could hear a gunshot and thanks to the time he spent with Shin Sok he was able to know the gunshot was the sound of a rifle.


It was a sound more terrifying than the wail of a wild beast.



Observe the situation in your top form when preparing for situations outside your expectations.


Following Shin An’s teachings, Igeon composed his breathing.

‘Physical force and lightning force is impossible, though I can still use mental force’

He was still weak to exert the force of his body.

‘What’s left?’

Borrowing Shin An’s power, Igeon observed his body’s condition.



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