Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 13: I’ve Been Waiting for this Moment (2)

“Have you been scammed your whole life? If you bring someone who is the same level and stronger than him, I will give you another 5,000,000 won discount.”
“Just what kind of person is it that you’re so proud? Let’s meet him first.”
“Hey. Go bring slave #87.”

As the trader shouted, a slave was dragged out. His shoulders were very wide and his body was firm. With one look, you could tell he was very strong.

It was a guy who fit my needs perfectly.

“I guess visually he looks strong. But you’ll barely give a 5,000,000 won discount? I guess you are not confident? In the end, merchants just exaggerate a lot.”
“Even if he was stronger than most, he couldn’t be the strongest in the world.”
“But shouldn’t he at least be stronger than someone like me? Who cares if he looks strong if on the inside he’s just a fluffy rice cake?”

I pounded my chest as if I was showing off my strength.

Seeing me like that, the slave trader looked at me again with a sharp expression.

“What level are you?”
“No more and no less. Exactly 1.”
“Really? Can I verify it?”
“Of course.”

With my permission, the trader opened his palm and recited a spell.

“View level force.”

It’s a skill most merchants tend to have. Mine owner Batoom also has this skill.
It’s a skill anybody can learn and use once they increase their intuition to 40.

However, you must get permission from the other party. That’s the restriction created by the divine power.

“Oh, you really are level 1.”

Of course. Why do you think I persisted without leveling up until now.

It was for this moment. Of course, the trade with the slave trader was a small reason among many.

“Have you been scammed your whole life? Now that I look at him, it looks like he doesn’t have any useful muscles and he’s just full of water fat. Let’s just trade at 20,000,000 won.”
“20,000,000 won my ass. I am telling you, he’s extremely strong. I will give you my word that he is definitely stronger than you. I will even make a bet!”

The field has been set. Now it was time to use the trader’s weakness to my benefit.
The slave trader is quick-witted and a great talker, but he has one problem.

Gambling! He can’t help himself when it comes to a bet.

“What if he is weaker than me?”

I stopped there and pointed to the info panel next to me. The panel had the 1,000,000 won written on it.

“Will you sell him for that price then?”

The slave trader completely took the bait.

“What if he is stronger than you?”
“If that’s the case, I will pay the full price of 50,000,000 won.”
“What kind of bet is that? It needs to be fair on both sides. If he is stronger than you, buy him at 100,000,000 won! Or don’t gamble. Do you not have a conscience? If you don’t have the money, just quietly get squashed.”

Alright. Now I just need to strongly fan the flame.

I pretended to become extremely agitated by the slave trader’s words and raised my voice as if I was trying to argue.

“What? Be squashed if I don’t have money? I may look like this, but I am still a customer! How could you say such things to a customer? And who says I don’t have money? Is this not money and just chocolate?”

I put 100,000,000 won into a coin and showed it to the slave trader.

The slave trader took a peek at it and his eyes started to sparkle. It was the expression of greed.

However, he just snorted and looked down on me.

“Hoho, I guess you’re not a complete beggar. But you think you can bet with just that type of money? You’re just all talk when you’re going to be squashed anyways. Tsk tsk.”

He was provoking me. He was trying to make me even more agitated so that I would bite onto his bait. Then he’ll be able to swallow this 100,000,000 won.

Of course I bit on just as the slave trader wanted.

“Fine. Let’s do this. I just need to win.”

Once I said that, the slave trader clapped his hand as if he was hammering the nail on my words.

“Alright. You promised. Let’s trade!”

In other words, no going back. At the same time, there was a message ringing in my head.


Inside, I wanted to say ‘alright’!

But after taking another look at the slave, he did seem to be really strong. He was full of muscles from head to toe.

‘There’s no way I would lose right?’

But even if I lost, I would have no regret. If he is only level 1 and already stronger than me, 100,000,000 won was not expensive at all.

The slave trader who did not know what I was thinking could not hide his giant smile. He thought that I had been caught by his provocation.

“Alright then, shall we start? If it is a competition of strength, it has to be arm wrestling right?”

Whatever will be will be. Why do you think I persevered and raised my stats for so long in the mine?
I know I can win.

“Very well. We will finish it with one round.”
“Fine. Let’s start.”

The slave trader prepared for the arm wrestling. He then whispered something in the slave’s ear.

Once he finished talking, the slave’s eyes became the size of a lamp post. He seemed to be extremely afraid.

He must have told him that something bad will happen if he loses to me. Whatever it takes to make him use all of his strength.

However, there has to be a limit with just sheer will. In the game, the slave’s strength was less than 60.

That is why I had waited until I had at least 70 strength.

We held hands and prepared to start.

“Ready. Start!”

With the slave trader’s shout, the slave used his strength first.


Oh, he is stronger than I thought!

Doe a difference of 10 strength only equate to this? Or is the slave’s strength stronger than in the game?

However, he could not overcome my strength. He struggled to the point that his veins were popping out all over his forehead, but he could not give me that much pressure.

‘It’s my win!”

I started to use my full strength. The slave got nervous and tried to use all the strength he had, but the battle had already turned in my favor. A moment later.


The back of the slave’s hand hit the table.

The slave trader’s jaws dropped open wide.

“How is this possible? You’re not possibly hiding an item that raises your strength, are you?”
“If you’re that suspicious, go ahead and check.”
“View magic force!”

The slave trader urgently recited the spell. However, there were no magic items of any kind on my body.

The slave trader had an expression of despair.
Haha! With this, I made 50,000,000 won!”

To think that you could earn money this easily. I was debating whether I was the same person who passed by the soondaegookbap store and ate the cupbap because I didn’t want to spend 8,000 won.

I also earned a really good slave in the process. If I use this slave properly, even more money will be flowing in to me.

I pushed forward the coin with 1,000,000 won to the slave trader. With my other hand, I scratched my head before grabbing onto the slave’s wrist.

“Now I can take him right?”

However, the slave trader did not allow me to take the slave after taking my money.

“Not so fast. You don’t have the qualifications yet!”

Oh right! There is one more thing.

“In order to lead a slave, you need to show the God Chronos that you have the qualifications to do so. Of course you knew about that, right?”

The slave quest. I forgot about it for a bit because of my happiness in making 50,000,000 won.

“How do I need to show it?”

“You need to hunt a mutant wolf on your own. It’ll be good enough if you skin it and bring it back as proof. But you must hunt it by the end of the day.”


“I just need to hunt it before midnight right?”
“Fine. I will be generous and wait until midnight.”
“Just wait. I will quickly hunt it and return.”

The slave trader raised the corners of lips and started to scoff.

“Hoho, you may have some strength, but do you think a mere level 1 miner could hunt a mutant wolf? Don’t go looking for your grave and just give up.”

I let that comment go. I just need to show him with my actions anyways.

I immediately headed to the weapon store.

The mutant wolf is around level 27.
Although I may have stats similar to level 30 players, it is not an easy prey.
The reason is simple. My stats lean very heavily towards strength and stamina.
If your agility is weak, the chances of your attack succeeding go down. In other words, if you hit it properly, you can cause a lot of damage, but the problem is that it was hard to land that one hit.

The mutant wolf is just the beginning. There are much stronger monsters waiting for me in tunnel 99.

It made me think about when I was playing the game.

I died over 200 times trying to hunt a single mutant wolf. I think I died around 900 times hunting the monsters in tunnel 99.

When I died, I would revive myself and run over to fight again, and if I died again, just repeated the process……

I died so many times and revived to go fight again.
It was only possible because it was a game.

But this wasn’t a game. If I died, that was the end. I need to make sure I don’t die.
Because of that, in addition to the information I have, whether it is weapons or defensive equipment, I need to use any and everything I can use. In order to not die. No, to erase the possibility of death completely.

“Welcome. We have all sorts of weapons here. Please feel free to take a look.”

Unlike the slave trader, the weapon merchant was pretty nice.
I immediately headed in and grabbed a cutlass. It’s shaped like a sashimi knife, but the size was about 3 times the size.

However, it was not a weapon I could use. Don’t even mention swinging it, I couldn’t even lift it up.

‘It’s really heavy.’

[A Master’s Cutlass]
The greatest cutlass created by a dwarf blacksmith with extraordinary skills.
Durability: 67/67
Attack: 71
Attack speed: 70
Restriction: Strength 162, agility 200, level 109
* Cannot use

As expected, it is a weapon I cannot use.
Of course, I knew that would be the case. However, since I came to the weapon store anyways, I just looked at it like I was window shopping.

Right now it was impossible, but in the near future, I will use a sword like that.

With a little more time, I will even make it myself.

After taking my hands off of the titanium cutlass, I moved a bit more to the side.
That was where a cutlass that fit my standards was located.

[Training Cutlass]
Durability: 26/26
Attack: 5
Attack speed: 50
Restrictions: Strength 21, agility 21
* Due to your lack of agility, the attack and attack speed will decrease by 30%


Translator : Miraclerifle
Proofreader : Miraclerifle

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