Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 101: Dwarf of Steel (3)

If you considered just physical strength, my skills were much lower. Dwarves were stronger than humans from the moment they are born, and they have been mining and blacksmithing for fun since they are young. I’m sure there are probably only a handful of dwarves here who are weaker than I am.

But I still had a way to crush their spirits. I know of the dwarves’ critical weakness. I have the skill to attack that weakness.

However, just like Goonto and his crew, none of the dwarves tried to attack me.

Then I should hold back as well. There is a lot for me to earn from the dwarves. I just need to hold back until I hold the advantage in our deals.

The dwarves gathered everything they could. They filled their stomachs with the Golden Alligator meat. They all seemed to be happy with the increase in their magic.

Nonetheless, they all still rolled their eyes whenever they made eye contact with me. I didn’t know the dwarves were such an irritating race.

While that was going on, Goonto and the group quickly cut apart the Golden Alligator. Well, all they really managed to do was cut the hide off the side and take out the internal organs.

“Help if you have stuffed yourselves. We plan on dragging this to the village.”


“Should I use some strength now that I am full?”

All of the dwarves gathered around and started to move the Golden Alligator. The size of the alligator was huge, but after taking out the internal organs, close to 100 dwarves were able to move it pretty quickly.

I headed to the village with the dwarves.

Even though it was called a village, the only buildings visible were the Magician’s Tower, a temple, and a few other buildings. However, there should be at least 5,000 dwarves residing in this village.

It is a unique characteristic of the Dwarf Village. The majority of the dwarves live in tunnels underground.

“Human, come this way.”

“Where are we going?”

“To meet the Great Patriarch-nim.”

‘Ah, Great Patriarch Bangart! Goonto’s dad.’

Bangart was as huge as Goonto.

Goonto briefly explained the situation to Bangart and even showed the introduction letters from Bachu and Pichu.

Bangart’s expression became darker and darker as Goonto continued. His already rough looking face looked even rougher with that frown.

“A human blacksmith?”

He finally asked his first question to me.

“Yes. I put my life on the line to come all the way here because I felt that it was only right to get the last quest for the Expert Blacksmith from the Great Partriarch-nim of the Dwarves.”

Bangart could not easily answer. He seemed to be deep in thought as some wrinkles started to form on his forehead.

“This is not something for me to decide on my own. Call our dwarf brothers to the Volcanus Temple.”

“Yes, father.”

I have a bad feeling about this. I knew I would not be welcomed, but I didn’t expect their resistance to me would be this strong.

Do they have so much hatred at the fact that a human became a blacksmith?

Anyways, the dwarves started to have a meeting at the Volcanus Temple at Bangart’s summoning. Of course, I was at the meeting as well.

But the atmosphere was turning even worse than before.

“A human blacksmith. That is not possible.”

“This is going to be a black mark on the history of the dwarves. We must kill him right away.”

“We cannot let him live. If he is the first of many more human blacksmiths to come, then us dwarves would not have a place to stay anymore.”

This isn’t what I was expecting. No matter how strong their pride was as blacksmiths, it should not be like this. How can they treat me like this when I am a blacksmith accepted by Lord Volcanus?

A couple dwarves opposed their proclamation, but the majority of them agreed that I must be killed.

Bangart made up his mind after contemplating it for a long time. He then looked toward me.

I could feel my heart sink. I saw the look in Bangart’s eyes.

He was swift with his action. As soon as the decision was made, he put it to action right away. He pointed his finger toward me and commanded the others.

“Get rid of him.”

Once he said that, Goonto as well as the other dwarf warriors clenched their swords at the same time. They had already been surrounding me for a while.

I could feel my mind going blank. You mean to tell me I’m going to be killed by dwarves after even managing to hunt a Bone Dragon?

I thought the worst case scenario would be getting exiled out of the dwarf territory.

“Human. You have learned something you should not have learned.”

“I will give you the opportunity to resist against the warriors. Pick up your sword.”

Do I really need to pick up my cutlass and fight?

That is a stupid idea.

The dwarf race easily overpowers humans when it comes to battle. That is especially the case for blacksmith dwarves. In addition, Goonto is the strongest of these blacksmith dwarves. He’s even reaching the territory of Best Blacksmith.

Even if I was 100 levels higher than right now, I probably wouldn’t be able to win in a 1 on 1 situation.

Plus, it’s not like defeating Goonto would keep them from killing me.

I guess it is time to use the card that I have been hiding. If even that fails, I will need to reveal all of my hand.

I looked toward Goonto and asked. I really hoped it worked.

“I guess you don’t want to find Chubach’s Solar Blade?”

“What? Chubach-nim’s Solar Blade?”

All of the dwarves surrounding me flinched in shock.

Goonto seemed to be the most shocked.

“You know where Chubach-nim’s Solar Blade is located?”

Goonto thankfully stopped his sword. The other dwarves stopped their murderous intent as well.

It’s not like they had any other choice. Goonto was almost at the apex of reaching the Best Blacksmith, and Chubach’s Solar Blade was the key to get him over that final obstacle.

“Of course. I promised to find that sword and release Akto’s Soul.”

“What? Even Akto-nim?”

“Lies. How would a human know the location of the Solar Blade that even the dwarves do not know?”

“I’m sure he is making up everything about Akto-nim as well.”

The dwarves all started to shout out. They then said they needed to kill me right away and urged Goonto on.

But Goonto could not recklessly move. There was no reason to rush killing me anyways.

“Show me some proof.”

Proof? That’s easy.

I reached my hand out to Goonto.

“If you can’t believe me, verify it yourself.”

Goonto cautiously grabbed my hand. At the same time, I heard the voice in my head.

<Destroy the Stone Wall of Grief and rescue Akto’s soul.
If you succeed, you will earn a special secret related to Jewel Alchemy.
If you fail, your Jewel Alchemy skill will be confiscated.
The duration is 10 years.>

I’m sure Goonto heard it as well. His shocked expression verified that he did.
Goonto looked toward Bangart.

The Great Patriarch Bangart seemed to understand the situation after seeing Goonto’s expression.

“It’s the truth?”

Goonto nodded his head.

“Yes. I confirmed Akto-nim’s quest.”

“Oh my lord.”

“It was the truth.”

“Does it make any sense? Why would Akto-nim give to a stupid human……?”

The dwarves fell into chaos once again.

It was natural that they started to discuss it again.

But the atmosphere was still not good. There were more people saying they shouldn’t kill me, but there was still quite a lot more people saying they couldn’t let me live.

Bangart had a lot to think about.

Goonto tried to convince Bangart.

“Maybe it is the will of Lord Volcanus. I think it would be better for us to get him to swear in front of the lord that he will not share the blacksmith skill with anybody else and let him live.”

Bangart was on Goonto’s side as well. He knew about Goonto’s situation better than anyone else.

In addition, if Goonto could overcome that final obstacle using Chubach’s Solar Blade, that would go beyond the father-son relationship. That would be a blessing for the entire Dwarf race.

In fact, his son Goonto might bring back the peak era of the Dwarf race.

Bangart made up a decision once again.

“We will put some conditions and let the human live.”

The meeting area became chaotic once Bangart made up his mind.

“I will never agree with it. A human blacksmith?!”

“Absolutely not. Let’s kill him now!”

“It is the decision of the Great Patriarch-nim. Let’s follow his decision.”

“The Great Patriarch should think more like a dwarf. I cannot abide by this decision.”

There were quite a lot of dwarves sharing their opposition.

There was one specific dwarf that was showing the most opposition.


He seemed to have as much respect as Goonto did, but he was on the opposite side of Bangart from the beginning. If it was not for that bastard, things might not be this bad.

“Umbach. It is the decision of the Great Patriarch. Follow the decision.”

“I will not accept it. Since when did the Dwarf Great Patriarch act like the human king? You are not a king.”

“He’s right. He thinks he’s all that because we accepted him as the Great Patriarch!”

“I will follow Umbach-nim.”

“I also cannot accept this decision. Bangart does not have the right to be the Great Patriarch!”

The atmosphere was starting to turn even worse.

The scariest part was that there seemed to be more dwarves that were willing to follow Umbach than Bangart. If it gets any worse, the dwarves might start a civil war.

For the Dwarf race that was extremely violent and proud, it was absolutely possible.

“Hand over the human. I will kill him with my own hands!”

“Kill the human. Protect the blacksmith occupation.”

“Protect the pride of the dwarves!”

The group following Umbach pressured Bangart. There were even some who took out their swords and started to head my way. The dwarves following Bangart and Goonto took out their swords as well.

Unfortunately, the two groups did not clash. Every time Umbach’s group took a step forward, they took a step back.

In the end, they did not seem to want to kill their fellow dwarves and decided to give me up.

‘I really didn’t want to have to do this.’

If I use this and it still doesn’t work, it will be difficult to ever become friendly with the Dwarf race. It is the thing the dwarves hate the most.

But it will work. The dwarves are a race that has a lot of fear.

While I was thinking things through, Umbach’s group almost reached me. They lifted up their swords as if they wanted to break my head open.

I opened up my skill window.

[Dragon Fear: Beginner level 11%]


The sound of a dragon roar came out of my mouth.

At the same time, the dwarves in front of me fell backwards in fear.



It was not just the dwarves right in front of me. Bangart, Goonto, and Umbach, the chiefs of the two factions, as well as the rest of the dwarves all stepped back two or three steps.

Their eyes were all full of fear while looking my way.

I have now used all of my cards. If it still doesn’t work, I will have to use the Unicorn Horn Flute.

In that case, I don’t need to shrink back in fear. I need to push forward and use the dwarves’ fear to my advantage.

‘Show Bone Dragon Slayer title!’

Now that it is activated, the dwarves will recognize me as a, ‘Bone Dragon Slayer,’ whenever they look at me. That alone should give them quite the pressure.

I confidently opened up my shoulders and stood up. I started to scold the dwarves in an angry voice.

“I have followed the will of Lord Volcanus to become a blacksmith. I also followed his will to come here to become friends with the dwarves. Yet you try to kill such a person just because he is a human blacksmith? Is that the way dwarves treat their friends?”

My voice rang across the meeting area.

However, the dwarves were more interested in my title than what I was saying. The, ‘Bone Dragon Slayer,’ title seemed to be giving the dwarves quite the shock.

“Bone Dragon Slayer!”

“A human hunted a Bone Dragon with his own strength?!”

“Now that I think about it, he hunted the Golden Alligator on his own too.”

“Not just the Golden Alligator. He must have destroyed all of the monsters of the Demon Cave. An extra large Demon Cave at that.”

“Did you see the injury on the Golden Alligator? I don’t think any of us dwarves could leave such an injury. But that human made it happen.”

They started to say all sorts of things about me. They did not want to accept it until now, but they had no choice but to do so at this point.

The more it happened, the dwarves’ impression of me started to change.

In the end, they came to a single conclusion.

“He is an amazing human!”

“There is such an individual among the humans as well!”

<Dwarf of Steel 3> End

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