Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 3: Hospital Room

“Yoo Igeon, 19 years old.”
Seungwon placed his legs on the desk and read the documents as he bobbed his head.
The child who had killed a rank 5 grey wolf.
It was just a grey wolf. The fact that he had killed it wasn’t a big deal.
‘A rank 5 monster, well…’
However, the circumstances revolved around an unarmed civilian that managed to kill it..
As his habit, Seungwon investigated Igeon’s background.
The primary and junior school he graduated from, and his social circles.
There weren’t any records of him receiving any training.
He really was just a normal civilian .
A normal child; that was Yoo Igeon.
‘There is another point though.’
Something that differed from other normal children.
From a young age his dream and goal was clear.
There was something he wanted, and for that he didn’t waste a single day.
He was diligent, his school grades were also good
He wasn’t a genius or gifted, but he was smart.
Seungwon slammed the documents on the desk.
He reached a conclusion..
That is, there wasn’t anything special about the boy he wanted to see.
“How smart.”
But he was a child that seemed to be loved by everyone.
His dead parents would have been proud every time they saw their child, and the child would have fulfilled his parent’s expectations.
Then how was it that he could kill a grey wolf?
‘I want to meet him as soon as possible.’
Though, unlike his wish it wasn’t something easy to do.
Because from even in Seungwon’s position and circumstances, the child was in the hands of a very troublesome/difficult person.

“My name is Kim Domin.”
“We should introduce ourselves.”
“I am Yoo Igeon.”
“Your age?”
“I am 19 years old.”
Domin stood in front of Igeon’s bed.
He had brought a file and kept flipping it over to ask questions.
Igeon calmly answered all those questions.
‘It’s probably something necessary, right?’
He didn’t know why he had to do something like this to revive his parents.
In Igeon’s position, he was more scared if Domin said ‘give up.’
Or if he said, ‘Actually, it was a bad joke.’ Igeon would have gone crazy.
Or, he would have fallen into despair and struggled in agony.
“I should be about 180cm.”
“Specifically, its 181cm.”
“It seems like I grew a bit.”
“I’m 73 kilograms”
“You’re on the slim side.”
Other than that, there was a line of personal questions.
Igeon tried to reply as seriously and accurately as possible.
“Your dream was to be a marathon runner?”
On the document the man, Kim Domin was reading it was written that he had ran 10 kilometers every morning for three years.
Together with that it said it was to enter the Olympics and be a gold medalist.
However, Igeon shook his head.
Domin who saw that asked a question.
“Is that so? But it’s written that running is your specialty and hobby?”
“I wanted to be Olympic gold medallist. That was my dream.”
It was Igeon’s innermost feelings.
In order to achieve success in the Olympics, Igeon devoted himself to training
Igeon could feel his heart become calm as he looked at Domin.
To the child who lost his parents, he was the person who would return them to him.
Even if that person was a villain who was the world’s enemy, currently he would be the person Igeon would be relying on.
“Gold medallist?”
“Yes. Running was what I was best at..”
But even though he was the person Igeon had to rely on, he couldn’t trust him so easily.
‘A weird person.’
That is what Igeon thought as he looked at Domin.
Although he smiled, only his mouth and cheeks moved.
When Domin smiles in front of Igeon, his eyes don’t move.
They were cold as winter.
Since childhood, he could understand the feelings of the people around him.
It was a kind of a sixth sense that had developed so sensitively that one might applaud him.
The condition of reviving his parents gave everything meaning… even so he had to trust him but couldn’t trust him completely.
Domin closed the file he was holding.
“Good. Do you remember before you fell unconscious?”
“Yes. I had a headache. The last thing I remember was my head throbbing.”
“Before that?”
“My parents’ corpses…”
“Ah, if it’s hard to say you don’t have to.”
“…yes. Thank you.”
That moment was still traumatic for Igeon.
Domin may have wanted to take it into account, but for Igeon it was something he didn’t want to talk about.
Domin continued to ask questions without pause..
“Then do you remember the wolf?”
“Yes. The big… was it really a wolf? At first I thought it was a dog.”
“No. It is a wolf.”
“Ah, really?”
Seeing Igeon surprised Domin inquired.
“Can you tell me how you killed that wolf?”
Igeon could feel a subtle coercive pressure from Domin, but he tried to ignore it.
Then he tried to explain the situation as calmly as he could.
Truthfully he was half crazy, so there was a large possibility that what Igeon said was at least partly true.
Domin listened quietly.
“And like that,I killed it with a hammer”
As soon as Igeon finished speaking, Domin couldn’t hide his doubts.
“You said you stabbed it with a knife; it just went in easily?”
“The only weapon I could think of was a kitchen knife.”
It was probably the first weapon you would think of in a normal home.
The problem was that a 19 year old boy did this.
“Good. We’re done for today.”
As he said that, Domin lifted his right hand.
‘So you put the watch on your left hand.’
The silver watch looked so expensive that Igeon could not dare to imagine its cost.
Domin spoke as he checked the time.
“I’ll come again tomorrow. It would be best if you rest till then.”
Igeon asked hurriedly.
“Ah, okay. But I can’t move my body. Was I injected with some kind of anaesthetic?”
“No. That’s… I’ll explain it tomorrow. There isn’t enough time right now.”
Like that Domin left the room, and a dreary silence wrapped the room.
Unconsciously, Igeon felt an eerie chill in the air.
No windows, not even a TV.
Though the fan was turning, it only made the room more eerie..
If only he could move; he would have at least been able to curl up.
From his neck below, was unresponsive .
His turned to look at the IV drip attached to his arm.
‘Is there anesthetic in that?’
If that’s so, what kind of evil organisation was I captured by?
Did they bait me with the prospect of my parents revival and deceive me?
Then what is it that they get in return?
But what for? If it was organ trafficking, they could have just taken it already.’
He heard some urban myth about it, but to Igeon it was something distant to him.
It didn’t make sense.
Even if Igeon was somehow special, he was just a 19 year old boy with nothing to gain from.
‘Let’s stop.’
They were useless thoughts. After all, such decisions were outside Igeon’s power; they rested in the hands of Domin.
‘It feels like a prison, not a hospital room.’
He couldn’t rid himself of these feelings.
In various ways, this place looked like a place of imprisonment rather than treatment.
His eyes focused towards the door Domin had left through.
He could see a locking device used to prevent one from leaving the room.
It wasn’t an ordinary lock you open with a key or from the inside.
It was the kind that if locked from outside you couldn’t do anything.
Igeon tried to shake off his uneasiness.
‘It wouldn’t be. First is saving my parents; let’s concentrate on that.’

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