Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 1: The End was just a New Beginning (1)

New series! Similar to the Gamer in my opinion, but he gets transported into the game. What will happen? Come on and hop aboard and let’s find out together!

Synopsis: ‘Royal Roader,’ the game that I ruled as an overlord was ending its service. Shit! It was my life’s only pleasure.
The last day! I used all of my strength and in-game connections to defeat the final boss monster, Demon Heros.
As a reward, I earned a Marble of Wishes.
[Please state your wish.]
My wish? [Royal Roader’s renewal as reality.]
I was just joking. I really only wrote it as a joke…

“Hwi Ram! Did something happen?”

I guess I really do suck at maintaining my expression. Mr. Kim who works at the carwash with me knew right away.

“It’s nothing.”
“Then why is your expression so dark today? They’re going to cut your kindness pay.”

Kindness pay! In other words, Laughter pay.
This is a luxury car wash. Because of that, the workers here do not only sell our physical labor, we also sell laughter with it.

That is why even if we are feeling sad, we have to always smile. If we don’t, they’ll dock our pay.
“I’m just really tired today. Haha.”
“There we go! You’re not the usual Hwi Ram without that bright smile. Since someone who smiles all the time was being gloomy, you looked like an angry person. Haha.”

Someone who is always smiling!

How could a person always be smiling? No matter who it is, there are times it would be difficult for them to live. Today was especially like that for me. It made me want to just throw everything away and give up.

What happened you ask?
Today was the day that ‘Royal Roader’ was ending its service.
Yes. ‘Royal Roader’ is a computer game.
You’re probably asking why it is so terrible that a stupid computer game is ending its service.
I suppose you’re right. Why am I having such a hard time over a trivial computer game?
But what can I do about the fact that I’m having such a hard time about it?

Royal Roader was my life’s only source of happiness and a place for me to rest, as well as a safe haven for me. To lose Royal Roader was like losing half of my life all at once.

It’s something that would be difficult for anybody else to understand. This is just a personal matter.

That is why getting past this is something for me to do on my own as well.

‘Yes! Let’s smile! I need to smile in order to make money for my mother’s medicine and to pay the bills.’

A new customer arrived. He was riding a black luxury convertible sportscar.

The owner of the sportscar was a regular at our car wash.
I’m not sure about his age, but looking at him and the way he carries himself, he seems to be in his early or mid twenties. He seemed to be three or four years younger than me.

I quickly ran over and bowed my head. Of course with a bright smile.

“Sir, you’ve come?”
Once again, the lady by his side was different.
He had a lot of game. He comes to the car wash at least once a week, but every time, he has a different woman. On top of that, each and every one of them were slim and busty beauties who could pass as celebrities.

“Do a good job and make sure there aren’t any scratches!”
But why is it that this punk always speaks down to me? Did his parents never teach him any basic manners?
If you work at a place like this, you see quite a few people like him. They think that having money means you are more respectable and look down on people who work like we do.
It makes me question just what he learned at home.
Every time he speaks to me that way, I can feel my insides turning upside down.
However, I need to hold back. That is why the boss was really good to the workers and gave us a lot of pay.

The customer took a 10,000 won bill out of his wallet and handed it to me.
This was a tip, which was separate from my salary.
First, I will receive what I should receive.
It’s not like the money was the one that looked down on me.
“Thank you very much.”
“Oh my! Oppa, you’re so cool!”
“It’s just 10,000 won. I’ll return in three hours so please make sure to pay attention to every corner.”
“Yes, Mr. customer!”
The customer put his arm around the woman’s slim waist and left the car wash.

Damn bastard. But I am definitely envious of him!

They say you lose if you’re envious, but isn’t it worse to trick yourself that you’re not envious when you really are? Yes! If you’re envious, you’re envious!”

I want to live like that too. I want to drive a cool sportscar, I want to meet beautiful women, and I want to be able to spend a lot of money and relax on the green hitting golf balls while others are working.

Even so, I would not speak informally to anybody like this punk. No matter what happens, you can’t lose your sense of respect.

But do you think something like that could become a reality in my life?
I don’t want to spend 8,000 won so I can’t even eat the soondaegookbap that I like so much. I live in a 150,000 won goshiwon (a very small room that students live in before a big test) where I can’t even stretch my legs properly. How could someone like me live like that?

Still, I pushed forward and started to clean the car. Thankfully, I had a job like this so that I could feed my family.

But today, I really don’t have any energy. Even while I was washing the car, the only thing on my mind was thoughts of ‘Royal Roader.’

‘Sigh, starting tomorrow, what will be my joy to continue living?’
Like that, it became time to leave.
My entire body was tired.
But I was still a bit excited. At least until today, I can enjoy Royal Roader.
‘Let’s ignite the last flame and play until the end!”

Unfortunately, a distraction appeared.
Riiiiiiing~ Riiiiiiing~
My girlfriend Hae Sook was calling.

-Let’s meet. I have something to say.
Her tone was cold again.
It’s been like this pretty often lately. I guess it’s time to break up.
Royal Roader is important, but is it more important than my girlfriend?
“Where are you right now?”
-I’ll go towards your house. Come out to the playground.
My house?
How could you call this cheap 150,000 won goshiwon my house?

The area around the goshiwon isn’t the best. That’s why I feel uncomfortable meeting someone around it.
But Hae Sook always does what she wants. She doesn’t ask for my opinion and decided where to meet on her own.

The playground near the goshiwon.
I’m hungry after working all day. I should tell Hae Sook that we should eat first when I see her.
However, I couldn’t even bring up anything about a meal. It was like she threw a bomb as soon as we met.

“Let’s break up.”
She did complain a lot lately, but this was the first time she said we should break up. It seems like her degree of complaining is getting worse as it goes.
But looking at Hae Sook’s expression, it didn’t seem like just a complaint. She looked like she had firmly made up her mind.
“Why do you want to break up all of a sudden?”
“I don’t see a future in you, oppa. And it’s not like you have a lot of money. You don’t even care about me.”
Hae Sook turned her head away as she spoke. It was like she was saying she had no desires to work things out.

“You’re slow and you don’t even know how to be funny……”

I’m lacking quite a bit! There’s a lot of areas of improvement as well!
Yes! I admit she’s right! Even I know myself. I’m someone who doesn’t have a lot of things and who is lacking in quite a few areas as well. However, there was nothing I could do about it. It was a situation I couldn’t change no matter how hard I tried, so what could I do?”

“Do you know what I like the least? Oppa, you didn’t even go to uni……”
“Enough! Stop there!”
I stopped Hae Sook from continuing.
After hearing her talk for a bit, I think I figured out the answer. She must have found a new man.
How do I know?
She knew about my situation from the beginning. In fact, she was the one chasing after me saying she liked me regardless of my situation.

Most importantly, she was bringing up each and every one of my sore spots. She was doing it on purpose. This was telling me she was determined to break all ties with me.
“Then why did you meet with me until now?”
“That’s because……”
“Just be honest with me. If you’re tired of me, tell me you’re tired of me. If you found a new man, tell me. Or, if there is something you’re upset about, tell me.”
“Fine. Then I will be honest with you.”
After hearing me speak, Hae Sook lowered her gaze. It looked like she was prepared to tell me exactly what she had on her mind.
Alright, let’s at least listen to her. Why does she suddenly want to break up?

Translator : Miraclerifle
Proofreader : Miraclerifle

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  1. Paps

    Thanks fro the new project it seems interesting, the setting with the game ending and MC in it sounds more like Overlord to me but I really haven’t been following that one. and I don’t guet he suspected that she was going to break up with him, why did that surprised him so mutch??? And really he has a girlfriend and the only thing of value in his life is a game??? That relationship was dead a long time ago.

    1. miraclerifle Post author

      I think the MC has had a terrible life and always expects the worst to happen, so he was always worried that she would break up with him. It doesn’t mean that the break up doesn’t hurt. At the same time, I think that’s why he put so much value in Royal Roader, because the game would not break up with him (although it ended up doing so by ending it’s service). He still cared for his girlfriend in my opinion, the line: Royal Roader is important, but is it more important than my girlfriend? tells me he valued the game, but would make time for her. Granted he called her an obstacle to playing the game xD

      1. -BR-

        Can i ask your release schedule before i start this? Lately i’m kind of tired of getting disappointed in other novels release rate so i would like to make sure before i even invest in the story. My latest disappointment was the Green Skin… Sorry if i come as rude ^_^

        1. miraclerifle Post author

          I’m aiming for at least couple a week. Right now in the beginning though, I’m trying to get a lot out so that people can get a glimpse into the story and come on board.

          1. -BR-

            Hmm if you could maintain 2 – 2.5 days release rate that would be quite great indeed! Btw since this is a korean web novel it should be quite short right? I couldn’t find the raws chapter count or is it still ongoing?

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