Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 7: In My Dreams

“Now you don’t get surprised like the first time?”
“Human are animals of adaptability,” replied Igeon.
“Was Domin just here?”
“He asked a few questions as usual and left. Ah, is hunting that wolf really an amazing thing?”
When Seungwon last visited, Igeon asked about the reason why he was confined.
Seungwon said it was because he killed the grey wolf with his bare hands.
“It is amazing.”
Inwardly, Seungwon shook his head, but he didn’t let Igeon know.
He was glad he was partly using his ability in these situations, since it would be difficult to read his expressions like this.
Igeon’s eyes turned grey. Long periods of confinement and deprivation drained his energy.
No matter how clear of a goal a person has, his willpower is bound to wear down like how water  weathers a rock.
Seeing Igeon’s depressed state, Seungwon spoke with a smile.
“Should I tell you about the experience I had during my warm-up today?”
“Does something really happen?”
“Then, do you think it suddenly becomes ‘Oh, I can move now’?”
Seungwon casually sat down midair with a confident smile.
The more he saw him the more amazing it was. The hazy form easily sat cross-legged, floating in the air.
“Ah, I enjoy the Korean floor heating system you see, please understand even if I look weird”
Naturally, he himself also knew how he appeared right now.
“In the case of my ability, my ability . Don’t ask me anything more about it. Essentially, it is taboo to reveal your ability to others. I told you before right?”
“I won’t ask.”
Igeon replied as he nodded, affirming Seungwon’s repetitive lectures.
Hearing his reply, Seungwon continued speaking comfortably.
“I was like this, watching the TV lying down day in day out; what was so exciting about it? Also, if no one came I couldn’t even change the channel. I was about to flip out and my irritation shot up. Just when I was thinking it would be better if there was another me to talk with…”
Seungwoon would be a good storyteller; he knew when to pause.
“Another me suddenly appeared next to me.”
“Another me?”
“That’s right. My days improved from there because at least there was someone I could converse with.”
“Isn’t that a type of mental illness?”
“Could you say that seeing my ability right in front of you?”
Igeon bursted out laughing from Seungwon’s remark.
Talking with Seungwon in this place of hardships and suffering was his only consolation.


Igeon who counted the days knew today was the 36th day.
Though he did not have to count.
“Today as well? But isn’t this the 36th day?”
Domin who comes over every day reminds him of how long he has been inside.
As the 30th day passed, his eyes showed delight as he looked at Igeon.
It was the expression of subtle elation when you finally found the last piece of a thousand-piece puzzle.
‘I wonder what this person wants from me?’
A contract? In Igeon’s position it merely seemed to be a piece of paper.
At the age of 19 what kind of stamps and signs would he authorize?
Therefore, from his perspective a ‘contract’ was not something one must fulfil, but just something one would just ‘recommend doing.’
“I got it.”
Domin turned and left after saying that.
It was around this time that Igeon had a revelation.
‘Why isn’t he coming?’
Seungwon did not visit him anymore.
Igeon became increasingly curious as to whether something happened, but he was also worried.
But it’s not like there was anyone he could ask about it.
In the end, all he could do was spend the days exactly like the previous 36 days.
Without hesitation.
He ate the food fed by the nurse, now he was used to the nurse looking at his body and as the days passed, he wasn’t even embarrassed anymore came.
110 days had passed.
“…today as well?”
Domin’s eyes at this time was filled with clear excitement, to the point you wouldn’t be able to  imagine his normally cold speech and eyes.
‘Didn’t he say longest warm-up period 90 days?’
He remembered what Seungwon told him. If it was true he would also rather be excited and expectant just like Domin.
However, the problem was that it did not seem like he would get up at all anytime soon.
Unlike Domin, Igeon was slowly being eaten away by the darkness of despair.
As Igeon was withdrawing as he lost the freedom of his entire body, the light in his eyes gradually faded.
Even when he saw Igeon like this, Domin did not even try to console with empty words.
‘If only I also  had another me.’
Igeon frequently had these thoughts.
Every two days, he would fall asleep with tears in his eyes.
A night with no one around; today again he fell asleep with tears.
He suddenly opened his eyes.
‘I fell asleep just then.’
He didn’t like waking up from his sleep.
At least when he was asleep, he wouldn’t have any thoughts or feel any pain.
He unconsciously mumbled to himself as he looked around.
It was a pure white space. The unique feature was that there was a window on one side in the air.
He could also see a huge TV over 50 inches wide.
Even though it was a white space, he could see a blue sky and floating clouds in various shapes.
‘If it’s a dream like this, I would welcome it anytime.’
As he thought that, he unconsciously stretched out his hand.
“My hand can move?”
Not just his hands but his shoulders, legs and his entire body regained their ability to move.
“Woah! This is the best!”
He ran forward as he jumped and shouted. His 120 days of confinement were over! he ran around crazily after finally getting his body’s freedom back after four months.
He was someone who ran as his hobby, specialty and goal.
Just by running around, his stress flew away.
After running around from his sense of freedom for a long time, he stopped to observe a special sculpture.
Though he did not know who sculpted it, it seemed to have been made earnestly.
“…Olympic rings”
The five Olympic rings were in front of Igeon’s eyes.
Blue, yellow, black, green and red rings.
It was his dream, and everything to him.
It was in front of his eyes.

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