Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 104: The White Corona (1)

[Goonto’s Twin Blades: Personalized for Kang Hwi Ram]
This cutlass was made by Goonto, the current greatest blacksmith in the world. Two blades were created as a pair.
Durability: 103/103
Attack strength: 97
Attack speed: 80
Restrictions: Strength 121, Agility 671, Level 250
*Attack strength is increased by 8% when used by Kang Hwi Ram

I thought, ‘as I expected,’ once I saw the information. Goonto’s skills were a completely different level than Bachu and Pichu who barely reached the beginning of the Expert Blacksmith occupation.

Of course, BachuPichu’s Twin Blades were weaker because they had to meet the strength restrictions, but this was still two times as strong.
It was even much stronger than the, ‘A Master’s Cutlass,’ that had the 109 level restriction that I saw in the Titan Valley Weapon Store [1]. The attack speed was even 10 points higher than that one.

With this type of stats, it would not be wrong to call it the greatest cutlass ever.

The only issue was the strength restriction. I was thinking that there was no way a strength restriction for a cutlass would be that high, but it was much higher than I expected. I put all of my bonus stat points into strength, but I was still lacking quite a bit.

Only if you calculate the 40 percent strength decrease for using combo. [2]

How much more do I need?

[Kang Hwi Ram, Level 303]
Advanced level 6, 89%
Stamina: 96
Magic: 102
Vitality: 39
Mana: 572
HP: 704
Toughness: 100
Point: 451
Point: 381

In order to use the under 40% combo, I needed a total of 303 strength points.

‘I just need to raise 5 more levels.’

Now it was time to stop by Avanguarde and Titan Valley for a bit before heading to the Magman Continent.

“It really is different when a dwarf makes it. I couldn’t make a good cutlass like this even if I died and came back to life.”

“But you are a Jewel Alchemist.”

No need to bring that up. I was just giving you some lip service to feel good.

“Anyways, the Shadow Fox’s Leather Armor has no issues so far, right?”

“I still need a lot of time, but you can look forward to it.”

I should be able to trust him since he is so confident.

“Then I will leave now. I should be back in about 6 months.”

“By then, you should be able to see the Shadow Fox’s Leather Armor. I presume I will be able to see Chubach’s Solar Blade as well?”

“As long as I am lucky. I will do my best.”

“I wish you luck.”

“Ah, will I be able to use the portal in the temple?”

“I will ask the Great Patriarch-nim. However, it will take some time. Registering a foreign user to the temple portal will require a meeting of the elders.”

I wasn’t in a rush. I wasn’t planning on using the portal on my way back anyways. I will walk through Golan Park so that I can raise some levels along the way.

The portal will be used when I return to the Dwarf Village next time. I would think the registration will be completed by then.

“I leave it to you. I will be on my way now.”

I immediately headed for Avanguarde.

There was someone I needed to take care of in Avanguarde. I pushed it back until now because I didn’t have the skills to take him out, but it was time to get my revenge.


The one who controls the back alleys of Avanguarde. The one who sent assassins to kill me after the Chaos Battle. Twice.

But they failed both times, and he did not send any new assassins after that.

I would think he is still monitoring my movements though.

I don’t know how far his reach is, but he probably has connections in the Avanguarde Magician’s Tower. He probably bribed the staff at the Magician’s Tower to monitor my movement.

That was why I used a fake name when I used the Magician’s Tower’s portal.

“What is your name?”


“Your reason for visiting Avanguarde……?”


I gave a couple textbook answers before heading out of the Magician’s Tower.

‘Avanguarde. It’s been a while.’

I already had all the information on Baltana and his goons through Humbley. I had him focus on Baltana of course. He resides in a secret room of a fancy restaurant during the day, and stays in one of his five houses at night.

But lately, he’s been smitten by a woman and stays in the same place at night.

I spent my time shopping in different stores, waiting for the sun to go down. I only started to move once the night was deep.

‘Is it here?’

There was someone guarding the entrance. I could feel the trace of infamy coming from him.

‘It must be the place.’

The guard was not very disciplined. He just blocked the narrow entrance with his body while dozing off.

I used Stealthy Approach and entered without any noise.



The ones who felt something as I went by opened their eyes and turned their heads to look around.

But they did not manage to find me. They then leaned their heads back on the wall and closed their eyes.

There were quite a lot of rooms in the building. However, it was not hard to find the room Baltana was in. Only that room had a guard in front of it.

‘It’s over there.’


I covered his mouth and hit the back of his neck. He could not let out a single peep.

But the problem came after that.


The door was locked, so there was some noise when I opened it. A light sleeper would have heard it.

‘I need to hurry from here.’

I moved a bit faster as I rushed into the room.

Baltana was sitting up on the bed. He must have woken up because of the small noise.

He must be a light sleeper because he has committed so many sins.

Now I will let you sleep without any worries.

It was dark inside the room. In addition, I was still using Stealthy Approach. No matter how much he tried to focus his eyes, I will just seem like a dark shadow.

“Who is there?”

I silently approached closer. I then made him faint with a single hit.

I didn’t need to use my fist. I had a perfect skill to use in times like this.

[Dark Force]



“Grandpa, have you heard the news?”

Kaldera was out of breath when she rushed into Humbley’s office and asked.

“What news?”

“Kang Hwi Ram. He is returning to Titan Valley right now.”

Humbley’s eyes instantly opened wide. He had sent a lot of men to send news about Kang Hwi Ram’s movements, but his granddaughter Kaldera got the news before he did.”

He probably needed to discipline his spies.

“Is it verified?”

“Yes. I heard from our informant at the Magician’s Tower. I don’t know why, but he used a fake name. He should have reached Titan Valley by now and will most likely be heading toward the Northern Mines.”

Using a fake name would explain why his spies would have missed it.

But Kaldera’s people didn’t miss it. She must have given them a picture so that they would recognize his face.

Since the information came from Kaldera, it must be right.

“He must have passed by the Avanguarde Magician’s Tower in order to reach Titan Valley, but I guess he did not stop to meet with our merchant guild.”

“Seems that way. I heard that he stayed in Avanguarde for two days before heading to Titan Valley. I wonder why he did not stop by.”

“He stayed in Avanguarde for two days?”

“Yes. I think he went to look for Baltana.”

“Ah, Baltana.”

Then Kang Hwi Ram’s goal was obvious.

The important thing was that he stayed in Avanguarde for two whole days but did not come to see Humbley.

Humbley was a bit disappointed. He was ignored even though he was spending billions of won every month to reconstruct High Village.

But in Kang Hwi Ram’s point of view, he could think that the construction was not for him, but for Humbley’s merchant guild. That was the truth anyways.

“Will it be okay for me to go meet with him?”

Kaldera asked very cautiously. But compared to her voice, her eyes were full of desire.

Kaldera had enough qualifications for that. She also had enough skills.

However, there was some issues with leaving it all up to Kaldera. Kaldera was so beautiful that it might give Kang Hwi Ram the wrong idea.

Humbley didn’t want that because Kang Hwi Ram was a very important person for him.

“Let’s go together.”

“yes, grandfather.”


Kaldera could feel her heart beating fast.

It was not because of the rough terrains of the Northern Mines. Of course that had her short of breath and had her heart beating, but this was a different type of feeling.

“We have arrived. It is over there.”

The guide pointed his finger.

They could see a large plain on top of a decently paved road.

The Northern Mines was one of the best not just in Titan Valley, but in the entire Batoru Kingdom. However, it was just quiet from the outside. They could not even see any miners.

It was because all of the miners were currently busy mining inside.

“Is Kang Hwi Ram-nim perhaps ……?”

“That should not be the case. You cannot enter the mines after passing level 10.”

It was as Humbley mentioned. The wooden door of the residence opened and a group of people came out. He seemed to have confirmed Humbley’s groups arrival through the window and came out to greet them.

Kaldera’s heart was beating even faster than before. It was because she saw the person in front of that group.

‘Kang Hwi Ram-nim!’

This was the second time.

She thought that he was handsome when they met last time, but this time, it felt like their was light radiating from his entire body. There were around seven or so people behind Kang Hwi Ram, but Kaldera’s eyes were only focused on Kang Hwi Ram.

Humbley started to walk forward to approach Kang Hwi Ram. Kaldera moved with him.

She could see Kang Hwi Ram’s face even clearer now. The closer she got, Kaldera’s heart just started to beat like crazy.

But Kang Hwi Ram did not even glance at Kaldera. He was only looking at Humbley, and only reached out to shake Humbley’s hands.

“It has been a while.”

“I rushed over as fast as possible once I heard that you were back.”

“Humbley-nim’s network is really amazing. I used a fake name every time I went through a portal. In addition, it has only been about three hours since I arrived here. I did not expect you to arrive so quickly.”

“Haha. Information is the most important tool to be a good merchant. But to be honest with you, I am a bit disappointed. I heard you stayed in Avanguarde for two whole days. Couldn’t you have made some time to stop by our guild?”

“I had some urgent business to take care of. I was planning on visiting you on my way back.”

“Ah, that was the case. Haha.”

They shared pleasantries with each other. Of course the atmosphere was good. They entered the residence together and shared a cup of hot tea.

But neither Humbley nor Kaldera could feel at ease. They knew very well what Kang Hwi Ram meant by, ‘urgent business.’


Someone who was pretty famous in the back alleys of Avanguarde.

He was murdered in the middle of the night. It was done by his subordinates. They then took control of the organization in his place.

All of that happened in just two days. Although that was the story, they both knew the real story was that Kang Hwi Ram killed Baltana.

He killed him as soon as he determined Baltana was an obstacle in his way.

It would not be different for Humbley or Kaldera. If they try to ride the fence in their relationship with Kang Hwi Ram, they might be hurt in the future as well.

They needed to make up their minds. They needed to decide whether to share the boat with him, or to get rid of him when an opportunity arrives.

That was the reason Kaldera came to the Northern Mines.

‘Focus. This is not the time for you to be like.’

Kaldera secretly put her hand into her bag.

She grabbed a cold and hard stone.

She had put it here secretly before they came here to use it when she met Kang Hwi Ram. Right now was the perfect chance since Kang Hwi Ram was deeply engaged in a conversation with Humbley.

A Chaos Jewel with 43 percent detection index.

This was about the highest index the public could get. All of the Five Colored Jewels get their indexes cut in half when it touches multiple people’s hands.

Other than Jewel Alchemists of course.

She clenched the jewel and poured in her magic. Just 1 magic stat was enough to use the Chaos Jewel.

She felt a warm sensation in her hand. That sensation traveled up her body and gathered at her eyes.

Kaldera only looked toward Kang Hwi Ram.

Soon, she could see the strands of light surrounding Kang Hwi Ram’s body.

Red, blue, gold, black, white, there were many different strands.

There were some that were moving horizontally, some moving vertically, and some even moving diagonally. There were over 100 strands.

Each color represented a different trait.

Red was for positivity, green was for wealth, blue was for intelligence, gold was for influence, black was for aggression, purple was for diplomacy etc.

If you used a Chaos Jewel toward emperors or crown princes, you will a large gold strand symbolizing influence, while Humbley or Kaldera will have a large blue strand to represent their intelligence.

The stands of light were small to start. But as time went on and more of the detection index exploded, the size of the strands started to grow.

At first, all of the strands were about the same size. But slowly, they started to become different. The stronger ones started to grow faster.

There were some that were growing much faster than others. Almost overwhelmingly compared to the rest. Those were the influences that would determine Kang Hwi Ram’s future.

‘Omo! What is this?’

Kaldera’s eyes slightly became larger. It was because the growing speed of this strand was extremely fast. There were also a lot of them.

‘Just how many are there?’

There were at least six of them. She felt like he really was not a normal person. He might be even greater than what Humbley or Kaldera was thinking.

But Kaldera saw something weird. There was a strand that was glowing uniquely compared to the rest.

‘Light’ was not enough to describe it. It looked like there were small explosions that were continuing to explode as it grew. It looked like the energy was wiggling because it wanted to explode.

Kaldera almost choked on her own spit. It was because she knew the identity of that light.

‘Oh my god! That …… is a corona!’

[1] Refer to chapter 13. But of course it should be much stronger than a cutlass with a level 109 restriction…this has a level 250 restriction
[2] So that Under 40% next to combo is FINALLY explained (or the author twisted it to fit his need. It decreases the user’s strength by 40%.)

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