Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 28: I will ask before I go


“Kim Domin, Yoo Jinmyung, Ma Dohee.”


Igeon named a list of three people.

Igeon opened his mouth first before Choibon could say anything.

“What are you saying so suddenly?”

“Are you familiar with any of those names?”

Choibon scrunched his eyebrows and Kim Nakhoon pondered seriously.

He felt like he had heard the name Kim Domin from somewhere.

Vaguely, at least before the unprecedented collapse of the central government.

At that time, he was a member of a group that regulated information as a operations officer, so he would have undoubtedly heard of the name.

“If it’s Kim Domin, then I think he was in the task force of the monster terrorist unit….”

Choibon’s face turned red. Even if he was a ability-user, he himself was the General in charge of this place.

There was no way he would be pleased with Igeon who had ignored him.

The problem was that Igeon didn’t even have the mind nor time to care about it either.

He had figured out the current situation based on the information he heard from Kim Nakhoon, and currently the most pressing issue was finding people that were familiar with the monster terrorist unit.

When he thought back to the conversations he had with Domin in the past, he was certain that the unit’s base was the place where he had been locked up.

“Where is that person?”

“Hey you!”

In the end, Choibon couldn’t stand it and roared.

The oval-shaped table between the two shook.

Looking at the angry Choibon and the indifferent Igeon, Kim Nakhoon agonized over which person he should side with.

Obviously, he was a soldier who had to follow the orders of the leading General.

However, Igeon had the herculean strength that could easily kill them both and stuff them into a plastic bag.

He had seen him capture the Blue Lion with his own eyes.

It was natural for him to feel the danger of the fist in front of him rather than worry about being reprimanded later on.


“This place is the army.”

Choibon said as he grinded his teeth.


Igeon simply asked back to Kim Nakhoon.


Unable to hide his anger Choibon called for the two ability-users who followed him around.

Of the two men, one had the same physical strengthening ability of the same rank as Kim Dopil and the other had the ability to make his body as hard as steel.

One attacked while the other defended; it was a suitable strategic arrangement.

“Subdue him!”

The one with the physical strength ability opened the door and ran towards Igeon.

Igeon, naturally had noticed the presence of the two earlier, when they had arrived.

However he didn’t even bother about them.


As his opponent’s fist stretched out towards him.

Igeon deflected the opponent’s fist away with the back of his hand.

The ability-user glared fiercely at the simple movement.

He was a professional boxer who had had great confidence in his fists before he woke up as an ability-user..

But his fists had been parried so easily?

As a war veteran who experienced numerous battles to survive he reflexively punched out with his left fist.

But no matter what, there was no way he could compare to Igeon, who fought till death’s doors with Gang Chae in his dream world.



His left leg stepped forward as he evaded the opponent’s attack.

Then when he was within the opponent’s range he pushed him gently on his abdomen with his left hand.

It looked just like a playful push if you looked at it.

But the effect damage was severe.


His body flew back violently.


He vomited blood in the air as he smashed into the wall.

Koong! Crack.

The concrete wall he smashed into cracked outwards like a flower blooming from the point of impact.


Just like that, it collapsed.

The one who had created the passage to the next room had no reaction but the others could not share the sentiment.

What kind of monstrous strength is this?


The other ability-user shouted in surprise.

He was fully aware of his friend’s background.

An ex-professional boxer with a physical strengthening ability.

When others simply relied on their ability and fought, he had trained himself thoroughly.

It was the reason he was able to come this far with merely a C-rank skill ranking.

He would not have been surprised if his friend had been defeated through the use of an overwhelming ability.

But this guy had perfectly evaded the professional boxer’s attack and parried his blow.

It was a movement that you wouldn’t be able to achieve from just sparring experience.

Having seen this, the second guard did not even think about attacking.

Who would be able to inflict such a great amount of damage on an ability-user such as him with a single blow?

Would it be possible if it was the world’s strongest physical ability-user?

He had never seen it before, so he couldn’t be certain; but there was one thing he was certain of.

He wasn’t an opponent they could deal with.

“I have no business with you guys.”

Igeon gazed at Choibon and the ability-user as he spoke.

Then he grabbed the back of Kim Nakhoon’s neck.

The scene of a guy wearing a white patient hospital gown carrying a bulky adult man with one neck out the door was –


Between the person that was being carried and the ones watching, the scene gave them a strange feeling.

As Kim Nakhoon was dragged away helplessly, he thought, ability-users were really an existence you couldnt understand.




Igeon reached a terrifying height as he leaped after a running start.

“Block him!”

“Catch him!”

People wearing military uniforms at the bottom hurriedly unslung their rifles as they went after Igeon.

But Igeon ran with a speed which they  couldn’t even think about following if they weren’t ability-users.


The sound of guns rang behind him but Igeon was too far in addition there were not many decent shooters who would be able to hit moving targets.

As he ran, the people after them were left behind and Igeon kicked off the wall of a normal looking four-story building, leaping to the roof.

Although Kim Nakhoon experienced motion sickness as blood rushed to his brain, he didn’t dare to let out a complaint. There was no reason to get harmed for saying pointless things.


He let him go on the roof and opened his mouth.

“I only have two questions. If you answer I will leave calmly.”

He spoke with a soft tone but it was no different to a threat.

The opponent was someone with overwhelming strength and decent physical ability-users were able to smash walls.

“Yes. sir”

The threat of one’s life was an excellent motivator, so Nakhoon who was still grasping at his head from the dizziness obediently answered him.

“Firstly is Kim Domin’s location and secondly is where I can find monsters like the Blue Lion.”



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