Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 25: You can all leave then


After glancing at Nakhoon and Dopil, Igeon went towards the corpse of the monster he had killed.

‘So predatism was something like this’

He naturally realized it without anyone telling him, the ability allowed him to use food to replenish his body and power.

His body of skin and bones had been exhausted after performing a few moves.

To the point that his joints were aching.

“Is something wrong?”

As Nakhoon asked behind him, Igeon observed his surroundings.

The group of people who survived had calmed down after the fear attack and were sighing in relief.

There was a few who were even crying.

“What is the name of this monster?”

“It is Blue Lion”

Nakhoon was restless as he replied.

Normal monster corpses had monetary value.

Moreover if it was the corpse of a blue lion, the value would be worth hundreds of millions.

Although it has been ripped apart and its skin was torn, just identifying the algorithm behind its ability to block shooting weapons would bring an unbelievable amount money you couldn’t measure.

“Hm. I will be eating this”

At his words, Nakhoon’s complexion became evidently stiff.

‘Is he saying since he killed it it’s his?’

It was the truth.

But it was a shame. If it was brought to the current army it would become a huge strength.

Nakhoon was an average soldier but if he didn’t have a clear head matching the current generation to a certain extent he wouldn’t have remained in the army.

Saying his part, Igeon went and sat in front of the corpse.

Crack. The sound of his bottom without any meat clashing onto the ground made a loud sound.

“Sigh. I really am so skinny it is inconvenient”

Since his body only had skin and bones the moment he clashes with anything the shock immediately goes to the bones.

Naturally, as he had the strengthened body of an ability-user, he would not be easily injured.

But, fatigue did pile up.

Moreover he had executed some rough and forceful movements.

Although half was because he was excited.


“…What are you doing right now?”

Nakhoon standing behind asked once again.

No, he couldn’t help but ask.

He thought that since he said he would be eating the corpse he knew of the value of the corpse.

Although he came out of the wreckage, he thought he was an ability-user just passing by, having no relevance to his mission at all.

There was a wide variety of ability-users and so there would naturally be one who digs underground.

In reality, there was a guy in china who had three eyes.

Anyhow, Nakhoon didn’t take it literally when Igeon said he was eating it.

He thought Igeon would take it as his possession.

“Why? I need to eat this”

He really grabbed the monster’s corpse and ripped out some meat and moved it towards his mouth.

“You can’t just carelessly eat it like that!”


Why? why can’t he? Nakhoon rolled his head to find a reason to the obvious fact,

“There should be poison. How could you eat a monster just because there was nothing else to eat?”

Kim Dopil who lost his arm replied whilst sweating.

Although he was an ability-user he had lost a limb.

The pain and shock shouldn’t be small but he still calmly replied.

“That’s right!”

Nakhoon immediately agreed enthusiastically but Igeon shook his head.

“There is no poison”

His tone of voice was confident.

If it was poison, he had experienced it so much he was sick of it. As if the torture from Shin Sok wasn’t enough.

Yong Shin had also taught him about the shadow’s poison as well.

That was why he was certain.

That corpse had no poison.

“Even if it is like that, isn’t there certain values and moralities you should protect as a human?”

“What relevance is there between eating and morality? Are you the type that says eating dogs is barbaric while Foie gras is luxurious dish. This kind of belief?”

If he had social skills he wouldn’t have behaved like this immediately on the spot.

Igeon lied down for years and just woke up, and his values were influenced by the five rings.

It was natural since he spent over 2000 days with them without even able to sleep properly.

That was why his self-centeredness was strong.

“If you are going to eat it, please do so later. There are lots of eyes watching”

In response to Kim Dopil’s words, Igeon looked around and all the people who were sighing in relief for having survived was watching Igeon.

But their eyes were filled with fear.

It was fine that a skeleton suddenly appeared and killed the monster, but would they be able to say the skeleton wanting to eat the monster normal?

“…It’s as if they are looking at a monster”

“If you consider your appearance right now it is difficult to look at you as someone normal”

Kim Dopil was timely and took out his camouflage cream with the mirror and threw it to Igeon.


‘Has it been about 6 years?’

He hasn’t looked at the mirror since he collapsed.

He picked up the mirror on the floor and in the reflection was a dreadful skeleton that was even hard to see in a dream.


Unconsciously he let out a groan.

“That is your current appearance, it is an obvious reaction”

“Yes. That’s right. First, there is no issue for you to take possession of the corpse but please don’t eat it here”


There should be a certain limit to self-centeredness. He didn’t want to be ostracized by everyone the moment he wakes up.

Even if he lacked social skills, it didn’t mean his developed brain through Shin An had disappeared.

So he chose to pick the most rational decision.

“Then you guys can leave”

The decision to make everyone else leave.

The fact that he met people? It was important.

Since it was real people he met after 6 years.

Therefore, it didn’t seem bad to follow these people.

Moreover, he could obtain information from them.

But Igeon’s order of priority was different.

‘First is recovery’

He couldn’t prepare for an unforeseeable event without a healthy body.

Following Shin An’s teachings, rather than following these people it was more important to use predatism he got from Gang Chae and eat.


Nakhoon was so dumbfounded that he lost the words he was going to say.




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