Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 4: Ability-User

I wonder how much that watch is?’
Though Igeon’s family wasn’t extremely well off, they weren’t on the poor side.
Since twelfth grade, he received about 300,000 won for his birthday.
Igeon, who liked watches since he was young became curious about the price of Domin’s watch.
‘It should be at least from C-brand.’
These small concerns helped Igeon relax his mind.
Thanks to that, he was he slowly overcame his fear with curiosity..
‘Ah, I should’ve checked the watch brand more closely.’
It’s uncertain why but the door to the room always made that sound when it opened.
And as Igeon turned his eyes towards the door, a familiar face appeared.
It was a nurse in her forties.
“Where is this place?”
Igeon’s question was left unanswered, disappearing into the silence.
The woman didn’t listen or even talk. That’s why Igeon only questioned without expecting an answer.
Her awful attitude would make one uncomfortable.
But for Igeon, his embarrassment came first.
The woman had helped him change clothes, wash his body and even cleaned up his urine and feces.
On top of that, he was also spoon-fed by her.
‘Ah, seriously. It’s so shameful.’
A human being’s mind is flexible.
Besides, young children relatively quickly overcome pain and sadness.
And along with that, Igeon had a clear main goal.
To save his parents.
Because of that, Igeon was able to recover his pace again pretty soon.
Naturally he wasn’t able to erase the lingering despair, but at least his hope pushed the sadness aside temporarily.
‘They should be special like this for me to believe in it.’
Moreover this woman’s behaviour, and also Kim Domin’s many secrets and cunningness as well.
This momentarily relieved him.
If Domin said that he could save his parents and started spraying holy water on his head or claiming to be a necromancer of some sort and started lighting candles saying he would call out souls, Igeon would’ve immediately fallen into despair.
Igeon was able to trust him more because he didn’t know about him much.
‘They are special.’
Because the ones who confined him are special.
However, there was one thing that kept gnawing at his fear.
It was the fact that he couldn’t move his body at all.
‘It’s not like I won’t be able to move my body permanently, right?’
After the women left, the door opened again shortly after.
It was Kim Domin.
Holding a grey pouch in his right hand and wearing rimless glasses, he lightly greeted Igeon.
“Have you been well?”
“Ah, when can I move?”
He was thinking about it just then, so unknowingly the question slipped out of his mouth.
“I also don’t know when.”
Domin answered straight away and opened the steel foldable chair.
“What I’m saying right now, it’s the same as before. There’s only meaning if you believe.”
Then, he took out a laptop from the grey pouch.
The notebook screen turned on and soon a video was played on the big screen.
A woman was running away. The man who was filming was also ceaselessly running, and the camera angle was violently shaking.
Just looking at it made one feel dizzy, but the situation made it evident that the urgency wasn’t merely a movie.
No, if it was a movie then the director would have definitely got a Golden Globe award.
The video had an astonishing degree of realism.
“Run, Suhyun! Run! huff huff!”
The camera angle started to roll non-stop; perhaps the man fell over while running.
Then the screen slanted as the camera stopped rolling.
Igeon groaned unconsciously..
In the corner of the screen, a black shadow could be seen.
The shadow, started moving towards the camera.
It was an animal with a huge body.
‘No, you can’t call it an animal’
Igeon could see thick sharp claws. It seemed just like a the blade of a knife , it couldn’t possibly belong to an animal.
Also, its skin was covered with steel-like hair.
Whether that creature was a bear, or some other animal their hide seemed to have the equivalent value of an expensive pelt.
Other than dog fur, humans like to wear all kinds of fur.
The creature’s fur in the screen seemed to be made of steel.
You could feel the firmness and sharpness of the hide through the screen.
The man’s eyes were filled with despair and fear; indescribable feelings were swirling in his eyes.
A small stream of liquid streamed out from between the man’s legs.
His body stiffened in terror, and the eyes of the man who wet himself looked at the beast’s claws.
Death creeped incessantly closer.
The man’s eyes followed the beast’s claw.
With a clear sound.
The man’s neck flew cleanly off.
It was the kind of death that seemed too vain and one which totally ignored the value of human life.
The video finished there.
“What you just saw was from two days ago.”
Though he wanted to ask whether it was a movie,Igeon knew. It was the same kind as the wolf he had faced.
The wolf he killed possessed such an overwhelming strength that its front leg could break the floor.
He himself was amazed at how he actually killed that wolf.
The beast in the video was like a unique creature that seemed like a monster’s love child.
“What was it?”
Igeon couldn’t receive an answer for his question.
Instead, Domin looked at him and asked.
“Question: what do you think is the thing you just saw?”
He packed his notebook and put it back into his pouch as he quietly waited for Igeon’s answer.
A beast, or a wild animal.
Both of them weren’t the answer.
There was only one answer to Domin’s question and Igeon knew it.
And he felt this conversation had an importance relevance to this goal.
If what they had been talking about until now was about Yoo Igeon, then the talk right now would be about information on how to revive his parents and saving people.
It was unique and mysterious; it didn’t belong to the general category.
Therefore there was only one word Igeon could answer with.

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