Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 110: The Magman Continent (3)

Now that I think about it, the Magma Giant in the draft plan must have been this one. I knew those other ones were too easy.
It is disadvantageous for me the longer this goes. The fake Magma Giants are continuing to chase after me. It is going to be tough enough facing one of them, it will become even more complicated if I need to take care of those small fry as well.
I kicked off the ground to launch the first attack.

“You stupid human! You think you can defeat me?”

The Magma Giant mocked me and started to swing its hand toward me.

It was much faster than the other ones.

But whatever. It was all the same to me.

I twisted directions and easily dodged the Magma Giant’s hand. I then approached it and started to swing my twin blades.


The damage was, of course, just 1. But the important thing was that I was landing critical hits.

A combo was started.

“Human! You are fast!”

The Magma Giant let out an admiration in shock. It talked quite a bit for something its size.

The Magma Giant tried to step on me this time.


But it was useless. I instantly moved and continued my combo.

……37 hit, 38 hit, 39 hit ……



Finally, instead of talking, it let out a groan. It must be feeling quite a bit of pain now that the damage was over 5,000.

But this was just the beginning.

I moved left and right to dodge as I continued to increase my combo.

I could see each of the Magma Giant’s movement. It was bigger, faster, and hotter than the others, but the movement pattern was not very different.

I specifically targeted the Magma Giant’s thigh as I attacked. Since it was so tall, its thigh was right in front of my eye.

That made it very easy to attack.


But time truly does overcome all. Even though it had a very strong recover rate, once I landed two 80 hit combos, one of the legs looked like it was about to get cut down.

In the end, the Magma Giant fell down.


But I could not relax just yet. The magma flowing from the top was quickly healing the injury on the thigh.

This time, I started to attack the Magma Giant’s neck. Once it sat down, the neck ended up in a good spot to attack.

Furthermore, the Magma Giant’s lower body was in a fixed position, making it difficult for it to turn its body. All it could do was flail its arms once I went behind it to attack its neck.


It’s neck quickly started being damaged. I should be able to cut its neck if I swing a couple more times.

At that moment, the Magma Giant started to say some unexpected words.

“Enough! I have lost! Please don’t kill me.”

‘Oh! This is similar to something I’ve heard before.’

Why am I suddenly thinking about Chief Kobbit?

But I did not stop my cutlass. It was because I did not hear a message in my head.

Which means, this could be it trying to trick me. It’s trying to buy time to heal itself and gather together with the small fry to gang up on me.

Most importantly, there was no reason to keep it alive. It’s not like I could take him around like Chief.

“Why should I let you live?”

The combo ended while I hesitated, but I quickly restarted it. In less than 4 seconds, I already had a 20 hit combo going. The neck that was quickly recovering was getting thinner once more.

At this moment, the Magma Giant started to speak again. It was much more urgent than last time.

“I will be friends with you.”

I heard a voice in my head at the same time.

I started to smile once I heard the message.

‘I finally found it! Chubach’s Solar Blade!’

I quickly verified the information.

[Chubach’s Solar Blade: Personalized for Chubach]

It is the Solar Blade created by the Best Blacksmith Chubach.

Durability: 387/593
Attack Strength: 401
Attack Speed: 35
Restrictions: Strength 953, Agility 71, Level 360

*Attack strength increases by 11% when used by Chubach.

It is Chubach’s personalized weapon as I expected.

But the personalized effect increases the attack strength by 11%? He really was an amazing blacksmith.

Of course, it has nothing to do with me. It’s not a sword that I can use.

I also had many other gains in addition to the Solar Blade. 3 Herbs of Immortality and even a Chaos Jewel. All of this was enough to say this trip was a success.

‘But, a friend request?’

It must be different than a slave.

One decision may change the entire future. It would be fine if it was something good, but it may go in a bad direction.

“What will I gain by being friends with a monster like you?”

“If I die, all of the magma warriors will rise up at once. I know that you are talented, but will you be able to survive past a horde of magma warriors?”

It is a pretty sharp threat. Although they may be slow, there were already over 100 small fry Magma Giants. No matter how fast I am, it is close to impossible to get past all of them unharmed.

But the the Magma Giant had another condition as well.

“If you let me live, I will also give you a special gift.”

“A special gift? What is it?”

“The Flame Fairy’s Breath.”

I have never heard about it before. I never saw it in the game and I don’t recall seeing it while studying the draft plan either.

But more important than benefits is the penalty.

It was like that when I took Chief Kobbit as a slave. I earned a lot of things thanks to Chief, but didn’t I get a ton of infamy because of him?

If I earned that kind of infamy without having a plan, terrible things would have happened.

It is wise not to take unnecessary risks. I can always come back later if I go back to the human world and determine that there is no issues with it.

“I will decline your friend request. However, if you promise me my safety, I will promise not to kill you.”

“Fine. I promise.”

I heard the voice in my head as soon as the Magma Giant agreed.

In that instant, all of the Magma Giant’s injuries were healed. Its thigh and neck returned to normal as well.

The Magma Giant stood up. It was about three times taller than me. I had to crank my head back really far to see its head.

The Magma Giant lowered itself for my sake once more. He then stared thoroughly at my neck.

“By the way, it seems that you have Bogochan’s Necklace.”

I earned this when I made Chief Kobbit my slave.

“You know about this?”

“Of course. Will you trade it with me? If you give me Bogochan’s Necklace, I will gift you the Flame Fairy’s Breath I mentioned earlier.”

I wonder what this Flame Fairy’s Breath is.

Based on his tone, it seems to be better than Bogochan’s Necklace.

“Show me this so called Flame Fairy’s Breath.”

The Magma Giant opened its palm. I could see a shining red jewel on its hand.

The color was the same as the Jewel of Luck, but the shape was completely different.

[Flame Fairy’s Breath]

Permanently raise fire affinity by 20%.
Permanently increase friendliness with fairies by 20 points.

You can use your sword to create a Fire Storm. It can be used once every 24 hours.

Based on just the fire affinity, it is not much better than Bogochan’s Necklace. Bogochan’s Necklace gave +10% to Fire Affinity, +20% to Earth Affinity, and +20 to Intuition.

But the other information was very important.

Fire Storm and friendliness with fairies.

Even more important was that it was not an item you equipped like Bogochan’s Necklace. It was something I absorbed.

That means that I can find another good necklace and equip it. If I wear Bogochan’s Necklace, I can’t put another necklace on for the benefits to stack.

It was a trade where I had nothing to lose.


I took Bogochan’s Necklace off and handed it to the Magma Giant.

I decided I might as well take a break and opened my status window and skills window to see the changes.

Hometown: Titan Valley (Batoru Kingdom)
Disposition: Militant
Fire Affinity: 61%
Water Affinity: 3%
Wind Affinity: 3%
Earth Affinity: 66%
Light Affinity: 100%
Ice Affinity: 3%
[Fire Storm Skill (Cool time 24 hrs): Beginner 0%]

It is a satisfactory trade. I can easily find a good necklace in an accessory store and buy one.

Furthermore, I also solidified my safety in the Immortal Cave, so I have nothing to worry about on my way back.

It was almost like the Magma Giant was my helper on the Magman Continent.

‘Hmm? Helper?’

Now that I think about it, the Magma Giant is the boss of this place. It might not know about the entire Magman Continent, but it should know more about this Immortal Cave than anyone else.

I was in a difficult spot because of all these forks in the road. Even this place had multiple paths. How am I to know which of the caves leads to the Immortal Mountain Range?

“Which path leads to the Immortal Mountain Range?”

“That cave over there.”

The Magma Giant pointed its finger to tell me.

So easy. It felt like my whole vision was getting brighter.

Why should I stop at it being my guide? It will be good to suck out any information I can from it.

Especially about Chubach.

Since the Magma Giant had Chubach’s Solar Blade, its should have more accurate information than anyone else.

“You know Dwarf Chubach right?”

“I know of him. He was the only individual to make it here before you.”

“Then do you know where Chubach’s other belongings are? Such as his bag or his armor.”

“Chubach dropped his Solar Blade here while fighting against me. He was running away from me when he was caught by the Titans. If he had any other items, I’m sure the Titans have it.”

That means that it will be almost impossible to recover any of his belongings. There is no way the Titans will happily hand it over.

And it wasn’t like a Titan would agree to a trade with me.

That’s disappointing. I heard Chubach’s Armor was a really good item as well.

But it should not be as good as the Shadow Fox’s Leather Armor. It’s something I wouldn’t use anyways. No need to go on an adventure like that for money.

I rested enough. My stamina had recovered a decent amount as well.

Now it was time to move.

“Thank you! I’ll be on my way now.”

“There are many Titans in the Immortal Mountain Range. Titans do not forgive foreigners trespassing into the Immortal Mountain Range. Be careful of them.”

Even I know that. The Titans become two to three times stronger in the Immortal Mountain Range. Fighting with Titans there is a stupid idea.

In order to avoid them, I need to hurry up.

“I understand.”

I quickly moved to the cave that the Magma Giant had pointed out.

There were many magma pits as well as Magma Giants that looked like they were enjoying a hot bath.

But they did not respond to my approaching them. Maybe it was due to my peace treaty with the Magma Giant. They even answered me if I asked questions every so often.

“What direction do I need to go for the Immortal Mountain Range?”

“Over there.”

I finally saw the sky through a hole after walking like that for four days. It felt almost like a chimney.

The hole was pretty wide. The wall was rough, so there were many places to use to climb up.


I crawled up the path. The hole was so high up that it took quite a while to climb all the way up. But I finally managed to crawl out.

‘Ah, how refreshing!’

The inside of the cave smelled like sulfur. Although the heat was a problem, I was getting a headache from all that sulfuric smell.

On the other hand, it was a pretty wide forest outside the hole. Beautiful trees that seemed to be at least 200m tall filled the area.

I took a deep breath and appreciated the fresh air.

But it was not time to relax. The Titans are always patrolling the Immortal Mountain Range. Especially in the middle of the day when the sun is shining.

In addition, I’m sure I smell like sulfur after staying in the cave that long. Although I can hide my body using Stealthy Approach, I cannot hide the smell of sulfur.

‘Let’s wait until it gets darker.’

I went back into the chimney-like path.

There was a small bump around the middle where I could sit and rest.

I sat there and practiced my Jewel Alchemy and waited for time to pass by.

But I felt something weird when I checked my skill information.

[Jewel Alchemy: Intermediate level 5, 86%]

‘Huh?! When did this go up so high?’

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