Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 26: Predatism


Kim Dopil grabbed Nakhoon who was about to say something and shook his head.

Amongst the ability-users, there were many perverted and unique inclinations.

So, wouldn’t there be someone who ate monster meat?

The other party was an ability-user with immeasurable power and Dopil advised that they step back while they still held onto their lives.

After dealing with the Blue Lion, he had noticed his attachment to his life was surprisingly strong.



When they all left, Igeon ripped up the corpse with his hands and put a piece in his mouth.

The ability to eat something and digest it.

Predatism was the ability Gang Chae had given him.


He diligently chewed the meat as the green blood flowed down from his mouth.

Fortunately, his jaws that had been unused for a long time still functioned somewhat normally.

The sensation of chewing and swallowing was strange and he was worried about his organs that had not moved for 6 years. He was unsure if they would function properly, or even if they worked at all.


Using the predatism ability, the pieces of meat he ate turned into energy and flowed through his body.

“…Isn’t this is quite amazing?”

The process in which the food became energy was pleasant. It felt as if he was experiencing a full-body massage.

There was just one problem.

“It tastes disgusting.”

He tried to imagine it as beef tartare, but it had a fishy and sour smell.

“Should I learn how to cook?”

He suddenly missed the people who just left.

What’s abnormal about eating monster meat? Looking at me like a monster just because of that.

Firstly let’s eat, Igeon thought as he sat and chewed the pieces of meat.

A Blue Lion’s body was over 2 meters long so it wouldn’t be easy to eat all of it.

But, Igeon persisted and ate it.

Because his body had to recover into a normal state at the bare minimum.

Instinctively, he knew that the fastest method to achieve that was through predatism.

Munch, munch, munch.

He ate like that for a few hours.

Black sweat covered his whole body. The toxins that had piled up in his body over the past 6 years flowed down as sweat.

He removed the hospital clothing he was wearing and pissed.


The color of his piss was also black.

After finishing his business and returning back to the monster’s corpse, he could see that he had eaten almost all the meat.

“This is too inefficient.”

The quantity of the energy that was processed from the food was too small compared to the amount of food he had eaten.

In addition, he had only obtained this small bit of energy even after he had maximized the efficiency of the process with predatism.

He would only be able to return his body to a whole state after eating hundreds of kilograms.

‘It is going to be problematic to move around with his current look.’

Again he regretted sending those people away.

‘It can’t be helped.’

He couldn’t leave the problems as they were.

As he was about to leave the mess of skin, organs and bones he could see something shining in the vicinity of the monster’s neck.

Naturally, he used Shin An’s power.

Igeon’s eyes turned green.

“…This is?”

He stretched his hand out and picked up the shining object.

It was a fist-sized marble.

It was an object that if Kim Nakhoon saw he would have ran over like a crazy man; no, it was something which all all of humanity would try to buy with millions of money.

It was the core of the Blue Lion, which contained the algorithm behind its ability.

It was a crystal that only named monsters had.


He tasted the marble with his tongue and felt a sting.


It was poisonous but it wasn’t that strong.

Its strength was so weak to the point where it didn’t have any effect on Igeon.

After Shin Sok’s training, he could easily identify the concentration of poisons that could harm the body with his senses.

The poisonous effects of this crystal could cause diarrhea and headaches at most.

Maybe food poisoning if it was serious.

That was the effect it would have on normal humans.

However, what about the ability-users whose bodies are strengthened?

It was a poison that would barely even satisfy their hunger.


But it contained a large amount of energy in contrast to the poison.

It was only a momentary thought of whether he could digest it.

Igeon bit into it without hesitation.

Simultaneously, the marble melted and dissipated in his mouth.

‘It tastes good!’

It tasted like those smoothies that were enriched with fresh fruits from his childhood.

Captivated with the refreshing taste, he quickly ate the rest.


A ray of power shook in his stomach.

It was physical force.

The power Gang Chae gave him was the first to react.

The force spread through his body.

At the same time, the force dispersed like snow melting in a desert.

Igeon’s appearance started to change.

Fat filled his face which had previously looked like his eyeballs would pop out and his sharp cheekbones would poke out.

The enormous amount of energy immediately took effect on Igeon’s body.

‘If it’s this much.’

It seemed that if he caught and ate a few more monsters, he would eventually look like a normal person.


As expected his decision was correct. Choosing this recovery over reuniting with people was best.


Just then, a car roared in the distance.

However, since his five senses surpassed an average person he estimated that it would still take a while for the car to arrive.

Isn’t that the car that previously just left?’

He could see a four-wheeled SUV car driving skillfully around the buildings and broken asphalt.

“So you were still here!”

Inside was Captain Kim Nakhoon who stuck his head out and greeted him happily.

On the other hand he also showed a terrified expression as his eyes turned towards the ground where the monster’s corpse was.

Who cares? Igeon did what he had to do.

He had no consideration to listen to someone who said something otherwise.


“What’s the matter?”

Nakhoon thought Igeon looked more human-like than before.

Supposedly, he was too surprised previously and the scene of him killing the Blue Lion was too shocking.

Therefore his memory of Igeon’s outer appearance was unclear.

‘True, how could a skeleton walk around?’

“Would you like to go with us, by any chance?”

Nakhoon had to return immediately to this place immediately after he reported back to the headquarters.

The value of a top-class ability-user was much greater than a brigade.

But to think he returned, leaving that person behind?

Together with a report indicating that he didn’t seem to be affiliated with any guilds?

“I hope that you will go with us, if you don’t mind. A shower facility and plenty of food has been prepared inside the unit.”

Igeon had just finished eating the corpse of a Blue Lion.

The rotten and nasty foul smell assaulted Nakhoon’s nose.

Now that he thought about it, Igeon did want to shower.

He had just woken up after 6 years.

It was normal for him to desire the common things of normal people, like eating and showering.


Therefore, Igeon nodded his head.



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