Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 129: Spirit Souls and Spirit Energy (2)

But that is not important right now. The important thing is that I can use Spirit Energy.

‘I wonder how high I can raise my Spirit Energy.’

I hunted monsters as I checked the changes to my Spirit Energy.

It did not go up without a limit. There was a maximum cap.

[Spirit Energy 124]

My Spirit Energy did not change after that no matter how many monsters I hunted.

That meant that this was different than the Spirit Energy I was thinking about. It was similar, but there was too much difference in strength.

‘It is always easy to tell a fake apart.’

I will only be able to get the real Spirit Energy by using the Altar of the Sun.

Either way, I can at least get a taste of how Spirit Energy works.

‘Let’s see how strong it is.’

I also didn’t know whether I could use Spirit Energy like stats. I did experience it with the Knights of the Church of the Sun, but it will not feel real until I use it myself.

‘How should I try it out?’

I thought of an appropriate skill to use.

I had come in too far to the point that I was surrounded by monsters. There were so many of them that it was difficult to even move around.

I waited until my combo got to level 90, which was easy to do because there were so many monsters around me. I got there in no time at all.

‘Put all Spirit Energy into magic!’

I used the skill at the same time.


I stabbed the ground with one of Goonto’s Twin Blades.

At the same time, a strong wind rushed out of the cutlass.



It was a much stronger wind than I expected.

All of the monsters around me were pushed back like they were hit by a strong punch. Some of them even ran into each other and ended up killing each other.

That was how strong the wind was.

About 3m around me instantly became clear.

I was certain that this was the result of a high combo as well as the increased magic from using Spirit Energy.

Just using 124 Spirit Energy made it this strong.


Then something even more surprising happened. Instead of starting back from 0, my Spirit Energy restarted from 50. Once I started another combo to hunt monsters, my Spirit Energy started to go back up as well.

[Spirit energy 52]

I don’t know how it works, but I was sure about one thing.

‘Oh! This is pretty good!’

The only disappointing thing was that my Spirit Energy still had the same cap. It stopped at 124 again.

Most skills go up at least a little bit every time you use it, but Spirit Energy did not seem to have any change.

But it wasn’t too disappointing since I still haven’t unveiled all of the secrets of Spirit Energy.

Plus, right now was time to focus on hunting monsters. I was surrounded by weak monsters until now, but as time went on, stronger monsters started to pour out. I could get hurt if I let my guard down.

I focused and used a high hit combo to hunt the monsters.


<You’ve successfully landed a 115-hit combo and registered a new record. As a reward, you have gotten 1 stat point and your fame has increased by 5.>

I stopped moving Goonto’s Twin Blades as I heard that wonderful message. There was a pile of monsters in this wide hallway.

Goonto and the dwarves were almost done with the Stone Golems as well. There were only two stone golems left, but these two were full of injuries as well.

‘But what is that?’


Goonto was swinging his sword like he was crazy. But his skills were surprising.  I knew that Goonto was strong even amongst the dwarves, but I did not know he was this strong.


A large injury was created every time Goonto’s Solar Blade struck a stone golem’s leg. It seemed like a high amount of damage was coming through with each attack.

But Goonto’s movements were the flashiest of them all. The Stone Golem tried to resist, but it could not even touch a hair on Goonto’s head.

It also looked like Goonto had eyes on the back of his head. He was able to dodge another Stone Golem charging at him from behind without even looking and swung his solar blade.

While he did that, the other dwarves worked together to destroy the Stone Golem’s leg. Then then moved on to cut its neck off.

Goonto wiped his hands off then headed toward me.

“Shit, you were faster than us! I was going as fast as possible!”

His relaxed and confident demeanor made it sound like he was showing off saying something like ‘did you see my strength? I haven’t given it by best yet.’

I played along with him.

“Whaaaat? Goonto, your strength was at this level?”

Goonto started to smile widely and started to blab. Unlike how they look, the dwarves had loose lips.

“To be honest with you, I reached the level of one with the sword right before coming here. I’ve been dying to try it out. I feel so much better after trying it out. Bahahaha.”

“Oh! One with the sword!”

That was a really surprising news.

Even with Chubach’s Solar Blade in his hand, I expected it to take a long time for him to get there. But already?

Anyways, this might complicate things in the future. If it is like this, Goonto might not have a reason to go with me to the Southern district.

But I should at least congratulate him for now.

“That’s why you were a bit late. Congratulations.”

“Haha. It is because you found Chubach’s Solar Blade that it was possible. And it is too soon to be congratulated just yet. I’ve only gotten a taste of being one with the sword. I need to really open my eyes to how it works now. In order to do that, I need Chubach-nim’s soul.” (Raw say Chubach, but I wonder if he meant Akto.)

‘Oh, that’s how it works? I didn’t know being one with the sword had different levels as well.’

Then I’m glad. If I ask correctly, he’ll be desperate to go to the Southern district with me.

“I wish you luck. Then you will rewrite the history of the dwarves.”

“Rewrite the history of the dwarves. I like the sound of that. Bahahaha.”

Goonto started to laugh in joy.

To be honest, I was envious. I really wanted to reach that level quickly as well.

But I wasn’t far from it. I would soon reach advanced level for my Jewel Alchemy and will be able to understand the concept of One with the Sword as well.

Once that happens, I shouldn’t be at a disadvantage going 1 on 1 against Goonto, no matter how strong he is.

But anyways.

Based on the situation, it was not time to rejoice. The results of the battle were not that great.

One of the dwarves was ripped to pieces that we couldn’t even really tell who it was. He received a direct hit from a Stone Golem’s fist during the fight.

However, the dwarves were not sad. The dwarves believed that a warrior who dies in a fierce battle would go to the warrior’s grave of Valhalla.

That was an honorable thing.

The dwarves all raised their swords to show their respects to their fallen comrade and then left the body there.

“Let’s go. The other dwarves may be in danger.”

They were really a difficult race to understand. They showed no care for someone’s death but cared that others may be in danger.

‘Is it the difference between the dead and someone who is still alive?’

Either way, there is no reason to allow more people to die than necessary.

All of us quickly ran through the halls.

A bit later, a welcoming voice could be heard.


“Oh! Rubato! You’re alive!”

“It was so quiet here. Everything done?”

As expected, the believers must have used a secret passage. Either that, or there is a path we don’t know about. After Rubato, the rest of the dwarves were fine as well. They were all just fidgety because they didn’t get to fight anyone.

“Everything is done. Let’s go.”

“Already? I didn’t even get to swing my sword once!”

“We’re already here, let’s destroy them all.”

“We need to at least take some loot.”


To be honest, I wanted some as well. I also wanted to kill more of the knights to gather more spirits of an elemental. (Yes, this is an item.)

I only managed to gather 17 of them so far. Only a few more…

‘Huh? Where did it go?’

I looked in my bag but three of the spirits were missing. I was certain I had 17, but there were only 14 left.

Suddenly, I came up with an idea. I had used Spirit Energy exactly three times while hunting the monsters.

That meant there was only one explanation.

‘Spirits of an elemental are single use items!’

That was so sad to think about. If it was an item like this, I didn’t need to put my life on the line to get more. Earning it through the Altar of the Sun would be the best method.

In addition, this plan required a lot of stealth. If the Ameri Kingdom found out about this, they would use all of their strength to find our identities and track us down.

It was best to hit fast and run.

“We will have opportunities in the future. Just don’t back out later saying its annoying. Let’s go.”
“Damn it. So disappointing.”

The dwarves looked toward the direction of the Church of the Sun headquarters and clicked their tongues. But they did not act stubbornly to disagree.

We quickly headed out of the church of the Sun after that.

Now it was time to say goodbye to Harrison’s group. Humans and dwarves could not continue to travel together.

I had no regrets, but Harrison was not that way. He did see the map on the wall but could not get a good answer from it.

Harrison asked me a question.

“Did you say the Altar of the Sun is in the Peria Mountains? Where is this Peria Mountain?”
“It is somewhere you cannot go even if you knew where it was.”
“I will make that decision. Why do you think Shione suffered so much to keep clearing demon caves? It is somewhere I need to go even if it will cost me my life.”

It made sense that it would be difficult for Harrison to give up.

I also wanted them to get stronger. I would need to go against the Demon King eventually and would need their strength when the time comes.

They would be more help to me if they got stronger.

But that was not something that will alone will make possible.

“You need to pass through the Dwarf Village to get there. Can you do it?”

It was a very simple first question, no, first obstacle I should say.

“Did you say …… the Dwarf Village? Is there no other path?”

Of course, there was another one, but that was much more difficult to go through. In fact, they would have a better chance convincing the dwarves to let them through.

But that wasn’t important since the next obstacle was much more difficult.

“Even if you manage to get through the Dwarf Village, you will then need to spend months crossing through a desert filled with Desert Ants. Can you do it?”

There were no humans who could overcome the Desert Ants. There were some people who had the toughness stat, but nobody else had the reinforced toughness like I did.

There were barely any dwarves who had the reinforced toughness stat as well. Even a strong warrior like Goonto has not developed Reinforced Toughness yet.

But these were still the easy obstacles. The real difficult obstacle comes after that. Something that is at least ten times harder than crossing the Peria Desert.

“If you somehow successfully cross through the desert, then comes the Peria Mountain. However, it is somewhere that only people who have gotten permission from the fairies are allowed to enter. Even I do not know whether I can climb the Peria Mountains.”


Harrison finally let out a long sigh. He realized that will alone would not be enough.
But he had not given up just yet.

He looked toward me again and asked.

“Is there no way?”

Of course, there was a way. I came up with an idea as I was explaining the obstacles to Harrison.

But I did not know whether it was possible or not.

“To be honest with you, it should be pretty easy to get across the Dwarf Village, the Peria Desert, and arrive at the entrance of the Peria Mountains. I just need to install a portal there. However, climbing Peria Mountain is the issue. I will go there first and try to find a way.”

Harrison quietly looked toward me.

He probably didn’t trust me that much. I could say all this and not keep my end of the bargain.

But he had no choice in the matter. He also had no way to threaten me or something like that. I had dwarf friends. One of them was even a dwarf that reached the level of one with the sword.

“I understand. I will be waiting for you.”
“I will contact you as soon as possible. Let’s go.”

I left with Goonto and the other dwarves. I could feel Harrison and his group’s gaze on my back as I left.

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