Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 133: Second Monster Slave (2)

“That sounds good! Hurry up and call them.”

Oh? That sounds great for me too. I can use them as stepping stones for my combo.

The Dark Elf continued to attack me.

While he was attacking me, the other one took a black horn flute out of his pocket and blew into it.


It was only the size of an average palm, but the noise was very loud and deep. It was the type of noise that would reach a far distance.

A moment later, I heard some rumbling in the distance. It wasn’t a few loud rumbles, but a group of light rumbles.

That gave me a good idea about what monsters were coming toward me.


The monsters soon arrived.

As expected, there were no large monsters. Instead, there were a large group of Cave Trolls and Death Dogs-like monsters that were all less than level 200.

There were even really weak monsters, like Cave Goblins. My reinforced toughness made it so that I didn’t even recieve any damage from their attacks.

“Try to run away now, kekeke.”

The Dark Elf started to laugh as if he had guaranteed his victory. Why were they so terrible even though they had the word, ‘elf,’ in their species’ name?

His laugh was even worse. It was so terrible that I wanted to get rid of him as quickly as possible.

‘Then shall I teach him the reality of the situation?’

I started to create a combo with the monsters nearby.

[Combo (Under 40%): Advanced Level 2, 96%]
[Drake’s TBSA: Advanced Level 2, 6%]

Both combo and Drake’s TBSA were at Advanced Level 2.

Now I could land critical hits even with my eyes closed and reach a 30-hit combo in about 7 seconds.


My combo went up to 30-hits in the blink of an eye.

The Dark Elf finally seemed to have finally realized something was odd. I could clearly see his white pupils widening on his black face.

“W, what? Why did he suddenly change?”

No need for someone who is about to die to know that.

I continued my combo and quickly approached the Dark Elf. I was on the run this whole time, but things would change now.

The Dark Elf clenched his teeth and blocked my attack with his falchion.


He really wasn’t below average. He was able to block my 40-hit combo damage with his falchion.

Of course, the falchion was not able to last. It instantly broke upon impact with my cutlass.


My combo ended.

I quickly moved back for my safety while restarting my combo with the surrounding monsters.

The Dark Elf must have felt danger, as he rolled to the left to dodge. He then picked up the longsword he had thrown earlier in order to replace the broken falchion.

The other Dark Elf shouted toward us.

“That is Drake’s TBSA! And his combo instantly reached over 40-hits! Be careful!”

That one really seemed to be more dangerous than this one.

But the situation should not change, since there are so many small monsters around.

Suddenly, an unexpected situation happened.


The Dark Elf blew the horn flute again.

That made the surrounding monsters start to return.

‘Damn it!’

I understood the Dark Elf’s plan.

He had accurately determined what was going on. He realized that the surrounding monsters were actually more helpful to me.

But things will not go as he planned.

There were too many monsters in the area, while the path they needed to go through was narrow. It created a bottleneck and slowed the monsters down to give me enough time to get rid of at least one of these Dark Elves, as long as I don’t waste any time.

I swept the surrounding monsters like I was using a broom and pushed forward. My combo went back up to 30-hits in a very short amount of time.

Now it was time for the Dark Elf.


“It is dangerous! Dodge!”

The Dark Elf who blew the flute was shouting.

However, it was for naught. The surrounding monsters disturbed both my movements as well as the Dark Elf’s movements.

I was able to cut through the monsters with my combo, but the Dark Elf was unable to do that.

I lowered my body as low as possible as I rushed forward.


My distance with the Dark Elf instantly decreased.

With the situation being so dangerous, the Dark Elf stopped running and started to swing his longsword. Each of his attacks were very strong, like he was planning to end this with a single hit.


But his attacks were too wide. I could easily see the longsword’s movement and pushed off a monster in order to dodge the Dark Elf’s attack.


The longsword hit the ground while my twin blades slashed the Dark Elf’s waist.

The shocked Dark Elf moved his longsword to the side to defend. The fact that he could move like this was surprising.


The longsword managed to defend against my attack.

However, it wasn’t completely successful, since my combo was already at 60.

In addition, my cutlasses were different from regular weapons. They are the greatest weapons created by a Best Blacksmith Dwarf who was on the verge of becoming one with the sword. It also had magic embued by the Shapir, the strongest magic tribe in the world.

Goonto’s Twin Blades easily cut through the longsword and then the Dark Elf’s waist.


I also got lucky. The 30% chance of lightning damage happened to strike at that moment as well.


The Dark Elf felt the electric shock and his legs and arms opened up in shock, revealing his stomach and heart.

Although my combo was over, I could not miss this great opportunity. I used one of the skills in Goonto’s Twin Blades to stab the Dark Elf’s heart.

[Ignore Enemy Defense!]


Goonto’s Twin Blade stabbed deep into the Dark Elf’s chest and heart. The Dark Elf immediately stopped moving and fell to the side in disbelief in his eyes.


Now only one Dark Elf was left.

I lifted my head up to look at him.

His eyes were the size of lamps. He could not help but look back and forth between the fallen Dark Elf and me.

I didn’t need to drag this out. This was a Demon Cave, a place where he had the advantage. He would do his best to create favorable settings for him if I gave him the time.


I flung my body toward him again.

There were still a lot of monsters nearby, but there were not many between me and the Dark Elf. I probably would not be able to use any combos while fighting him.

However, I did have a few other cards in my hand as well.

[Spirit Energy 124]

My Spirit Energy was at max thanks to hunting all of those monsters.

‘Put it all into agility!’

I also used another card as well.

[Dark Force]

Dark Force did not need to directly attack. Once I use the skill, a dark aura shot out, allowing me to attack even something in the distance.

Even the Shadow Fox used Dark Force against me from at least 10 meters away.

However, my Dark Force was not as strong. Even the strength of the attack was only about half of the Shadow Fox’s attack.

I was about 5 meters away from the Dark Elf when I used Dark Force.


I could feel the invisible force shooting out and the Dark Elf dropping his falchion.


The Shadow Fox had failed when it used Dark Force against me. That was because its extremely wary nature gave me enough time to recover.

Thanks to that, I was able to overcome the stun and find an opportunity for a counterattack.

I would not repeat the Shadow Fox’s mistake.

I shot forward without any delay and rushed toward the Dark Elf like I was an arrow with the cutlass as the point.


‘Huh? Already?’

The Dark Elf quickly rolled to the side. He managed to get out of the stun in less than 1 second.

But if you think about it, Dark Elves are Elves as well, so they probably have high endurance stats. It is only normal for them to recover quickly.

He also moved fast enough to dodge my attack, even after I had used spirit energy to increase my agility.

I was at a loss since those were my two strongest cards.

Since I had failed after using those two methods, it would be difficult to win 1 on 1 without them.

‘What to do? Ah!’

I suddenly came up with a good idea. I would use the Dark Elf’s methods against him.

‘Stone Elf!’

The Dark Elf needed to roll to the side in order to dodge my attack, so he will need some time to get back up.

On the other hand, I quickly moved toward the Stone Elf.

My speed did not decrease at all. In fact, I started to move forward even faster, like this had been my plan all along. So it was only normal that the distance between the Dark Elf and me quickly increased.

That helped me buy some extra time.

I took the Light Orb out of my bag.

At the same time, I could hear the Dark Elf’s scared voice.

“Natural Power!”

He also seemed to know how this thing worked.

I guess it made sense that he knew how to wake the Stone Elves up since he was their guard.

But it was too late. I was already in front of a Stone Elf and quickly touched the Natural Power to the Stone Elf’s chest.

At the same time, two strands of light shot out from the Stone Elf’s face. The Stone Elf had opened its eyes.

There were about 30 Stone Elves the Dark Elf was guarding.

The fact that I took out the Natural Power did not wake all of the Stone Elves up. I needed to go up to each Stone Elf individually and transfer some energy.

The thankful thing was that it took less than 1 second to wake them up once I did that.

“You punk! Stop!”

The Dark Elf shouted as he rushed toward me.

However, he could not reach me instantly. I moved to wake up two more Stone Elves and the three of them got in his way.



‘Why is he so strong?’

The Dark Elf cut off one of the Stone Elf’s arms with a swing of his falchion. It was a very scary level of strength.

If they have that much difference in strength, I would not be able to take him on with only a few Stone Elves.

But things will change once I join the fray as well. The Stone Elves were there to hold him still while I did the actual attacks. The chances of success increased even further if I added another option to that as well.

I quickly used Natural Power to wake up all 30 Stone Elves.

Boom- Boom-

The Stone Elves were very heavy because they were made of stone. The ground shook every time they moved.

The Dark Elf started to frown. He stopped attacking with his falchion and slowly started to move backward.

Trying to run?

I could not allow him to run. One or two of them were fine, but I would be in danger if a group of them attacked together.

Taking them down one by one was the best course of action.

But I didn’t know whether it would go as I planned.

“Block his escape route.”

I ordered the Stone Elves while controlling their movements with my mind.

The Stone Elves accurately understood my thoughts and started to move. Twenty of them moved to block his path while the other ten moved with me to launch a joint attack.

The Dark Elf started to frown again. He had, at some point, changed his weapon to a longsword, but the fact that he was biting down on his lips showed that he had made up his mind.

It looked like he was ready to put his life on the line to fight.

However, I’m sure that things will change once he sees this.

I sure hope it works here as well.

I took a scroll out of my bag and quickly ripped it.

[Demon Cave Scroll]

Level: 246
Grade: B
Size: Small

At the same time, a black hole appeared.


A second Demon Cave entrance had appeared inside the Demon Cave.

At the same time, puny monsters like the Dark Trolls started to pour out. They were perfect to serve as stepping stones for my combo.

The Dark Elf’s eyes opened wide once again. The monsters pouring out were on his side, but he could still tell that the situation was not favorable to him.

However, this was not the end. There was one more thing added to the situation.

I put some strength into my stomach as I used my mana to shout toward the Dark Elf.

[Dragon Fear]


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