Rise, Strongest Warrior – Chapter 9: Green is Shin An (New Eyes)



Groaning, Igeon did whatever he could in his efforts.

He touched them, hit them, and even licked them out of desperation.

‘What do I have to do to get these guys to react?’

A fortnight had passed since his first meeting with the the five rings.

Occasionally, there is a reaction but nothing more.

Slowly, he started to get impatient.

“They are provoking me.”

As he said that the yellow ring sparked.

“Is my method wrong?”


The red ring started to vibrate.

‘I don’t know.’

In the end Igeon threw his hands up in exasperation.

Igeon observed the five rings as he lied down onto the ground on his side with his head leaning on his arm.

Apart from the occasional vibrations and currents flowing through the rings, reactions were far and few in between.

‘I wonder, can I separate the rings?’

Until now, he never thought about moving the rings.

The current always flowed as one, so this thought never came to him previously.

But seeing as each ring reacts differently, he realized that they all seemed to have an individual personality.

‘Should I try taking it out?’

He immediately put his idea to action.

He stretched his hand out and held the green ring.

The ring easily separated from the rest the moment he thought about taking the ring out.


Then the green ring started to violently tremble, shaking Igeon’s body to the bone.


As his trembling hands dropped the green ring, it fell towards the ground.


And the green ring shattered.


Surprised, Igeon looked towards the ground.  he remains of the ring melted into the ground.


The ground under Igeon’s feet started to rise.


The surroundings changed in a single moment.

The floor raised, the ceiling broke and a sky appeared.

Igeon’s gaped wide open as the magic instantaneously replaced his surroundings.


Seemingly effortless, a waterfall was formed and a thick fog culminated where the water fell.

A canyon with a deep gorge was made.

Fresh grass sprouted wildly in the surroundings.

“…What is this…”

Dumbfounded, Igeon heard a voice at his ears.

The voice was almost inaudible like a radio whose frequency was off.

‘Can you see?’

As he concentrated on the voice, he could barely discern the voice.

“What are you!?”

Surprised, Igeon searched his vicinity in vain.

He was standing was on a plateau, with no way to get down.

However, it also wasn’t so wide that someone could hide themselves; it was barely 10 square meters.

It was almost the same size as the room he was residing in real life.

The wind blew, and a leaf next to the rock fell from a branch and fluttered towards him.

As if though the leaf had a will of its own, it moved towards Leegun and landed on his right eye.


Tensed, Igeon brushed the leaf off as his eyes gaped wide open, frightened.

“…Who are you?”

A man with glimmering green eyes and a long wave of light green hair stood there .

The person held a leather book on his left side and wore clothes with large sleeves.

‘He looks like the main character of a Chinese mobile RPG game.’

He was a collection of cliches in those commonly mass-produced mobile games.

If someone went around like this in reality they would be treated like a crazy person, punk or delinquent.

But the person in front actually gave off a peculiar ambience.

The man lightly wrinkled his brows and opened his mouth.

“What kind of hobby do you have to desperately call for me and then ask who I am?”

Igeon tilted his head.

‘I called for him?’

The image of the man was clear in his right eye, however all he could see was the empty air in his left eye. It was normal for him to be startled.

The man talked as if they knew each other.

Igeon gazed at the fallen leaf that was attached to his eye and stuck it to his left eye.

“It seems like you aren’t so stupid.”

As the man spoke, Igeon could finally see the appearance of the man clearly with both eyes.

They say that if you look at the result, you can figure out the cause.

Igeon assumed the he could see the man was because of the leaf, and that thought was correct.

‘He’s damn good-looking.’

The man’s unique hair and eye colour couldn’t mask his beauty.

No, rather those unique features just enhanced his good looks.

With the book held his side and atmosphere that melded into a peculiar harmony, he was a spitting  image of an intelligent and  handsome man.

“Are you green?”

Similar to how he figured out about sticking the leaf onto his eye, Igeon knew that the green ring he broke was the cause of this situation.

The man smirked at Igeon’s question.

‘Wah, just looking at his smile annoys me?’

As the man sneered at his question, he glared at Igeon.

“Never ever, never call me with that name. My name is Shin An (New eyes).”

Igeon automatically nodded his head in face of the man’s force.






Despite the fact that they just introduced themselves, Shin An was already ordering Igeon.

‘What is he telling me to look at now?’

“You are such a slow guy…”

Igeon asked a question as he tilted his head.


“Can’t you see?”

“See what?”

“Are you saying you don’t even know how to see the inner side!”


There should be a limit to scolding. Hearing criticism from someone you didn’t even know well was a vexing experience.


Naturally, Igeon also wasn’t a pushover.

Igeon had a turbulent past; it wasn’t as if he would get blown away like a dainty flower.

But before Igeon could show any defiance, Shin An’s hands moved faster.

Though it was Igeon who exercised regularly, and had better reflexes than the average people, he couldn’t react at all.

The blow came suddenly in between the short breaks of breathing.

Even though he knew it was coming, the movement was too fast to react to.



Igeon covered his eyes with his hands as both his eyes were stabbed.

Tears flowed down his cheeks as his vision momentarily blurred.

“This crazy-!”

Igeon shouted curses at the sudden attack.

Shin An stood in front glowing with cold green eyes.

“I have nothing to tell you if you can’t even see your inner side”

Igeon lifted his head to look at the man but he couldn’t even see.

In the end, Igeon had no choice but to swallow his fuming anger.


Shin An’s calm voice echoed in his ears, despite its disdain a few moments prior.



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