Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 131: Altar of the Sun (2)

<You must be the one who saved me. Thank you very much.>

The voice seemed to resonate inside of my head.

“Who was it that imprisoned you inside that small jewel?”

<One thousand years ago, when the Demon World invaded our world, the demons captured the fairies and Peria spirits and imprisoned us inside the jewels.>

I’m sure that was the case. It was like we were exchanging completely obvious information.

That wasn’t what I was really curious about.

I just asked it because I thought it would be better to get closer to the spirit before asking for something. That is the human way.

Now that we’ve had some small talk, it was time to get down to business.

“I have a request to ask of you. Could you please help me?”

<If it is something within my powers, I will do so.>

“I need to go to the Altar of the Sun. However, I have heard that the altar is in the Peria Mountains. Can you help me get there?”

< I can guide you there.>

Oh! That means that I can enter the Peria Mountains!

I thought I wouldn’t even be able to take a step inside, but it feels like things are progressing too easily. Almost to the point that I am getting worried.

I was right. The elemental was not done speaking.

<However, not just anyone is allowed into the Peria Mountains. You may die and turn into dust once you enter the boundaries of the mountain if your friendliness with the fairies is not high enough.>

I knew a bit about it as well.

But to disappear like dust? Does that mean there was no way to fight back? I started to be afraid.

Am I doing something unreasonable? Is this where I’m going to die?

“How high does my friendliness have to be? It is at around 960 right now. Is this not enough?”

<It is not enough. It needs to be at least 1,000.
But I can fill up the remaining 40 or so points. Please accept this as a thank you for rescuing me.>

As soon as the elemental said that, I heard a different voice in my head.

<Your friendliness with fairies has increased by 100.>

Oh! A whole 100 points! This was an unexpected gain.

Thanks to that, my friendliness with fairies was now at 1,060 points. I’m sure that my Jewel Alchemy went up along with it as well.

“Then are we good now?”

<There is one more issue. I don’t have enough energy to last more than ten days. No matter how fast you walk, it will at least take over a month……
Oh? Is that perhaps more spirits of an elemental next to you?>

I had only dunked one of the spirits of an elemental into the oasis. Just in case it didn’t work.

The rest of the spirits of an elemental were next to me.

I picked up one of them and showed it to the elemental.

“Yes. There are still 14 of them left.”

<Then that is great. Please put all of them into the oasis. Then we should be able to have enough Spirit Energy to last until we reach the Peria Mountains.>

Of course, I will do that.

I dunked them all into the oasis without any hesitation. Once I did that, the same phenomenon from earlier happened again. Fifteen elementals were now in the air.

The elementals made a giant circle and started to move around like they were singing, ‘Ring around the rosy.’ The size of the circle slowly decreased until they combined into one.

Maybe that was why, but the very transparent elemental became visible. It was visible enough for me to verify that it was the appearance of a woman.

<We are ready now. We should be able to last at least a month. We need to arrive at Peria Mountain before that.>

Just one month? I thought it would last longer, since fifteen of them gathered together.

I had less time than I expected.

“Then let us head out right away.”

<That will be best. I will raise your friendliness a bit more first. That will lessen the pain when you cross into the Peria Mountains.>

<Your friendliness with the fairies has increased by 300.>

That was nice to hear. I could just feel Jewel Alchemy’s skill rate shooting up.

But it will lessen the pain? That means that no matter what, there will be some pain.

‘Tsk, nothing I can do about it.’

When it comes to enduring pain, there is nobody who can reach my level. I managed to endure the burning pain from the smithy for a month in order to become a blacksmith.

Nothing can be as painful as that.

I immediately stood up and followed behind the elemental.

I was feeling lucky, such that I decided to sleep first before leaving. The elemental flew pretty quickly, but I was able to follow right behind it.

I didn’t care whether it was day or night. I was strong against light and heat, as well as the darkness. I stopped to quench my thirst every so often, and, if I found a safe boulder that wouldn’t be attacked by a Sand Soldier, I took a short nap before continuing on.

But the Peria Desert really was wide. Even though I was walking in a straight line without getting lost thanks to the elemental, it still seemed to take forever.

We could finally see the Peria Mountains once we walked a full month’s worth of time. It finally seemed within reach after running five more days.

But it was still far away. I was still in the middle of the desert, even after leaving the Peria Oasis 40 days ago.

<I do not have much energy left. We need to go faster.>

It seemed that way to me as well. The elemental had turned fainter the longer we traveled. Now, it looked like a single gust of wind would make it disappear.

That made me feel rushed as well.

However, I could not go any faster than this. I was already rushing as fast as possible.

“It might be better for you to go wait for me there. Let’s meet at that boulder over there.”

<I understand. You only need to go about four days more.
But please be careful. There are a lot of monsters at the boundary of the Peria Mountains.>

‘Shit, I’m already exhausted.’

But I couldn’t avoid it, so I could only push through.

The issue was my stamina.

Thankfully, I saw a large boulder nearby.

I didn’t have any reasons to hurry anymore. The reason we hurried until now was because of the Elemental’s energy level, but since I sent it ahead, it won’t matter, even if I take a few more days.

I climbed onto the boulder and took a nap. One I woke up and filled my belly, my condition recovered by a good amount.

‘Shall I go then?’

As the elemental mentioned, the number of Sand Soldiers increased as I got closer to Peria Mountain. Even the slightly stronger Sand Warriors appeared in large numbers as well.

But it was still nothing compared to the Magman Continent’s desert. They were not that difficult to destroy.

There were a lot of large boulders every so often as well, so I was able to rest as needed and arrived at the Peria Mountain in five days.

But these stupid Sand Warriors kept trying to attack me.


I swung Goonto’s Twin Blades and advanced the last spurt of desert. I then threw my body toward the Peria Mountain.



What an intense pain!

It was like I threw myself into a patch of thorns.

No, that was not enough to describe this pain. It was like millions of needles relentlessly poking my body. It was so bad that I felt like I really might die here. (PR: So like whenever my leg falls asleep.)

I was so shocked that I quickly opened my status window to check my HP.

My HP was going down quickly, losing about 20 HP per second. At this rate, I wouldn’t even last more than 30 seconds.

The pain the elemental talked about must have been about this.

Then I should be able to survive. Well, as long as I manage to cross the border completely before my HP hits 0.

‘Should I have drunk a HP potion in advance?’

I clenched my teeth and pushed forward. I didn’t know how long this border was, but I was ready to push through with my perseverance.

‘Ah! It’s not that long!’

The pain completely disappeared after I walked about 10 meters. My HP, that was cut down to half, quickly recovered as well.

I could finally feel relief and had the luxury to look at the scenery around me.

“So, this is the Peria Mountains!”

It was a very amazing sight. Although a hot desert was right next to it, this mountain was full of lush green trees and grass. There were also all sorts of colorful flowers as well.

It was like two different worlds were placed next to each other.

‘I really get to see a lot of beautiful sights in Royal Roader.’

The view of the Titan Mountain Range, Peria Oasis, Peria Mountains…

The scenery in Royal Roader really was so beautiful that it was hard to put into words. All of the most beautiful sights in the real world would need to bow down to the sights in Royal Roader.

After recovering while enjoying the scenery, I started to walk again.

I soon arrived at the boulder we promised to meet at.

<You are safe.>

“Are you okay as well, elemental-nim?”

<Peria Mountain is the land of the fairies and elementals. My energy has recovered thanks to the energy of the mountain.>

I could tell based on the elemental’s appearance. It was much more visible than when the fifteen elementals gathered as one at the oasis.

But it was a bit awkward because the elemental was naked. The long hair that went down past its butt covered all the risqué parts, but it was still quite erotic.

But the elemental didn’t seem to feel anything like embarrassment.

‘I should not make it obvious either.’


<Thank you very much. It is all thanks to you. Now it is my turn to help you. Follow me.>

I followed behind the elemental.

Contrary to my concerns, the mountain itself was not very harsh. It was just so full of life that it felt like I was walking in the same place over and over.

“Is there nobody here? I heard it was the home of the Peria, but I can’t see any of them……”

<Just because you cannot see them doesn’t meant that they do not exist. The fairies, elementals, Peria, and even the elves are all watching us right now.>

‘No wonder I felt like someone was looking at me.’

They were secretly watching us from somewhere we could not see.

I’m sure I would have been in big trouble if I was not with the elemental.

I continued to follow the elemental, who seemed to be getting stronger as we continued on. It was almost completely visible now.

It would not be wrong to call it a real woman.

But that made it hard to keep following behind it. Although the long hair was covering it, her firm butt was revealed every so often as we walked on this rough mountain terrain.

I had no choice but to walk next to her.

We must have walked like that for another month.

<That is the Altar of the Sun.>

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