Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 12: I’ve Been Waiting for this Moment (1)

I spoke in a straightforward manner.

“I will become a miner.”

I saw Batoom’s eyes become the size of a lamp post.

“Will you really?”

It was an obvious reaction. Everytime Batoom saw me, he would tell me to become a miner to the point I felt like my ear would fall off, and each time, I answered that ‘I’ll think about it’ and continued to push it off.

I was waiting for this moment to arrive.

“Yes. What do I need to do to become a miner?”

“It’s simple. You just need to complete five quests. I believe you will be able to complete them quickly.”

Of course I knew about it. Whether it was the Miner Occupation Quest, the Expert Miner Occupation Quest, or the Best Miner Occupation Quest. Even the methods to finish them quickly and effectively. I knew them all.

“Then let’s start.”

“Oh, yes. Yes we should.”

Batoom started to hurry, which was not like his normal self. Maybe he thought it would be terrible if I decided to change my mind or something.

“The first quest is working over 5 hours a day for an entire week in the mine. But since you have worked consistently for an even longer time, I will consider that the first quest has been completed.”

<You have completed the 1st level Miner Occupation Quest. Miner Ranking increased 1 point.>

This was as I expected. I completed it without lifting a finger.

I predict that the rest of the remaining four quests will proceed in similar fashion. If it is something related to a miner, I have already experienced it to the point of boredom.

Batoom just laughed with joy.

“Huhuh, then the second quest. You have to go mine a mineral of my choice on your own. But you already……”

This one was also completed without lifting a finger.

Mining five different types of minerals on your own, mining a whole day’s worth of minerals on your own, mining 500 bars of titanium, were all given as quests after that. And then the quest completion was announced immediately in that spot.

I had instantly completed all five of the linked quests. By just standing in place.

And the reward following it?

<You have completed all 5 levels of the Miner Occupation Quest. You have received the occupation of miner. As a reward, you have gained 20 knowledge in minerals and related topics, your ranking in Titan Valley has increased by 1, and you have learned a new skill, Dig.
For completing the 5 levels of linked quests, all stats that you currently possess have increased 1 point.
You have achieved a new record for the time to complete all 5 linked quests. As a reward, you are awarded 3 bonus stat points and your fame has increased 10 points.>

It was definitely the same system as the game.

Establishing a new record and bonus stats. Of course, all new records were based on the human race.

I felt a bit of joy for suffering for 2 years worth of Royal Roader time.

But this was just eating the first fruit. There were many more fruits to eat in the future.

Once the miner occupation quest was completed, Batoom laughed with joy.

“Hahaha, I knew I saw correctly. You are a genius who has what it takes to surpass the best miner and become the legendary miner. What do you think? Since you seem to have enough skill, do you want to try and become a expert miner while you’re at it?”

Of course I will challenge it. One of my goals is establishing a new record for completing 10 continuous quests.

“I will try it.”

The expert miner occupation quest was also the same as the game.

First, I needed to go bring the retired miner, Goultan.
Goultan was a veteran miner who, at one point, competed against Jonnan and Batoom for the owner position. His pride was also very high.

Because of his pride, he announced his complete retirement after he lost in the competition, and it is said that he has never come out to the mine since then.

However, he didn’t reject my request. Rather, he welcomed me.

“You are Kang Hwi Ram.”

It was because of my efforts for the last 2 years. The rumor about me living in the mine for 14 hours a day had spread like a legend among the miners in Titan Valley.

“Could I ask for your help?”

“Of course. To be honest, I had been waiting for someone like you to appear. Titan Valley needs a miner like you.”

With that, we went back to the Batoom Mines and Batoom and Goultan’s dramatic reunion was successful.

I then received quests to learn such skills as rock breaking, mineral selection, tunnel construction and Goultan taught me these skills.

Everything up to the fourth quest was completed in a breeze. They were all quests people could complete if they put in the time.

I just happened to complete all those quests in one day. After all, I had been doing all of these things for 2 years worth of Royal Roader time.

The final fifth quest.

“All miners in Titan Valley need to make a special accomplishment that will get them recognition. That is the last quest to become an expert miner.”
“What kind of accomplishment do I need to achieve?”
“That I cannot say. However, miners have a stronger pride than brain. Unless you do something really big, they will not easily accept it.”

Let’s be honest. I already knew the answer to what kind of accomplishment needed to be made.
I just didn’t want to say it first so I asked the question.
I then quickly peeked at Goultan. In the game, Goultan gave away the answer as if he let it slip.
However, even Goultan was keeping his mouth shut.

There was no reason to waste any time. It wasn’t so important that the story would change if I said it myself.

“I’ve heard that the 99th tunnel in this mine has not been cleared and is currently barricaded. If I clear that tunnel, would that be a good enough accomplishment?”

I said it as if I was just casually tossing it out.
Batoom jumped when I said it.

“What? Are you crazy? That is a place that nobody has managed to clear for hundreds of years. They say that it is a place you cannot come back out alive from if you enter. Do not even think about the 99th tunnel.”

It was an expected response.

It also showed how difficult it was to clear the 99th tunnel.

It had to be difficult. Only players under level 10 can enter the mines, and with that level, it was impossible to hunt the strong monsters lurking in the 99th tunnel.

How is it that strong monsters over level 10 can exist in the mine?
That’s because they were already in the mines before the forcefield was created.

Of course, the warriors entered in droves to first clear the monsters before they created the forcefield. However, they could end up missing some monsters, and the monsters in the 99th tunnel are those monsters that they missed.

Because of that, they even locked the entrance to the 99th tunnel.

“I make the decision. If I clear the 99th tunnel, will that be an accomplishment everyone could approve of?

Batoom finally nodded his head yes.

“That’s true, but ……”

“Then I will attempt it. If I die, I die. If I live, I live. So please just assign me the quest.”
Batoom let out a deep sigh.
Goultan who was standing next to him also seemed restless.

However, maybe they were able to read my firm will and did not say much else. They didn’t want to say anything bad before I even started.

In the end, Batoom gave me the quest.

“Fine. Clear the 99th tunnel. Then all of the miners will praise your accomplishment. In addition, I will guarantee that you will have the tax collection rights and tunnel supervisor selection rights for 10 years.”

<You’ve received the fifth Expert Miner Occupation Quest.
Please clear the 99th tunnel.
If you manage to successfully complete this quest, in addition to the occupation of expert miner, you will be given the rights to the tax collection and tunnel supervisor selection for the 99th tunnel for 10 years.>

‘I did it.’

Now I needed to prepare for the monster hunting.
My current stats are similar to that of a level 30 player.

However, just this much stat is almost impossible to hunt the monsters in the 99th tunnel.

If that was possible, there would be no reason the other miners couldn’t do it. The other miners have been doing this manual labor for tens of years and their stats are much higher than mine.

I just happen to know the method to hunt them.

“I will go make some preparations.”

I immediately left the mine and headed towards Titan Square.

The first place I headed to was the Slave Trading Post.

Well, the slave had nothing to do with the monster hunting. But there is a trade that is only possible when you are level one, so I had to come here before starting to hunt.

‘It’s over there.’

I took large steps as I walked into the Trading Post.

Once I did, an old man with one blind eye welcomed me with a bright smile.

But after looking up and down my clothes, his expression changed.

“Hmm? What do you want?”
I guess I did look a bit like I was homeless. I came straight here wearing the clothes I rolled around in while working in the mines. I didn’t seem to have the power to buy a slave.

It still made me upset. I had no reason to be looked favorably by the slave trader anyways.
Rather, it’ll be good to show him a defiant personality.

I shot back a response.

“What do you think I want? I’m here as a customer.”
“A customer? You came to buy a slave? Do you even have money?”
“Then would I have come without money? How much will it cost to buy one?”
“What kind of slave are you looking for?”
“I need them to be strong. Nothing else matters.”
“Hmm, strong slaves are kind of expensive.”
“That’s why I’m asking you how much.”

The trader once again looked me up and down. It looked like he was trying to determine my value rather than a slave’s value.
He then suddenly called out an extremely expensive price.

“It’ll cost you 100,000,000 won.”

I dropped my jaws and pretended to be really surprised.

“Are you joking? What is this price of 1,000,000 won written here?”
“Of course we also have 1,000,000 won slaves too. It’s the weakest one in our trading post though. Why? Do you want that one?”

A slave like that is useless even if you buy it.

“Do you have any other slaves?”
“At what price range?”
“Around 50,000,000 won.”

Once I said that, the slave trader once again checked me out top to bottom. It was a very eerie expression.

“Hmm. 50,000,000 won. You said they just needed to be strong?”
“I have one that kind of has a bad personality. Oh, I will guarantee his strength. It is probably the strongest among the slaves.”
“What’s wrong with his personality?”
“This is a bit lacking. But he’s still not an idiot.”
The trader pointed to his head.

I just need him to mine well. In that case, a somewhat stupid slave is better than a smart slave.
That way, they’ll do as they are told, and eat whatever I give them to eat.

Of course I would show a negative expression to the slave trader.

“If the slave is stupid, the master suffers. Hmm, you’re saying he’s perfect other than that, right?”

The slave trader’s expression turned a bit dark. He then started to spit out the slave’s faults.

“He’s a bit of a klepto.”

That much is child’s play. I just have to make sure not to leave anything around him that he can steal.

However, my expression started to get worse, and as that happened, the trader’s voice started to crawl.

“He’s also a bit slow ……and a bit of a lecher……”
“He has a lot of problems. Isn’t he a completely nutcase? You want to charge 50,000,000 won for such a slave?”
“I will cut 5,000,000 won. How does 45,000,000 won?”

He knew to offer a discount even though I didn’t ask. That means there was room to bargain.
However, how much do you think you can cut the cost through bargaining?
I will earn this slave at a much more explosive price.

Method?  Of course I have one. I will use the slave trader’s weakness.

“Is his strength that strong?”
“Of course. There shouldn’t be any level 1 players who could beat him.”

Once the discussion about strength came out, the slave trader spoke as if he was proud.
This is the opportunity!
I quickly slammed the nail into the trader’s words.

“Can you take responsibility for those words?”

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