Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 5: I Want to Get Up

“Correct. It’s a monster.”
Domin confirmed the answer indifferently.
“The thing shown on this video is a monster. It’s also the reality you have to face the moment you get up from the bed.”
If Igeon was able to move his body freely right now, his heart would definitely be beating .
After that, Domin started speaking about more complicated things.
The talk wasn’t that short.
Domin explained the reasons and circumstances, also revealing the aftermaths Igeon would have to face and his personal ideas regarding it.
He tried to explain it so Igeon could understand what he was talking about in the three hours.
What Domin was disclosing was something very important.
This was the starting point of reviving his parents, like the first part of a chain quest in a game.
‘The important point is the ability-user and the monster.’
And the warning.
“That’s why the longer you are unable to move, the larger my expectations become”
Igeon nodded as he listened to Domin.
It was unbelievable but, there were creatures out there that were openly hostile to humans.
They were monsters, like the creatures you would find in role-playing games.
Igeon didn’t need a long period of time to digest the fact.
He had already faced a wolf, and the video Domin showed added more credibility to his claims.
There were monsters in this world.
It was something he could understand quickly.
Then is humankind prey for those monsters?
No, because there were special people who fought with the monsters.
That is also the reason why Igeon’s body had been paralysed.
“Then I guess you wouldn’t know when I can get up.”
“That’s right, but when you do you would be awakened as an ability-user. Then as I said before…”
“There is a way to revive my parents?”
As Igeon cut Domin’s words, he glared at Igeon as he spoke.
“You can’t become full on the first bite. Though we discussed about revival, it’s not such an easy task. Even just getting up and adapting will take a long time.”
Before one becomes an ability-user, the body becomes paralysed by some trigger.
The only part you can move is the area above the neck.
One or two days may pass, but the longer one is paralysed the stronger and more special the ability becomes.
It was a simple truth, and for the sake of saving his parents, Igeon understood that he had to become an ability-user, and that he had to adhere to Domin’s demands right now.
“It’s the contract. Read and sign it.”
“I can’t even move my hand right now.”
“Then sign it on the day you get up.”
Domin laughed with his cold eyes.
As usual Igeon got the chills from his eyes.
But he laughed together with him.
He had to live, and he had to save his parents
‘I really want to move.’
Not even being able to wriggle was tougher than he thought.
Igeon wished to be able to move his body, even if it was only a day faster.

Igeon feltsick as the time he spent lying down became longer.
‘At least give me a TV.’
At the peak of his puberty? This kind of Buddhist monk lifestyle didn’t match him.
‘It’s to the point it’s become agonising.’
It may have been different if Domin came regularly.
Silence and a nurse who refuses to answer or shows any signs of humanity to is the only one who comes and goes.
‘I think I’m going to go crazy.’
Ironically, Igeon was about to go crazy from this confined life rather than from the trauma of his parents’ death.
Confinement isn’t a good thing for anyone, but is extremely agonising for a young boy who is still growing
As one day, then two days passed, the things he eagerly wanted such as a TV, computer or smartphone became much simpler.
If only there was someone he could talk to, whether that be a murderer or a cold-blooded person with a hidden agenda.
‘I hope Domin-hyung comes. Please come. Please come.’
Even if he was hiding an evil scheme or not, Igeon was wished for only one thing: someone to share a conversation with.
At first, he called him Sir Kim Domin, Mr. Kim Domin, and somewhere along the lines Igeon started addressing him as Domin hyung.
Naturally he didn’t actually call him that. Only when Igeon was by himself did he do so.
His mind was clearly fatigued.
The closed door he stared at all day, had opened.
Igeon accidentally mumbled aloud.
‘Should I say it’s a relief?’
It wasn’t Kim Domin. It was someone he was unfamiliar with.
The only people he had ever seen at this place were only two people, Kim Domin and the nurse.
“Kim Domin doesn’t have a soft enough personality to deserve to be called ‘hyung’. Especially during work”
It was the first time he had seen this person.
With a short, rough black moustache and long grey coat, he looked relatively handsome with his slim body and tall height.
‘That’s the so-called killing fit I guess.’
“Anyways who put that mechanism on the door? Are they trying to tell the people coming and going that I’m here?”
Rather than answering his question Igeon decided to greet him.
If he didn’t stop him it seemed like he would only incessantly talk nonsense then disappear without a trace.
Also Igeon was relieved rather than being fearful of the man’s identity.
Because he was a person who Igeon could speak with.
To Igeon who had sealed his lips for over a week, he was delighted.
“Are you Yoo Igeon?”
Igeon’s attitude which was contrary to his expectations, making Seungwon tilt his head in confusion.
‘That doesn’t seem like the attitude of a child who lost his parents.’
He could tell that there was something going on.
But on the outside he feigned calmness. Truthfully, today he only came to see the child Yoo Igeon because he was curious.
“Lets see. I have about 30 minutes. Can you tell me about what you have been doing?”
‘He’s being overly friendly.’
It wasn’t that Igeon didn’t like the man’s friendly behaviour. Rather, Igeon could already feel that the man was a better person than Domin.
‘Well, it’s not like my intuition is correct all the time.’
The important thing  was that he was having a conversation.
It was like rain for a drought.
Domin never said to keep the deal between them a secret, and seeing that the man came to visit an immobile man, Igeon could only assume that this person is somehow involved in the current situation.
So Igeon told the man about everything without hesitation.
“Hoo, I see.”
“That’s right.”
“Give up trying to talk with that woman. She can’t even hear nor speak in the first place.”
The man had a good attitude as a listener, while commenting with witty replies in between.
Also, Igeon was able to gain valuable information, such as the fact that the female nurse really couldn’t hear or speak.
‘But would one avert my eyes because of that?’
Unless there was another reason.
Although Igeon was young and innocent, he wasn’t stupid.
Igeon stared at Seungwon.
He continued listening to Igeon, neglecting to sit down upon just noticing that Igeon quickly turned his line of sight to the chair.
It became a habit since he couldn’t move his body.
Igeon realised that a person can express themselves or instruct someone with just their face.
“Ah, please sit on the chair”
“What a fast suggestion…”
Despite saying that sarcastically, Seungwon slid the chair over and sat down.
Then he took out his smartphone from his pocket and checked the time.
“By the way, who are you?”
His question came as late as his suggestion to sit did.
He was too excited to have a conversation and for someone’s presence to alleviate his loneliness.
“My name is Cha Seungwon. I work in the same place as Domin”
Igeon nodded his head.
‘It seems like they are close.’
Though they didn’t seem to fit together in Igeon’s eyes, there are cases where opposites attract.
“If you have already heard about ability-users, should I give you an interesting quiz?”
“Yes? What kind?”
“The period an ability-user is paralysed is called ‘warm-up’, so what do you think the longest amount of days a person was in the warm-up period for?
It was a question that came out of nowhere, but he was curious because it was it was relevant to him.

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