Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 6: Confinement

What Igeon understood was that the longer you were paralysed, the more greater the special ability would be.
But to suddenly become strong after being unable to move in a paralysed state?
He wanted to ask a real ability-user. How does it work?
Igeon who has already been paralysed already been paralysed for a while couldn’t feel anything yet.
“I don’t know.”
“It is 90 days.”
’90 days.’
It was longer than he expected. Enduring 90 days of paralysis.
‘That’s horrifying.’
He was barely enduring it right now. This hospital, especially, was a dreadful place for someone who couldn’t move their four limbs.There was nothing to do, and entertainment was nonexistent.
“Domin won’t be happy hearing that I came to visit you. Well, though he probably knows by now.”
Seungwon’s bitter smile suggested some hidden circumstances behind it.
“Is that so?”
But Igeon did not feel like it was something important.
He was only worrying about how long does he have to stay lying down for,
“I’ll get going now. I’ll come again when I have time and when I am bored. Also I’ll tell them to fix that door. You probably get surprised every time someone opens that door.”
The sound of the door opening was too loud. It was something Igeon had always thought about.
But he wasn’t sure if he was in a position to demand for it.
“Tell me if you are uncomfortable with anything. If they confined someone here they should at least hear the person’s requests.”
Seungwon left as he said that.
As Seungwon went, his words circled inside Igeon’s head.
‘They confined me?’
Igeon motionlessly stared at the ceiling.
As he expected, he wasn’t just here; he was confined.
It wasn’t just a speculation but conviction.
This was an unacceptable way to manage a patient..
‘Because I am an ability-user?’
A door you can’t open, a room with no windows.
He has only met three people after ‘that’ happened at his home: Kim Domin, the nurse, and Cha Seungwon.
‘Amongst them there is one whose name I don’t even know’
Though his body was confined, the people who locked him up also seemed to want to confine his mind as well.
Starting from delusions about losing his organs, all sorts of hallucinations started to run rampant.
Igeon tried to erase the horrible thought that started to emerge.
‘I want to get up soon.’
Unknowingly, tears started to flow from his eyes.
It wasn’t because he was sad. For Igeon who couldn’t even curl up from fear, the only method was being able to let clear tears fall from his eyes.


“Chief Cha Seungwon. It is troublesome if you act so recklessly.”
“Why is it a big deal to want to see the face of my future junior?””
The man standing in front of Seungwon scratched his head with a difficult expression.
The problem wasn’t that junior.
“Why? Did Domin say that he wants to punish me?”
As he said that grinning, the man couldn’t dare to refute him since he was here by orders from the top.
“Anyways, just be careful next time. As you said that ‘Kim Domin’ is being very careful with him. And the only people who knows about it is only Chief, me and Chief Kim Domin. Please keep it confidential.”
The employee from the inspection department said as he left.
At the end of the corridor, he stood in front of the vending machine.
Usually it was a place where close acquaintances would have coffee together.
But for the employee and Seungwon, it was a place to exchange a brief conversation.
Beep, Whiiiing.
A coffee was dispensed into a cup as he pressed the button.
Seungwon took the coffee out and took a sip.
‘As expected, mix coffee is the best’
It was truly a global invention made by Koreans.
Seungwon enjoyed the sweet taste as he tried to figure out Domin’s intentions.
Domin’s intentions were unfathomable. No matter how much he agonized about it there was not enough information to draw a conclusion.
‘What are you thinking? Kim Domin?’
He was a complicated man, but he followed a very simple rule.
‘He would never do anything that makes himlose out’
That was the Kim Domin that Seungwon knew.

As Igeon felt like he was becoming a mummy driven mad from loneliness, a fortnight passed.
“How is it today?”
Domin visited day after day.
“It’s the same.”
It had already been three days  since Igeon replied with the same response.
Do your fingers move? Has your senses returned? Can you feel anything you couldn’t before?
Trivial questions.
Igeon replied to those questions and asked whether he could get a radio, television, or any type of entertainmen.
Domin shook his head.
“This place isn’t an ordinary place. We can’t bring those kinds of objects inside.”
‘Which is the lie and which is the truth?’
He was saying as if a TV had an immense influence on a person’s mind.
Of course a TV did. Its role as a medium to spread information can easily influences people.
However currently, the way Domin speaks was suggesting that televisions were even dangerous.
If he had to give up on these entertainments which stimulates the mind, he would.
There was another question Igeon wanted to ask.
“Then, how are you going to save my parents?”
Was it aforbidden question? Truthfully, Igeon tried not to think about it.
The more he thought about it, the more he suspected that it might be a lie.
If by any chance, it was a lie, would Igeon fall into despair again?
It was only because Igeon believed it was the truth did he recover and persevere.
These were the reasons why he put his trust in Domin.
Intentional or not, it was this point that relieved Igeon.
“That is something we will discuss about once you get up. I swear on my name, not a single ounce of a lie was in it. For the sake of saving your parents, we have cryopreserved their bodies.”
Unconsciously, he teared up; he did every time they talked about his parents.
It was probably because he witnessed that terrible scene with his own eyes.
Igeon swallowed back his emotions and replied.
I trust you, so you can do whatever you want with me.
Igeon kept his will.
‘Let’s endure’
The dullness, the moments of paralysing boredom, the truth of being confined, and the fear; especially the fear..
A human’s mind is flexible, but also weak.
What Igeon feared the most was, not his inability to save his parents but rather that he would be confined like this forever.
Even if he had a clear goal of saving his parents, he still feared life confinement..
‘…I feel like I’m going to die.’
Everyday there was at least one time when he felt like he couldn’t breathe; it felt like he might die just from that
“I heard you have a psychological problem. Steel your heart. Only if you get up.”
‘If I get up?’
Domin continued talking as he got up from the chair.
“You can achieve what you want.”
The door opened quietly and Domin left.
The door’s clanky sound was remedied, lifting one weight from his mind
‘The last words he said.’
Achieve what you want. That was the strength fueling Igeon’s endurance.
After 30 minutes Domin left, a familiar face came in.
“You come often, hyung-nim”
Since when was he called hyung-nim? In the fortnight, Seungwon visited him more often than Domin.
“Your main body isn’t here?”
Seungwon’s body was translucent, as if a hologram or projection of a floating body was here.
His feet was half floating in the air.
It made Igeon remember when he was frightened half to death by Seungwon’s first visit…

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