Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 23: Blue Lion


As Captain Kim Nakhoon continued to watch the situation as he traveled back and forth between the headquarters and his unit for six months, his fear of the field dulled.

Merely three monsters appeared within six months.

Moreover the guy standing next to him handled the situation.

With just a simple deathblow.

He heard that guy was an expert in close combat of military combat but it was a terrifying ability.

It wasn’t the first time Kim Nakhoon had seen a proper ability-user.

But, it was rare to see an ability-user in action right in front of you.

Also, the guy standing next to him was one of the best.

He looked like he was barely in his middle 20s but his rank was different.

That man, Kim Dopil was sitting next to him when he suddenly stood up.

“It would be best if you go on standby”

When Kim Nakhoon tried to follow him, the man stopped him.

There was only one situation when this happened.

Several monsters had appeared!

“It’s a four limb monster!”

“It has a small body”

“Rank 8, it is similar to the flame lion!”

“Rank 8, flame lion confirmed”

“Three targets confirmed!”

Voices of six people of the scouting team of the unit could be heard.

They had good eyesight and were good at grasping the situation

At their words Kim Dopil charged towards the location of the monsters.

Although it is called a flame lion it was not actually a lion.

But, it had rake-like fire around its neck, which is why it was called by that name.

Kim Dopil kicked off the ground and stretched out his fist.


This monster that might have been a threat to normal people was merely a weak opponent to him.


The first monster’s head burst as he punched its head with energy.


The soldiers behind cheered but Kim Dolpi was as calm as he had been in the beginning.

On the second monster he kicked its chin with his knee and grabbed its neck and twisted it.


The swaying flame on the neck didn’t dirty any part of him and the last monster hesitated in front of his overwhelming strength.

“I’ll go if you aren’t coming”

At the opponent who couldn’t even understand what he was saying, Dopil stabbed at the monster’s two eyes with his finger.

Its eyeballs burst and its blood and cortex flowed down his arm.

Bam! Bam!


Surprised like a cat, the lion roared as it swung its front leg and hit Dopil’s uniform,  shredding it into pieces.


“It’s dangerous!”

There was a commotion behind him.

But there wasn’t any injuries on Dopil’s body.

A blue energy ran through his body.

That was Dopil’s ability.

Muscle strength improvement and making his body harder than steel.

It wasn’t a rare ability but the strength was rare.

That is why Dopil was within the top five of the ability-users in the place he was affiliated with.


The last lion’s head burst as he swung his hand down like a hammer.


Without getting tired of it, the unit, filled with ordinary people kept cheering.

Currently, Kim Dopil was a middle rank ability-user.

His warm-up was over a month and the training he received in the military gave him an extremely a lot of strength.

On the basis of that the general agent gave him a C+ rank.

‘Is that the end?’

It had become a basic instinct to stay vigilant after a fight.

But this was always dull.

It was an established theory that a C rank ability-user can easily kill of a rank 8 monster on a 1:1 fight.

A rank 8 and rank 9 monster was child’s play to him.


Dopil was dissecting the monster and wondering how much money he would get out of it when he suddenly turned his head.


A fear inducing roar filled the surroundings.


The soldiers went into panic.

The guy who was driving the heavy equipment pressed down the handle just like that and the forklane that was working on shoveling the building shoved it straight into the building wreckage.


Few soldiers who stopped their machines and screamed, some started shaking and there was even a guy who pissed himself on the spot.

Kim Dopil’s gaze faced towards the back.

Behind him was another superior of the same rank as himself.

As he tried to find him, Kim Nakhoon was grasping his head on the floor.

“This crazy”

Dopil had clearly given up on him and was now focused on the frontline.


The second fear rand about and imparted fear.

The monster king reigning over this area had appeared.

‘Blue Lion!’

Although he had seen it many times, This was the first time he had seen it in real life. And if he didn’t recognize it he would be acknowledging himself as an idiot.

The blue lion was currently considered to be the most dangerous monster by the army.

As he observed both the monster and his surroundings he drew a bitter smile.

It was because of one of the traits of a blue lion.

There are three traits of a blue lion.

Force field, it kills ability-users as priority and appears at fields.

It is because of the trait that it appears at fields that it is listed as the number one dangerous monster.

Also the fact that it prioritized killing ability-users meant that Dopil himself was in the most dangerous situation.


Dopil shouted.

If at least a few guys came back to their senses wouldn’t there at least be a chance of winning?


Kim Nakhoon recovered from his blank state because of the shouting.

It wasn’t thanks to his strong mentality but rather his repetitive training of what he must do if something like this happened

He barely reached to his chest pocket and took out a pill and swallowed it down.

It was a pill called FR (Fear Resist).

It was medicine only given to commissioned officers and it was expensive but it was a hundred times better than dying.

“Damn it”

Nakoon swore as he checked the situation.

Blue lion, a nonstandard monster.

It was one of the named monsters.

Kim Nakhoon also learnt of the monster through various videos.

It could run 100m in two seconds. Escape was impossible, then the only thing left was to retaliate.


Kim Nakhoon took out his gun and fired it in the air.


“Wake up!”

Just when he was going to confirm whether any soldiers came back to their senses from his action.


The blue lion howled a normal roar without fear embedded into it.

Simultaneously, Nakhoon who was observing the area noticed a shaking concrete among the building wreckage.

‘A person? No is it a skeleton soldier?’

Did a blue lion have the power to call upon skeleton soldiers?

That was how thin and skin and bones the man plowing through the concrete was.



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