Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 105: The White Corona (2)

The Corona symbolizes rebellion. It also means revolution, or the Mandate of Heaven. So someone with a strong Corona means that they are fated to lead the world to a revolution. They will break apart the basic order of the world and create a new world order.

They are the Light of Hope in a chaotic world, and a Light of Terror in a peaceful world. For a king or an emperor, there is nothing worse than finding someone with a strong corona.

That is why the Chaos Jewel has become restricted for the king or emperor’s use since a long time ago.

There are bound to be many people who have an issue with the laws of the land. They are always plotting a revolution and looking for someone to lead them.

The law was created so that they cannot use the Chaos Jewel to find a leader to lead the revolution.

At the same time, there are some emperors who actively seek out those individuals. They use them to their advantage as much as possible, and if they show even the slightest sign of a Corona, the emperor’s kill them before it gets bigger.

Of course that doesn’t always have to be the case. Rebellion and revolution does not just have to be political. It can be in economics, science, or even history.

But those kings or emperors want to get rid of any possible threats as soon as possible.

But for Kang Hwi Ram to be someone who had a Corona…

And not just a basic Corona. It was a White Corona that shone so bright you could barely stand to look at it.
The white color is only made when red, blue, green, yellow, etc, when all colors combine into one.

Which means, he was someone who would cause a revolution in all aspects of the world. He was the main character of a Mandate of Heaven.

Speaking of the strands, each of the individual strands within the Corona were really large and bright as well.

Blue, red, gold……

Normal people would not even have one of those strands that large and that bright, but Kang Hwi Ram had a total of six strands like that.

‘No way. How could a human have a strand like this? How could someone have such an amazing Corona?’

Kaldera could feel chills throughout her body. She suddenly remembered something that Humbley happened to mention in the past.

[Is he perhaps a dragon that has polymorphed?]

Of course there was no chance of that being true. Dragons only existed in legends.

However, if dragons really did exist, and that dragon polymorphed to live amongst humans, wouldn’t it be living a life similar to Kang Hwi Ram’s life?

Maybe the legendary dragon finally started to move to change the world. At least that was one of the things Kaldera was thinking about.

Anyways, she was now certain. She needed to make a firm decision one way or another.

They either get on the same boat as Kang Hwi Ram, or get rid of Kang Hwi Ram even if they need to unite all of the powers of the world.

While Kaldera was being shocked at Kang Hwi Ram’s Corona, Kang Hwi Ram and Humbley’s discussion was coming to an end.

“Then tomorrow, let’s go take a look at the High Village construction site.”

“Yes. We will be residing in Titan Valley.”

“I will not walk you out very far. Please travel safely.”

Kaldera left the Northern Mines with Humbley.

They could finally get on a cart after walking down for a while. The largest cart was reserved for just Humbley and Kaldera.

Humbley asked in a quiet voice once they were finally alone.

“Did you use a Chaos Jewel?”

Kaldera was completely shocked. She had used it without Humbley’s knowledge.

“Omo! You noticed?”

“How could I not when you were so shocked?”

“Then Kang Hwi Ram-nim too……?”

“It is possible. However, it is fine since he pretended not to notice. What was the result?”

“Gold, green, red, purple, multiple strands were extremely large. The green one was even larger than yours, grandfather.”

The green strand was even larger than Humbley’s. That meant that he was an individual who would do something much greater than Humbley.

“He really isn’t a normal person. How was the purple strand?”

Purple was the color of diplomacy. Someone with a large purple strand meant that they would make not just themselves, but the others around them successful with them.

“The purple one was really large and bright as well.”

“Then I am relieved.”

Humbley quietly nodded his head. But he was not that shocked, as if he had expected it.

But Kaldera had still not gotten to the core of her investigation.

“But I feel like I saw something I should not have seen.”

“What do you mean something you should not have seen?”

“I saw a Corona.”

“Wh, what? ……Gasp!”

Humbley subconsciously raised his voice before quickly covering his mouth. If any news about a Corona was to spread, a tornado of blood was soon to follow.

The Batoru Kingdom was obvious, but even the Ameri Kingdom would put in all of its resources to get rid of Kang Hwi Ram.

Humbley first opened the window and looked around. He wanted to make sure there was no one around to eavesdrop on them.

After making sure it was safe, Humbley made sure the doors and windows were completely shut before asking in a very quiet voice.

“Are you sure that is what you saw? No chance you saw something else?”

“I am certain. It was an amazing Corona. It was a White Corona that was so bright it could almost blind you.”

Kaldera’s voice was slightly shaking. Chills had filled her body without her even realizing it.

It wasn’t her fault. He could end up becoming someone that was not just an enemy of the kingdom, but of the entire continent. Working with him was like throwing your body into the river of death.

But Humbley was surprisingly calm.

“As expected. I knew he wasn’t an average person, but for it to be that much. A White Corona.”

Neither Humbley nor Kaldera knew what to say next. It was such an amazing and shocking situation.

“Perhaps……is he really a polymorphed dragon?”

“I am not sure. But I am certain about one thing. He is not someone we can partially commit to. What should we do?”

The question was about whether they will kill Kang Hwi Ram or let him live.

Humbley’s eyes became even gloomier.

“I believe we will need to go visit Arlington in the near future.”

The capital of Batoru Kingdom was Oolbato, but it would not be wrong to say the powers that really move the Batoru Kingdom was located in Arlington.

The fact that Humbley was going to Arlington meant that he had made the decision of his life.

Kaldera could not miss out on that either.

“I will go with you.”

“Yes, come with me. But make sure not to mention the issue about the Jeppi at all.”

“Yes, grandfather.”

“Here are the Jewels of Luck and Jewels of Creation.”

Jonnan, Goultan, and Batoom each handed over two magic bags. If you count the total that the three of them have mined together, there were over 600 Jewels of Luck.
Of course the luck index were all five or less. But if he used Jewel Alchemy to combine them, he should be able to raise the luck index to be higher than ten before using it.

There were so many Jewels of Creation that he did not even need to count it.

“Thank you very much.”

I took a coin out of the bag and handed it to them. The Jewels of Luck ranged from 1 million to 3 million each depending on the luck index, while the Jewels of Creation were each 50,000 regardless of the creation index.

That alone was already close to 2 billion won.

But all of them stepped back and waved their hands.

“Didn’t we promise not to take any money?”

“What do you take us for?”

“I still need to pay you for it.”

“If you put it that way, what about the blessings we received from you?”

Batoom put some strength in his voice and answered once more.

Once he did that, Jonnan seemed to agree and tagged on.

“Right. I received a blessing so amazing that even paying you trillions of won will not do justice. Do not ever think about giving something like this to us again.”

It does make sense for Jonnan to feel that way.

But is that really Jonnan?

I didn’t recognize him when I came back yesterday. His skeleton of a body was now full of muscles, and there was vitality in that previously wrinkled face as well.

10 years, no, he seemed to have gotten about 30 years younger.

Even his frame seems to have changed. It would be normal for him to keep his frame even if his body and face became younger, but it was so different I could barely recognize him.

Even now, I think it is someone else when I look at him. It’s like a 40 year old ahjussi is pretending to be Jonnan and there is a hidden camera watching my reaction.

Anyways, I lost and could not pay them.

“I understand. Then I will find a different compensation for the jewels.”

“No need for compensation.”

“There really is no need. You just need to make sure you return safely.”

“Haha, I understand.”

I answered like that, but I will not let this go. I need to return as much as I received to feel good about myself.

Of course I will use my own method to repay them.

“Then I will head out now.”

“Be careful.”

“Have a safe trip, master.”


My slave, Jul Goo, and Eruni bowed toward me. Chief also seemed to be very sad to say goodbye after such a short visit.

It was thanks to raising their loyalty by a lot while I was here the last two days.

The method was easy. Chief just needed to be given gold, while I just needed to mention, ‘woman,’ to Jul Goo.

I didn’t need to pay special attention to Eruni. Even though I was gone for a long time, her loyalty did not fall at all.

But I’m still curious as to what her identity is.

Kang Sung Ho has not found any information on it yet. He hasn’t found anything even though he has thoroughly looked through the Royal Roader draft plan multiple times.

She might just be a regular female slave. The tattoo on her shoulder might be something someone just put without any reason.

I still did not feel like I wasted my money on her. She’s smart and works really hard, and her loyalty has not fallen at all after all this time.

“I will be back soon. Work hard while I am gone. I will reward you based on your work when I get back.”

“Thank you, master.”

“Kyaaa. Chief will work hard as well.”

I said goodbye to my family at the Northern Mines and left.

I met up with Humbley’s crew at Titan Valley. We traveled to High Village and took a look around the construction site together.

But the road was really good. We road the cart until about 20 km south of Titan Valley, but it was smooth like we were driving on paved road.

Humbley really seems to have invested a lot of money into it.

“You don’t need to make the entrance this good. It is fine as long as one cart is able to cross it at a time.”

“To be honest with you, the road was already this wide and well-paved when we got here. We just touched it up a bit.”

I guess it makes sense since it is close to Titan Valley.

The problem is from here on. The terrain becomes rougher and the original road was heavily damaged.

Humbley opened up a map and explained the progress until now, as well as their plans for the future.

I don’t know where he got it from, but the map was very big and accurate. It showed the path to High Village, as well as the nearby mountains and plains, and even the small streams.

“We should be finished until here by the end of the year. Starting next year, we should be able to officially start the reconstruction of High Village.”

“We just need it to the point the citizens can escape to High Village. You do not need to put in too much money into it.”

“I understand.”

“In exchange, if there is time, please give the workers some military training. The really strong people should be trained as shield bearers while the weaker ones should be trained as archers.”

“That is a good idea.”

I did not need to say much to Humbley. He was very quick to catch on, so I just needed to briefly mention the things I wanted.

“Shall we go back now?”


Humbley’s group and I returned together to Titan Valley. We were a pretty large group because Kaldera and the rest moved together with us.

It was now time to head to my next destination. The last place I needed to visit before heading to the Magman continent.

It would be good if Humbley can come with me. Then it would be easier to achieve my goal.

“Are you busy right now? There is somewhere I wish to go with Humbley-nim.”

I lowered my voice and quietly asked.

Humbley was definitely interested.

“Where is it?”

“I plan on making some other fortresses like High Village. It requires secrecy, so if you do go, it will have to be just the two of us.”

Humbley’s expression became serious. He looked at me before thinking about it and asking.

“Is it somewhere Kaldera cannot go with us? She is my granddaughter, and the person I will pass on my merchant guild to.”

I peeked toward Kaldera. I guess there aren’t any secrets between Kaldera and Humbley.

“It should be fine for Kaldera-nim to go with us. But will it be okay to go without any protection?”

“What is going to be the problem when Kang Hwi Ram-nim is with us?”

Merchants are really good at lip service. It was still nice to hear.

“Then let’s go.”

I first headed to Avanguarde with Humbley’s group. We then used another portal at the Magician’s Tower. At that point, only Humbley and Kaldera came with me.

“Where are you headed?”


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