Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 29: To Yeongdeungpo (Dropped)


It was a dark night and Igeon was silently sitting on a wild dog that was 2m long.


While sitting on it, he was eating its thigh meat.

‘It’s disgusting.’

Obviously, he wasn’t eating it for the taste.

After eating a piece of the meat he could faintly feel a warm energy fill his stomach.

The strength of predatism was the incredible power of digestion.

Also. due to the long warm-up period, the amount of energy that Igeon had within him was still very small.

Therefore, he had to eat and drink as much as he could.

The nucleus of the Blue Lion had been amazingly delicious.

There was also that enormous fill of energy.

‘It’s not enough with these small fries.’

Before he went to Yeongdeungpo, he wanted to recover more of his strength.

‘Kim Domin, so he became a master of one of the three great guilds?’

He felt sick.

Didn’t it mean that the man who abandoned him and held his parent’s corpses as hostage was still alive and well?

“Damn bastard.”

Igeon laughed as he muttered curses.

He had also wanted to ask about his parent’s corpses but he also collect his dues.

Wasn’t revenge a natural right if you were harmed even if you were in the position to choose?

But it wasn’t that Igeon was burning with a desire for revenge.

What he felt for Domin, who had power but had not used it was not hate but contempt.

The time he spent with the five rings had greatly matured his mind.

Thanks to that, Igeon was able to easily pass over Domin’s issue.

However, it wasn’t as if he was going to just forget about it without doing anything.

‘Shouldn’t he paid back just as much?’

One should think about the repercussions if one decides to harm someone.

Yongshin had said that you don’t have to repay kindness but you have to repay a grudge by hundred times.

Naturally he wasn’t going to be as narrow-minded.

‘But even so, Kim Domin, there is no reason to let you go right?’

It may be different if he had no strength.

But Igeon had the strength no one could compare to.

He was able to easily judge that from the army.

As the vestiges of the government, that organisation was an excellently armed group with ability-users and weapons no matter how weak they were in reality.

But they couldn’t do a thing to him.

Moreover there weren’t even any signs of pursuit.

Igeon wasn’t aware, but the reason the army didn’t show the slightest sign of chase was because

Igeon had traversed across a field inhabited with monsters without hesitation.

It had been only a few days since he woke up and he felt like he was doing all the troublesome  tasks by himself.

“Don’t you guys ever get tired?”

Igeon stood up as he commented.


A pack of wild dogs that were about 2m long, appeared between the ruined buildings.

Their glowing blue eyes dotted the dark night and emitted bloodthirst.

However, the bloodthirst of the wild dogs were merely ticklish to Igeon.


The sound of whimpering dogs from all directions ran through the untimely night.




It took only a day for him to reach Yeongdeungpo.

He could’ve have arrived earlier but Igeon controlled his speed.

Instead he killed all the surrounding monsters that attacked him and ate them.

Thanks to that, his skeleton-like appearance was now more pleasing.

On the way, he also roughly cut his hair and picked up a pair of ripped jeans to wear.

The location he was heading to wasn’t Yeongdeungpo station.

It was next to it, between Yeongdeungpo station and Yeongdeungpo-gu Office station, where Mad Management was located at.

‘Did he say that monsters would appear periodically if there was a spot?’

That’s what Kim Nakhoon had said from his explanation.

Spots are where the monsters are produced and are made to maintain the fields so they can establish human territories.

That was definitely what he said.

But now that he was here there was a totally different scenery.

These guys rode monsters and walked around with collars on their necks.

They clearly looked like humans though.

As soon as Igeon showed himself in the outskirts, someone who was leisurely being vigilant of the surroundings came towards him.

“Who are you?”


The person was mounting a monster similar to the 2m wild dogs he had killed on the way here.

It was a man with long hair only in the middle like a chicken’s comb.

Igeon’s eyes gazed towards the monster he was riding on.

Igeon named the rank 8 monster as ‘Night wild dog.’

Its name came from the characteristic of becoming violent whenever it was night.

‘Why is he riding that?’

Wasn’t monsters and humans in a hostile relationship? He was in doubt.Amongst the three great guilds, Mad Management had the most secrets and the least interaction with people.

Because Igeon didn’t reply, the person riding on the monster tilted his head in confusion.

“Did an experimental sample escape? How did you come out?”

The man indifferently took out the whip from his waist and cracked it towards Igeon.


Igeon casually caught the whip midair.

Then he pulled it.


At the same time, the wild dog was about to open its mouth.

‘Shut up.’

But Igeon formed a formless ray of pure force and oppressed the wild dog’s mouth.

Then he grabbed the dog’s neck and snapped it.


That was it.

There was no growls or groans.

Igeon grabbed the man’s neck and took his whip.

Using it as a rope, he tied it around the man’s body and dragged him towards an alleyway.

Yeongdeungpo was a place that preserved remnants from before the outbreak.

Therefore, it had a lot of dark and shady places.

Walking past the motel with a worn-out sign Igeon dropped the man on the floor.

But he still used psychokinesis to keep his mouth shut.

“What is that?”

Igeon released his psychokinesis as he asked.

But the man was still quiet and dumbfounded.

Because it was obvious he had no answer to a question with no subject.

Soon, the man soon recovered his senses.

This place was within Mad Management’s territory; it wasn’t a place where members of other guilds could randomly move around as they want.

“You bastard…!”


The man closed his mouth when he was about to shout.

Igeon’s hand grazed pass the man’s face and smashed a hole into the wall.


A drip of red liquid flowed down his cheek.

Breaking a concrete wall wasn’t a difficult matter for a decent ability-user.

However, piercing a wall like it was mud wasn’t easy.

“I’ll ask you once more. What is an experimental sample?”

Igeon started to his question once again slowly.

He had to understand bit by bit.

Igeon had no plan to harm Domin only through physical pain.

He wants to break all the things that he cherished.

Then tell him,

‘This is how one uses power.’



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