Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 109: The Magman Continent (2)

I turned my head and saw a spider the size of a house.

‘It was you!’

Hell Spider!

It’s a level 407 monster.

But it is not really too dangerous. The reason its level is so high is not because of its attacking abilities, but because of its surroundings.

Pitch darkness where you cannot see anything. No matter how strong a warrior may be, they cannot show their full strength in the darkness.

It is also close to 90 degrees Celsius down here. [1] Normal people would immediately die from the heat. They would become the Hell Spider’s food even if it did not attack.

But it didn’t do anything to me because of my high fire affinity. Chubach would have been in the same boat, and he would have overcome the darkness with a magic light to easily take care of the Hell Spider.

Sshhhh- Shhhhhhhht-

The Hell Spider quickly ran over and tried to bite me with its large mouth.

But I could see everything.

I turned to the side and slid to the bottom of the Hell Spider’s body. I then used Drake’s TBSA to create a combo.

The Hell Spider tried its best to avoid it, but I just followed its movements and continued my combo. The Hell Spider was killed in less than a minute.

I couldn’t let my guard down yet. There could be more monsters nearby.

But this was the only one. Other than the Desert Ants crawling on me, there weren’t any other monsters around to attack me.

Of course, the Desert Ants’ attack strength was not strong enough to break through my reinforced toughness. I swiped them off with my hand and looked around me.

The hall was pretty large. There were also many caves leading from the hall.

Since I was stuck underground, I did not have any sense of direction. There was no way to determine which cave was connected to the cliff.

‘Is it that one? Or maybe this one?’

I looked around the hall, but I still could not figure it out.

‘Ah, it’s this way!’

One of the caves was letting out a significant amount of heat. That should mean that it was headed to the center of the Immortal Mountain Range.

Chubach should have gone into that cave. He probably ran into a monster he could not handle in there and perished in its hands.

I will not follow Chubach’s story. I will use every ability I have to overcome the challenge and rescue Chubach’s Solar Blade.

‘I need to change my weapon first.’

I put my bonus stats in and finally took out Goonto’s Twin Blades.

Just this made me feel really secure. Once I put on the Shadow Fox’s Leather Armor, I will probably feel invincible.

I moved into the cave without any hesitation.

In the game, I failed the Dwarf Great Patriarch’s quest. I made it out to the Magman Continent, but I could not find Chubach’s Solar Blade.

No, I didn’t even manage to find this cave.

That was why I had Kang Sung Ho investigate the draft plan for this quest, but he did not manage to find any information about Chubach’s Solar Blade.

I don’t know if he couldn’t find it, or if it doesn’t exist.

But the moment I saw this cave, I had a good feeling about it. I don’t know why I felt that way, but I am confident that Chubach died somewhere in this cave.

The reason is simple. His fire affinity was high, and his sword mastery was almost at the peak. For Chubach, the most disadvantageous situation would have been this darkness where he could not see anything. He might have had a magic light, but that can become useless with a single light breaker magic.

Wouldn’t the boss monster hiding in there have that skill?

In the end, it is just my speculations. If I do things with just speculations without any real proof, it could all be for nothing.

I needed to be thorough.

I decided to become Chubach. That was the only way to know the direction Chubach moved, and also the only way to predict where he would have died.

I put a magic light on my helmet and turned it on. This was what Chubach would have done.

I put myself in Chubach’s shoes and started to walk into the cave.

It was a naturally created cave; the ground was very rough.

I can walk through this rough terrain like it was flat because of my 1300+ agility, but Chubach would not have been able to do that.

So, I moved slowly.

It was a really long cave. I’ve already been walking for two days, but I still cannot see the end.

I don’t even know how deep I am. The cave was full of turns, and I spent more time because monsters started to attack me in herds.

All of them were heat-based monsters. But other than their extreme heat, they really didn’t have any other strengths.

That was why it was really easy to hunt them even though they were over level 300.

Chubach would have been able to take care of these monster easily as well. He was a dwarf who was closed to perfect sword mastery. He would have been a much stronger warrior than I am right now.

I walked like that for another day.

Once I did, the narrow cave suddenly became really wide. I arrived at a hall the size of a basketball court.

But it was not just one hall. If it was not for the giant stones that were like pillars being present every so often, it probably would have been the size of a soccer field.

Yet there was only a limited area that I could move. The majority of the ground was made of boiling magma.

‘Wow, it’s pretty hot here.’

It was so hot that even I felt a bit uncomfortable. But it was not enough for it to start lowering my HP.

Suddenly, something shot up from the middle of the lava.

‘Magma Giant! This monster was here!’

I remembered seeing it in the draft plan. Naturally, I remembered all of its traits, strengths, and weaknesses. I always used the focus skill whenever I studied monsters.


My magic light suddenly went out.

It was as I expected. The Magma Giant must have used Magic Break magic.

It was making my heart start to beat faster. I was getting excited. I was considering everything going on in Chubach’s point of view.

Chubach would have faced the same situation.

Which means, he would have suddenly lost all sight at this moment.

He might have been close to the peak of sword mastery, but would he have been able to battle properly without being able to see?

In addition, the Magma Giant was level 450. Although it was slow and the attack strength was not high, it had an almost infinite stamina.

That means that no matter how strong Chubach may have been, it would have taken him at least 30 minutes of attacking to defeat the Magma Giant.

That is impossible to do in the darkness. He also would not have been able to avoid the Magma Giant’s attack.

I came to a conclusion.

‘This was Chubach’s grave!’

Then that Magma Giant should have Chubach’s Sword.

I just need to verify it.

I first used a Jewel of Luck.

It was not so that the Magma Giant would drop the Solar Blade. That was not something that would change because of a Jewel of Luck.

It was just for the battle. Similar to how a mouse can die from a cow just moving backwards, I used the jewel to prevent having an unlucky encounter with the Magma Giant.

I also drank a HP potion in advance.

The Magma Giant arrived in front of me while I did that. This means that he was able to see me clearly in the darkness.

But he would just be my sandbag anyways. Other than the heat, he was slow and his attack was weak, making him not much different than Deathworm.

Based on his movement, he was much slower than I expected after reading the draft plan.


I used Goonto’s Twin Blades to perform Drake’s TBSA.

Even though the attack strength was much higher than Bachu Pichu’s Twin Blades, the beginning damage was still just 1. Should mean that the Magma Giant’s defense is that high.

But that doesn’t matter. What matters is whether I manage to land a critical hit or not.



All of them were green damage, which meant critical hit was landing properly.

After just 11 hits, the damage started to rise significantly.


My combo skill was at advanced level 1.

The level slowed down a lot once it reached the advanced level, but it continued to go up as I managed to land high level combos against hordes of monsters in the Demon Caves. It should be able to reach advanced level 2 soon.

Anyways, having it at advanced meant the damage increased much faster. At first it didn’t even leave a scratch on the Magma Giant’s skin, but it started to make large injuries once it hit 20 hits.

The Magma Giant had amazing recovery as well. Even though I managed to create a decently large injury, it looked like magma just flowed down to mend it.

But time overcomes all.

It was just a 30 hit combo right now. Let’s see if it can recover the combo damage of 50 hits this easily as well.


The injury started to grow in size as the combo hit went higher. Drake’s TBSA was also advanced level 1, so it took less than 10 seconds to reach 50 hit combo.


The Magma Giant made a noise. I had no idea what it was trying to say, but it seemed to be getting nervous.

But the situation did not change.

I managed to land combos over and over and defeated the Magma Giant in less than a minute.



Compared to the Magma Giant, it was overwhelming attack strength.

Furthermore, the heat from the Magma Giant wasn’t that strong either. It reduced less than 3 HP per second.

It was not a concern because of my endurance stat and the potion I drank in advance.


<You have received a Flame Seed.>

“What? That’s it? What about Chubach’s Solar Blade?”

I did not see it anywhere.

But there was a reason for that.


Another Magma Giant was shooting up over from the magma over there. Two of them at the same time this time. No, three.

‘Shit, it wasn’t the boss monster?’

Then who is the boss monster here?

The Magma Giant was not an easy enemy. It was level 450. Then the boss monster would be stronger than that.

‘It’s not going to be easy.’

But I could not give up after coming this far. Since I have the Unicorn’s Horn Flute, I will challenge it until my last breath.

It doesn’t matter whether there are three or four Magma Giants. I just need to find a narrow area and fight. Then I just need to fight them one at a time.

<You have received a Flame Seed.>
<Your level has increased.>
<You have received a Flame Seed.>

Huff. Huff. Huff.

Just how many are there?

I already defeated over 200 of them. But they continued to shoot out from the magma.

I was just thankful that there was a time gap between them. Only about one was shooting up every 30 seconds.

But because of that, I had to fight without resting for close to 2 hours. At full strength at that. Although the heat itself wasn’t strong, I lost a lot of HP if the Magma Giant even touched me.

My stamina was at the bottom. It would be great if I could rest just 10 minutes.

I couldn’t rest. If I did, there would be a lot more Magma Giants to defeat at once.

I might even need to give up and retreat.

But it wasn’t like I could just continue to fight without an end in sight.

‘Let’s just push through!’

Thankfully, I could see the Magma Giants’ pattern. As soon as the Magma Giants started to move, I could now predict what they were going to do.

One of the Magma Giants slightly moved its shoulder. It was starting the movement where it raises its arm high and slams it down.


The moment the Magma Giant raised its arm, I ran through the gap.


The Magma Giant lowered its arm quickly, but I was much faster. I had already rushed past it and started to run.

There were five other Magma Giants behind it.

But it was a pretty wide area, so I moved around to avoid them.

The Magma Giants chased after me, but they were so slow that it shouldn’t hinder my escaping the hall.

But I had to stop after taking only a few more steps. There was a Magma Giant that seemed to be much stronger than the others standing in front of me.

It was twice as large, and a different color. It seemed to be much hotter than the other Magma Giants.

‘That is the boss!’

The more surprising thing was……

“Human. You have the Owl’s Eye!”

Was the fact that the Magma Giant could speak human language. It also figured out about my Owl’s Eye almost instantly.

‘What is its identity?’

“This is an area only Titans are allowed to enter. You who have entered without permission, pay for it with your life.”

I did not need to know its identity. The important thing was that I would die if I did not manage to kill it.

No, there was something more important.

‘That bastard has Chubach’s Solar Blade!’

For some reason, I felt confident that this was true.

[1] – 194 F

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