Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 24: Class


Dopil used all the strength and energy he had.

‘It’s going!’

The blue lion’s force field ability had the power to block all kinds of emission weapons.

It rendered them useless, even though they were the most powerful weapon humans have created.

That’s why it was one of the ‘named’ monsters.

‘I can do it if it’s me’

Dopil tried to encourage himself.

There was absolutely one necessary component to catch the blue lion.

That was, a close combat professional.

And Dopil was the best in the current unit.

He calmed his mind and ran towards the blue lion.

While he couldn’t compare to the blue lion in terms of speed, the blue lion was also only capable of close combat.

This meant that if the opponent did not come in close then it wouldn’t even attack.

As the monster disappeared leaving blue traces, Dopil hardened his heart.

‘Sacrifice yourself to attack the opponent’

He thought of the frightening idea as he twisted his body and stretched out his right fist to the front.

Shoook! Bam!


The pain didn’t appear instantly. He only felt a burning sensation on his left shoulder.

His left arm flew out and blood spurted out.

He could see his limb and blood flying in the air.

At that moment Dopil realized how ignorant and stupid he was.

His arm was cut off by the blue lion’s nail, and although he had punched it, there was no effect.

He had not even left a scratch, meanwhile, his fist on the blue lion’s chest was slowly in pain.


Despite being killed in any moment, Dopil still let out a groan unconsciously.

He couldn’t of think of anything else but that this was the end.


In that instant, a voice rang in his head.


Simultaneously, the blue lion’s second attack that would take Dopil’s life stopped in mid air.

“You aren’t thinking of suicide are you?”

It was a skinny person with black hair just past his shoulder and dull eyes.

‘Is he a skeleton?’

He was just skin and bones to be called a person.

“…I want to live if I can”

Dopil could barely respond to the man who he couldn’t guess his age.

He who just narrowly escaped from death didn’t even know what he himself was saying.

“Then leave this to me”

After saying that, the man’s hand left numerous afterimages in the air.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Those movements were all that blocked the lion’s attack.

“Step back!”

Dopil stepped back forgetting his cut shoulder spurting out blood.


It was only then he felt the pain and worried about the amount of blood loss.

‘I would die at this rate’

But the moment that skeleton man dies, he would die as well.

“Are you alright!?”

After stepping back quite a bit, Kim Nakhoon soon stood next to him.

He brought a bandage and wrapped up Dopil’s arm.

“Damn it!”

He swore when he saw that the flowing blood was not stopping and Dopil lightly pushed him.

“Leave it”

Then he concentrated on his power to stop the blood.

Body control was a natural ability of ability-users.

“But who is that person?”

Dopil shook his head at Nakhoon’s question

It was also his first time seeing this person.



He was showing an unparalleled strong ability.


Dopil knew as he experienced the blue lion’s attack firsthand.

That blue lion was the strongest monster of all the monsters he had seen.

But the man in front of it received the attacks as if it was child’s play.

“Wow, it’s strong. That’s a monster right? This monster?”

Dopil and Nakhoon was dumbfounded as he saw the man asking questions even in this situation.

“…that is right”

The skeleton man nodded his head as Nakhoon answered.


The blue lion howled with a fear inducing roar.


Nakhoon who had already taken a dosage of FR only let out a mutter.

Rather it was Dopil who was injured that was slightly affected but he soon recovered his mind.

And the man who was directly hit with the range of the fear….


“Hahaha. Being able to move is great!”

“Is he crazy?”

Nakhoon unconsciously asked a question, and Dopil also unconsciously nodded his head.

Blue lion was a nonstandard monster, a named one.

From monsters of rank 1 to rank 9, if they had to rank it, it would be close to a rank 2 monster.

He dealt with it like he was playing?

The blue lion was in rage as it hit the skeleton with no meat with its fear and didn’t work.


The sound of it kicking off the floor was heard as the blue line grazed past Igeon.

Then the lion’s front leg headed towards the two who were watching the fight.

The faces of the two turned white as they expected their deaths.

However the attack was again blocked easily.

“Where are you going after playing with me?”

They were surprised. No, it wasn’t just surprising.

Dopil and Nakhoon couldn’t help but be astonished.

He had caught up with the monster’s movement that can run 100m in two seconds and blocked its front leg that cut off Dopil’s arm who had a C+ rank in his ability of body strengthening.

“It’s okay to kill this right?”

Nakhook nodded his head as the man asked.


The blue lion’s green blood spurted in the air.

His upwards punch was so strong that  a rainbow formed from the rain of blood.

Simultaneously, the blue lion split into two.

“Whew, it’s hard to exercise without even stretching”

Looking at the man mumbling, Nakhoon remembered the place he came out of.

‘No way’

It was one of his duties he had been given.

To confirm.

Nakhoon asked as he was in doubt.

“Did you wake up from there?”

Igeon naturally nodded to his question as Nakhoon pointed towards the wreckage of buildings.




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